Gross Indecency


 today carried two headlines:

1. Malawi – Husbands opt for anal sex with wives

2. Malawi – Gay couple convicted

Two men in their early 20’s today were tried and convicted of Gross Indecency in a Malawi court for daring to fall in love and lust with eachother, and act on it.

Now look at the picture: © BBC News Online

Driven away to prison in public, baited by a baying crowd, shouting things I can only imagine are not ‘Free the Malawi Two!’.

Meanwhile, in the same country, husbands are (according to the John Hopkins study conducted by project coordinator Fatima Zulu, referenced in the story on Africa News) abusing marital ‘rights’ to inflict anal sex on wives who do not want it because, and I quote “They believe that sex through the anus unleashes great pleasure because it is tighter and dry unlike the vagina which they say is loose with fluids during intercourse”.

Being a 21st Century girl, anal sex shm-anal sex. This is not an article about the woes of anal sex. It is however a scream against the kind of bigoted hypocrisy that has a man rail down on a man for falling in love with another man and enjoying the pleasure of sleeping with him, then go home and feel entitled to bugger his terrified wife under the banner of conjugal rights!

While South Africa has delivered upon its promise of equality post apartheid, repealing draconian legislation which criminalised homosexuality, equalising the age of consent, protecting the rights of gay people from prejudice on the statute books before anywhere in the world and legalising same sex civil marriage – her cousins in Uganda and Malawi seem to have quite forgotten the evils of injustice, prejudice and being dehumanised through the legal and social systems.

Amidst all this, there are people standing for the world to work for everyone and I pay tribute to them here today. Please, go read their stories, support them in any way you can and let’s be a part of making stories like this a thing of the past:

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