Top 4 Coalition Lies: Busted


“The Deficit was caused by Labour’s runaway public spending and failure to deal with a ‘something for nothing’ culture”

In the last year before the Financial Crisis, public spending stood at 41% of GDP and national debt was just 44.1% of GDP.

According to the National Audit Office, the Bank Bailout increased the National Debt by £1.5trn.  The National Debt now stands at 73.5% of GDP and is expected to reach 101% by 2015.

Throughout this time, public spending has stayed roughly the same, rising to 44% of GDP under the Coalition government.

The deficit and the increase in national debt are the results of the Bank Bailout and Austerity (which has choked off economic growth).

“Our benefit reforms reward hardworking people”


The government has been caught making wildly inaccurate claims about the efficacy of its benefit reforms to contribute to a myth that benefits are soaring because of idleness.  The DWP’s own figures put benefit fraud at just 0.7%, less than the state loses in administrative error each year.

Unemployment is higher now than it was when the Coalition came to power in 2010.  In April 2010, unemployment stood at 2.5m; there are 60,000 more unemployed people today.

Long term youth unemployment has more than doubled under the Coalition.  The number of 16-24 year olds claiming welfare for more than a year without a job has risen from 28,000 in 2010, to 60,800 by June 2012 and continues to rise.  Youth employment has risen to almost one million.

The largest increase in benefit claims is now coming from those in work.  Working people are facing the dual pain of wages falling to their lowest level in ten years, while the cost of living has risen 33% in the last five years.  As a result, the three most expensive benefit payments in the UK are Tax Credits, Housing Benefit and Child Benefit, totalling £56.4bn a year.  These are not ‘out of work’ benefits.  Therefore 65% of the total spent on working age benefits, is going to people in work.

What working people need is a living wage, a wage which meets the true cost of living.  The government’s response is to equalise suffering by arbitrarily suppressing social security below subsistence levels too.

“We’ve become a soft touch on Immigration


Newcomers (immigrants) compose about 9% of the UK population.  This is lower than Australia (24%), Germany (13%), the US (12.8%) and France (10%).

According to the DWPs own figures, despite being 9% of the UK population, immigrants make up just 6.4% of the 5.5 million people claiming working age benefits in the UK.  Therefore the immigrant community is under represented in the field of benefit claims.

Asylum applications constitute just 7% of net migration numbers, with only 33% of applicants granted asylum.

The conversation about immigration should be about challenging factually inaccurate views based on misinformation and prejudice.  It should not be about validating those views in order to sell papers or solicit votes.

More here.

“If we don’t keep up Austerity, we will end up like Greece and Cyprus”


The countries which have adopted Austerity Programmes have seen their economies eviscerated. It is the act of Austerity itself which creates the human misery now associated with these countries.  A quick comparison between Greece (adopted Austerity measures) and Iceland (rejected Austerity measures) demonstrates this point.


Greece accepted an £88bn loan from the IMF and the European Central Bank (and the Austerity measures attached) in order to bail out its banks and stay in the Euro.

The economy of Greece has shrunk every year for five years and the Austerity Programme has turned a financial crisis into a humanitarian crisis.

11% of the population now live in ‘Extreme Material Deprivation’ without enough food, heating, electricity or a telephone

Unemployment is now over 27% and continues to rise each month, while youth unemployment is now over 59%.

This level of poverty has enabled a resurgent fascism.  The Far Right Golden Dawn party now has 18 of the 300 seats in the Greek Parliament.  Immigrants are being routinely assaulted and killed in racially motivated attacks.  Just days ago, a group of 200 immigrant workers protesting six months of unpaid wages were fired upon by their bosses.  The assault left twenty eight with gunshot wounds and it was a miracle that no one lost their life.


Iceland refused to use tax payer cash to honour debts run up by the private sector, jailed the bankers responsible, kicked out the Prime Minister and put him on trial for his part in the crisis, and invited its citizens to write a new constitution.

Iceland’s economy has enjoyed seven straight quarters of growth averaging 2.5% a year

Iceland now has an unemployment rate below 5% (UK is at 7.9%),

Pensioners receive back around 96.5% of their average net income as pension.

Wages have continued to climb since 2011 and are now at an all time high.

Icelandic society is peaceful and free of social strife.

There is an alternative to Austerity, and it has proved far more successful.  There is no case in history where Austerity caused growth in a time of economic crisis.

Don’t Buy Into the Lies


There is little more depressing than hearing ordinarily smart, compassionate people spouting these four lies as if they were common knowledge.  These lies are presented as fact, but the mildest interrogation exposes them as pure nonsense.  These are the fairy tales repeated over and over to lull a population to sleep, when it so badly needs to wake up. So do your bit, share with your friends, challenge these assumptions and bring some common sense into a public discourse which so badly needs it.

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  4. Reblogged this on patricktsudlow and commented:
    It was due to the deregulation of the banks, weakening of Labour rights (such as Labour opting out of the ‘working time’ Directive), rampant consumerism fuelled by private debt, causing housing bubbles. As Max Kaiser points out, it is private debt, which Labour and Conservatives encouraged, which is responsible for this mess.

  5. Good stuff. A shame you spoil it by arguing the case in terms of efficacy in restoring growth. Undifferentiated aggregate economic growth is unsustainable and increases inequality. There is a better way, neither Friedman nor Keynes.

  6. how many people we have to die before this government is stopped .what are the people going to do about it ..does any one know .THIS GOVERNMENT ARE THE 3 MONKEYS DEAF DUMB BLIND

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  8. This is the BBC’s Sucks the Cocks News….. Here are the Headlines

    Cameron ~ We can’t afford Public Sector wage increases

    Taxpayers are forking out more than £60,000 a WEEK so wealthy peers in the House of Lords can feast on lavish three-course meals.760 Lords, bishops and baronesses that no one elected receive £300-a-day for each day they attend the Lords.

    Osbourne ~ There’s simply not enough money to improve Old Age Pensions

    … Trdent Replacement £25 billion just to build the subs. That’s the equivalent of 120,000 newly qualified nurses every year for the next 10 years, or 60,000 newly-qualified teachers every year for the next 20 years. Or it could provide a bonus of about £2,500 for every pensioner. Running it will cost around an extra £2 billion every year on top. So the total bill is likely to reach more than £100 billion.

    Clegg ~ We have to tighten our belts i’m affraid

    Danny Alexander Liberal Democrat MP for Inverness receives a salary of £134,565 (including MP’s salary of £65,738). His ontop expenses Staying away from main home £23,083 Office running costs £34,965 Staffing costs £89,951 Allowance £15,684 Members’ Travel £24,499 Members’ Staff Travel £1,964 Members’ Spouse Travel £7,316 Members’ Family Travel £1,141 Centrally Purchased Stationery £4,183 Stationery: Associated Postage Costs £2,548 Centrally Provided Computer Equipment £1,002 Two days after being appointed to his new position, the Daily Telegraph newspaper published front-page that Alexander had exploited a legal loophole to avoid the payment of capital gains tax on a property he had sold. Remember there are 650 MPs all doing the same thing

    One good thing about independence is that i stay just up the hill from that hideous parliament building so when the rest of you are ready to join me and Ceausescu the lot of ’em i wont have fat to walk. Toodleoothenoo.

  9. I only just found you but thank goodness I did! Wow you are a great writer. You get the facts, you state them, you even reply to people who try to take you down in their comments! Whoever you are, thank you thank you thank you!

  10. Thank you for your exquisite articles and for the invaluable information – I will refer to your findings in my further research. One of the vital implications of your post is that it is indeed possible for a European country to survive and prosper outside the EU. One thing is for sure, if Iceland could achieve this, the UK could as well, to say the least.

    Moreover, Iceland survived despite a major revenge-attack of the EU. Several years ago, in 2008, Barroso approached the leaders of Iceland with the offer that Iceland would join the EU. (In the same year when the EU secretly restarted the federalisation process by reinstating the formerly discarded EU Constitution under the name of Lisbon Treaty.)

    Iceland refused Barroso’s offer. Right after their refusal the financial oligarchy backing the EU hit back and inflicted a major bank crisis in Iceland.

    “The nation’s entire banking system systemically failed, resulting in substantial political unrest. Iceland ranks high in economic and political stability, though it is still in the process of recovering from the crisis” (Wikipedia)

    The crisis is a well-known fact, whereas its real reason is only revealed to an avid researcher, which I was in those days just as I am now.

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    • bollocks. both are to blame, the tories have just made it worse. you’re all just selfish bleeders, bleeding the country and it’s citizens dry. the sick, disabled and the poor are supporting your lazy arses.

  12. Really good stuff yet again; concise and cutting. I’m already sharing this. Government would be so much fairer and more effective if it was based on facts and not propaganda.

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