Nigel ‘Fromage’ Melts under the Pressure – UKIP? UFLOP.


Self-styled ‘man of the people’ Nigel Farage was confronted by some genuine challenge this week – by Scotland.  Fromage took his Flight of Ignorance and Intolerance Tour across the Northern border, only to find the Scots unwilling to roll out the red carpet he received in the Home Counties of England.  Today, we look at the week Fromage melted.

Fromage’s Impromptu Lock In


Earlier this week, Fromage was holding a press conference in the Canons Gait pub in Edinburgh in a bid to launch UKIP in Scotland.  A group of around fifty protesters assembled outside and let rip with vigorous chants as he tried to leave for his next engagement.  Calls included ‘immigrants are welcome here! You are not, Mr Farage!’, and ‘Racist, Nazi, scum!”

The police chose to return Fromage to the pub for his own safety and ‘barricaded him inside for his own safety’.

Fromage has since reclassified this group of angry protesters as ‘fascist scum’ and fellow U-kippers have taken to the airwaves to call the protesters ‘anti-democratic’.

Clearly UKIP don’t quite grasp the notion of Democracy; it means that people get to have an opinion, and protest freely.  No one attempted to shoot, lynch or otherwise physically harm Fromage – they just told him, loudly, what they thought of his party and his policies.  If Fromage cannot tolerate a fifty person strong protest outside a pub, one shudders at how he might respond to a protest of thousands outside Downing Street.  This man is not fit for office.

Fromage Not a Fan of Scrutiny


Following the Pub Snub debacle, Fromage sought comfort in the sweet solace of a BBC studio, where he can often rely on having his tummy tickled.  But BBC Scotland had other plans for our swivel eyed loon.

Being interviewed by David Miller for Good Morning Scotland, was not to be the walk in the park that the BBC Six O’clock News has become.

The full transcript of the interview makes excellent reading, it certainly exposes how simple it is to break through the veneer of Farage with direct, fact based questions.  He crumbled.  Here are the final exchanges of the interview:

Miller: There’s a problem for you though, isn’t there, because the Scottish electorate clearly doesn’t see you as being part of the political debate in Scotland. In effect, what the overwhelming message from yesterday’s event in Edinburgh seemed to be was that your political philosophy is an alien political philosophy here in Scotland.

Farage: Well the fact that 50 yobbo, fascist scum turn up and aren’t prepared to listen to the debate I absolutely refuse to believe is representative of Scottish public opinion. It is not in any way at all.

Looking at the Times this morning, you’re quoted as saying, “turning up in Scotland, telling everyone how much you love Scotland and what a big part of your life it’s been…”

Rubbish! I never said that a single thing like that.

Well, let me just finish putting the quote to you. “…Telling everyone how much I love Scotland and what a big part of my life it’s been, how sincere I am, it would all have been a lot of rubbish wouldn’t it?” And isn’t that part of the problem – Ukip isn’t part of Scottish political debate in any meaningful way, and you know very little of Scotland or the politics of Scotland.

I’m sensing similar hatred from this line of questioning that I got on the streets yesterday in Edinburgh.

We are the only UK-wide political party, we have representation from Wales in the European Parliament, we clearly have become quite strong in England and we intend to start mounting serious campaigns in Scotland. No other party in UK politics even attempts to do all of those things.

And remind me how many elected representatives you have in Scotland?

Absolutely none. But rather more than the BBC do, erm, and you know we could have had this in England a couple of years ago … but I wouldn’t have met with such hatred as I’m getting from your questions and frankly, I’ve had enough of this interview. Goodbye.

This perfectly reasonable line of questioning completely flummoxed Fromage, who was unable to respond in any other way than hang up.

ST-UKIP say ‘No Pants for the Girls’


As if Nigel’s week wasn’t bad enough, one of the party’s donors was revealed to have rather interesting views on women’s fashion.  Demetri Marchessini, who gave UKIP £10,000 branded women ‘hostile’ for wearing trousers.

Marchessini wrote in Women in Trousers: A Rear View: “I adore women and want to see them looking beautiful. Everyone has the obligation to look as attractive as possible. It pains me to see women looking terrible.

“Walk along any street and you see women using trousers like a uniform every single day. This is hostile behaviour. They are deliberately dressing in a way that is opposite to what men would like. It is behaviour that flies against common sense, and also flies against the normal human desire to please.”

Marchessini warned that women are undermining their chances of finding a partner by wearing trousers. “The more women dress like men, the less they are attractive to men. If a man finds a woman attractive, he will find her legs sexy even if they are not perfect, simply because they are her legs. Women know that men don’t like trousers, yet they deliberately wear them.”

UKIP have attempted to distance themselves from Marchessini.  Meanwhile, a wonderful campaign has been initiated by Nerve Magazine for women to send their trousers to UKIP.

This Man is not your Friend


Fromage styled himself as a man of the people, but the fact he drinks pints and smokes says little of the real man. His shambolic response to the first whiff of genuine criticism this week was the baffled reaction of a man born into wealth and power – how dare the little people challenge me?

Fromage is a millionaire banker, from millionaire banking lineage – his father Guy Oscar Justus Farage was a stockbroker.

Fromage didn’t work his way up from the bottom.  He was educated at £10,000 a term private school Dulwich College.  On leaving college he used daddy’s contacts to become a commodities trader in the City.  He is one of those suited, champagne quaffing, morally bankrupt traders that helped bring our economy to its knees.  A vote for UKIP, is a vote to install another wealthy heir into Number 10.

Fromage poses as the bloke next door, allowing wine soaked punters to cry on his shoulder about their concerns at the local pubs of the land.  He then takes those concerns and uses them to pit the working classes against each other – the working poor against the non-working poor, the natives against the immigrants.  Fromage takes legitimate rage about bogus austerity, indistinguishable politicians, and a disenchantment with a system which seems to offer little to the average Brit – and he points it away from the source of the problem.

Fromage is a con artist and a stooge and you’d have to be stupid, ignorant or truly desperate to waste your vote for him.

Take Action

You can join the ‘Pants to UKIP’ campaign by sending a pair of your trousers FREEPOST (UKIP will have to pay the postage for it!) to:

UKIP FREEPOST RLSU-HZBG-UBBG, Lexdrum House, Heathfield, Devon, TQ12 6UT

Attach a note letting them know what you think of their policies, take a picture and you could feature in a future blog post.

11 thoughts on “Nigel ‘Fromage’ Melts under the Pressure – UKIP? UFLOP.

  1. Cheap name-calling of a man who has the courage to take on the very establishment you want exposed. Farage is a rare character who calls a spade a spade whether you like him or not. I expect if he got the opportunity to drag to court all of the filthy heartless bastards who have destroyed young lives such as those in the Yewtree band, he would. I am grateful to him for haranguing so eloquently the ex-commies and fascists who are stealing our taxes in the EU and feathering their own nests. If UK quits the EU then it will be largely thanks to UKIP and a few Tories who are anti-EU. there are a few child abusers there as well – Danny “the Red” Cohn-Bendit for example.
    The reception he got in Scotland is a disgrace to the good name of the Scots. They were ignorant louts who have no respect for freedom of speech.

    • MistralAude talks of “ignorant louts who have no respect for freedom of speech”

      I see Nigel Farage got thrown out of a pub in Bath, Somerset, this week. He was planning to use the pub as the venue for the launch of his European election campaign in the South of England, without bothering to ask permission from the landlord of the pub, who told him to get lost. Nigel makes a habit of using pubs for his projects without asking permission from the landlord. He did the same thing in Edinburgh. The Edinburgh pub which he chose for his “press conference” has a private meeting room, available for hire at a small fee, and you can get your drinks in that meeting room. But Farage chose not to spend the few quid on hiring that room, instead holding court in the public bar. But of course the thing about a public bar is that it is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. So, if you’ve got twenty people in a pub, which of them have the right of FREEDOM OF SPEECH? “Only the wealthy, loud-mouthed racist” is the wrong answer.

      “a disgrace to the good name of the Scots”

      In Bath, a pub landlord threw Farage out. In Kent, a protester hit Farage over the head with a placard. In Nottingham, a protester threw an egg at him. Are you saying the actions of people in Nottingham, Kent, and Somerset are a disgrace to the good name of the English?

  2. you should be supporting UKIP and the Tories to help Cameron sort out the EU commissioners. The more UKIP are a pain and the bigger the Tory right revolt, the better chance Cameron has of getting rights returned to ALL countries not just UK. Each country wants something, so many will benefit (as usual) from the UK being bolshy. Perhaps the commission could begin by returning control of our fisheries and our borders, and stopping throwing dead fish back into the sea. It would be a good start.

  3. There are a lot of ordinary people out there who are sick to death of the way our society is going to hell in a handcart. They see that NONE of the political parties seem to be doing anything about the fact that we’re PAST broke and Europe’s broke and the USA is broke – because we’ve relying on an economy completely based on debt and we’ve maxed out our credit – there’s nothing left – it’s all gone. UKIP is offering a way to shake up the dead wood politicians who listen to big commerce first and people last.
    Farage could be the biggest idiot ever, but maybe ordinary people feel he’s at least saying it from the heart. This guy might be a complete banana but he’s struck a chord and not just with “home counties” voters.
    btw he’s not got the protection of 200 media consultants and spin doctors, he’s probably less of an idiot than the rest of them – you just don’t get to hear about their exploits thanks to the protection they get and the fact they’ve been in politics since leaving university – having never had a proper job between them.

    • A “proper job” ???? !!!!!! You call Fromage slithering into being a stockbroker, courtesy of his millionaire stockbroker daddy, a “proper job”????? !!!!! I certainly don’t!

  4. I think this is an important message – people seem to be saying ‘well anything would be better than the status quo, what harm can it do?’.
    The answer is a great deal as he basically represents the worst excesses of the Tories which even Cameron knows is absurd.
    It seems to me that these people are salivating at pulling out of Europe so they can be let at the ‘red tape’ ie democratic legislation that sometimes stops them doing precisely what they want to do regardless of the consequences and protects people and the environment in the name of business and the ‘market’.

    • “Democratic Legislation”? Is that a joke? Protecting people and the environment? Yes, all the manufacturing jobs have gone outside Europe where there is no environmental protection. Look at China and what that’s doing for the environment. We used to make cloths in my town for M&S, it’s all gone now. 20% VAT? What’s not to love?

  5. This man is the most extraordinarily inept and fatuous gumby that I’ve ever had the misfortune to encounter on television. Having said that, his tour of Bulgaria (instigated by the fabulously mischievous Channel 4 News) was hilarious, especially his appearance on a Bulgarian chat show.

  6. Calling him Fromage negates any of the good points you are making. Makes the whole article look childish which is such a shame as it’s otherwise a very good read.

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