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What a strange, sad and worrying week it has been.  We have seen everything this week.  Police raiding the homeless in co-ordinated assaults, confiscating their food and shelter; G4S being invited in to profit from rape; the first bailiff notices coming in for Bedroom Tax victims; brutal murder; racial conflict…it’s been a weird week. It feels like the whole context of the week has been atrocity.

A reminder though that even when the context is atrocity, we can find love, joy and hope in our lives by sharing with each other.  Sharing our time, our food, our love, and our ambitions for ourselves and our communities with each other makes the difference.  We feel less alone, because we become less alone.  We feel less angry because we have a productive outlet for our rising frustrations.  It pays to get involved.

It also feels like the whole world has happened in a week. I look back at the blog I wrote on Monday and it almost feels like a life time ago.  So here is your week in Scriptonite.  You can pour a cup of something nice, relax and have a read like an alternative Sunday paper.

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That was my take on the week.  I hope you enjoyed it, read it, shared it, learned some new things or were prompted to take action on any, some or all of the issues.  Happy Sunday and see you tomorrow for more!

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    It has just been a weird week. Planetary alignment; or the inevitable corollary of the country being ruled, gung-ho, on-the-hoof and off-the-cuff (not to mention off-the-wall) with reactive policy making by a cabal of chancers.

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