DWP Announces Jobless to be ‘Targeted By a Hit Squad’ – Not Satire


A press release issued by the Department of Work and Pensions this afternoon outlines tough new sanctions on the unemployed, using inflammatory language.  The press release states that the long term unemployed will be ‘targeted by a hit squad’ of ‘specialists’ where they will either find work or lose their access to benefits.

Workfare Plus


The Government has a whole host of programmes purportedly in place to support the jobless back into paid employment.  Workfare refers to all of the programmes which are mandatory, long term and paid less than minimum wage.

Earlier this year, as all but one of the WorkFare schemes were found to compel a person’s labour and deemed illegal by the Court of Appeal at the Royal Courts of Justice.  The response of Mark Hoban, Minister for Employment, was that the regulations would simply be redrafted, the work programmes continued and not a penny would be paid out in compensation.

True to his word, the department did rewrite the regulations by mid-afternoon and presented them to parliament for approval the same day. This now becomes an Emergency Law.  The DWP is seeking to ensure not only the continuance of workfare, but that previous victims will not receive the compensation in returned benefits promised to them by the court verdict.

While the court says the schemes are illegal, all people subject to them are free to leave and all those who’ve had their benefits withdrawn are entitled to recompense – the government simply says no. Don’t like the verdict? Change the Law.

The announcements today lay out the new approach, which amounts to harassment of those unemployed people who find themselves subject to workfare.

The New Regime


The DWP seems to have concluded that compelling the unemployed to offer their labour to corporations for no more than the social security payments they are entitled to as citizens of this country is not punishment enough for being unemployed.  Today they announce a new penalty scheme applicable to anyone who has been through the workfare programme.  These sanction include:

  • An end of term report following their Workfare period
  • The loss of all social security support
  • Visiting a job centre advisor every day

Claimants will be expected to be on a training scheme or a new workfare scheme within days of finishing on the Work Programme – losing their benefit if they fail to comply.

Every person completing a Workfare programme will be required to register with Universal Jobmatch, and allow their adviser to check their work search activity online.

The sanctions regime will see anyone failing to comply with mandatory activity lose benefit for 4 weeks for a first failure, with penalties of up to 3 years for ‘serial offenders’.

Minister for Employment Mark Hoban said:

“We’ll be stepping up the pressure on claimants, who will be expected to attend the Jobcentre more frequently, with rigorous monitoring to ensure they are doing everything they can to find work.”

Punishing the Poor


These ‘inducements’ amount to nothing more than the state forcing its’ poorest constituents to accept the lowest wages and the poorest conditions on offer, as the social safety net is torn away.  It is a gift to corporations, who have already been reducing the wages of UK staff for more than a decade.  The government can redirect yet more funds from public good to private profit, whilst the corporations can get either tax payer funded free labour through workfare, or pay poverty wages to those escaping workfare.  It is yet another decision against the interests of the majority.

You can read the full press release here.

Take Action

Boycott Workfare – join the campaign against 21st century forced labour.

52 thoughts on “DWP Announces Jobless to be ‘Targeted By a Hit Squad’ – Not Satire

  1. Hull there is a group of people that have
    Got mugshots, home address details and
    National insurance details of dwp serveillance workers and their vehicles, I’m told the stuff is on the Internet in loads
    Of places.. Does anybody know where to
    Find this info and how to contact these guys please? Reward offered. The dwp
    Have messed me around chronically and I want to knock on their door and give em
    A taste of what we on JS have to put up
    with. Last week, if I had a shotgun I would of tracked them down and used it.
    3 kids disabled wife and no money for
    Xmas, rent arreas annd desperate for a
    Job, it’s on the cards I know loads of people wanting that info so please, if your reading this lets have the gen and I know it cover all the uk. I’d be shit scared if I
    Was in that job-even a worn turns..

  2. I don’t believe that these tory and banker types are even motivated by making money any more, let alone ‘fix’ the economy so everyone prospers. What it’s really about is that they need to brutalise the majority of decent people in order to have someone to look down on, because this self-proclaimed ‘elite’ suffer from terrible inferiority complexes and know, whether consciously or not, that they are evil sub-human vermin who should by rights be exterminated and their filthy DNA expunged from history so it doesn’t pollute the future!

  3. A vote for any party Tory, lib, u kip, communist, swp monster ravin loony,, is a vote for another Tory government. The only logical vote Is for the Labour Party, let know they are not perfect but they are all we have.

  4. Folk,stop arguing amongst each other.The real problem is this government,rife with fraudsters,tax dodgers,and charlatans who are simply wearing suits to give them credibility.Benefit fraud costs this country £1.7Billion every year;unclaimed benefits are around £10Billion per year….tax dodging by rich & coporations is…£60 Billion per year! Now the priorities are obvious,yet they don’t do anything about it.And you don’t need two brain cells to work out why.The people of this cointry are being taken for a ride;no-one will be safe.Bank bail-ins are a real possibility and you are at risk of losing your wealth too.

  5. The person who made the moronic Transexual Liasion Officer comment @Commander. Grow up. Why would that be a non job. Transexuals are a group extremely marginalised in the UK and there is a need for such a person.

    Back to JCP and DWP. They don’t give two shits about the unemployed long term or otherwise. I have finished with WP and it was a waste of my time. Wanting me to work for the lowest possible money which even after tax credits and the cost of living in London I would not have been able to afford to live. I am now going back to the gestapo’s JCP but am prepared for them. Any job seeker going back to JCP as a returnee from WP or continuing as a WP JS my advice is to avoid sanctions you need to know the system. Get the Child Poverty Action Handbook cost is 45 it’s a lot of money but it covers the latest regulations on benefits and can prepare you so they can’t have an excuse to sanction you. The DWP will soon leave you alone when you know your rights. If you are disabled get the Disability Rights Handbook which again covers changes including the new Personal Independence Payment that affects the working age people. Information is knowledge. The DRH is available at a concessionary rate from the Disability Rights organisation if you provide proof you are a claimant. Something like 12.00. There is no concessionary rate with the CPA Handbook but it covers all current benefits or changes in the current financial year of 2013/2014. This government should perhaps provide help to get people in to suitable work for their needs and skill set not just try to get people to stop claiming or threaten people’s emotional health through sanctions. I also agree that Labour are as bad as the tories. It’s thanks to Labour that I was put in this mess due to their CRB system which led to a job offer being withdrawn even though I had no convictions and was the victim of a hate crime, and then after taking Labour to court, they now decide they should never have done what they did to me and I now have a clear CRB. Bit late now after years of unemployment

  6. we need a totally new goverment party , A party that will keep their word when wanting voted in not 1 that spins lies then when in power does nout in peoples interest when in power apart from look after their rich friends,we are governed idiots and university failures that have went into politics just to fill their pockets with tax payers money because they arent bright enough to get the degree s they set out to achieve.thats why they all live in a farsicle frame of mine as being intelligent,none of them would survive 3 days in the real world if stripped of all their stolen wealth,I recon the real uk pirates and crooks no longer sail the seas,they sit on their buts arguing with each other in the parliment building rather than them all putting their heads together to sort the uk s problems out for everyone not just for themselves.they scream like kindergarden kids at each other about policies that are wrong,and if you think about it …. it was them that made the policies that they argue constantly about.and then proceed to harrass the unemployed for being jobless even when unemployed people do try to get a job.mind you the more unemployed they kick off the system that they created = more money for them and their rich chums

  7. Yes, of course there are less jobs, businesses left the UK when the labour ‘government’ started to bring in their communist, totalitarian regime. Anyone with money and sense would have left if they could.

    Of course they did create ‘jobs’ in jobcentres etc, where the uneducated could be employed at taxpayers expense, thousands of non-jobs like transexual liason officers etc were created.

    The long term unemployed should be made to work in jobcentres, they could still sit back and play facebook all day, and it seems from staff I saw once, an education is not necessary, and socialist/communist/left wing views will be an obvious advantage in that environment.

  8. I agree with David Sykes.Where will the jobs come from.In most UK towns and cities their are up to 10 applicants per vacancy.If MWA is forced upon people at least pay them the minimum wage,rather than exploiting them.

  9. What they do is lay off and fire people with good paying jobs, then replace those people with modern day slave labour who work for a government cheque worth a fraction of even a minimum wage paycheque. Corporations get free labour and the NAZIS running the government these days get to pay homage to the Nazi d-bag creep who invented modern day forced/slave labour with the Volkswagen factories during world war 2 – ADLOPH CAMERON, er HITLER!

  10. Surely it would be better to have a ‘hit squad’ for the DWP to help them make some common sense decisions during policy-making?
    What part of the last two years has evidenced that you can overcome the mathematical impossibility of having more unemployed people than there are jobs, by using oppressive strategies?
    They’ve had the money this whole time that they wasted on the Work Programme, developing workfare schemes, attending court, universal credit and now this, to have easily created socially-beneficial jobs at a decent wage and brought those unemployment figures down legitimately, even if it was only by 10,000 or so, it would at least be money not burnt in a weak departments ongoing farce.

    • The government doesn’t want 100% employment. That would mean a much bigger union membership and then the tories are done. They want 100% dependence on the governments ‘permission’ that they can exist. They want the common man to see living and eating as a privelige so the Tories can hold all the power. Conservatism is an outdated ideology and we should start taking direct and aggressive action against these ‘so called’ leaders in all their forms.

      We should make them run for their lives out of the towns they hold their cosntituencies in.

      • Two years of milking the social fund and now the DWP want to impose further measures to show what they’ve obviously failed to do.

  11. Where is the jobs going to come from? People dont want slave labour. There is no talk of creating proper paid jobs except punishing people and starving them to death for the mess these governments have got us into in the first place.

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  13. That cake they keep shoving down your throats, is getting less tasty and filling, by the moment . To win you must break the party systems completely, and concentrate your fire power on destroying its leadership by any means necessary.

  14. Nothing is going to happen. We’re all too whipped in this country. The only way things will change is if homegrown terrorism as a secular, political group (as opposed to a single individual) starts bombing or assassinating people. We’ve gone through the ballot and that hasnt worked. Only the bullet is left to us. Someone will take deliberate and violent action one day. It won’t be me. I’m too much of a coward to be honest, but someone will.
    Desperate people will take desperate measures. How long before someone who is terminally ill attempts to kill a minister and then themselves on Question Time?

    • Ive been saying this for a long time, peaceful protest is like begging to a psychopath, it matters not if they are blue red or yellow, they are all psycho’s!!!!

  15. Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    Excellent article flagging up the DWP’s latest harassment policy against people who just – can you read this, please, Mark Hoban? – WANT A JOB!
    This one also supports the Vox Political article on the new hit squad, which is another good reason for a reblog.

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  17. I’ve been saying for two years that what the Tories REALLY want to do is just kill the poor, especially the disabled, and that they would start taking us out back to be shot. Looks like it’s starting to happen…! #joking (sort of)

  18. I attend work programme at Ingeus and was told their own jobmatch was rubbish (member of staff told me not official notification!)they haven’t once helped me find interview

  19. We are getting the same sort of thinking in the US. Those on long term unemployment just had the benefits cut, when they are probably the ones who need it most. In Florida they quickly passed a law whereby every recipient of welfare must submit to a urine test for drugs. It cost the State somewhere in the 500,000s, eliminating 1000. Now drug addiction will force these people to steal and rob. Those in power are corrupt in every country. I’m thinking of one of the Nordic countries. Cold, but they like and help care for all of their people.

    • ids and grant shapps have been found to be lying about the figures so they are guilty of fraud,lying to the house of commons purgery,making the poor commit suicide rather than live on the street, murder.all the expenses the mp claimed and had to handback ,was not given back through a shady insider deal by the houses of parliament.these creatures are destroying our system of law for the benafit of the 1 percent while blaming the poor for there own greed

  20. I can sympathsis with single parents who are restricted to working during school hours, but JSA claimants have agreed terms of which type of work can do + availity so they cant hassle you to take just any job.
    I want the Government to put pressure on employers to create part time min 16 hour positions to get people off the JSA as there is no incentive to do overtime if you only work 10-15hr jobs and only get to keep £20 of wages and they deduct the rest off your benefit.

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  22. A little word from the founder of modern conservatism Edmund Burke:

    Bad laws are the worst sort of tyranny.

    I think even he would be turning in his grave at this lot of evil barstewards.

  23. I havent heard from my workfare provider for 8 months. Im a single mother of a child with a bone marrow disorder that causes him to be ill near permanantly with colds virus’ pneumonia. I am not entitled to any DLA for my son or carers allowance. if i could work I would work. I have been ‘sacked’ or had to leave (to get a reference) every job I have had in the past 8 years. After being made redundant from my last employer i have been on JSA.

    Im truely scared of what will happen next time I go and sign on. If they sanction me I will have no money to feed my child. The electric and gas in the house are on meters so without access to cash I can not keep the property warm or feed us.

    So when I am sanctioned for not appearing to do enough to find a job, that is not there, with hours i can not do due to having an ‘well enough’ ‘sick child’, what am I supposed to do with myself and my child?
    Take him to social services and say i can not care for him in a matter befitting a mother, beacuse I can not keep him warm, feed him or clean him? Shall I let him sit in a cold house allowing him to get ill so we can at least be warm and him fed at the hospital? Eat cold beans? Not wash him or myself?
    In a case such as this what are people meant to do????
    Peoples lives arent simple and easy. Not one box fits all!
    I am angry, disgustingly so at the way this government is treating its citizens!!!

    • If I was you – and I’m being serious – I’d leave the child on the doorstep of number 10 with an explanatory note, ring your MP and the Press and just sit back . .

      • I know what your saying but Downing Str is protected by armed cops and massive gates,
        British cops kill and mother and child would be blown away as terrorists, I was a cop 9 years
        Until 2008 , they recruit monsters
        And nutters now. Mum needs to
        Do a bit of shop lifting and she’ll get done but more importantly, she’ll get help and money.. Play the system love, that’s how the uk is now..all the best

    • Thats where the Secret Family Courts would step in, to take away your child, as children are worth a lot of money – they dont give a shit about you or your child, they only see big pound note signs in front of their eyes. Don’t you realise what is happening in this country? Its very very frightening what has happened in this country.

  24. This is pure ruling class hatred of people who are struggling to find work, and to make ends meet. This is the Coalition’s legacy – ‘Foodbank Britain’.

    Don’t put your trust in Labour to change anything if it wins the general election in 2015 – remember who it was who introduced Employment and Support Allowance and other brutal welfare measures. Truth is, they are absolutely terrified of being seen as soft on benefit claimants! Capitalism, of course, always blames its victims.

    We need a new workers’ party that looks after ordinary people, not the millionaires who have created the mess we are in. http://www.tusc.org.uk

    • Nice one Karen, my sentiments exactly. Are we really going to put up with storm troopers treading on the poor and rubbing them in to the ground with their heel?Politicians are all so grand these days there’s nothing to discern one party from the otherse. The centre of UK politics is truly over crowded

        • Stupid conspiracy stuff? You mean like the FACT that Tony Blair LIED that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?!
          Also, it is common knowledge among those who are familiar with historical events that the Taliban were armed and funded by the Western forces to fight against soviet threats in Afghanistan, without direct involvement.

          If you want to see Britain prosper you have to stand up against the corrupt regimes of government, there is no other way to salvation.

      • False prophet. Bemoaning the money spent on Europe belies this faction as being as nutty as UKIP. Anyone who understands anything about our membership in the EU knows that this has protected the UK citizens from an even greater erosion of employee work standards and also enshrined essential environmental and human rights safeguards.

        • Seeing as UKIP are gaining more and more support and the conservatives in power are now acknowledging them as a serious threat, I think you opinion is limited at best.
          Most people want out of the EU for the very reasons you state: the erosion of freedom, the removal of democracy, the utterly mad human rights laws which allow the protection of known terrorists.

          Britain is dying and the evidence is overwhelming that leaving the EU is the best course of action.

  25. Yeah I am on this work program and haven’t heard from them for about 2 months and when I ask about getting work experience (which I have been struggling to do with no luck), I don’t get anything from the jobcentre, I just get forwarded to the WP.

    I am sick and tired of it!

    • Am on work programme also. I thought I could breathe a sigh of relief and now it looks as if I will have another 6 months of free unpaid work or 6 months intensive jobsearch and possibly attend jobcentre everyday. I think I have heard this before over the last 2 years at seetec(shittec I call it).

    • I’ve not heard from my WP Since Dec it’s now June (almost) there was a 6 month period before that where I had no contact. They refused to pay interview expenses of more than £20/interview I’m over £800 out of pocket in that respect as attended interviews from Aberdeen to Southampton & many places in between.
      That was when I was based in London.
      I relocated to west coast of Scotland as benefit cuts meant I could not afford to live in London any more & had to move in with family. I can’t get shifted off the WP to a local one either even though some of the JCP staff have tried.
      It cost ~£20 to get to the nearest city from here so I can’t afford to get to any interviews if I get any & if I don’t attend or don’t look for work I get sanctioned!
      I also have a recording of a senior JCP member of staff telling me that WP providers are picked randomly by computer!

      Incidentally I have a degree & a PhD I have a lot of transferable skills but I still can’t get any work, much as I feel for myself I also feel for those with less educations or transferable skills – what chance do they have in comparison?

    • I have been on the work programme about two years now, and have had a very similar experience, they choose to see me for about 10 minutes about every three months. The ‘sessions’ comprise solely of them typing made up things into there A4E system (I have been outsourced to a Subsidiary) ‘My client has done xxx’ without actually taking to me, and then I hand over a duplication of my job search activity, and then leave.
      I have tried fully engaging with they system, staling them for about two hours, trying to get assistance out of them. It ended when I was told they ‘We are here to offer advice, NOT help’ and I could see I was causing delay for other people.

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