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Here is you summary of the week’s news in articles from the Scriptonite Daily Blog, all in one place.  As you didn’t get one last week, I have included those articles as well.

This week seems to have been a bit of a lull as people try to comprehend some pretty horrifying new realities – such as PRISM, the spying ring and some of the full impacts of the ideological austerity programme.

We are now coming towards the G8 process where the leaders of the neoliberal project will meet to discuss their next steps.  I will be attending the Alternate G8 on June 22nd, which is where those outside of the neoliberal project – writers, thinkers, economists, scientists – come together to share their ideas on how to confront the hunger, poverty, ecological harm, and inequality of power and wealth created by the G8 and their system.

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28th May – Tories Plot to Limit the Number of Times you can Visit your GP

29th May – UK Courts to be Privatised, This is Not Satire

29th May – ‘We Are Not the Good Guys’ – The Compassionate Case against Foreign Intervention

30th May – A Blind Widow, A Disabled Dad and a Rape Victim – The ‘Scroungers’ Facing Eviction over the Bedroom Tax

31st May – UK Govt Seeks to Exploit Woolwich Murder for Crackdown on our Last Remaining Rights

31st May – DWP Announced Jobless to be ‘Targeted by a Hit Squad’ – Not Satire

10th June – Bilderberg vs. Edward Snowden: Opposite Ends of the Moral Spectrum

11th June – ‘Austerity’ is the Controlled Demolition of the Welfare State

11th June – A Dark Day for Democracy as G8 Protesters Treated Like Terrorists by Militarised UK Police Force

12th June – ‘Austerity’ is the Controlled Demolition of the Welfare State – Part II – Law and Justice

12th June – NHS Staff Paid Millions in Public Money to Remain Silent on Failures on the NHS

So there’s your Scriptonite Weekly Digest! Hope you like it.

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3 thoughts on “The Scriptonite Weekly Digest – Scriptonite’s Round Up of the News

  1. What about A blog on the frozen pension issue whereby half a million pensioners receive no annual uprated pension because of where they have chosen to retire which is a totally irrelevant reason to do so and is the result of a government regulation that freezes them which is bundled in with the Benefits uprating which is a pretty sick way of stealing from pensioners. These pensioners represent just 4% of all pensioners worldwide and the National Insurance fund is in a surplus situation of about 28 billion GBP.

    • Imeant to add that the 2nd reading of the Pensions Bill is due on Monday 17th June and this could be corrected by the removal of clause 20. But will they do it ?

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