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I must confess to a certain sense of malaise throughout this week.  The blogs came more like pulling teeth than tripping off the fingertips and it all just seemed doom and gloom. We’ve got whistleblower Ed Snowden being chased about the globe, austerity biting further into the welfare state and it was revealed that the leaflets that kicked of the famous McLibel trial were actually co-written by an undercover police officer.

For many of us, the McLibel trial has become folk lore, like a secular David and Goliath tale for all of us opposed to corporate domination.  It was particularly sickening to have it revealed that the event was orchestrated by the police.  This meant Helen Steel and David Morris, the gardner and post man sued for libel and bankrupted by McDonalds were set up by the police.  Effectively, the police brought us the McLibel case.  While it might well have backfired in principal, it worked in practise – financially ruining the defendants.

All in all, it really felt thoroughly bloody depressing.

Then I attended the Alternate G8 yesterday and got a major hit of AWESOME! I’ll be writing up the experience in full on Monday, but it was one of the most inspiring and educational days of my life.  So be prepared to have your minds blown tomorrow.

In the mean time, ditch your corporate news rag and pick up this online round up of the week’s news, by me.

Here is your week in Scriptonite.  You can pour a cup of something nice, relax and have a read like an alternative Sunday paper.

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Mon 17th June

Domestic Abuse Survivor on Hunger Strike after Government Removes Benefits

Tue 18th June

UK Taxpayers Will Face a 2nd Bank Bailout if Planned Student Loans Privatisation Goes Ahead

Wed 19th June

Hospital Regulator Covered Up Scandal Which Led to Eight Babies Dying of Neglect

Thu 20th June

Gove Facing a Summer of Dissent as Teachers, Parents and Students Fight back on Education

Fri 21st June

Tories Put Forward New Far Right Bills: Ban the Burqa, Privatise the BBC, Bring Back Death Penalty

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