Undercover Police Officers Licensed to Rape and Discredit UK Citizens


UK Police forces have despatched undercover agents into peaceful protest movements, where they have engaged in intimate sexual relationships and even had children with the targets of their espionage, while maintaining their cover. They have also been found smearing the families of murder victims and justice campaigners, and undertaken illegal actions to discredit otherwise peaceful movements.  Undercover police exist and it seems they are licensed to do just about anything to suppress our ability to dissent.

State Sponsored Rape?


A British Parliamentary Inquiry (see The Inquiry Report) has revealed a forty year history of the British government deploying undercover police officers from the Special Demonstration Squad  into long term assignments where they develop intimate relationships with members of political and activist groups for the purpose of extracting information.

PS3The first high profile case was that of Mark Kennedy (pictured), who was undercover for seven years, targeting environmental campaign groups.  During his cover, he enjoyed several sexual and long term relationships with women who believed he was actually an eco-activist called Mark Stone.  He continued a full romantic relationship with a woman psuedonymised in the Inquiry report as ‘Lisa’, for six years. During that time she had been to political events with Kennedy in Iceland, Spain, Germany and Italy.  She had even shared a home with him. It was only when activists, suspicious at Kennedy’s eagerness to promote action, and continuous ‘luck’ in receiving leniency by the courts, that they found his passport bearing his true name.  This led them to the discovery that he was in fact an undercover police officer.

PS4Undercover agent Mark Jenner (pictured) lived as unemployed joiner Mark Cassidy for six years to infiltrate left wing political groups.  He had a relationship with ‘Alyson’ in which he lived with her for four years, attended family weddings, became a full member of the family despite having a wife in ‘real life’.  One day, ‘Alison’ came home to a note from Jenner saying: “We want different things. I can’t cope … When I said I loved you, I meant it, but I can’t do it.”

Speaking to the Inquiry, ‘Alison’ said:

“I met him when I was 29.  It was the time when I wanted to have children, and for the last 18 months of our relationship he went to relationship counselling with me about the fact that I wanted children and he did not.” At the same time, Jenner was attended counselling sessions with his wife to restore some of the intimacy they had lost.

PS5One woman was devastated to discover that the father of her child Bob Jones who’d disappeared from her life in the late 1980’s, was in fact undercover spy Bob Lambert (pictured then and now).

Alison summed it up best when she said “”This is not about just a lying boyfriend or a boyfriend who has cheated on you,” she said. “It is about a fictional character who was created by the state and funded by taxpayers’ money.”

There is a serious cost to these operations.  The tax payer is charged £250,000 a year for each undercover agent sent to spy upon them.  There have been serious psychological and emotional impacts on the women who have had their worlds torn apart by these fraudulent relationships.  But all the while, all this cost has been spent simply to spy on political and activist groups which are supposed to be free to operate in a liberal democracy.  Groups targeted by the agents include Greenpeace, Climate Camp among others.

To add insult to injury, the police had been using the identities of dead children to create their undercover aliases.

These women have been left utterly traumatised by the discovery of such an enormous abuse of trust.  They have shared their homes, their beds, their dreams and their lives with men who were sent by the state to spy on them and their political networks.

Rape is not simply about sex, it is about power.  It is the abuse of power to enter a sexual relationship with someone without their consent.  On some level, these men have abused their power as officials of the state to illicit sex from women who would not have consented otherwise.  Some might consider this state sponsored rape.  These women certainly do, and they have joined together to mount a legal action to see those responsible held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

Smear Campaigns

Stephen Lawrence

While some undercover agents have been busy obtaining information by effectively raping female activists, others have been sent on missions to seek to discredit individuals or mount actions or attacks to discredit whole movements.

It has even been revealed this week that Bob Lambert (described above) was responsible for co-writing the leaflets which led to the McLibel case.  Helen Steel and David Morris (a gardener and a post man) were sued for libel by McDonalds, for handing out the leaflets at their stores.  The case became one of the world’s longest trials, bankrupted the pair and has become the ultimate symbol of corporate oppression.  It is the secular David and Goliath story for those seeking to confront corporate power.

Undercover agent turned whistle blower Peter Francis has today revealed that he was asked to find “dirt” on the family and friends of Stephen Lawrence (pictured above), after his murder in 1993.  The agent claims he was a part of the operation to “smear” Lawrence’s family, the friend who witnessed his murder and campaigners angry at the botched a racially biased police investigation.

Francis reports “huge and constant” pressure to use “disinformation” to discredit those who were identifying failures in hunt for Stephen’s killers.

He has also revealed that senior officers deliberately withheld details of this operation from Sir William McPherson and his public inquiry which catalogued the police failures which saw 18 years pass before the killers of Stephen Lawrence were brought to justice.

These are just two examples from a growing number which demonstrate political policing; the taxpayer funded security forces of the state being utilised not to prevent crime, but to fit up groups that seek to confront the state by peaceable and lawful means.

This Has To Stop


The UK government used the Terrorism Act 2000, the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001, the Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001 and the Criminal Justice Act 2003 to dramatically curtail the right to protest – increasing the scope of the police to limit the freedom of movement, assembly, and protest enshrined in the European Convention of Human Rights.

We have clear, proven cases where the UK state is launching spies into the bedrooms of law abiding citizens. It is simply unacceptable to see this overwhelming force of state applied upon individuals. It is an abuse of power.

We are every day moving toward a politicised criminal justice system; which makes lawful the surveillance and suppression of citizens by the state while making it unlawful for citizens to exercise any meaningful method to exercise their dissent.

This matters because if we cannot express our dissent peaceably, the only people left to challenge power are those willing to commit acts of violence;

It matters because we are supposed to live in a democracy, and if people are not free to live their lives peacefully consistent with their political views then this is a pretence;

It matters because if the police are, as proven, permitted to enter the lives and the bedrooms of people simply to extract information on their political views, this is the behaviour of a police state;

It matters because this is not a static situation, but an accelerating erosion of hard won rights which have protected recent generations from the authoritarianism our predecessors endured.

It is not enough for us to simply watch this play out with some sort of misguided faith in the power of passing time to bring our rights back again.  Each one lost will have to be won back, actively, by people committed to do so in the face of whatever the state and private interests throw at them.  Some of us might not choose to be one of those people, in which case the very least we can do is support those who do every step of the way. In our conversations, in our blogs, our tweets, our Facebook newsfeeds, on the streets, in the courts, with our cash, and any other way we are asked.  These people are the heroes and the true agents of democracy in our time.

Take Action

Police Spies out of Lives – the campaign for justice by and for those affected by undercover police officers.

Bradley Manning Support Network – find out how you can support the whistle blower.

Defend the Right to Protest – a UK based group seeking to stem the tide against freedom to protest

29 thoughts on “Undercover Police Officers Licensed to Rape and Discredit UK Citizens

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  2. Out for justice as a law abiding citizen being set up innocent man with banners on my home and signs on my car drove from bude in Cornwall to Newcastle upon Tyne every motorist reading my signs also motorway police cars also aware of my signs on my car salso signs and banners all over my home bude police and neighbours aware and housing managers not been arrested yet 27/12/2013 but just waiting for police intelligents to give uniformed officers permission also wearing campaign t shirt also a letter for my property in police custody where I will carry on my campaign when in police custody out for justice as a law abiding citizen also my fathers neighbours in Newcastle upon Tyne read the banners and signs on my car also local police have also witnessed the signs reported by neighbours I contacted my mp dan rogerson Cornwall mp chi Newcastle upon Tyne also mp Catherine mc kin ell police and justice minister mp Damian green also the press to monitor me in my campaign and numberous agencies reporting this campaign follow me on Facebook Ronald charlton on befriend me and read my Facebook pages the police want me badly not going to be jailed as a innocent man as this is my freedom and my life could be at risk in jail previous experiences ??? Mmmm contact me on Facebook Imy wife has even informed the whitehouse USA regarding this matter and reported we fear for our lives not mental or paranoid due to previous eexperiences in the past mmmmmmmm waiting to take my case through the high courts and prove the truth as other people will lie to cover themselves I will be putting my evidence forward waited along time for this case I am all prepared proving how I am being set up or to be disposed of very slightly attempts no suicides mmmmm no accidents mmmmmmif you want to refer this ad to the press or friends please feel free to do so thank you everybody help us reform policing and justice in the uk we have the rights article 8 human rights ALS prisoner rights under the Geneva convention human rights equality rights etc it am a man no mouse I will Stand my ground as a law abiding citizen I will not run ahide or take my life Winston Churchill we will fight them on the beaches true Brit standing by my flag help clean up uk and make it a nice and peacefully place to live and feel safe in public or our homes thank you everybody signed Ronald George charlton 10 swallow close bude Cornwall ex23 8pl or email [email protected] or Facebook Ronald charlton or out for justice Ron charlton facebook

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  4. Each and every time I read your articles with avid interest. It occurs to me that although I have heard of each point you raise I just haven’t had the time to consider linking them together in order to realise the true impact these actions are having in the society on which I live and am a part of. Thank you for helping me see the wood for the trees.

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  7. Don’t you think it’s just a big a insult to rape victims as those falsely accused of rape to say that if someone’s failed by the police in a investigation it’s rape ,or if a undercover P.C sleeps with someone who’s in a activist group that this is the same as rape too, what about Lizzie Davis undercover P.C who let Colin Stagg touch her breast and fondle her, if he admitted to killing Rachel Nickel. was she guilty of attempted rape of him?

    • I think it’s an insult to these women that you would demean their suffering in such a way.
      These women have themselves (on last nights Channel 4 dispatches) expressed their view that they were raped by the state. Men were paid to lie their way into their bedrooms and lives with the express intent of gathering information – on civilians! These women discovered the men they had loved, lived with and fathered children with were nothing more than spies. The fear, mistrust and pain suffered by a rape victim is terrible. And these women must feel the same or worse. How would you trust again?
      If you cannot see the moral issue of consent here, I suggest you learn more about what rape is and what consent is.

  8. The usage of dead name’s was also used by Nixon’s old guard in favor of keeping everything low. It’s an intelligence gimmick that’s used to exploit peaceful groups and demonstrations. SDS is just a bunch of crooked cops using the old tactics of Nixon and trying to squash anyone who comes out against them. Along with looking for “dirt” that’s truthfully low, pathetic, and as the Norris bribery has proven that gangs are gaining influence with police ties.

  9. Crooked cops; wondering how long they’ve been fronting digital, analog, and computers for gang members. As well as protecting the retail investment partners? It’s rape and they also failed to pay child support and it’s coined from the term rat f*cking. I’m not to partial to these bastards; when I worked in loss prevention ran headlong into a game pretty much; got “burned” by fine folks just like this; nowadays I can only dream of being an analyst again to protect inventory and make sure it doesn’t slip out to gangs.

  10. My only real surprise is that people are surprised!
    The State spies on, and deceives it’s citizens – who’d have thought?

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  12. ‘Rape’ is a word some people like to throw around a lot these days, for anything they involving sexual relations they don’t approve of. If anything, what these officers do should be called ‘bigamy’ or ‘confidence trickery’ (both still highly illegal and immoral). It cannot be constituted as rape, because despite the insidious nature of what they did, there was still consent (as far as I can be aware of). That does not excuse the fact that they deceived people and spied on them while in a false relationship.

    • How can consent be given if true identity and motive is removed? That’s false consent. This is not a case of an average joe misrepresenting themselves. This is a state sponsored intrusion into someone’s bedroom for the purposes of gaining loyalty required to extract information. That’s rape in my book.

      • I have been in a relationship with someone who was raped during said relationship. What you said cheapens their ordeal, because you simply use the word as an umbrella term to describe other breaches of trust and confidence. Once you start using a word to describe everything *you* think it should, whether justified or not, it becomes meaningless. Do not mistake my previous words for a downplay of the crimes mentioned in this article, I am simply stressing the need for specifics and facts, and splitting hairs over the definition of rape is an insult to those who have experienced it. You may disagree, but that does not make you right.
        Semantics aside, I think we can both agree on the seriousness of the other points.

    • I’m totally with you there, rape is being used as a political tool all too much by those who proport to change the ‘rape culture’ etc. Personally I don’t think every man is a potential rapist or that we have a rape culture here in the UK. That’s rad fem talk and misplaced at that. I can’t help agreeing with the last reply on this particular issue though. In this instance I would call it rape because they hid their true identities. albeit under orders, so the state is as complicit in the act as they were. Does this mean I will have to pay for their out of court settlements now?

  13. Not only does this damage the people involved in these specific cases, it also creates a climate wherein every activist can come under suspicion from their colleagues. If police have gone to the extent of having long-term relationships and even children as part of undercover operations, it’s hard not to think that it could be bloody anyone. Personal bonds, friendships and trust in the face of what are often deeply challenging circumstances are often the only things that keep activists going, and the need to judge risk-taking behaviours in pushing the state can be a matter of juggling with potentially very serious consequences, They are sick bastards for doing this. It is completely unnecessary, a massive waste of money and an infringement of human rights.

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