3 thoughts on “Police spies: The Met wants my help – I want a properly public investigation

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  2. record everything, If they genuinely want to investigate if a crime was committed by the police who infiltrated Greenpeace, help them but be very, very wary.

  3. The British police although starting out to protect the rich going back to Peels time, they are no longer capable nor intelligent enough to understand ecological ideas or environmental concerns, they are unaware the corporations and others are not for the well being of the planet, as these groups are committed to exploitation of the planet, the police have a simple outlook of ideas like disturbing the peace, whilst we all enjoy peace the difference in being asleep to the environment and submitting to outrageous misfortune of the destruction of our planet are beyond police comprehension, their minds are trained in fingerprint checking and forensic but incapable of using their mind on eco analysis as they are to lazy and in a cultural state of being in sleep mode.

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