Oxford Student: ‘You shouldn’t mess with Oxford – we’ll deport you if you do’

Boat race protester Trenton Oldfield with his pregnant wife Deepa

Last summer, Trenton Oldfield swam into the Thames during the annual Thames Boat Race in an act of non-violent civil disobedience to protest elitism.  He disrupted the race for 25 minutes.  For this, he was handed a 6 month prison sentence. But this, apparently was not punishment enough.

He has received news this week that he is to be deported from the UK, despite living in the country for 10 years and the reality that his wife being about to have their first baby.

The above quote from an Oxford student (final line) epitomises the elitism that prompted Oldfield’s protest.

What kind of security state are we living in, that people would endorse the imprisonment and deportation of a peaceful protester?

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Sign the Defend Right to Protest Petition – against the deportation of Trenton Oldfield.

12 thoughts on “Oxford Student: ‘You shouldn’t mess with Oxford – we’ll deport you if you do’

  1. Its a harsh sentence. However, what an idiot prank. Would you guys do this. I bet not.. If every event was upset by some objector or a group of them, it would be ruinous for all.

    By the way I did not go to Oxford but I did go to public school (from which some went to O and C) and the majority of them do not deserve the the way they are portrayed by some of the comments in this thread.

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  3. Almost every article in oxford’s student papers has some made up anonymous over the top quotation. It’s anonymous because it’s made up by the author. Yes it’s terrible journalism, yes it’s immature (especially the quote in question), no it’s not a reason to imply that the general view at oxbridge is that anyone who criticises it should be deported.

    If you care about elitism, stop spreading shit that will put off people from poorer backgrounds from applying. Part of the reason Oxford is so full of public schooled shitheads (and I’m not going to pretend that they don’t make up a significant minority of the student body) is because people who don’t fit that demographic get put off by stuff like this: Isolated examples (in this case, a fucking joke in a student paper) being presented as representative of the student body.

  4. Oxford and Cambridge a recruiting grounds for the MI5/6, its old wealth and would naturally ratify privileges of old wealth, although remember Maclean and Burgess came from those Universities, known as the 5 or some say 6, I think they were double agents, Britain is playing a role having uncertainty as a ally of America and have a foothold in Russia, Britain is a political mix of communistic ideology and elite finance, sort of hybrid of both, nevertheless always a confused infrastructure that requires constant tampering as one can see the Queen has now got a rise to what? $60 million a year? she is as she says just a firm or a corporate structure to hold the remnants of decay together.

    • ” communistic ideology”………I wish that were true but it’s not. I give you the elite finance. I say we live in a corrupt sewer of a country run by rats for fellow rats.

  5. Glad I’m not an Oxford student if all Oxford education does is make you feel like an entitled little turd that blames the “entitled poor” in later life and give you a life-long superiority complex. Ha pardon the stereotype. However I will say that suicide rates among the student population at both Cambridge and Oxford are, for me, the most telling statistic about what those institutions are about and, of course, are not something they boast on their glossy prospectus magazines.

  6. ‘De Miniumus Non Curate Lex’ (The law is not concerned with trifles).
    The Oxford – Cambridge Boat Race ranks in importance with a game of hopscotch (though you don’t get foul language with the latter).
    This decent man is imrisoned & now to be deported, yet the Mass Murderers & War Criminals of the Blair Regime & the ‘Heir to Blair’ are free to jet back & forth between luxury mansions at home & millionaire playgrounds.on tropical islands!

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