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Well, that was a week wasn’t it?  We found out that the police state was even more advanced than some of us had feared, that austerity is set to continue for a whole other parliament, and that the Labour party have now officially signed up to the policy.  This week I wanted to spend some time opening up the murky world of the corporate state – what is it? How does it work, and for who?

I’m both excited and terrified about next week as I am launching a crowd-funding project to support the site remaining a full time news site for the next year, and to make a short film on the Occupation of Palestine. You can preview the campaign here, it is scheduled to go live on Monday 1st July.

In the mean time, ditch your corporate news rag and pick up this online round up of the week’s news, by me.

Here is your week in Scriptonite.  You can pour a cup of something nice, relax and have a read like an alternative Sunday paper.

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Sunday 23rd June

Undercover Police Officers Licensed to Rape and Discredit UK Citizens

Monday 24th June

The Alternate G8 – Inspirational, Practical Ways to Transform our World

Tuesday 25th June

Atos Boss earns £44k a WEEK while Disabled Fight to Keep Just £131

Wednesday 26th June

Osborne’s Spending Review: An £11.5bn Slap in the Face for Public Sector Workers, Pensioners and the Poor

Thursday 27th June

The Unelected Banker Sitting in our Parliament to Make Life Easier for Banks

Friday 28th June

Oxford Student: ‘You shouldn’t mess with Oxford – we’ll deport you if you do’

I hope you enjoyed reading the blog this week.  If you have any feedback or ideas for stories you’d like to see covered – please use the comments section below.

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  2. New reader and the future looks bright, congrats on a useful tool for us newshounds that watch/read mainstream then consult the indies so as to spread the word amongst less enlightened friends. The only thing that always makes me have to take control of my gag reflex is to see the new labour party written as Labour and not new labour (sic). But that’s just me :-) As far as I’m concerned they stopped being the Labour Party when they dropped clause 4….serves me right for being a puritanical Socialist. Great site and I will definitely spread the word. Thank You

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