You can become your own press baron…for as little as a quid? What?

Last October I discovered I had recently landed my dream job as a senior manager for a charity developing programmes to support those suffering the impacts of austerity and poverty in the UK and was training for the Muddy Mo 10k run for charity.  Overnight, I lost the ability to walk or balance due to viral labrynthitis. Over the months since, I have learned to read, stand and walk all over again.  I used my blog Scriptonite Daily to continue to make a difference while I recuperated.  In that time, the blog has reached almost a million people.  I feel like losing the use of my legs enabled me to find my voice. I need your help to continue writing the blog full time, now that I have recovered

So, I had this crazy idea.  Why not simply ask people who can and want to support the continuance of Scriptonite Daily to sponsor me to be their own citizen journalist?  If each person who visited the blog last month had left just 1 penny, then I would have earned £2,606 last month and had more than enough to continue to write.

I am asking for £25,000, the average UK wage after tax and other deductions, to enable me to continue to write full time on the issues that matter to us all for the next year.  I do not feel entitled to this money, or ask for it lightly; but I do have something to offer and if you value it too I ask you to support me in continuing to give it.

Over the year, I will write a blog each day of the working week and produce a film on the Occupation of Palestine.  I will be able to travel in order to cover protests, direct actions, and events across the UK and the world.  I will be able to give a voice to the people and issues that are woefully silenced for so much of the time.

If 25,000 people (that is fewer people than read the blog each week) give just £1 – the project will be a success.  So I ask you reading this now to give what you want to, and what you can, to keep my voice out there.  If the project is unsuccessful, I’ll return to work and write when I can.  Your donation, be it £1 or £1000 will help keep the Scriptonite Daily blog alive.

Please help me to turn my worst nightmare into a dream come true, and sponsor me to become your own citizen journalist.

You can make your donation here.

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