If We Build it, They Will Come


Those of you who have watched the film ‘Field of Dreams’ will be well acquainted with the above phrase.  Those of you who haven’t can hazard a guess.  Change doesn’t come through wishing away the present, but by building an alternative future.  While we feel thoroughly frozen out of the existing system s of economic, politics and decision making – we ALL have a role in creating the alternative.

This blog is one of my contributions to that.  Giving people as much information as I can about what is really happening in our world and our country, whilst promoting direct action, campaigns and alternative models that could transform our world.  In order to continue doing do for the next year, and to produce a film covering the Occupation of Palestine – I need your help.

If you can spare £1, then please donate that.  If you can spare more, great.  All your donations are welcome and acknowledged.  It might seem ignorable, but it shouldn’t be.  A million tiny little actions equals one enormous change.  So, if you value the blog, and the community we are becoming – take just a moment of your day and the small change from your pocket and help build something we can all make use of.

You can support the campaign by clicking here.

5 thoughts on “If We Build it, They Will Come

  1. Yes I am going off to little build a baseball arena in one of Australian deserts or where Britain exploded the bomb, land should be cheap their, I am sure they will come, you know what Australians are like? Could be called the “Atomic arena”

  2. I might add that the historical perspective that comes with having looked at classical scholarship – I’m a part-time classics student – is quite useful as elite ideologies, economic dissolution, disenfranchisement are very ancient phenomena and today is no different. The problem with classical studies is that all of the written sources are elite, all the more so that only the highly educated could read and write – only archaelogical findings and tomb stones can correct that skewed picture! Anyway I’m probably not on topic but I like to share insights from my chosen area! Classics makes our current times seem a lot more relative than they at first appear, since we are intimately engaged with them. Anyway keep up the good work, always a pleasure to read your posts!

  3. I do hope your campaign is successful. We need voices like yours that challenge the ideology that serves only the interests of the powerful and have absolutely nothing to do with reality and what is really happening to the vast majority of citizens.

    In fact I will use this opportunity to promote a book that could be of great interest and practical help to many people on this blog – Sociology, 6th edition, by Anthony Giddens. It is a little expensive but the investment is worth it and will make you understand the information revolution that is currently unfolding changing the way society is organized in the same way the industrial revolution did two centuries ago.

    Examples of things I have learnt from the book: we now live in risk-based societies where the management of risk is a primary concern not only for organizations but also individuals. The current social model of work is also increasingly “portfolio-based” (my own “bitty” CV – as one employer put it – can attest to that) and personal skills are now the most valued by the labour market and the ability to learn skills fast.

    Anyway good luck to all of you out there trying to ride the current economic storm! I have an interview tomorrow, we’ll see how that goes!

  4. I am so desperate that we can stop the onslaught that is slowly killing us. A little support for your wonderful writing is worth it. May you continue to help us build a better world. X

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