The Scriptonite Daily Round up of the Weeks News

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What a week?! This week we’ve covered a whole range of stories, from Egypt to the NHS. The biggest thing in my week was launching the first Scriptonite Daily crowdfunding campaign.  The campaign has so far been backed by The Artist Taxi Driver, New Internationalist, Brighton’s Green MP Caroline Lucas and Max Keiser.

Tomorrow I’m launching a new reward for those donating to the project.  There will be five places on the delegation to Palestine in October 5th-19th 2013 to make the documentary.  You’ll be an active part of the team, meeting peacemakers, war makers and everyone in between across Gaza, the West Bank and Israel.  Places will be available for a donation of £800. I am also offering one place in the delegation to one of the next 100 donors to the project – their name will be chosen at random.

I went on my first delegation to Palestine in 2002 and it changed my life forever.  It was one of the most formative moments of my life, both politically and personally.  I would love to share this experience with you.  So, if you can afford £800, do it.  If you can’t, why not donate a £1 or whatever you can and take a chance on your name being pulled out of the hat?

In the mean time, a reminder why we’re doing all this fundraising right now.  It’s to keep these stories coming.  So here is the week’s news:

Monday 2nd July

ATOS Call Police to Stop Welfare Experts Advising Disabled Claimants

Tuesday 3rd July

All Eyes on Egypt: We Might Just Learn Something

Wednesday 4th July

Govt Appoint Rothschilds to Dump Toxic RBS Debts into a Tax-Payer Owned ‘Bad Bank’

Thursday 5th July

Government’s War on Immigrants: Shameless Scapegoating

Friday 6th July

The NHS at 65: The Coalition are Retiring our Public Health Service

I hope you enjoyed the blogposts this week.  As always, if you have any feedback or stories you want to see covered, then please use the comments box below.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!



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  2. Thanks for reporting on these topics. After years of practising self eradication from this false way of life. it is refreshing and you can see the wood through the trees and the media control in this great? country we call England.

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