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News wise, what a nauseating week? From the egregious extremes of the racist van, the UK Border Agency spotchecks of people of colour along our transport networks, to the unchecked privilege of some celeb twitterati demanding #twittersilence from groups who have to fight every day to be heard.

On a personal note, I’ve begun two new and exciting projects this week.  The first is a book, which is set for release later this year – there has been much writing and editing and rethinking.  I cannot wait to get it out – often the blog is just not the format for some of the stories that need telling, so over the moon to be able to take some more time to present a fuller account on this issue.

The second thing  is a new radio show!  Those lovely people at UK Collapse radio have asked me to put together a show to go out on Sunday nights at 9pm.  The first show of Scriptonite Talks is tonight!  You can listen in here.

So, what did the corporate media forget to tell you about this week? This…

UK Poor in Workhouse Conditions: Millions Left Without Sick Pay, Leave, Basic Rights

NEWSFLASH: UK Border Agency ID Checking People of Colour At Train Stations

Wonga and the Payday Loansharks to be Outlawed?

UK Sleepwalking into Fascism: Workhouses for Disabled, The #RacistVan, Racial Profiling

I hope you enjoyed the blogposts this week.  As always, if you have any feedback or stories you want to see covered, then please use the comments box below.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!



11 thoughts on “Scriptonite Daily’s Round up of the Week’s News

  1. At what point of population growth in Briton would be the straw that broke the camels back? would 200 million be the figure? or will science come to our aid and their can be infinite growth? The mechanics for production of life seem fairly elementary, after the job, this is where is it the 2nd law of thermodynamics? come in, and just nothing seems to give relief.
    And any answer seems redundant.

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  3. “… the unchecked privilege of some celeb twitterati demanding #twittersilence from groups who have to fight every day to be heard.”
    Could you provide a bit of context, please? Is this a reference to the person who suffered uncouth Twitter threats after proposing Jane Austin on the £10 note?

    • No, she actually opted out of the twitter silence. It’s the Caitlin Morans and Suzanne Moores I was referring to. Some great blogs on the topic by Sue Marsh (@suey2 on twitter), among others

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