Scriptonite Talks E02: Europe Sliding into Fascism Under Guise of Austerity

The second episode of my weekly podcast for UK Collapse Radio looks at the return of fascism to Europe, with the return of Labour Camps, Internment Camps, Arbitrary Arrests and Racial Profiling. Listen, share and discuss at #ScriptoniteTalks on twitter.

You can listen in to the show each Sunday at 9pm here.



6 thoughts on “Scriptonite Talks E02: Europe Sliding into Fascism Under Guise of Austerity

  1. “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way”

    Franklin D. Roosevelt 1882-1945.

    1) Collapse of the global financial system.
    2) Declared state of emergency here in the UK.
    3) The forming of a tri-party government in the UK.
    4) Suspended elections (until after the emergency).
    4) The rounding up of dissidents/agitators, etc, trials and…

    Whatever happens, I think it was all VERY well planned out to happen along time ago, still, we will have to wait and see if I am right or wrong, one way or another we won’t have long to wait.

    • PCR, whom I’ve been following for a while, is my new American hero. No cant, no punches pulled – he shows up the sociopaths and their feeble minded acolytes for what they are; giant douchebags and turd sandwiches.

  2. This should be played country-wide on all radio stations. I’m not sure all the mainstream soma junkies would believe the obvious truth spoken here but…. you should be given a national radio spot.

  3. I almost cried listening to your video; of course I’m not the person who needs to hear it the most, but it is still helpful in realizing that there are other alert minds who share my concerns about the state of the world and the UK and have the courage to express them publicly – I find that most censorship is not governmental, but takes the form of self-censorship where everyone’s afraid of being ridiculed for stating the facts, me included, or daring to mention anything political that goes against the grain.

    You are an angel! To know there are people like you in the world makes life a hell of a lot more tolerable. Is there any way that it would be possible to arrange a real-life meeting between yourself and your most devoted readers? Of course it depends on where everyone is based but where there is a will, there is a way… I have been most influenced by the work of Hannah Arendt, a foremost analyst of totalitarianism, and she, more than anyone, has made me realize the importance of the emergence and formation of political groupings and other spontaneous political actions in the fight against the forces of oppression and dehumanization…

    PS. I have shared many of your articles on Facebook with descriptive comments by me but they are routinely ignored by people who are my so-called “friends”. However, as I truly respect you and your work, let me know by e-mail if you need any more funding; I am happy to donate again; I’m truly hoping though that others who feel as strongly as I do about your work and can afford to donate, do so.

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