The Next Steps for Scriptonite Daily

Hey readers!

Just a quick note to keep you up to speed on next steps for the blog.  As you know, the crowd funding project to keep the blog full time 100% for the next year has just closed.  Thank you to each and every one of you that contributed and shared to support the campaign, you rock!

We did not meet target, so here is the plan for how I will honour rewards to sponsors and keep the blog going.


1. All who donated £50 & above will be named sponsors, appearing on the blog.  You will receive an email today asking for your preferred name/pseudonym to appear.

2. All those who donated £100 or above will get to request an article.  Just email [email protected] with a request for your topic & any back ground information which led you to the issue.  You will receive an email today on this.

3. The delegation to Palestine and short film cannot be started at this time.  I may well run another project to raise funds for that at a later date.

New Look

The blog will be receiving a new look and website in current weeks! The site will contain some adverts, I will be working to ensure these are relevant (books etc) to the subject matter at hand and as inoffensive as possible.  If you see something that you feel is out of keeping with the spirit of the blog, please get in touch.

New Book

I am currently working on a book for release in coming months.  I’ll give you a sneak peak of chapters through the blog.  Be excited!

If you have any questions about all this, please use the comments section (and please check the comment section before asking your question in case your answer is already there!)

Thank you all once more for your support and I hope you continue to enjoy being a part of this community we’re creating :)



6 thoughts on “The Next Steps for Scriptonite Daily

  1. Sorry to hear you didn’t quite meet the target. Great to hear you will keeping up the blog in spite of the odd ad or two. Thanks for giving such a different perspective on world events than what we get in mainstream media – looking forward to the book

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  3. Maybe doing the funding thing when people are not away on holiday could have helped your cause? I may have pledged but Ive been absent from internet for 5 weeks! 😀

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