Jobseekers Encouraged to Take Part in Clinical Trials by Government Jobs Website


Jobseekers using the government’s new jobs website, Universal JobMatch, have been receiving messages encouraging them to participate in clinical trials.  Users have received multiple messages from the service inviting them to apply for jobs, only to find these ‘employment opportunities’ are actually clinical trials.

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The Scriptonite Daily blog was contacted by 37 year old Job Seeker Chris Morgan, of Dartford, Kent – who logged in to Universal Job Search today to find five messages in his Universal JobMatch inbox inviting him to apply for jobs.  These jobs were actually invitations to join a clinical trial.

Mr Morgan lives with his partner and two children aged 9 and 11 and has been seeking work since losing his role in Health and Safety for retail giant Marks and Spencer’s in November 2012.  He had been with the company for five years before being dismissed.  He has subscribed to Universal JobMatch in hopes of finding employment.

He logged in this morning to find five jobs recommended to him by the government’s online job service.  He has been left feeling “sick to my stomach” after realising the government considers partaking in a clinical trial for £100 a day as his best current option of ‘employment’.


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Speaking to Scriptonite Daily Mr Morgan said:

“I was dumbfounded, shocked and so angry that my government would send me on clinical trials…I didn’t think I’d be put out to pasture this early in my life, to go and become a lab rat.”

He is now concerned that by declining this recommendation he would be considered as turning down an employment opportunity and therefore stand to lose his eligibility to claim social security.

The Desperation of UK Jobseekers


The UK Govt was today cheerleading the latest jobs figures which appear to show a mere 0.1% drop in unemployment rate in the last quarter.  But the government simply ignored the bad news in the figures.

The number of men working full time fell by 272,000 and those in part time work rose 281,000.  This is the highest number of people in part time work since records began in 1992A third of those men in part time work stated they held those positions because they could not find full time work.

Unemployment among 16-24 year olds was up 34,000.  This means the UK has an unemployment rate of 21% among young people, with 960,000 now jobless.

And the picture was no rosier for those who had managed to gain employment. While unemployment may well remain lower than equivalent austerity nations, the nature of employment is shifting in a worrying direction.

Wages have fallen for 36 of the 37 months of the Coalition government.  This makes Cameron’s Coalition the the worst performing government in UK history on wages.  No former Prime Minister in the history of our parliamentary democracy has seen wages drop for this length of time – not Thatcher, not Harold Wilson, not Ted Heath.

There has also been the rise of Zero Hours contracts, which mean working people are not guaranteed regular hours by their employer, or access to basic employment rights such as sick pay, paid annual leave or a notice period before dismissal.  A recent survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, found more than 1 million UK workers is now on a Zero Hours contract. Unison claim the figure could be as high as 5.5m but Full Fact found some issues with the methodology by which these figures were derived.  Be it 1 million or 5.5 million – this is more than enough to seriously skew the unemployment figures, which showed a drop of just 24,000.

Professor Kim Hoque, a Professor of Human Resource Management at Warwick Business School, comments on the long term role of zero hours contracts and job insecurity on the UK economy.
“The flexibility they provide may well have enabled the UK to avoid higher levels of unemployment during the economic downturn. They may also have enabled some people to maintain an attachment to the labour market who would otherwise not have been able to do so. That said such contracts could also be seen as part of the wider underemployment problem that has affected the UK economy in recent times, with large numbers of workers on part-time or casual contracts wanting to work more hours but being unable to do so.”

The claimant count for Jobseekers Allowance also fell 32,600.  Whilst this is being billed as good news, this has more to do with changes in eligibility criteria.  All the government has to do to reduce the claimant count, is make people ineligible to claim.  The Thatcher government was able to show a drop in unemployment of 550,000 in July 1986, and 668,000 in 1989 by transferring those unemployed into work programmes (workfare).  They also kept an average 90,000 unemployed under 18 year olds off the books by making them ineligible to claim benefits.

In short, where once people could have claimed Job Seekers Allowance while searching for new employment, people are being forced to accept ever worsening working conditions or join exploitative government work programmes to attempt to stay afloat while the social safety nets are ripped away

Enough is Enough

The rising number of unemployed and underemployed citizens of the UK are having their desperation to survive exploited, encouraged into Zero Hours contracts, Workfare and now Clinical Trials.  It is time for the UK public to say enough is enough.

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If you have a job opening for Chris Morgan, or would like to send a message of support – you can find him on twitter here.

Contact the Secretary of State Iain Duncan Smith to let him know your views.  You can email him here.

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19 thoughts on “Jobseekers Encouraged to Take Part in Clinical Trials by Government Jobs Website

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    • just remember that when your on your arse or maybe your one of those brought up with a silver spoon in your mouth

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  6. Perhaps we should encourage those MPs who believe the economy is on the way up to get a new brain test:) I just can’t believe they think everything is rosy in the UK so many decisions useless so much money wasted they need a brain transplant !!!
    England used to be a caring country now with these morons in charge it is like stepping back into Nazi Germany thank God for Social Networking sites where you can hear the REAL TRUTH about life in 2013 for the unemployed and older people you get the real truth there not on your TV.
    Look the money wasted on these back to work programs!! I had the pleasure of attending one of these comic clubs:) these companies Working Links,A4E etc,etc,etc have ripped off the government millions of pounds of profits for their owners but only threats to stop your money if you don’t attend these sweatshops in your quest to find a job.Believe you I have taught young and older people for many years and have been Ofsteded many times with great results if these companies were visited by Ofsted or evaluator they would be closed down Immediately !!!! How have they got away with their criminal activities? for so long? someone is protecting these companies and it doesn’t take much to know who.
    Disgraceful !!!!

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  8. Can you imagine a virologist on the dole facing this? One job advert to go work for the company administering the clinical trial and one job advert to go be the trail participant. Another advert for a phone line horoscope reader is all they need to have great day explaining to an uneducated Job Centre Adviser why not only is DWP anti-science and that no decent virologist or any other scientist for that matter would ever take those jobs, nor should anyone have to. How well would that go down faced with a job centre adviser who is a member of the fabulous PCS union and the Labour party who is still convinced antibiotics will sort out colds? They’d face being sanctioned, left hungry, destitute by someone who thinks it is perfectly rational to pay their rent by sanctioning people because there is nothing wrong with an uneducated fool telling highly educated people what they must do. This is insanely abusive, and taking the people of the UK on another step on a very dark road to a very inhumane dangerous. place.

    I expect any virologist (or any other scientist struggling to find work) faced with having to sign on will leave the country and begin to campaign against not only this government but the dangerous anti-intellectualism that has began to parasitise whole swathes of UK society and political parties.

  9. the poor are already on a clinical trial. its called lets see how far we can push before the poor push back, if we push back 2 reforms and the government still has 1 left, that will constitute a win of 3-2 to them. I am surprised that its only windows being broken at JCP offices and not the legs and necks of advisors and management.

  10. I would think the threat of removal of benefits for non compliance in the uptake of “jobs” such as these would be yet another breach of basic human rights. Surely no-one can be forced to participate? But then, we’ve never actually had a government quite so disassociated with reality as this one.

  11. When I was in RAF we were invited to join a trial of a “common cold vaccine” Few of us took it up but, years later, it transpired that the tests were of nerve gases at Porton Down. Would they really demonstate such a lack of ethics nowadays? Hum, I would tend to be very careful. More recently I did volunteer for a medical trial but it was for the University of Nottingham and I made sure it was of a drug that was aready in safe general use.

    • Its not a job, it shouldn’t be on the website.
      Participation in a clinical trial should not be based upon payments for being there, indeed, ‘ financial or other forms of incentive …should not be so large to constitute a form of coercion. Compensation to trial participants is not considered a benefit, but merely a recruitment incentive.’.In this instance it is not being used as a recruitment incentive but the reason for doing so, a payment for job done, which to a broke, unemployed person in dire need of cash is quite coercive in causing them to participate.I think this is going outside of clinical trial regulations.

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