“Vote For Us! We Despise You!” – Tory Conference was a Parade of Privilege


The Conservative Party Conference ‘For Hardworking People’, promised to end the ‘something for nothing culture’.  A quick look at those men and women delivering such nonsensical speeches belies a party of the privileged few, hectoring the struggling majority for suffering the effects of their own economic policies.  The 2013 Conference will be remembered as a parade of privilege where a group of unworthy individuals said to the British public: “Vote for us! We Despise You!”

Iain Duncan Smith – The Freeloader


The Secretary of State for the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), Iain Duncan Smith adopted a withering tone for his speech.

“Alongside what we have already done with the mandatory work programme and our tougher sanctions regime, this marks the end of the something-for-nothing culture,” he told the conference.

It was revealed earlier this year that these programmes resulted in just one in ten users finding work.  The figure for those finding work with no intervention at all is one in three.  Therefore, the government has spent £5bn of public money to achieve results worse than doing nothing at all.  Yet, rather than resigning in shame – he is heralding a success that does not exist and expanding the failed programmes.

Meanwhile, disabled people face eviction over his Bedroom Tax, his welfare cuts have seen homelessness rise 31% in England and 62% in London in recent years, and 10,600 sick and severely disabled people have died while undergoing ‘work capability assessments’ by Atos seeking to weed out purported benefit cheats.  All this pain when just 0.7% of benefit claims are fraudulent, this is the DWP’s own figure.  To put this in perspective, administrative error costs the department twice as much each year.

In short, Duncan-Smith’s policies do not work, and his assertion of widespread fraudulent benefit abuse simply does not exist. He may, however, be projecting his own abuse of taxpayer money onto the tax paying public.

Duncan-Smith lives rent free in a £2m country estate owned by his aristocratic father in law.  Whilst claiming he could live happily on the £53 a week some unemployed job seekers receive, he has claimed £39 on expenses for his breakfast.

In the Betsy Gate scandal of 2001, it was revealed that the tax payer was paying £15,000 a year for Duncan-Smith’s wife to become his ‘diary secretary’.  There is ample evidence that Betsy didn’t perform any such role worthy of the salary, which was hardly likely to register in the bank accounts of the daughter of the moneyed 5th Baron Cottesloe of Swanbourne and Harwick.

Duncan Smith currently costs the tax payer a whopping £134, 565 in salary and expenses.

It would not be unfair to suggest that Iain Duncan-Smith has fully availed himself of the financial support available from both the taxpayer and his patron father in law.  Perhaps then it is small wonder that he does not recognise the culture of hard work for meagre reward faced by majority of the population.

Osborne – the Baronet


(Osborne before a table full of cocaine, hugging a dominatrix)

UK Chancellor George Osborne used his conference speech to crow of the success of his economic policy of austerity, and to bemoan the ‘something for nothing culture’ apparently ailing the UK populace.  This from his speech:

“For the first time, all long term unemployed people who are capable of work will be required to do something in return for their benefits…They will do useful work putting something back into their community. Making meals for the elderly, clearing up litter, working for a local charity…No one will be ignored or left without help. But no one will get something for nothing. Help to work – and in return work for the dole.”

Firstly, people have always ‘done something’ in return for their benefits – they pay their taxes.  Not only direct taxes on income, but indirect taxes on almost every item and service ever purchased through the course of their lives.

Secondly, these community roles listed by Osborne are the very paid occupations his government is responsible for removing.  This creates a scenario where a person loses their job as a caretaker, care worker or street cleaner amidst government cuts, only to be re-engaged in this same work in order to receive sub minimum wage welfare rather than a wage.

This is not Help to Work, it is private employers helping themselves to state subsidised free labour, a government seeking to hide the impacts of public sector cuts and job losses, and an attempt to smear the victims of a bogus economic policy.

And what of the man who makes such claims of poor communities, ravaged by job cuts up and down the country?  Who is he to speak of something for nothing?

George Osborne is heir apparent to the Osborne baronetcy, educated at St Paul’s School and Magdalen College Oxford and recipient of a £4m trust fund.  He got an awful lot of something for nothing.

George Osborne, on becoming Chancellor in 2010 quickly ‘flipped’ his first and second homes to claim over £100k of taxpayer money for interest payments on a mortgage for his £455k Cheshire pad.  He later sold the home for over £1m having made improvements partly funded by taxes.  He also claimed taxpayer money to cover payments on a horse paddock for the property.

An unemployed person claiming Job Seeker’s Allowance (JSA) gets just £56.80 a week to live on.  The public money spent on millionaire Osborne’s second home would have funded the JSA of 33 unemployed people for a year.  Despite this largesse, Osborne was still forced to repay £1,666 for over claiming on these already incredibly generous interest expense claims.

Furthermore, this is a man who was a member of the Bullingdon Club, an elite boys club at Oxford which smash up restaurants and burn money in the faces of homeless people to establish their untouchable superiority.  He also managed to survive the release of a picture of him hugging a prostitute in front of a table full of cocaine after Andy Coulson at the News of the World stole the story from the Sunday Mirror and rewrote it casting him in a better light.

The sight of such a man hectoring the poor should be the stuff of historic novels, instead it is today’s news.  It is our reality.


David Cameron – The Chancer


David Cameron’s speech today was an attempt at rallying the troops and preparing the UK public outside for more of the same, up to and beyond the next election. It was more ‘Jam Tomorrow’ talk about “Never giving up. Working those extra hours. Coping with those necessary cuts” with the promise of eventually, one day, building “a land of opportunity in our country”.  He could not be less related to reality had he thanked the audience for joining him in Azerbaijan. This is Cameron’s Britain:

27% of children in the UK are now living in poverty, with Cameron’s government adding 600,000 to this sorry figure.

Elderly people are facing rising, grinding poverty where they are forced to choose whether to heat their homes or eat.

3.5m people are living in fuel poverty as the rapidly rising cost of energy bills renders them unaffordable.  The government’s response was to lift 1m out of this figure buy changing the way fuel poverty is calculated.

21% of people aged 16-24 years old, that is almost a quarter, are unemployed.

Wages have fallen further in this recession than in UK history, and have fallen for 36 months in a row under this government – only Greece, Portugal and the Netherlands fared worse.

All this has resulted in a more than 300% rise in people relying on Food Banks to eat, and figures ballooned again over the summer.

These are the results of just three years of this Conservative led government, who have exacerbated the results of 30 years of one neoliberal, free marketeer government after another. Cameron, however, has never viewed these policies from outside the elite which benefits from them.

David Cameron is a lineal descendant of King William IV, great grandson of a 1st Baronet, grandson of a 2nd baronet, son of a stockbroker and an aristocrat.  He was gifted with an Eton and Oxford education, and one might argue his career in politics, through sheer privilege of birth.  He enjoys the benefits of a family fortune made in tax havens.

Cameron has never had to budget, never faced the kinds of ‘touch choices’ of which he often speaks, never worried if he would be able to feed his children, never felt the panic of staring at incomings and outgoings that will not balance. Neither is he listening to those who have, are and will, thanks to his policies.

In fact, two thirds of the current cabinet are millionaires, when only 1.16% of UK households have assets of over a million pounds.  More than half of the cabinet ministers went to fee paying schools, despite only 7% of UK children attending fee paying schools.  In the face of all this, David Cameron announced triumphantly that that the Tory party was ‘no longer the party of privilege’ at a £400 a seat champagne ball.

This Parade of Privilege Needs Derailing


The Tories have used their conference to say:

“VOTE FOR US! We will take away your social security! We will berate and devalue those who deliver your public services! We will sell as many of those public services as we can! We will strip you of your human rights! We will not tax the richest! We will scrap legal aid for the poor but use taxpayer money to defend bankers bonuses against legislation to cap them! VOTE FOR US! WE DESPISE YOU!”

Any person who doesn’t have the wealth to buy their own island who even considers voting for this party is off their rocker. I understand the naked self-interest of wealth hoarders who vote for this party – but the poor schmucks who THINK they are Tories and vote for their own and their community’s destitution…that, is beyond parody.

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29 thoughts on ““Vote For Us! We Despise You!” – Tory Conference was a Parade of Privilege

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  4. We have had time to do something whilst this arrogant and evil coalition has been in, but we’ve done nothing! We’ve got about 20 months to go before the next election, we have time to get them out sooner rather than later but we won’t do anything!
    All the marches, the petitions and the meetings are doing nothing, any strikes are only on for a day and again, do nothing.
    We CAN do something to stop them doing even worse damage until the election, we can force an election before thousands more deaths occur and before they can put the “unemployed”, sick, disabled, those working and needing top ups, no benefits until after the age of 25 written into stone. The cuts to the welfare have affected millions and they are more to come.
    There are a very small amount of people at the top and we act as though we are scared of them! What the hell is the matter with people? Do something NOW before it’s too late for so many!

    • What does this illiterate mean by a small “amount” of people? Did he put them on a scale?
      Like all those commenting on the article they miss the obvious. The actions of the politicians mentioned are not unusual but the norm – no matter what the political persuasion of the politician. All are thieves and rogues so why vote for any of them at all?
      There was a saying years ago. “You can’t win”, it is still extant.

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  6. Nice to know all you left wingers with a chip on your shoulder have a place to bleat together. Amazing what short memories you all have; the previous Conservative government left the country in a great place financially and then Tony Blair let Brown squander it and sell our gold while he was getting us into Iraq. Then Brown and his darling nearly finished us off.

    If it’s all about privilege, how do they get elected? Half the country wasn’t born with a silver spoon in its mouth and I certainly didn’t. I was squeezed in a council house with my parents,uncle and grandparents but they all taught me the value of working hard and looking after my family.

    • Your tone and manner of speech make it sound like you’re the one whose got a chip on their shoulder and wants to provoke a reaction by insulting everyone on here. Okay, so you’re a working class hard man who believes in the “value of hard work”. Why are you commenting on here then? Go back to work then, loser.

    • its sad that even now, your still bleating the line that labour ruined the economy. perhaps you forget that it was a global crisis that started in the USA? If, after three years of a tory government, you still have to push that line, it shows just how weak the economic policy of this government has been.

      Perhaps you have also forgotten that the only reason we were affected as badly as we did is because of the policies started by thatcher in the 80s. If we are going to lay the blame in the past then surely we have to go back to the beginning?

    • easy they werent elected in .. and all that is THEN … NO NOW … do you want your children, grandchildren leaving school with no college places to go to, no training places to go to. no jobs to go to, and nothing there to support them when this happens .. AS IT IS HAPPENING NOW … My son spent 3yrs on leaving school, unable to get a college place, then looking for a job … thankfuly he is employed now … but for how long .. he is still only 20 .. and with no support for him till he’s gone 25 … I wonder just WHY does he PAY TAX AND NI …….

  7. I would like to add that there was much more to the Betsy-Gate scandal than Duncan-Smith allegedly employing his millionaire wife as his “Diary Secretary”. There was very good evidence at the time, from reliable witnesses including Duncan-Smith’s Constituency Agent, that his wife never did any work whatever, that she had no duties at all and never ever turned up for any work. Duncan-Smith specifically claimed the £15,000 per year in additional parliamentary expenses as her “salary”. There is no doubt whatever that both Duncan-Smith and his wealthy wife obtained money by deception and they should have been investigated by the Fraud Squad for those offences. He is the last person to lecture us about “something for nothing”. He is a thoroughly dishonest man who, with his wife, should have been put before the Courts for what were blatantly criminal acts.

    • Ah, but what you have to remember is the difference between working-class ‘skivers’ and upper-class ‘spungers’. The latter are protected and coddled – nay, exalted – witness Cameron, Gidiot, IDS … Need I say more?

  8. I was on long term Incapacity for 16 years, after years of going for a medical every 6 months. I went for my Atos and was deemed fit for work, the accesser was very rude and all the time sat at her computer asking questions and typing. I appealed and got 6 points, still not enough to warrent payment, I am now awaiting a tribunal, all the stress and waiting worrying isn’t helping.It annoys me what this this Government is doing with thier reforms as it is hitting those that need it most. How many more have to be made homeless, more sick and left feeling worthless, just because we have the Hooray Henrys in Government!!!!!

  9. There will be an election before many more months have gone by, when it comes, think carefully, vote for ANY of the three main parties we will get much the same from any of them! In the time left to us before then, consider how modern politics can be changed/ dismantled. We have to find a better, fairer way to operate as a country.

    • It isn’t going to happen Val and you must know that, and therefore you MUST vote to get them out and that means a vote for Labour, not matter how weak you think they may be ( I would of course disagree with you on that one, we are seeing a much more different Labour party as the media would have us believe) I agree our country has to be fairer but the way to do it is from the inside preferably from the only party that can help make this happen, even although it may take a while to rescue everything we hold dear……

    • absolutely agree – it’s depressing to see the number of people falling for “ping pong” politics yet again. Possibilities:
      – campaign to get the greens a much bigger vote – their stance on economic equality is greater than any other party
      – campaign for voting boycott; the “what if they had a war and no-one turned up” approach
      – work to bring this disgusting system to its knees. If every person currently being abused on minimum wage, zero hours contracts and internships simply turned up at the Jobcentre and signed on, the system just couldn’t cope. At the prospect of no money and no food, people might finally take back what is rightly theirs anyway.
      (p.s. if you worked out the true UK salary, across every person of working age, it would be around £200,000.)

  10. I wonder where IDS gets his something for nothing from? We pay National Insurance contributions for our Entitlements not Benefits as they like to call them. maybe he lives in a something for nothing party but You and I pay for our entitlements!

  11. All I heard was “.Jam Tomorrow”. I’ve heard it before. And this from a political party with “Arbeit Macht Frei” emblazoned over the door

  12. They make me laugh. they insist single mothers with disabled and autistic children go on Income Support and will not hlp us out it. But we hav to go to the 6 month reviews. We WANT to work many of us have kept our qualificatons current to be turned down by employers because of lack of experience. Look at what we do with and for our kids and then tell us we are not experienced. Seeing as they are wanting to use US style santions here is one. give incentives to businesses to employer pople who have had care responsbilities. After all under their own legislation we ARE tax payers we have a national Insurance stamp each week, class one to be precise as carers. So now HELP and not PENALISE us.

  13. If you could have overheard every conversation I’ve heard this week you would know that what you are saying is being echoed almost to the letter amongst others. The anger and despair at the ripping up of our culture, our standards, and natural humanity by these few elitist posers who are not even true politicians is palpable and must surely mean they will never get in again.

    • I agree lizwhittaker, we seem to be reaching a critical mass but people must use that vote wisely and not split it as my fear is we will allow a Tory/UKIP coalition and that would be even much worse , if that is possible!!!

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