Dear David Cameron – An Open Letter Thanking the PM for His Heating Advice


Dear David Cameron,


Thank you for the advice on keeping down my heating bills

You said to wear a jumper to keep out the winter chills

I’m 75 years old, I’ve jumpers older than you!

But none of them do the job when it’s minus bloody two!


I’m actually ten years older than our beloved welfare state

I’ll outlive the thing if times keep on as they have of late

We used to have this quaint idea of solidarity

‘All for one and one for all’ got replaced by ‘me,me,me’


They sold off the utilities; thus privatising heat.

So now us old folks have to choose to warm our rooms or eat.

They sold off all the factories; they sold off all the mills

Now kids are lucky to find work scanning tin cans at tills


They sold off all our railways, and they gave away our trains

It made some folks a lot of cash, but we just felt the pains

They sold off schools and hospitals, now police stations too

Things once owned by all of us, now owned by the likes of you


For decades now your lot have sold what wasn’t yours to sell

Your gang of ham faced charlatans can go to bloody hell!

You tell us now we’re old and cold to ‘wrap up warm’. As ‘eck!

I’ll take my winter scarf and wrap it round your soddin’ neck!


You wouldn’t know a tough choice if it bit you in the arse

To be lectured by you on ‘making do’ is beyond a soddin’ farce

‘Wear extra clothes’ to save some cash? I’d love to, but alack…

You rotten thieving bastards stole the shirt right off my back.


Yours Shiveringly,

An Apocryphal OAP

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56 thoughts on “Dear David Cameron – An Open Letter Thanking the PM for His Heating Advice

  1. What this country seriously needs is unification. There are simply too many factions using the old “divide and conquer” technique. This should undoubtedly start at the top and all these so called parties should get together and stop wasting the taxpayers money squabbling like stupid little kids and fix the mess that they made.

  2. Britain’s me, me, me attitude is responsible for me being left to pick myself off the tarmac when I was knocked off my bike and thrown across a two lane carriageway. A woman even shouted at me for holding up the traffic.

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  4. Everyones saying action need taking but noone is willing to take it. Im a disabled person who has been doing a petition for 4 weeks now on the streets. I have 800 signatures. Lots of people are willing to write but I didnt find a single person willing to stand on the street with a clipboard let alone do a protest or any sort. Many people felt strongly but were unwilling to take it further. I think its because most people are still living comfortable despite the changes. Until those comforts are lost ie tv internet noone will act.
    Truth is although its bad we have a very luxurious lifestyle. We are on the brink of everything becoming unaffordable. Prices will keep skyrocketing as unemployment increases. Homeless shelters & soup kitchens will start opening where there were none and obesity will reduce. Thats the point where people will start to act. BUT WHY NOT ACT NOW before it gets that bad. Why do we have to hit rock bottom before we sort things out. It doesnt matter that the government ‘dont listen’. You just keep going. Unemployment is growing so if they want to shut people up they need to give people employment. Not voluntary work but paid work. All unemployed can be campaigning for change. There are too few jobs & it needs sorting 20-100 people applying for one job is ridiculous. if we have no income & prices keep rising as products become “luxurious” we cannot afford the cost of living. Now all pork is “pulled” so they can charge more- one example of the stupidity

    • Well said Michelle. The trouble is getting everyone of their lazy apathetic backsides to actually do something!! We need to get this scum out now before its too late.

  5. David Cameron said live on the news NO disabled person would suffer. Camerons disabled son dies and so do many a disabled person does now thanks to the croonies and Atos. People want to stop shouting in there armchairs at the tv and get off your arses and shout at the government while on your feet.

    • This is the guy whos own son died suffering with epilepsy and other issues.
      David cameron claimed for everything he could despite him and his wife being worth millions

      few weeks after the death later he moved the goal posts for ALL people suffering Epilepsy, making if 4 times harder for people suffering with this to pass an ATOS test.

      The guy is a monster I hope he dies screaming.

    • November 5th, in lots of major cities there is an Anonymous protest against the way the countries being run. Go to one and show support.

    • I couldn’t agree more! I have said it for the last 15 years. What would the government do if the working population downed tools, and made a final stand. A NATIONAL strike would work far better than any referendum. And make Cameron and his arse lickers sit up and listen.

  6. Young people getting about £56 a week will find it hard to afford a warm jumper, even from a charity shop, as well as paying all the costs of looking for work. It i
    s also hard for those who are working on the low rate of minimum wage.

      • How ignorant can you be. The media is whitewashed and censored, the have’s are destroying the have-nots and people like yourself still cant seem to grasp reality. I suppose youre going to reply to this by saying something like ‘here is reality’ followed by a link to the BBC… a company owned and controlled by the same people funding various government bodies.. the same group who broadcasted 9/11 early (proven in court)… hmmm forgive us if its not being bought.. stop allowing the media to turn you against your own.

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