Dear Media, A Global Uprising Took Place Last Night…Where Were You?

C57 (That’s not photoshop. That’s a firework being shot at Buckingham Palace last night)

Last night, hacktivist group Anonymous succeeded in mobilising hundreds of thousands of people in 477 locations in over 150 countries around the world.  Protesters wearing Guy Fawkes masks hit the streets of in Indonesia, North America, Asia, Europe and South America, calling time on our current political and economic system. However, you could have watched every BBC News programme last night, and most other UK based news outlets and had no idea what was going on.  Where were they? Elsewhere, which is why the next march, on November 16th, will be to March Against the Mainstream Media.

The Million Mask March

The Million Mask March was a call for action.  In response to an unjust and unsustainable political and economic system which operates globally, the call came to mount a protest march on the same scale.  It was a symbolic recreation of a revolutionary scene in the cult film ‘V for Vendetta’ (above).

It was a march against many things; political corruption, capitalism, the global dominance of the financial services industry, austerity, the democratic deficit in people’s lives, the assault on the welfare state, soaring bills and falling wages.  It was a shot across the bows of political elites across the world – ‘We know what you are up to, and we will not let you get away with it’.  Here are some pictures from these protests around the world last night.

C58 Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo, Brazil

C59 Bastille France

The Bastille, France

C60 Parliament Sq

Parliament Square, London

C61 Istanbul Turkey Istanbul, Turkey



C64 Japan

Japan (symbolically cleaning the streets)

C65 Phillipines

The Phillipines

C66 Cape TownCape Town, South Africa

Some may well ask – yes but what were their demands?  There were no demands.  Except get out of the way.  Demands confer an authority and legitimacy on those whom you make them of.  Many involved in last night’s protest denounce their governments and are not seeking to make a deal.

The groups contain a raft of political ideologies including anarchism, socialism, libertarians and so on.  A growing number are calling for:

  • an end to the monetary system in favour of a Resource Based Economy,
  • an end to representative democracy in favour of direct democracy, and
  • the replacement of corporations with democratic, cooperative forms of organising our labour.

This was not some fist bump to an internet meme, but a thoughtful, passionate statement of solidarity on a global scale.

The atmosphere of the London march was passionate, high spirited and raucous.  There was a feeling of tension as the police made their presence felt, forming random kettles to contain the protest.

Members of the People’s Assembly occupied Westminster Bridge and burned their energy bills (and effigies of the Coalition government).

The march in London ran through Parliament Square, stopped traffic at Trafalgar Square, and finally assembled outside Buckingham Palace, where fireworks were launched directly at the Palace, striking the roof and walls.

So…This Must Have Been All Over the News!


While Qatar based Al-Jazeera news channel, RT, The Huffington Post and other outlets were covering the run up to the march, and updates on events across the world – the UK’s main media sources were either silent, or snarky.

The BBC News Website finally piped up at gone 10.30pm with an article so small and hidden away it might as well not as bothered.

C62That BBC Website article in full

The BBC News at 10 failed to mention that thousands of people were marching in UK cities and across the world.  Not one word.  Not one image.  Nothing.

BBC Newsnight featured approximately ten seconds of footage from the London demonstration, failing to mention that parallel protests were occurring across the world.

Sky News waited until this morning to file a story on their website about the global protest.  Their story focussed on the appearance of Russell Brand heading a mini riot of goons.

ITV News made several despatches, and some were approaching half sensible.  Most, however, were so far off piste as to render them pointless.  Headlines of theirs included:

‘Russell Brand becomes Face of UK’s Anonymous Protest’  – because he happened to be in the crowd, surrounded by other faces,

‘Anonymous demonstrators chant abuse at the police’ – cutting edge stuff chaps, and

‘Hundreds of protesters gather outside parliament’ – when it was clearly thousands.

The printed press hardly did much better.

The Daily Mail produced its usual rambling hyperventilation, again focussing on Brand’s attendance.  The whole piece recreates the event in a similar vein to Sky News – out of control, thuggish, violent and abusive.

The Guardian probably did the best coverage, creating a contributions page where protesters and citizen journalists could upload their experiences in writing or pictures, direct to the Guardian website.  That’s more like it.

All in all, if Russell Brand hadn’t been there, it’s not clear that any of the UK media would have been reporting the protest.  And none of them actually bothering to contextualise it.

So what? We Still Have Twitter!


This is the information age, and it is awesome that we are able to share and create our own platforms – but this does not wholly mitigate the problems created by a domestic mainstream media failing in its duty to reflect reality on the ground.

The purpose of protest is to create tension.  The mainstream media has by far the biggest access and clout to whip up an issue and make it the thing that people are talking about.

When mere tens of racist EDL protesters gather outside a pub chanting for closed borders – the mainstream media is there, and politicians are asked, repeatedly ‘so, what are you going to do about immigration?’.  They appear on Newsnight, Question Time, the Today Programme, the Daily Politics, Channel 4 News, Sky News and ITN…they get asked the same question, over and over: ‘so what are you going to do about the immigration problem?’

The politicians can’t move without having to engage with the questions on immigration. This is why many people think we have an immigration problem – when we actually don’t.

While the media are busy misdirecting public attention to a fringe issue, they utterly neglect the biggest issue of our time.

Hundreds of thousands of people march against political and economic corruption in a simultaneous, global protest across every inhabited continent…and where are the questions? Where is the pressure for the faces of the establishment to engage with these very real, very relevant issues?

This is creating two worlds inhabiting the same space.  In one world, created by the mainstream media and the establishment, people see short term necessary cuts to balance the books, economic growth, development and progress on injustice and poverty, and mass entertainment.  In another world, those who use twitter, Facebook, blogs and alternative news sources and who attend protests see vast political corruption, economic injustice, impending ecological disaster and growing protest and political movements across the world gaining ground.

While many are quick to bash that strutting manarchist Russell Brand for daring to have an opinion – he has at least created a little bridge between these two worlds.  We should be storming across that bridge, ending the other world pantomime and drawing people together in the real world.

The more we can do to bring these worlds together, the better.  If the mainstream media isn’t going to do the job, we need to.  It is going to be hard, but it is not impossible.

Don’t get angry, get involved!

Sick of mainstream media bias and ignoring of mass protests such as the 60,000 strong NHS protest? Join the #OccupyTheBBC march on November 16th!

The Zeitgeist Movement – check out the Zeitgeist movies.  Information on economics, money, science and a great piece on the resource based economy.

Occupy London – keep up to date with the antics of the Occupiers.  Who knows when we’ll be occupying our cities again?

Reel News – a great source of news which focusses on dissidence, campaigns and new ideas.

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41 thoughts on “Dear Media, A Global Uprising Took Place Last Night…Where Were You?


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  3. too many marches will spoil any momentum we gain. also “the media” is too vague a target. Please let’s stick to November the 5th, and only step up the action of individual campaigns against specific, solid targets.

    • He had one. Gotta take a breather tho now and then, and obviously there would be no point publishing a picture of a masked man and claiming its russell brand.

  4. Quick lets listen to the mob of masked people who like to shoot fireworks at buildings. They seem like they will have loads of great ideas.

    • Lets listen to the people in politics and media, they wouldnt lie to us, lets agree that we dont need human rights, healthy food, free energy, we dont need to know whats truly going on, its fine they’re poisoning us through water and air, its fine they are wiretapping us, its fine they use your taxmoney against you, etc

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  7. Thank-you Daily Mail for helping to promote the anonymous movement and Russell Brand. Unlike the other main stream media, they saw it fit to report the events of the million mask protest.
    The unmasked photos of Mr Brand on their part was presumably to expose him as some sort of evil anarchist. However, as we are well use to their scare/ hate tactics, and realise that just about everything they print should be taken as the old school propaganda, that believes it can still somehow influence the way people think. Those days have passed, the people have started to open their eyes and minds to the new age of awareness and liberation. We no longer will be dictated to on how to think and refuse to except a system based on greed, fear, ignorance and hate.
    When Russell expresses himself we see his honesty, openness, and compassion.
    What they can drag up to diss Mr Brand is not important, what is, is what is happening now and for whatever reasons he is now in a position to follow his convictions to accelerate a long over due revolution.
    Viva anonymous, Viva RussellBrant, Viva the revolution and Viva The daily Mail

  8. ive posted this before and i hope you guys see it but really just form your own political party like “Common sense party” etc and give the people something to vote for and you should get russels help with this his influence could be key you need OUR movement to carry weight and be seen to be responsable and not be portrayed as thugs the sure only way is play them at there own game you would get the votes for sure i will drag everyone i know to vote and i know many who will do the same so think smart act smart and the change will happen thanks nathan

    • unfortunately, with most of the votes being submitted into machines (at least here in the US), it doesn’t matter how many voters you drag to the booths…the machines are pre-programmed with the winning vote count. We saw this in several states during our last primaries when Ron Paul was illegally pushed out of the race. Several precincts reported issues with their voting machines, one precinct published numbers, claiming that 100,000 votes had already been “submitted” when the first turned on the machine! We need a secure way around this before we can reclaim our gov’t via votes.

  9. Fantastic, fills in the gap. I was waiting to hear news about the night from abroad expectantly but could barely find anything mainstream, even the day after the event.

  10. It seems you do not understand much about the way the media now works. A great deal of the reporting that did get done from that night was by freelancers, who don’t get paid unless the work sells. You state that you support the guardian’s coverage which consisted entirely of asking for free content therefore meaning that you think there is no point in any actual skilled reporters/photographers being there as you promote the idea of undercutting their professional contribution with free content. I was actually disgusted to hear the continual call for media attention by people whose politics also calls for the demolition of that media- make up your minds.
    Also I can’t speak for the rest of the world but the London march was a pitifully small turn out and would only have seemed like a big crowd to a rural visitor, The “reality on the ground ” that I witnessed included stroppy teenagers goading police for no reason and pretty unpleasant chanting. This was definitely one of the smallest turn outs of any marches I have seen this year and the press attention it got was in fact disproportionately high in relation to that given to much larger marches.

    • What about in relation to the attention given to far smaller protests? And I dont see that anti-corruption, pro-transparency politics is necessarily at odds with the media. In fact, surely they should be mutually beneficial.

  11. Outstanding coverage of the event. Perhaps CNN & other newstainment outlets could license the content since they obviously had more important celebrity news to blab about.

  12. There was no protest against the 1%, organisers are still stuck in the world of the politicians, the servants of the 1%.
    Organisers are also still stuck on the idea that the media (owned by the 1%) should help the revolution to be propagandised, revolutions do not take place on TV.
    Organisers still are repeating the old-fashioned method of mass actions to get ….what do they expect to get? That the 1% disappears after one mass action?
    It is time to change the action method, make it more individually. Anonymous are doing that but they still attack the instruments of power, buildings, ministries, sites etc and they still do not cut all electronic communication of the people who really rule the world, the 1%.
    Mass actions – included strikes – have never have much positive results. Be creative and disturb the private life of the 1%, that is exclusive and extravagant because they steal our money. That does not change by a million thousands people on streets where the 1% does not live.

  13. I really don’t think they are, it was probably just a not very effective protest asking for goals that will clearly never work.

  14. To avoid removing one Master in order to bring another Master people have to know how the money works.
    The best vido yet is the one by Ray Dalio.

    Everything important thing about money is there, but the end of the video that provides prescriptions is what is presently atempted, so it is wrong. There are many options for solutions with how money works that are not described in prescription part of the video.
    If want to explore the options, look for MMT or Modern Monetary Theory that explains money in the same manner as Ray Dalio but it provides with many more options, like Job Gurantee.

  15. Resource based economy is just a call for a gold standard.
    I support the premise of demonstrations but puting up a video that is calling for exactly what we already have is stupendous.
    “King is dead. Long live the King”
    How stupid.

    Even tough many explanations have good descriptions in that video, there are some that point exactly toward the Gold Standard. What is a gold? It is a resource. WHat is oil? It is a resource.
    WHat is the most important resource af all? The work by human. That is the best and the most important resource. But that resource is not mentioned as a consideration as the base for money.

    Only way to change the system that contributes to the people is to base money on available amount of human work. If there is available unused human work hours, print money and put it to work at something useful in order to produce and create other resources people need and can use. Employ unemployed with a decent wage is the only thing that can change the system.

  16. You should go ask The ADL how effective it is for character assassination by accusing someone of being anti-Semitic. And then using that attack on the man to discredit the message. “Stay away from that nonsense” the gullible will cry because it is literally *that* powerful a tool that people don’t investigate these claims. They think anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism, which to them means anti-Jew and they miss the fact that they are all different things and not interchangeable terms.

  17. Was the main media blackout accident or design? I tend to think the latter. The powers that be know that large sections of the population have rumbled them. In an attempt to hang onto power they want to stop the word from spreading (at least too quickly). But pressure has a way of building, not subsiding when a lid is put on. Eventually it will blow!

    Don’t forget with Nota = none of the above on the ballot paper we will all have the chance in 2015 to say No Thanks to the present system.

  18. Good call on choosing to include Zeitgeist. It’s an utter mess but it’s an excellent gateway to a more thorough understanding of the roles played by money, media and religion. Factually inaccurate and sensationalist, but a piece of ‘positive propaganda’ – lies to children, exciting enough to draw in those who would ignore a stodgier, more indepth, and less ‘revelatory’ exposition.

    I appreciate your writings appearing on my feed, and will continue to read and share them.

  19. Brilliant article. On the zeitgeist issue (its a while since i saw it, first one) while i agree that 90% of it is nonsense there was one part that made perfect sense early on, can’t remember exactly what but i didn’t take it at face value i did my own background research.

    Didn’t know there was more, guess its time to find & watch em all.

  20. Here’s the thing (I think) – media need a clear and simple, sellable message to sell to their audience. They need it so much that frequently they twist the truth into something more marketable so they can go out and make a living. The change that this movement is calling for is so profound and so extreme in the context of our modern history that it itself doesnt fully understand what it is that it’s trying to say. So, know your enemy. Put together a message that accurately reflects your vision and put it across ina way that they can sell. It’s a tough challenge but communication is all. Do that and youll get the coverage you need.

  21. I really enjoyed this article; however my heart fell a little when I read the call to watch Zeitgeist. I have included a link to a lengthy piece written on the skeptic project website detailing the fallacies, dubious sources and misinformation included in Zeitgeist. It upsets me to see so many like-minded people fall into its trap, as once we uphold something which is so easily debunked and dismissed as a ‘beacon of truth’, people lose respect for you and your message. As this article points out, it’s hard enough for the message to be heard in the first place.

    • Thanks for sharing the link. I’d always encourage people for form their own opinions. I’m not a member of the Zeitgeist movement. But they’re section on money is an excellent deconstruction. I like to give people options and open up new spaces for them to check out and assess themselves. That’s what critical thinkingn is all about. Some people will love them, some will challenge them. That’s all welcome here.

      • you might want to read this:

        “From there, Zeitgeist launches into a pseudo-exposé of the international monetary system, a theme that runs through both its sequels. According to Chip Berlet of Political Research Associates, a think tank that studies right-wing movements, much of it derives from two books: The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin, a member of the John Birch Society, and Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins. Mullins hated Jews, but his references to Jews in the book are oblique. “It’s bait, written by one of the world’s most notorious anti-Semites to lead people into that analytical model,” says Berlet.”

      • There are much better sources to understand what money really is. This is so vital to any serious reform agenda, because the macro economic options – the real alternatives – all flow from that understanding.

        If you think you understand political economy, but don’t know what MMT is, or and their correct understanding of fiat money, ‘functional (public) finance’, then, sorry, but you don’t. And will set yourselves up to fail, just as the ‘left’, ‘progressive’ or social movements of the 20th century have all done in capitulating to the financial coup by Capital owners. A coup that was 3 decades in the making.

        This is because of the power of bankers to ensure all mainstream economics thought conforms to their false, neoliberal paradigm. Vast numbers of economists, even people like Paul Krugman, do not understand money & banking properly.

        Seriously, if you want a better world you must educate yourselves in what the bankers have spent millions on ensuring you don’t understand.

        All the major currencies of the world are pure ‘fiat’ and free floating, and have been for 40 years.

        By definition they can never be ‘scarce’, as they are created on keyboards in central & commercial banks under licence.

        Yet, you are being told that mass unemployment is necessary because ‘money’ to employ people is ‘scarce’. And consequently, because of this and ‘odious’ debt, all those hard won social protections & welfare are no longer ‘affordable’. (Apart from the fact the 1% have never been wealthier.)

        You are being lied to. Find out the truth of this & you can have your better world – at least one where people at the bottom are not considered disposable, as they are now. (And getting more so after this coup.)

        • I’d agree that positive money is a great source and I link to it often on this site, as regular readers will be aware. I would also highly recommend reading Steve Keen’s ‘Debunking Economics’ which is, from all I’ve read, the most comprehensive debunking of neoliberal (classical/neoclassical) economics, and the railroading of academic and political institutions into this cult that dares to call itself a science.

  22. Nice article Kerry! I think another important aspect of the modern system which needs to be understood by people is the over the erosion of personal sovereignty through the smoke and mirrors of the legal system usurping Common Law. This is what plays a major hand in Debt Slavery and tyrannical government. It’s a big subject but a useful youtube channel to give you a direct approach with this knowledge is TheWhiteRabbitTrust.

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