Theresa May Deports Dying Man in the Dark of Night and Shames a Nation


It has been confirmed that starving hunger striker Isa Muazu has been removed from the UK on the orders of Home Secretary Theresa May.  After three months without food, Muazu can no longer see or stand and is deathly ill.  By deporting a man to certain death, May has shamed our nation.

Who is Isa Muazu?


Isa Muazu, 45, came to the UK from his native Nigeria on a valid visa back in 2007.  He chose to stay on in the UK through fear he would face attack by terrorist group Boko Haram, whom he states killed members of his family. Muazu later applied for asylum and was sent to fast track detention, where like 99% of other fast track detainees – he was immediately rejected.

Muazu, in fear for his life, went on hunger strike.  Committing the slow painful suicide of starving oneself to death, is not the equivalent of stamping one’s feet in tantrum.  It is not easy.  It is not something someone does to attain the giddy heights of £53 a week Job Seeker’s Allowance.  It hasn’t happened in the UK since 1981, when Bobby Sands and other Maze Prison hunger strikers faced off against Margaret Thatcher. Sands eventually died in prison, on the 66th day of his strike.

On his last weigh-in – Isa Muazu weighed just 50kg. He can no longer stand or walk properly. A reporter for Vice magazine interviewed Muazu a short time ago, to find out how Muazu felt about his treatment by the Home Office:

“I feel devastated. I’d rather die than go back. If they can take my body and bury it, that would be the only thing. I’m not going back, I’m telling you. There’s nothing there for me.” He said.

Theresa May’s response? She had officers draw up an ‘end of life’ plan for Muazu, and kept full steam ahead with the deportation.

As Simon Parker reports for openDemocracy:

“As Muazu’s physical and mental health deteriorated doctors declared him medically unfit for detention, but the Home Office refused to release him. Following legal challenges, the High Court and the Court of Appeal declared Muazu’s detention lawful and that the Home Office had the right to remove a man who its own staff accepted was close to death and for whom an ‘end of life plan’ had been drawn up.”

Theresa May is currently modelling herself as the Iron Lady of immigration.  She claims she wants “to create here in Britain a really hostile environment for illegal migration”.  But today, she was not tough on illegal immigration.  She condemned a starving man to death – either during his long journey home, or once he has arrived.

Lord Roberts of Llandudno, a long term advocate of Muazu’s case, came out with an unusually strong condemnation of May’s actions today.

“Isa Muazu’s removal from the UK and potential death on a flight or upon arrival in Nigeria is not only a tragedy but an end to the UK’s reputation as a country with humane, civilised, just policies and government,”

A Monstrous Act, by a Monstrous Government

 Danny Alexander, George Osborne, David Cameron laughin

Amid rumours that a private jet was on stand-by to remove Muazu from the UK after final legal attempts to block his deportation failed last night, 120 people turned up for an overnight vigil at Harmondsworth detention centre.  One man glued himself to the gates in efforts to bar the deportation.  Sadly, these efforts failed.  The man was arrested, and Muazu deported at 8am.

So, Muazu is flying towards Nigeria to a certain death, and we are left shame faced by a Home Secretary that would sentence a man to death for the sake of political point scoring.  A monstrous act, by a monstrous government.  There is no compassion, no humanity, and no dignity in this cabinet of bigot baiting bastards.  None.


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53 thoughts on “Theresa May Deports Dying Man in the Dark of Night and Shames a Nation

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  2. Inhumane, yes, shameful to and non representative of the U K , yes. Those platitudes about cutting the welfare budget and tackling austerity as a nation ring a little hollow in view of the cost of the chartered aircraft. But then, as we never hear items of news like this on the mainstream stations like the BBC, why should the government worry? Further, even if a significant proportion of British people were/ are outraged at hearing how our Home Secretary treats vulnerable people who in any case have a connection and moral right to be here in view of the history of colonization, will they ever have the tenacity to follow this through and protest en masse until this and similar injustices are stopped and this sniveling government ousted? Probably not. They are kept too busy on the hamster wheels of work or seeking work. To pay taxes to pay for chartered private aircraft to fly dying desperate people out of the country and back. Still, the wages of those doing the grisly jobs may get spent at Tesco, and that will boost our economy…..

  3. Thatchers mob could have force fed Sands and the other 10 who died…..I am totally against the murdering Ira by the way…….This man should have been force fed before deportation……But you could not make up the end result…..private jet ….flew all the way there without permission to land….had to fly all the way back….tory orginized I presume?

  4. Isa Muazu plane was apparently denied entry to Nigerian airspace and he has been returned to the UK where the whole process can start again.

    Isa, the 45 year old Nigerian man who the Home Office tried to deport yesterday morning is now back in the UK!
    Isa who had been on hunger strike for 99 days was taken from his room at Harmondsworth at 2.30am on Friday morning and put on a luxury private jet to be flown to Abuja at 8am.
    During the flight however the jet belonging to Air Charter Scotland based in East Kilbride that cost an estimated £95 – £110 thousand, was diverted to Malta where it stayed for several hours.
    When the plane took off again it didn’t continue to Abuja but instead returned to the UK where Isa was taken back to the medical centre in the Harmondsworth detention centre where he had been on hunger strike for over three months. The Guardian website are saying this was because the plane did not have permission to enter Nigerian air-space.
    Isa has been speaking to Unity volunteers all day since he called us this morning to tell us the news. He’s in excellent mood considering the turmoil and wishes to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped in his campaign so far.
    Please if you haven’t done so already send Isa a postcard or letter of support.
    Isa Muauzu c/o Harmonsdsworth IRC, Colnbrook By Pass, Harmondsworth, West Drayton, Middlesex UB7 0HB

    • I was so pleased to hear about this last night. I’d encourage everyone to send a token of support, or attend upcoming protests/vigils. Let’s keep the pressure up.

  6. This is a ridiculous discussion with no facts. The article states Muazu says some of his family has been killed. I can only assume this cannot be verified or we would be given it as a fact. There is a reason his application has been rejected that we are not party to. He obviously feels very passionate about his cause to go on hunger strike, but this does not mean he has a right to stay. However sending him home on a private jet seems an extreme cost for 1 illegal immigrant when we have thousands to find and send back.

  7. I dislike Theresa May and don’t think she has a compassionate bone in her body. But I also wonder what else could be done in this instance?

    1. Do nothing: Isa Muazu dies in detention and everyone calls for May’s head for allowing him to starve to death.
    2. Deport him: He dies in transit or soon after and May is castigate as an uncaring, hard hearted [insert whatever]
    3. Let him stay: The Home Secretary has given in to emotional blackmail and it opens the floodgates for every prisoner or detainee to go on hunger strike.

    Realistically, the best answer would have been to deport him some time ago when he was stronger and more likely to recover.

    That said, it does appear completely perverse that the government would spend many thousands of pounds on a private jet rather than allow him to stay, probably to prove a point.

    • He was refusing food only while in detention. He could have been released from detention and the Home Office could have continued the deportation process then. You do not have to be locked up to be deported.

      • I think all asylum seekers should be detained until their case is decided thats why so many are roaming free as they have been allowed to disappear also did we not have a amnesty to let thousands of illegals to stay because of the backlog of cases also you cannot return someone to a country without the appropriate documents this happened with iraqi asylum seekers the plane arrived in erbil but authorities
        Would not accept them so they returned to uk all asylum seekers destroy documents when they arrive in the uk now so many want to go back and agree to be repatriated but have not got documents what a farce.

  8. Theresa May lives her life according to the mantra of “compassion is a cancer”, like Ayn Rand used to say (or was it Adolf Hitler?) I guess that it is time for the general public to spread the “cancer” by helping each other to overcome adversity, and to relegate as soon as possible that whole lot to our history books (in a “can you believe what kind of horrible things people were ready to do to each other in those times?” kind of way).

  9. It seems to me that Theresa May is modelling herself on that other bitter twisted Power hungry Tyrant Margaret Thatcher and we all found out how the majority felt about her. Her death proved beyond a doubt that we don’t need anything remotely resembling her again. Theresa May needs to be kicked out at the first opportunity. Karma is wonderful!!!

    • £20k to get in it — then fuel — and landing fees — 10/20 years of JSA — a shameful disgusting act of an out of touch inhuman Cameron puppets

  10. You’re all heart Anonymous. We are supposed to give asylum to people who are at risk of harm if they return to theit native land.

  11. Indeed a sad case. We aren’t much better here in the States. It seems when the economy is bad the government attacks immigrants and the citizens go along for the ride. Damned shameful.

    • Not true. I am an immigrant and have not once, not ever been attacked by the government. Then again, I am legal. As such I have so little tolerance for people who do it illegally and fully support the government whenever it cracks down on people who don’t follow the process. Why should I have to spend a ton of time and money on being here only for others to not have to?
      Legal, law-abiding immigrants don’t have problems.

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  13. So he entered legally… Fuck me a non british national actually entered legally now there’s a miracle.

    Applied for assylum… Failed to win his application… Therefor no longer allowed to legally be un the uk… Aka illegal immigrant… AKA get the fuck out.

    He was dying by his OWN choice so tough shit

    • what the fuck is your problem , what you like to see folks die , maybe if he threw himself under the train bringing you home , you,d be so pissed off it made you late for your dinner …

      • your missing the whole LEGAL point & getting brainwashed with confusion H block this abcdefghi………..blocks his choice shame but at the end of the day he made his own………….block, and emotional black mail at the end of the day he made his own BLOCK.

        • If the legal point is more important to you than the moral point, you’re inhuman and ultimately, missing the point of WHY we make laws.

    • What an ugly little person you must be. I’d wish you ill but there’s no need to do so – you face a bitter lonely old age.

  14. what had this guy done that was so bad , a man dressed in a burka , walks out of a mosque , and has fundamentalists ideals , where is he now , ? .. and had been on remand on two separate occasions …. if a guy is willing to starve himself to death , he has to have good reason , the time for dramatic effect is way gone , so how come hes been victimised , for lack of a better word .. ??

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    • See your a compassionate soul , the media says we moan ,the puppets of government as a means of dividing us and you believe it. Every inch of this planet is for the people and everything else that lives on it. Nobody should be restricted in their movements it is OUR planet. Hope you are never in need …

    • It is not about the hunger strike that was just to force a govt to see sense and understanding the fact is they deported a man to a volatile country where he was in fear of harm and suffering as was his right as is your right perhaps if he was a millionaire the situation would have been different

    • There’s making a stand and then there’s just outright cruelty. We’re lucky to live in a country where we have freedom of speech and freedom to associate with who we want to. In Nigeria Boko Haram are killing students by bombing universities. In Britain you can be gay without worrying that you’re going to be beaten, imprisoned or tortured. It doesn’t matter why this man came here or that he overstayed his welcome; the fact that he felt he had no other choice but to go on hunger strike speaks volumes about his desperation not to be forced back to a country that is in turmoil, and incidentally, that Britain has made millions of pounds out of through emptying it of people and resources– the same as it does and did with every other African country. If you knew your history you would know that. In the end it doesn’t matter his circumstances; what matters is that Theresa May has perpetrated an act of sheer barbarism so degrading that only the most ignorant, selfish and stupid person would pipe up with rubbish like ‘his choice to go on hunger strike’. We as a nation are sliding into psychopathy, encouraged by this heartless government. Let’s remember, that if a government can do this to a dying refugee, they can do this to anybody, and that includes you.

      • Well said apart from the second sentence. Our freedom of speech and association is rapidly being taken away by the dictatorship.

      • RUBBISH COMPLETE RUBBISH, political correctness and emotional black mail and this that and the other toughen in for confusion, stop taking the p….s, he is a grown man made his own choices and his own bed, so stop this rubbish all the time manipulation of peoples emotions and emptying of its people, there the ones doing emptying there self’s looking for better money, you are aarrrrrhhhhhh, talking verbal s….t, what hippy trip are you on, just stop it emotional black mail all the time There is such a thing as Law, Yes its very sad, but were does it end, that’s why there are Laws, and he broke them there are lots and lots of other country’s he could/should of went to STOP IT, you know if you sit and think about it, or know it already as I feel, this country is a soft target, just as he did when JUMPING his Visa, taking the p…s, that’s why he picked Britain and you know it just as much as he did, to take advantage of this political correctness gone mad un like FRANCE, GERMANY, stop the bull s….t

        • Mate, nobody agrees with you. It’s not hippy to give credence to the claims of a man who is willing to die for them. It’s humanity. And laws are not immutable – we make them for our good. Morality, however, IS immutable. I’d rather be on the side of morality here, and that is clearly the side of this man.

  16. It’s hard to describe in strong enough terms the scum we have now for a Government. With the attacks on minorities and the repulsive bedroom tax, they have deliberately set out to fragment and split communities by pitting one section against another. A divided society is easier to manipulate.

    Our society is becoming more and more selfish and intolerant. Part of the problem for this increase in intolerance is the lack of publicity given to its opposition, which allows it to fester in the minds of the public whose capacity for criticism has been eroded by a constant right wing narative from those who are set to gain from creating divisions.

    A manefstation of this change in climate is that the obnoxious Theresa May can, without shame or embarrassment, state that she wants to abandon the human rights act and wthdraw from the European Court Convention. These measures were put in place to prevent Governments and institutions from ignoring the rights of ordinary citizens, yet hardly a word of protest has been heard against May’s shameful proposals.

    This Government, despite the opportunistic Lib Dems claiming otherwise, has taken over from where Thatcher left off and is decimating our pubic services and continuing to hand them over to private companies. One of the main problems in the UK is that because most of the media is corporate owned and has its own agenda, there is very little outcry against it. Likewise with the BBC; because they are afraid to upset the establishment, they will not allow too much dissension on programmes such as Question Time.

    The country is becoming its own worst enemy by allowing selfishness to blind it from the dangers of allowing the right wing extremists to take away our hard won rights.

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