UK Establishment Closes Ranks as Organised Child Sex Abuse Network Leads Back to No. 10

EG7 (Former Home Secretary Leon Brittan alleged as ‘Tory Ex Minister’ in recent coverage)

For decades, vulnerable children from care homes and other institutions were booked to order by rich and powerful men, for sex.  This is the allegation put forward in ‘Nightmares at Elm Guest House’, in an interview with Chris Fay of the National Association for Young People in Care.  As another significant member of the Conservative party is about to be outed this weekend, we take a closer look at these allegations and ask: how much longer can the UK establishment keep this story suppressed?

Child Sex Abuse and the UK Establishment


In 1974, a group of child sex abusers launched the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE).  This group was legal at the time, and sought to promote the rights of ‘paedophiles’.  The group espoused the view that children had the right to indulge in their sexual feelings with adults, and argued the age of consent should be lowered to four years old, or abolished altogether.

This was not some fringe group, hidden away.  They had thousands of members, many from senior positions in the media, the security services, politics and other establishment positions.

The members were public and built affiliations with the Gay Liberation Front, the Campaign for Homosexual Equality, mental health charity Mind, and even human rights organisation Liberty (previously named The National Council for Civil Liberties).  The leaders of PIE shared platforms with Harriet Harman, Patricia Hewitt, and others.

PIE members had been using the ‘Contact’ page of their magazine The Magpie, to connect and network with each other.  They also used it to introduce consumers of child pornography to suppliers.  In 1978, the homes of PIE members were raided and they faced charges of conspiracy against public morality.  One person however, was not tried.  He was referred to as “Mr Henderson” until the Private Eye outed him as Sir Peter Hayman, a senior diplomat and former British High Commissioner to Canada.  While other PIE members who indulged in the same activity as Hayman were sent for trial at the Old Bailey, Hayman was sent home by the Attorney General and carried on regardless.

PIE was dissolved in 1984, but not before it had allowed for the creation of a powerful network of paedophiles within the most senior ranks of the UK establishment.

In the documentary Nightmares at Elm Guest House, former National Adult Advisor of the National Association for Young People in Care (NAYPIC) Chris Fay, attests that this paedophile ring was widely known, but that the membership of such senior figures had a double lock effect.  Firstly, the members were in positions of such seniority that they had the political and financial power to keep stories suppressed, close down police investigations and keep members out of jail.  Secondly, the members were such significant establishment faces that the potential impact of their exposure incentivised those around them who knew to keep quiet.

The Elm Guest House


The Elm Guest House was a B&B in Barnes, West London, run by Harood and Carol Kasir.  The guest house pitched itself as gay-friendly, but such a description does a great dis-service to the gay community.  On or around the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977, it began to host ‘Kings and Queens’ parties for paedophiles, whereby members of PIE and another group promoting the sexual abuse of children, The Spartacus Club, could fulfil their desires.

It is alleged that from 1977 onward, rich and powerful men were provided with a menu of children’s photographs and school reports, by members of Richmond Social Services.  Once chosen, the child would be sourced from their children’s home (most commonly Grafton Close, just 8 miles away), and taken to Elm Guest House.  On arrival, the children would be drugged and abused, sometimes on camera in the ‘video facilities room’, sometimes in the sauna, sometimes at sex parties in a back room.

EG8Carol Kasir claimed to have kept names from the guest register of Elm Guest House, pictured above, which include major establishment figures. The full list is below:

  • Anthony Blunt, Royal Connections, MI5, traitor, Russian spy deceased.
  • Harvey Proctor, Monday Club, well known convicted paedophile.
  • Sir Peter Bottomley. Worthing MP and Monday Club
  • Charles Irving
  • Leon Britton, Lord, ex Thatcher Minister (likely the Tory ex minister referred to anonymously in recent newpaper reports)
  • Peter Brooke, Life Peer
  • John Rowe, MI5, former MP
  • Cyril Smith, deceased, ex Rochdale MP
  • Ron Brown
  • Colin Jordan, ex National Front Leader
  • George Tremlett, Former GLC Leader
  • Peter Campbell, Monday Club
  • Gary Walker, Sinn Fein
  • Cliff Richard,aged  Pop Star, known at Elm Guest House as ‘Kitty’
  • Jess Conrad, aged ex Pop Star.
  • Ron Wells, aged Musician, aka ‘Gladys’ at Elm Guest House.
  • Richard Miles, Monday Club
  • Chris Denning, ex BBC DJ, convicted paedophile.
  • R Langley, Buckingham Palace Equerry
  • Terry Dwyer
  • Patrick Puddles
  • Louis Minster, Head of Richmond Social Services
  • Colin Peters, QC – a convicted paedophile sentenced to 8 years in 1989
  • Steve Everett, Senior Westminster Social worker
  • Ray Wire, so called expert on Paedophile therapy
  • Peter Glencross, editor of Monday Club newsletter
  • Guy Hamilton Blackwell, son of Westland Helicopters Chairman

The plight of one particular boy illustrates the horrific nature of this network of abuse.

EG3Peter Hatton-Bornshin (pictured) and his brother David were put into care after their mother committed suicide in the 1970’s.  They were 12 and 13.  One day, they were told by senior workers at Grafton Close Children’s Home that they were going ‘a treat’.  Their treat was a visit to Elm Guest House.

Peter, his brother and other boys were made to dress up as fairies, encouraged to become drunk, and invited to play a game of hide and seek.  The boys were told to hide, and when caught by the adult men, would be sexually abused by their captor.  Some of the men who raped, tortured and sexually abused Peter and David have been named as Liberal MP Cyril Smith, Catholic Priest Father Tony McSweeney (who officiated at the wedding of Frank Bruno), and Deputy Manager of Grafton Close Children’s Home John Stingemore (who also supplied the boys).

Peter never got over the abuse he received at the hands of these men.  He later complained about his treatment and received compensation from Richmond Council, while the story remained suppressed.  He fell into poor mental health, and was treated at Broadmoor.  In 1994, just days after his 28th birthday, he killed himself with a fatal drug overdose.  His suicide note included the words “I will get those bastards.”

The Elm Guest House was raided in 1982.  Police found five pornographic videos of children, evidence of the Kasir’s neglect of their son Eric, and other vice charges.  Over the next year, all charges related to the Elm Guest House were dropped and only the Kasirs faced charges of running a brothel, for which they received a suspended sentence.  The Elm Guest House closed shortly thereafter.

In 1990, with her husband dead and son Eric removed from her custody, it is alleged that Carole Kasir invited NAYPIC’s Chris Fay to view the contents of a box, which he claims contained a photograph of Leon Brittan (while he was a minister of government) dressed as a nurse, with a naked 14 year old boy on his lap.  Kasir had many other pictures of senior members of the UK establishment at the ‘Kings and Queens’ parties.  Kasir refused to give Fay the box, but agreed for him to return a few days later and take photograph the items.  Kasir was found dead on 17th June 1990, aged 47, before this meeting could take place.

It was claimed she killed herself with an insulin overdose.  Chris Fay and his colleague Mary Moss believe she was murdered.  They argue:

  • the last injection found on her body was 72 hours old, and it is unheard of for a person to receive an insulin overdose and live for 72 hours.
  • The syringe mark was also on her posterior, when she normally injected into the arm.
  • The only person to corroborate Kasir’s handwriting in the suicide note, was David Issit (a known paedophile with links to PIE and the Spartacus Club).
  • Kasir had received threatening phone call and intimidation from the police prior to her death

The Open Secret of a Generation


(one example of earlier efforts to expose the network)

Even if not complicit, the child sexual abuse ring around Elm Guest House, Grafton Close and the UK establishment must have breathed a collective sigh of relief at Kasir’s death.

They had survived the police raid on PIE in 1978, which took out non-establishment members of PIE but left the wider network and establishment figures untouched.

Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens repeatedly raised the issue of a London based network of sexual abusers of children between 1981 and 1985.  Dickens believed he had uncovered an establishment network with what he described as ‘big, big names’.  He held a 30 minute meeting with the Home Secretary in 1984, handing over a dossier of his evidence.  The meeting is captured in both Hansard and the media at the time, with Dickens describing himself as ‘encouraged’ following the meeting.  The Home Secretary of the day however, was none other than Leon Brittan – himself named as a frequenter of Elm Guest House on the registers in Kasir’s possession.  The dossier never surfaced, no action was taken, Brittan claims no recollection of this publicly recorded meeting, and the Home Office say they have found no trace of the dossier.

With both Carol and Harood Kasir dead, the Elm Guest House closed, and PIE disbanded – only the children and their alleged abusers remained to tell the story.  It seemed the establishment had won and the secrets would die with those who held them.

Key figures from the period were also starting to reach the natural end of their lives before the truth of the network could be uncovered.  MI5 and Special branch helped maintain the cover of Cyril Smith until his death in 2010.  Jimmy Savile had also been protected from prosecution for rampant rape and sexual abuse of children, from when rumours first began circulating in 1964, to his death in 2011, which meant another key name and holder of secrets had left the scene.  But immediately after his death (a sign of how open his secret must have been), BBC Newsnight began an investigation into the allegations….and the whole network began to blow up, by tracing Savile’s movements and interactions.

The latest series of press interest and police investigations was triggered by Labour MP Tom Watson, who timed judiciously a question to PM David Cameron at the height of the furore over Jimmy Savile.  Tom Watson requested a full investigation of allegations of a “powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and No 10” at Prime Minister’s Questions on 24th October 2012.

The Metropolitan Police launched Operation Fairbank shortly thereafter, and repeatedly denied such an investigation was underway when challenged by interested parties.  Since that time, Operation Fernbridge has undertaken to investigate and prosecute those associated with Elm Guest House.

The actions of Tom Watson MP have helped raise awareness, while NAYPIC’s Chris Fay and Mary Moss, reporters at ExaroNews and film makers such as Bill Maloney have investigated over decades and provided the necessary evidence to maintain the case in the face of overwhelming pressure to suppress it.

It’s Time to End the Networks


(Grafton Close Children’s Home celebrate the Royal Wedding in 1981, with alleged child supplier Neil Kier on BBQ duty)

I have long left this subject to others to write about.  I had a sense that I should remain quiet on the matter until the legal process had concluded.  I changed my mind after watching Nightmares at Elm Guest House and reviewing the litany of prior police investigations, court cases and media scandals on the matter.  It appears that however close it has seemed, justice has failed to be done for many decades.  The establishment has circled the wagons each time, sacrificed a pawn or two to sate the appetites of public and press, then carried on business as usual.

When one looks closer, we are facing the unfolding nightmare that politicians, pop stars and media figures have been supplied vulnerable children to rape and abuse, by members of the social services, over decades.  It is beginning to appear quite certain, that a significant number of children’s homes and institutions for young people, have been complicit in abuse on an industrial scale.  It is also apparent that a persistent cover up has meant people have been silenced, threatened and perhaps even killed to maintain the silence, and the networks of abuse.  The list is growing:

These are but a few of the scandals to emerge in recent years.  The reason for us all to pay attention and for independent journalists and parties to maintain the pressure on this story – is simple.  It is likely that the networks and foul individuals involved have been allowed to fester, largely unchallenged, by the institutions intended to hold them to account.  The police, parliament, the press – all compromised and capitulated.  When members of these institutions were brave enough to come forward, they faced the full force of the establishment.  So it’s on us to stand up and be counted, so that this time, justice is firmly and finally done – in honour of each of the children abused repeatedly by the so called great and good of the UK establishment.  We do not know the guilt of any of those suspected, but we must ensure claims are fully investigated and where guilt is found, appropriate consequences are delivered.

WATCH ‘Nightmares at Elm Guest House’


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    • Great stuff. I’ve just found this site. I have 600 pages of evidence of uk child abuse covered up and I am thinking of taking the case to international law. Police PSDs self-investigtion against same uniform police evidence-corruption is like asking a robber to investigate himself. They lie. The evidence in my case shows,police removed and deleted my evidence of horrific child abuse I suffered, changed text, lied in writing, lied in word ignoring medical evidence, refused to back up calls content in writing etc.etc. and those supposed to be “Independent” in investigating police corruption lie extensively and deceive as well to protect police and institutions. Does anybody know a UK association who can offer reasonably priced help in bringing two Human Rights cases, doing the work myself, but with legal help, to present the evidence of police corruption before a UK court. I need to do this first to exhaust all possibilities in the UK before I can go to the international courts, which hopefully will also force changes in uk law. The law protects child abusers, not the victims, and solicitors, who say I have two cases, start at 4,000 pounds. I cannot afford this, but with reasonably-priced legal guidance in court presentations, I can present the organised casework myself. Any advice, shared knowledge, most appreciated. Thanks

      • No suprise there then. If and when you do find help along these lines please let me know as I have a very simular case. Good luck. You have our ongoing support.

        • Good on you. Make lots of copies as insurance and leave them with assorted solicitors, each to be sent to a different newspaper or Police force should you die suddenly. I wish poor Geoffrey Dicken and the Elms House landlady had done the same, they might still be alive.

          • Thanks Zebedee Cat, yes everything I sent to the NSPCC, who helped me tremendously, has been digitalised and backed up, and now we are scanning 600 pages more of evidence to integrate into the first ‘sample’ and if anything does happen to me, a Spanish Government Lawyer here will proceed in the International court. I don’t have any confidence in British process even now, so as there are 18 breaches of the Human Rights Act already identified, some of this evidence will eventually go to the international court, independently of if I am around or not. At the moment I am still getting advice on “Pro-Bono” UK legal help, which can help if the CICA legal aid cannot, but in the meantime, in case you do not already have it, here is the Enquiry link for application to the “Listening to Victims” meetings. The Government is offering to pay victims’ transport costs, although it remains to be seen if they will agree to pay for my trip from Madrid to the UK. !! I have just applied,
            Well at least something is starting to happen with the new appointment of the Enquiry Chairperson, Justice Goddard.

        • Joni, thanks for your support. I will post successes and failures. What I can share with you at the moment is this. Unless you have already done it, get any medical evidence and cover up evidence into digestible ‘blocks.’ It is time consuming but well worth the effort. Think ‘international law’ in advance. I was seriously abused in the UK, but I now live in Spain, and a Government Lawyer I know well here, has identified UK 18 breaches of international law which, with legal arguments, the Lawyer sent to the UN (Child Rights Committee and Torture Committee, as child abuse is torture) last month. Ironically, I have the mechanism to reach international courts, but not the UK courts, of which I have no knowledge, and UK solicitors are too expensive, so I want to submit evidence to the UK courts myself, but I don’t know how to yet, but which is what I need to do to exhaust all UK legal options before going to the international court. Have you approached the principle UK charity for advice in your case, the one associated with the (now stalled) UK Enquiry? I don’t know if I can mention charity names here, but you’ll know the one I mean. They certainly helped me, and told me I had grounds for a new independent investigation. When I tried to do this in November, it was secretly spun round in circles by ‘authorities’, converted to a trivial timed out ‘complaint’ instead of being a proper investigation into cover up, and I was lied to extensively with, would you believe it, digital deletion of my evidence of previous evidence corruption. Liars only lie when the victim is right. But I’ve got ’em fair and square in writing. So, more and current, evidence. Test out and get (more evidence) is my strategy. The principle of police in the UK investigating their own corruption is outrageous, and will be challenged. This can never be ‘impartial.’ Nor can UK parental inheritance civil law denial (denounce and you get nothing) be used as blackmail to ‘discourage’ a victim from reporting a criminal allegation, or have inheritance denial used as a weapon of revenge for denouncing (another part of my case) as this means civil law conflicts with criminal law, which is a situation unique to the UK, but illegal in international law. To give the Home Secretary her dues, she said publically that a) she had seen evidence of current cover up b) psd departments will no longer have remit to self-examine themselves c) the ‘authority’ to examine police conduct will be “robustly” changed or replaced. I am certain all this has come from multiple cases, but coincidently, my evidence and (international) legal arguments had been sent to her a week before she made these statements. So when victims get active, it moves the mountain of corruption two centimeters forward. Do you know anything about this newly appointed Minister for Victims? I think this post becomes live in March. But the current ‘authority’ to examine police conduct….Oh dear ! Another ‘block’ of evidence !! Part funded by the police they are supposed to investigate, so what can one expect. Hope I may have given you some ideas, and now back to finding out how I can get my own evidence in front of a UK court !! Solicitors tell me I have two human rights cases, but you need to be rich to proceed in the UK!! It must be possible for a victim to submit evidence himself, but finding out how to, is proving difficult.

        • joni, at last the Enquiry is coalescing and beginning business with the appointment of new Justice as Chairperson. My view is the Jews rightfully prosecute deniers of the Holocaust, Britain has its own ‘holocaust’-denying of already abused children, abused again by officials through thousands of cases of cover up, in some cases causing suicide in victims. We survivors must insist, during this Enquiry, insist on criminal prosecution of officials who can be proven to be liars and evidence-removers to cover up these evil crimes. I do not identify with wishy washy words like “negligence.” I prefer ‘holocaust’ of abused children, up to now, denied justice through cover up.

          • Hello Jon.
            Thank you for your reply.
            Yes you are so right. I cannot help but feel we need to set up some form of online petition for all those who attempt in any way to suppress the enormity of this abuse. The figures will speak for themselves. We need to get together all of us and protest afterall unity brings strenght and power. They will have to listen.

            • joni, well done ! The Spanish Government Lawyer and myself are thinking of setting up an association for victims to be represented or get help to do it themselves at the international courts under Universal Justice. I originally thought of ex-pat victims who have the added disadvantage of distance, but in fact the international legal route can be for any victim denied justice in the UK, or victim of abuse and cover up, but the international courts only accept cases that have already exhausted all local legal avenues The logistics of doing this at the moment are up in the air with the proposed changes in UK law, but when things are clearer in the UK, there could be a good argument for taking cases, or generic legal aspects of them, together as one voice, to the international courts of which there are various possibilities.

            • joni, one thing I did notice is any allegations of abuse passed to the government link will be referred by the government to the police, but it depends on the force they send it to, because my experience of November’s cover up does not bode well, so if you do contact them, decide in advance how much you want to tell them. Basically it is to request attendance at a victims’ meeting to give your views, but the government site does say that allegations will be passed to ‘police.’

              • Thank you for your information regarding the inquiry. I have been contacted by the inquiry team and they asked me whether I wished my details to be passed to the police team who will be dealing with crimminal matters. Therefore you are in control over that aspect but if there are serious crimminal matters relating to your evidence then it will be an automatic referral. As any of us would expect, especially if a child is at risk or an individual who could be seen as a possible treat to children.

            • Dear joni, look at this content being the reply I have just received back after I had contacted an MP. He writes “I regret that I cannot comment on individual cases or on why the police have not investigated your complaints. The exercise of police powers is an operational matter for the chief officer of the individual police force concerned and Ministers cannot intervene in the proceedings of individual cases. However, you may find it helpful if I explain about police investigations. When a complaint has been made to the police, it is their responsibility to decide what action they consider appropriate and whether there are sufficient grounds to launch a criminal investigation. As with all offences it is for the police to assess the strength of evidence available and then to decide whether or not to instigate criminal proceedings against those involved.” —Ah, so the police have no accountability before Members of Parliament. The police therefore is an organisation that can do what it likes, which in my case included removal of evidence (twice over), lie in writing, etc. and ‘decide’ not to investigate itself. Mafia anyone?? It is not democracy when the police have no ministerial accountability. This case is getting nearer and nearer to the International Criminal Court. What this means is that police who refuse to examine their own corruption of evidence have no accountability in the UK. This is one reason children in the UK are abused and left with NOTHING. It is the reason we will denounce in the international courts.

              • The police are a political institution, they are answerable to what ever the political agenda is of the day, and also answerable to the financial elite, that is those individuals who are behind the front such as the IMF, the police will take action if the government requires a situation as news to divert public opinion away from government policies that are unfavorable to the governing powers such as new laws that are designed to oppress the people, in the main the police are instructed not to investigate crime against people as crime, to frustrate the people and to put them in to their place? that is to remain obedient to the system for their own good and shut them up.
                This ideology of the police protocol, as seen to do something but unable to as a result of lack of funds or police stretched to breaking point in work or some other excuse.
                They will investigate murder as this becomes news and diverts the public’s attention away from a government that has no interest in the welfare of the people other than a cynical dismissal of what the public needs are and at the same time the police, to be seen as doing something, but nothing eventuates.
                You could summarize this situation as The Coming Home of Kafka.

              • Absolutely spot on Jon. I have also experienced this behavior within police ranks. As a country I truly believed in justice but as you say the police have complete control over everything including their complaints process. Even if the sexual abuse is within its own ranks, therefore how will the problem ever be dealt with. Just another gap for them to escape.

            • I think you are right about your on-line petition idea. I don’t think it’s too difficult to start one, and it’s also a learning experiece from gained feedback. I agree with you, that the more victims who are in contact with each other, the better. United legal action is far stronger than the work of single victims, and large numbers of demands of rights get results. I am thinking of approaching Amnesty as well, and there are internet petition sites with global positioning. What would you prefer? We set it up ourselves,and use social media to get the message out there, or, contact existing sites? But victims should be reminded to not provide actual evidence to be shown in a public petition site as pre-publication can compromise a court case, but feelings, situations experienced and legal principles to be demanded from government, I think you are right. This could be highly effective.

              • I would love some help and guidance to set up a petition because you can get sn idea of numbers involved. Please help guide me as I am useless on the computer front.

                • First thing, have you denounced your case at as I have just received a very positive reply. I have just been given the investigation I have been seeking for so long. The Inquiry mechanism is just beginning so now could be a good time to register your intention to get justice. They pass your case as well to the police working with the Inquiry, If I understand correctly, Justice Goddard is now working on the mechanism itself which should be clarified in April. I believe the intention is to have one major Inquiry that will look at generic failures in UK child abuse cover up cases, and various separate Inquiries to take on individual cases. In my case I have 1,200 pages of medical and cover up evidence, so I welcome the short delay to give me time to re-organise all the evidence under clear categories to make it easier for investigators to follow each point. To answer your point about setting up a website or use social media to connect up victims, yes, we collectively here have the skills to do this, although there are a number of ways to do this. The first thing to do is open a dedicated email address to be a point of contact, I’m so new here, I don’t know if I will be allowed by this site to open and post the proposed new email address here or not, I imagine there would be no problem doing this. What we intend to do, in November, if at the end of the day there is no remedy in the UK, is present (mine) and other victims’ cases if they want to, to two international criminal courts under Universal Justice. For example, UK inheritance civil law conflicts directly with the right to denounce under UK Criminal law, where parental abusers can either financially threaten a victim into silence over denouncing abuse by saying the victim will get no inheritance if they denounce, or as (in my case) a revenge for denouncing where I have been excluded from Will and inheritance because I denounced, where my parental abusers even told the family not to tell me when they died. To do all this, of course, is illegal in international law as it is an incentive to obstruct justice (blackmail / theft). In me getting the evidence this occured, from the C.I.D. in writing, forms the basis of an action at international level, Don’t forget you may also have a Human Rights case in the UK, so a good idea to check with a solicitor, preferrably one connected to the Inquiry. I have now just been informed there will be criminal prosecutions resulting from my 14 years of meticulously collected cover up evidence, One way of getting evidence is to ‘test’ through the ‘complaints’ lot. Uff!! You will get a lot of evidence that way. They are lawyers for the police, and give you real gems of twisted nonsense that bear no relation to the truth. Frustrating and anger-causing, yes, but it’s all more evidence which is why I put up with a pack of ….!!!. and I’m glad I saw it through to the bitter end, because the results of the real rubbish I got from them is now bearing fruit in terms of evidence for criminal prosecutions. So I am going to open a new dedicated email to start with and post it here so any Survivors who would like to share, or think about taking international action, if local UK remedies fail, we can share successes, legal strategies, and if there’s enough interest, the Spanish Government Lawyer and myself can set up an association aimed at getting cases cheaply (really it’s just postal costs, photocopies etc. as courts require hard copies usually, not emails) to the international courts of which there are a number of possibilities under Universal Justice. If we do it ourselves, we can avoid astronomic lawyers’ legal costs which can be so prohibitive and let’s face it, adults smashed in childhood are not usually rich enough to bring cases the usual way !! We can pool knowledge instead, IT skills, legal skills, reply volunteers, etc and make it work properly and for the abused, without prohibitive cost. The only problem I’ve got just now, is time, as I am fighting to get my own 1,200 pages cohesively incorporated into categories, but in a month I’ll have finished this process and can give time to helping others (and learning from them) and let’s get justice !! Regards, Jon

            • joni, let me define the differences and similarities between the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and the process of Universal Justice and contrast them. These are two different processes and I have had experience of both. Both are free to approach if you submit the case yourself. The only costs are administrative like postal costs etc. The ECHR, after a spectacular series of bizarre decisions is moderating its stance, but still is more likely to spring an e.g. abuser from prison early, than defend the rights of victims who have been denied justice and cover ups. They are also extremely exigent when it comes to exhausting all local legal avenues before they will consider a case, which for a smashed victim trying to achieve local legal exhausion can cost in the UK upwards of 2 to 300,000 pounds. No surprise few succeed. Universal Justice by contrast, uses different courts, which require an ‘admissability’ of evidence decision. Sometimes you just have to prove you have gone as far as you reasonably can. I succeeded in the past with a fraud case involving officials abroad with actually 10,000 victims. I did not spend anything like 200,000 pounds to succeed. I spent three years of registered postal costs. Welcome to the principle of Universal Justice. Clearly, a victim of crime and cover up has to prove they have gone as far as they can in a respective foreign country, At the moment in Spain, Universal Justice is on hold for economic reasons. Gracias good ‘ole Austerity. So much to thank the EU for wrecking. In November it should return, for my case and anyone else who is a UK victim who wants to join me. The process is simple. Registration, then a Judge’s Decision on “Admissibility” which if passed moves to the Prosecutor. Remember, this is criminal prosecution, not civil action, and is by Indictment of (e.g. criminally corrupt officers in the UK). But there is also the International Criminal Court. Now my understanding, and I have no personal experience yet, but I am being legally guided here, is that this Court does not accept individual cases per se, but mass deñuncias on legal principles. I believe the cover ups in the UK fit this criteria. We will certainly submit the 18 (or 19 now the Minister has confirmed no police accountability !!) to the ICJ, and also mount a Human Rights case maybe in a UK court, since this avenue has been suggested to me. Let’s also see what this Enquiry is made of. Has anyone applied and received an invitation to go to these “Listening to Victims” meetings? I have just applied, but not received an immediate response….tick tock tick ….!! I’m waiting …!!

              • Hi jon.
                Thank you for your information and reply.
                I have had a response for the inquiry panel regarding evidence I hold. Will keep you posted once they call for it. God bless and keep fighting.

                • Joni, tremendous, well done ! Please see my other comment to you, I will open a new dedicated email and hope I will be allowed to post it here, as a point of contact for those, who do not get justice, or only get partial justice in the UK, to consider international denuñcias intended for a November start, but I feel we should continue to post generic successes or failures in this excellent site here !! so people can find out what works legally and what does not. From the two encouraging replies I’ve had from the Inquiry, my feeling is that things are beginning to change in the UK, and I’ll stay optimistic unless things turn out otherwise. But I’ve got a sense that now we may have a real chance of getting long overdue justice. If not, the International courts await !! Apart from criminal prosecutions against those second-hand child abusers who cover up cases, there is a Human Rights dimension as well to consider, so a lot to do in the coming months !! I know it’s time consuming, but if you haven’t done so already, do scan your evidence onto a couple of different pendrives as security copies. If anything happens to the originals, you can always reprint them, and they are useful too when constructing cases. I have created a ready index of mine, so I can find documents quickly with ‘search.’ 30 page sections email easily within email server capacity limits, so I am re-doing my 1,200 pages into short specific ‘Sections’ and cross-referencing pages that connect with more than one aspect. In this way, each document is only presented once, even though it might connect to a different section as additional evidence. Before I was only going to condense to best 600 pages, (the Lawyer’s suggestion) but I thought Why? Better to insert all and simply cross-reference. Tomorrow, I’ve got a heavy day so on Wednesday I’ll do the email !! Thanks for your support, I need it !! And I’m very delighted you have had a response from the Inquiry !! Let’s win !!

                  • God bless you Jon. You really do have my support and alot of others besides. Yes we are in it to win it. X

          • The constant and evasive non prosecution of establishment figures of sexual deviants and yet we see Gary Glitter, having been incarcerated for many years of alleged sexual activity, and now may be further charges ending his life in prison, why are we able to prosecute the individual of lower social and economic class? and yet those having been born in privileged status are able to evade justice?

            • donwreford, good point. The cover ups I have evidence of are to protect police who in turn protected institutions. My hope is the Enquiry will “robustly” tackle these issues

              • If you want a glimpse of how government protect there Paedophile Peers, then you need look no further than Australia! 14 year old Indigenous girl is pack raped whilst on an excursion from the John Oxley Youth Detention Center and this is the justice they dished up. Former Queensland Police Commissioner, Bob Atkinson, featured heavily in the cover-up and is now sitting on the current CSA Royal Commission even though it was recommended he be charged with corruption.

                • Funny if that’s the word? grizzle, here in Australia, I listen to every daily ABC, TV commentary on whats going on here in Australia, a government backed funded taxpayers station, I have never heard of the Rudds and association of the “The Heiner Affair” in some ways the official news and media is very controlled in Australia, the establishment here are concerned that nothing gets out that may disturb or upset the psyche of the Australian mind, here any protest has strong police presence and what is permitted here is consumption, in particular drugs, legal and other wise, sex, a hedonistic culture is strongly supported, as any thing else is not usually allowed in general conversation as here you must sound funny, witty and clever, not forgetting racey, it is of no significance whether you get it, the main thing is to laugh or chortle at the correct time?

                • dailygrizzleandgrunt hi, it’s really awful. The case you highlight shows that child abuse cover up is a global problem. But each new case that is brought to light, empowers Survivors, who have not yet come forward, to do so and add to the now growing wave of global anger at this disgusting practice of cover up. Cover up really is the Holocaust denial of child abuse, an international crime as too many victims commit suicide in despair. The officials who cover up these crimes are second-hand child abusers themselves and need to be denounced, which is the unique way to drum home the lifetime damage these crimes cause, and change perception in some officials minds to understand that child abuse is not trivial at all, and not to be played with. Officials of a certain mindset need to find out there are consequences developing now for participating in these crimes, and abuse cover up is participating in the crimes themselves.

                • dailygrizzleandgrunt I’m shocked. I’ve been reading through some of the interconnected ‘commonwealth’ cases your link provides. I never before realised how bad the situation in Australia is. It’s really shocking regarding the sheer scale of the cases, and the level of cover up. The interconnections with Canada look something like a shared mafia.

                    • This is a global problem on a massive scale, but there is one factor in Survivor’s favour, which is the emergence of a willingness of international courts to accept evidence. Mine is now at two important courts. One linked to the United Nations in New York, for the international perspective of obligations of signatory countries and the other at the JG Inquiry, which now is starting to bite. Beware of police trying to divert your evidence away from the Inquiry, and back to corrupt PSDs (Professional Standards Departments) as happened recently to me, to which after me protesting, I got no further reply. I alerted the Home Office, and they responded by directing me directly to the new Inquiry direct link. The facility to present your evidence if you live abroad as I do, is being made ready now. Make sure your evidence ONLY goes directly to the Inquiry. Half my evidence is against PSDs !!

                  • I live half a hour drive from Ballarat Australia, at this time Father Gerald Ridsdale, of the Catholic Church, is giving evidence at a Commission hearing has admitted to hundreds of sex activities of under age juveniles, so many he is unable to remember how many he has taken part in, ere I do not want to put Ridsdale in to the hot seat as much as the power he had to carry out his crimes and continue must have came the the head of this Church here in Australia which Pell denies, knowing anything, although Pell and Ridsdale lived in the same house for two years and they seem to have forgotten that they did live in this house together, here as with police I am suggesting that when you have what is considered ultimate control those who having power are likely to abuse their power? what is of significance is those that were violated many have committed suicide, and have suffered trauma since, again I am suggesting that where you have a small elite as with this church you will have corruption and a violation of the dignity of the individual, this is why endorsing a elite of any kind will often produce a inevitable parasitical outcome of the base instinct of man.

                    • It’s a healthy sign for society worldwide, to have these facts in the open.
                      Scriptonitedaily is to be Saluted for the team’s courage in publishing the sordid stories, etc.
                      It, pedophilia is now in the MSM worldwide and we’re slowly getting to see just how much of a pandemic it is, and has been for at least decades, in the western political, and “stupidly-wealthy” upper class elite.
                      But because of it’s horror stories and the disgusting “thing” pedophilia is, it’s been taboo. Taboo mainly because the elite have pretty-much always been “at it”, from monarchies across “civil services”, out to corporations and thence to any “invited” to join an elite club, or secret society.
                      Freemasons, catholics, and the plethora of others hidden and not so hidden in elite education structures, religious “private” schools, and universities, ET cetera.
                      From my observations, most western political upper echelons are replete with “inner circles” of pedo’s, Australia no less.
                      I’m certain that, once the exposure of pedophilia in politics reaches some “critical mass” level or stage, the People will be at last able to make a stand against those who are “caught in the web” of deceit surrounding pedophilia in politics and the upper classes generally, and see that it may well be why so-called “democratic politics is failing us – each and every pedo-polie, is constantly under a threat of blackmail of being exposed, unless they play along with the “darkest” of them.
                      The quite evil USA’s “Skull and Bones Society”, to which the (GW) Bush dynasty belong, and numerous others like Dick Cheney, et al et al, is throughout US and thus world corporate and political arena, and is perhaps a leader in abject crimes against – children, but at-once against humanity generally, and the kids, and any humans, caught in the orb of their influences and “temptations”…, live either under constant fear of their lives, or lose them, if they don’t “bend-over” for them.
                      British, USA…, I allege also, all Commonwealth nations’ political classes, corporation executives, religions, hollywood, and every one near enough or stupid enough to be lured, are being exposed daily in even the once disgustingly censoring MSM. Which, of course, suggests, more than suggests, the MSM have also played with little boys and girls, in perverse and worse ways.
                      I cannot separate pedophilia and the fascination and lure and “temptation” to go there, from an excess of wealth. While the excessively wealthy can buy the silence of victims, media, politicians and whomever may threaten their “privilege”, they are able to remain, clearly, mentally ill, as I see pedophilia, same as avarice and all “sins” (No, I’m quite Atheist, thank you!) as being.
                      Further, It’s blatantly obvious to myself, that very few “perversions” be they of the pedo type, or of justice in any field, are results of the perpetrators being in some form of trance.
                      The problem with that, is therefore, they might rightly be classified as “knowing not, what they do”, therefore may be to some extent, “innocent”.
                      After my own very strange life, knowing how so many have been hypnotized to do heinous things to myself (not pedophiliac), I only stave of suicide, so the malicious cannot laugh at my further demise, but also, so I can exact “revenge”, otherwise called “Justice”.
                      IMO, forgiving the lowest of criminals, “pedophiles” but one kind, is their “get out of jail free card” and I guarantee you, most, of the lowest, who are “forgiven”, walk away laughing at the forgiving fools, ready to do the same again, as soon as possible.
                      But for other sound reasons, pedophiliacs must be brought to justice, and be penalized somehow, according to the extent of the crimes.
                      Last, as I connect excessive wealth to these type of perverse acts, and for many other sound analyses of the negative effects excessive wealth has upon all of us, one action necessary to stop pedophilia and eliminate it from being the pandemic it is, is to be rid of the monarchic classes, and thus, all the sycophantic hangers-on, who climb anything and anyone to be “touched” by the extremely rich.
                      That goes then, into the bottomline issue of all time, “Land ownership, and distribution”.
                      “If you own the land, you own the people” is a fact which has started many a war over time.
                      ET cetera…..

                      JUST DEFIANCE

        • joni, in case you have not seen this link, I’ll post it here for you. It is to apply to attend “Listening to Victims” meetings, I imagine as a pre-Enquiry process now that Justice Goddard has been appointed Enquiry ChairPerson and there are several of these meetings planned around the country, according to this Government site, where the Government appears to have offered to pay travelling expenses. I have just applied and hope for a response soon. Here’s the link:-

      • Typical inflated price for legal representation! The law in this country is for the Elite, as only they can afford representation. Try and find a lawyer with a “No Win ,No Fee” guarantee! They will receive costs from the guilty party. Failing that, I have no idea personally, never having taken any party to court over anything, being completely wary of our system of justice, and the prohibitive cost of losing one’s case. Good luck on that one then!

        • gerfome Thanks. Many firms of solicitors do not even reply for no win no fee cases, being historic in nature, but with the new changing attitudes in favour of the abused, sweeping the country, this situation may reverse as a result of the now-starting Enquiry. I have found in the last few days pro-bono help for three days of guidance, where the victim prepares the evidence, and the help is for legal guidance and court forms etc. I will post results here as I find out more. The only condition appears to be that a case is not eligible for the CICA, and I don’t know if mine is or not yet. Here is the government link for applications to attend “Listening to Victims” meetings which is, I believe, a pre-Enquiry process

        • Yes, corruption of all kinds is everywhere and I’m afraid in the UK it’s also true, and there is cover up (corruption of evidence) of child abuse stemming I feel, and for decades, from the old Victorian attitude of “the (abused) child is to be seen, not heard.” Cover up is easy to do when it’s against an emotionally smashed victim. In my case I have 1,200 pages of evidence, now scaled down to 600 pages, to add to the sample, of most relevant evidence and the rest in reserve for any appeals. Within these pages is “the truth is not our remit” and the classic “You can prove abuse, but unfortunately child torture is not a crime in the UK” Really !! It is a crime everywhere else !!

  6. After a few months, it’s a sign that Scriptonite and other online pages are breaking through the cones of silence built by the British, and global establishment, to cover up the massive pedophilia “businesses” extant.

    I Salute Scriptonite and all who’re going to this sad reality, of exposing the elite’s psycho-pathologies in this regard!

    With “Prince Andrew” of the Windsors being caught up in the scandals, and even Bill Clinton gets a mention, though does not seem to be implicated, while having something of a close friendship with one convicted elite pedo, American financier Jeffrey Epstein, we ARE breaking the silences the elite thought they had exclusive province of and control over.

    I think most who have seen these articles here, and the various ones on not-mainstream online media, know that pedophilia has been part and parcel of the exclusively, excessively-wealthy brigades forever, and that pedophilia is integral with their exclusive secret societies, the freemasons for one.

    But, we must keep up the pressure to expose these assholes.

    A few weeks ago, after “someone” accused the hallowed British secret service of harboring pedophiles, and of partaking as often, the British PM David Cameron was seen in the MSM as saying that GCHQ, the HQ of the British secret services, had opened a special branch to monitor and uncover pedo’s in the elite and in the spy services, etc.

    Too much of a coincidence as far as I’m concerned, my being a Dissenting asset of, but “gone Rogue” from the same services, and having had communications from other ex-MI6 operatives some 10 years ago now, telling of the [from memory] 250,000 kids who go missing in the UK every year, many gone to pedo networks of, mainly the global elite.

    So, that ex-agent’s info also suggested that those kids were being abducted by aliens, for a multiple of purposes. I, being a skeptic regards aliens, for my own safety’s-sake as much as being isolated from seeing them, took that on board, but more recently put the “aliens” aspect in the “coded” basket, where the word could also have meant “the elite”.

    That remains my view today. As we get more informed, we do see that huge pedo rings exist across the western world’s elite, and as they have an endless bankroll to play with, thus lose all morality, as I suggest an excess of wealth tends for us to do, so resort to any and all forms of “entertainment” to the degree where “life” means little or nothing to them, so killing a child once they’ve had their fun, means nothing to them also.

    This whole filthy venture by the world’s elite, I put it, is rightly regarded by sane, balanced people, as one of the worst sorts of crimes.

    So the elite, aware of the sensible attitude to such perversions, being unable to stamp it out, go to extraordinary extents to maintain the silence.

    I say, that more than a few international wars have been started by a proud and sensitive, psychotic elite, to maintain the silence, simply over this very crime, of pedophilia.

    So, I think we are doing more good than we may realize, by forcing these issues out into the MSM and into the public discourse, worldwide.

    It also effectively “cracks” the exclusivity and province of “wealth”, but of “excessive wealth” methinks, and puts the spotlight on those who think, for their wealth, most of which is stolen in the 1st place, that they are somehow superior to others without that same level of wealth, and so have some “god-given right” to abuse anyone, and kids, for their own jollies.

    If we consider this fact, of assumed privilege, merely for their stolen wealth, we can see it extends into all fields of use and abuse of all resources, be they human or mineral, and there I go to the rampant assumed right to abuse the natural resources of Mum Eartha, as per fossil fuels, etc.

    A “long stretch”?

    Not really, all things considered.

    As I wrote the other day,

    “Lying begets wealth” and “Wealth begets lying”.

    “Lying destroys Good Culture, and destroys all healthy societies.”

    Abuses of all types, follow as night follows day.

    Good Work, Scriptonite, in forcing this previously “sacred” elite pedo secret out into the MSM and public mindset.

    It ain’t over yet. But we may be well on the way to cleaning up a lot of the causes of the world’s troubles with this mental illness so common amongst our most influential – the elite.

    • Bad as the Epstein business is, the girl’s at least did not experience the trauma inflicted on MK-ULTRA victims in the US. Just as in Epstein’s case, and the Kincorra Boys School in N. Ireland, where the abuse was allowed to continue for three years by the British Security and Police Agencies, and almost certainly in the ‘Elms Guest House’, blackmail is an important part of the deal.
      Check the following (or at least the videos):
      Cathy O’Brien Ex Illuminati Mind Control Victim MK Ultra The Granada Forum 10/31/96:
      also Cathy’s book: ‘Access Denied: For Reasons Of National Security’:

      Illuminati – Conspiracy Of Silence Banned Discovery Channel Documentary:
      Also book by John DeCamp: ‘The Franklin Cover-up’:

      Ted Gunderson Interview with Noreen Gosch:
      Also Noreen Gosch’s book: ‘Why Johnny Can’t Come Home’; also search ‘The Johhny Gosch Foundation’.

      Also, many of these child abuse cases end in ritual sacrifice: there is a ritual where one sign’s a pact with the ‘Devil’, in one’s own blood, to sacrifice a soul to ‘him’ each year, in exchange for all one’s earthly desires. The first year one fails to supply a soul, the ‘Devil’ takes the signees life.

      Don’t be put off by the ‘Illuminati’ in two video headings: the videos themselves are just plain-talking, graphic experiences by victims, family and helpers.

      • I forgot to add this useful link:
        Satanic subversion of the U.S. Military:

        And the Royal Navy now has AT LEAST one practising Satanist on board a ship, and has been given facilities to perform his ‘Rituals’; he has also been promoted, and offered a job in the MoD!
        ‘The devil and the deep blue sea: Navy gives blessing to sailor Satanist’:

        • Good job, Paul. I saw some stuff on Cathy O’Brien’s tragic yet amazingly brave case, last year. Amazing that she held herself together and could retell her story in such precise details, etc.

          As for your other links, myself, no thanks. I’m well aware of how “off” the world is, and don’t want nor need to have it in my memory banks.

          At almost 60, I’ve heard a lot of stuff about satanic rituals, and why, and who, and which cults, etc. It only serves [me] to prove we have been “done over” by some orders of magnitude, by our “holy” religions etc.

          “All is not what it seems”, of a certainty.

          And, from what I glean, all so the dupes, the supplicants, the willing, can enjoy the shallowest “fruits” be they pedo sexual, or merely “all the wealth of the [material] world!

          What weaklings the hexes of “fear” make of men and women?

          These, and the general sum-total of research and stories heard, really bring home to myself, an amateur social and cultural psychologist, how far off The “Golden” Path the world, or, the modern western judaic-christian culture has wandered.

          Leaves me holding Highest, the Indigenous Cultures, perhaps, because they generally shunned this chimera of “insatiable happiness”, “material wealth”. The same, regarded by these same “fallen” cults, in their scriptures as Mammon, or, I guess, the devil.

          “Wealth” is fine, but as I say, is stolen, if it is not shared.

          And what does everything about our modern world tell us, if not to be selfish and possessive thieves?

          My Indigenous Grand-Father told of when He was a child, before the invasion and massacre of His Nation, about the streams in His Country, having gold nuggets as big as a man’s fist, lying in them.

          “Ignorance” by His People? I, don’t think so….

          The Invaders named the town where they extracted some 50 to 70 tons of gold, “Walhalla”, in honor of those Warriors they wiped out.

          “Walhalla” as you’d know, being a Nordic word for “Halls of the slain Immortals”, or similar.

          Praise the Indigenous, everywhere.

          Sorry, off topic, perhaps?

          • Unfortunately many, and I suspect most,
            early ‘Indigenous’ cultures also sacrificed animals and humans to ‘Gods’ to get ‘beneficial results’, like a good harvest, rainfall, to cure or prevent illnesses. Barbarism certainly didn’t start with the Judeo-Christian religion. Some also devastated their lands, leaving much of it barren desert, by denuding them of trees to facilitate transporting giant stone slabs for transporting and building things such as the Pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt. Many slaves must have perished in these massive projects.

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  10. Its quite funny coming across this site as l was a kid at the time and tried to forget the things that took place .l do remember one person nick Stacey a social worker from kent. He would take mus their sometimes 3 boys at a time.We did not know any better at the time.

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  13. It’s a global pandemic. It is the mechanism “They” use to control those in positions of wealth, privilege and power. It is a “pay to play” game, and when the players are no longer of use they are tossed to the masses. Often you can’t be sure if those who are given up to “justice” are guilty or framed. Either way, the result is the same: if you want to play, you toe the line.

    Several years ago (80s) the syndicate in the U.S. was briefly exposed. A documentary (Conspiracy of Silence) was made by Yorkshire TV, but pulled from broadcast at the last minute. It is available on Youtube.

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  15. According to mainstream press – Daily Mail Times etc police raided Lord Greville Janner’s office and home. Howe Lord Janner has managed to convince 2 doctors he is suffering from galloping Alzheimer’s dementia. The police have swallowed this, despite the fact Lord Janner was taking part in parliamentary business in December last year.

    This supposed naivete on the part of Leicestershire police seems, in my opinion, to be proof positive that the police have long colluded in a deliberate cover up. Alzheimers does not strike with such alarming alacrity. It affects the short term memory for the first few years – symptoms are forgetfulness of current daily chores. Long term memory remains intact for some time. If one takes medication without suffering from dementia the side effects are unsupportable.

    Why don’t the police take regular blood tests to check the veracity of Lord Janner’s Alzheimers? Why have the police accepted a patently coincidental diagnosis that enables Lord Janner to escape questions? Could this be yet another cover up? You tell me.

    • This tallies with what my dads old friend, now dead, a Leics policeman in the eighties, told him. That was that the investigation at that time would get nowhere because senior local police were involved. Hillsboro was covered for so long because of fear the truth was too big and too hot to handle, a belief passed down the police generations. Same here.

    • Look up pre-senile dementia and Ernest Saunders, CEO of Guiness, convicted of fraud, magically got ‘pre-senile dementia’, released from prison, ‘magically’ recovered. Laughable if it wasn’t so infuriating.

      • Not Ernest You’re absolutely right. First ever known case of alzheimers that was cured. Ernest Saunders should have made medical history. Such perspicacity just shows the importance of being Ernest!

      • If I remember correctly the Alzheimer’s diagnosis got him an early release from prison. Private Eye often pointed out that despite his illness he always remembered to turn up to board meetings. Talk about corruption and deceit.

    • ‘This extract is from the TIMES newspaper. The link explains the hidden depth and cover-up of a serial child rapist by Westminster. The man in question is currently an MP and Lord Peer

      A police inquiry into allegations of child abuse against a prominent Labour MP was blocked, a senior police officer has said.

      Derbyshire chief constable Mick Creedon told the Times he had been ordered to limit inquiries into backbencher Greville Janner in 1989, and suggested the decision had been made at a senior level.

      “The decision was a clear one – he will be interviewed by appointment only and there won’t be a search of his home address or his constituency office or his office in the House of Commons,” Mr Creedon told the paper.

      There was “credible evidence” against the MP, now Lord Janner of Braunstone, QC, that warranted further investigation, but he was given orders forbidding an arrest or search of his home or private offices

      Lord Greville Janner was facing more than 20 allegations of historical child abuse, but now looks set to avoid prosecution after doctors said he was unfit to be quizzed because he has dementia.

      The member of the House of Lords will not be interviewed or arrested by police investigating the alleged sexual assaults – which include claims of rape – on vulnerable boys in children’s homes.

      Labour peer escapes probe over 20 child sex claims because he is ‘suffering dementia’:

      This website looks like a very informative one for researching paedophiles in high places.
      The question arises, of course, even if Janner DID have dementia, that should not prevent his trial, even if ‘in absentia’. Plenty of people have been found guilty, despite (or perhaps because) they were dead, such as Savile.

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  18. And the establishment is still playing games. No one wants to reveal the truth. As at Kincora Boys’ Home you’ll find political opponents happily playing together. This issue is linked to Porton Down, Priory Clinic Roehampton psy ops mind games – unfortunately one of those making the most noise on the Home Affairs Committee has most reason yo want yo dodge his rumoured use of rent boys. There is too much to lose – the establishment have no intention of allowing anything more than a damage limitation exercise once more. Am told that there have been 8 arrests in Rutland but we’ll never know who these people are. We have a colluding local press and police force who will continue to protect establishment criminals. Helen

    • In Leicestershire it is rumoured the Police did not just collude with the cover up, there was involvement at senior level. More than one serving politician is/was under a cloud of suspicion about either boys from notorious Frank Becks children’s homes, then termed delinquent or maladjusted, or more recently with with those termed “rent boys”. Since I have no doubt these pages are monitored by those with the sole intent of as they see it preserving the State, I will say no more, but there are literally hundreds of local people in direct or close contact with still fearful survivors. One unacknowledged factor in this whole scandal is the lack of a national overview. Men with cars travel and transport boys between counties, which conveniently fragments investigation. I would like to see the National Crime Agency take charge.

        The Australian Government has been guilty of covering up child sex abuse , from Governor General Quentin Bryce to former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. The U.K Establishment seem to be taking a similar path to Australia’s when confronted with this issue.Children throughout the Commonwealth have been sexually abused by, not only clergy but also dignitaries and those entrusted with investigating the scourge have done nothing more than go into “Damage Control” to protect there own. We need a UN backed Royal Commission with power’s to indicte all perpertrators across the Commonwealth.

        • A strong characteristic and insight of the Australian, psyche, is to acquiesce to authority and control, this inability is a lack of moral courage, possible guilt transferred through its history of in part a penal colony, and dumping ground of undesirables from Britain, Aboriginals, this under class is in some ways similar to Britain’s, underclass, I am referring to the working class, a recent blog on Britain’s underclass as being the throwaway of those who are no longer educated and connected to those who matter. In the past the so called job of the underclass is war, and expected to give their life for the well to do, or elite, and also be useful as being servile to those in power, useful as menial workers, now slavery has been exported to over seas, as war and violence has changed from from trench fighting, to the use of drones and such like, the working class have at present become increasingly redundant and surplus to the requirements of the middle class.
          As the lower class, now of victim status, are unable to purchase quality food and will be prone to disease and die out, becoming part of a museums stock of a history of by gone relics.

          • A fairly good summation of the class structure as it’s ‘evolved’ over the last, say, 150 years, in Britain, and here in Australia. you’re depiction of the working classes here too, is good, telling of our sad British roots.
            The only point to challenge, to me, would be the Aborigine being seen as “lacking moral courage”.
            They come from the most moral peoples on earth, prior to the invasion, and in most parts, segregated and demoralized as the racist and brutal govt’s, policies and policing forces have made them, mostly still know and try hard to hold on to the ‘moral’ ethical and legal virtues of the old ways.
            But, they are made beggars by the invaders’ ignorance, and have, for now a few centuries of the most horrendous, genocidal oppression, in places become victims of this, turning them against their own. But, they are irrepressible, and out of the sad and mad chaos, there are quite a lot, probably I’d say, near a majority, who are very together in themselves, and are strong and sharp, while still maltreated, by the sick racist whites.
            Pedophilia comes out of this. But, even that is not that simple, for they are forced, like so many, to actively awaken their own children, before the far sicker whites get to them. What anyone hears about these types of roles, events and behaviors in the marginalized and thus, against the MSM, the ‘lesser’, non-white, non-mainstream Humans, Humans usually of a far wiser calibre than the vast majority of whites here, is always denigratory of the Bleck Fella.
            And, as for ‘lacking moral courage’, as you say [perhaps aimed more at our lower classes of Brit-Euro origins, and/or influences], it may well be that shows as an over abundance in them, that they are in possession of a far greater level of moral outrage and courage, so-to-say, that they are also represented by some 25 times more than their percentage of the population in Australia, in our prisons, [if that makes sense. And my figures are not accurate, but you probably get my point].
            However, to your point where you mention Aborigines, if you refer to the ‘mixed blood’ ‘in-between’ sectors, who are basically, or were, disowned by both sides of the blood mix, yes, in that vacuum there is a tragic dearth of self-confidence and assuredness amongst them, added to by the mainstream relegating them to poverty and menial labour, usually.
            They, are the saddest of us, basically, perhaps psychologically trashed for being denied connections and knowledge of their indigenous wisdom, and made ashamed of their heritage, added to by the filthy whiteguy racist demeaning of Indigenous Peoples, still, which, I assert, is mainly over their Rightful ownership of the whole of our lands here, which whiteguys are dead-scared of allowing to get it’s own head of steam. This, to me, is the root of most racism.
            However, to pedophilia, it is rampant here, as across the western world at least now.
            The upper, political classes are out of control, and for their ties to the Brit-Euro cults, have complete control over our political parties, the clergy, military and media, all of whom are invited in, to shore up the highest socialite defenses against exposure and of the most needed, bringing down of the whole lot of them.
            Most all of the middle-upper and upper classes know of this epidemic, but are dead-scared of speaking about it, or are so self-interested – and disconnected from all moral and intellectual cultural standards – as to not give a damn.
            So, your point about the lack of moral courage in the lower classes, is most likely cast down upon them from above.
            But, whomever secures the affairs of these perverts, we are a most beggared nation.

              • Yo! No! Didn’t read your words as that. I took it as meaning the poor beggared lot in the middle of both, being as marginalized, as I write above, were with that whole misadventure, horribly dissempowered.

                It just seemed right to expand on that.

                No need to apologize, but thanks anyway!

            • Your response is the typical bleeding heart, its all white fellas fault. All emotion and no reasoned thought. Captive to the myth of the “noble savage”. You should study Aboriginal customs and traditions in relation to children and women – no coincidence that child sexual abuse is rampant in Australia’s remote areas. Infanticide especially of girls was a common and accepted practice.
              Just another captive of the Left.
              PS I’m not a racist but a realist – I have Aboriginal friends.

              • After a bit of rain then, annie from oz? Where ya’ from? Kingaroy?

                Typical white-jo, pick one point and deride the lot.

                Glad I don’t know ya. Enjoy the floods.

                • @ annie from oz. The Indigenous Australian’s are the oldest living culture on earth and yet we treat them with such disdain! Your red neck ideoligies are straight out of the KKK book of methodic Genocide.

        • There is a royal commission in Australia looking into child abuse. It has been a long process because of the vast amount of victim statements. So I’m not sure why you think the government is still trying to cover up child abuse.

          • Maybe we’re so used to public enquiries on this issue. Whether ‘royal’ or not – all public enquiries set the parameters to avoid uncovering the truth. We’ve had countless enquiries and they’ve been most successful at damage limitation. Politicians, like Keith Vaz, make all the right noises and then go on to do all the wrong things. The biggest casualty of any public enquiry is the truth.

            • Helen whilst there is a Royal Commission Into Child Sex Abuse in Australia currently underway, what has become more and more evident is the fact that those appointed as Commissioners have outstanding allegations against them regarding the “Cover-Up of child sex abuse. Bob Atkinson is a former Queensland Police Commissioner who has had numerous “Corruption” allegation’s levelled at him for his role in the “Heiner Affair”.These allegations stem from an audit of the “Heiner Affair” and “Forde Inquiry” by Rofe QC as part of the Queensland Child Protection Commission Of Inquiry which handed down it’s findings in August 2012.Kevin Rudd,Leneen Forde,Bob Atkinson,Quentin Alice Bryce have all had Corruption allegations levelled at them, even Tim Carmody, recently appointed Chief Justice of the Queensland Supreme Court, has been recommended to face corruption charges for his role in the whole sordid business. So whilst it look’s like matter’s are being looked at “Seriously” during this Royal Commission the truth is that it is nothing more than the Government going into damage control. p.s Bob Atkinson has just recently been investigated for syphoningh $300,000 from the Queensland Homicide Squad with Atkinson’s wife being the recipient!! What an evil web we weave!!

              • “What an evil web we weave!!” Indeed.

                Asking myself just now, is the escalation of ‘potential’ war, across the globe, at all related to the increasing exposures of the global elite’s participation, to the extent of serious psychoses, in our media?

                To let themselves be ‘led’ if not blackmailed into being pedophiles and worse, means they are incurable.

                This, because wealth protects wealth, etc, so prevents their seeking and finding ‘cures’ via psychoanalysis, and whatever other ‘treatments’ are available.

                An whole-of-life change fundamental.

                How many way up there in the global elite know this, and have the balls to drop all their sophisticated lifestyles, and make genuine moves to clean up their mental act/s?

                Very few. And of those, the threat from the others, will remain until death.

                So, absolutely insanely fanatical, and protective of their errant preferences and their cohorts, with the power and ability on hand, if they ‘group-up’, to falsify events such as oppression, dissent and rises in violence, leading to civic breakdown, like Ukraine, Syria, Gaza, Ferguson USA, etc., to media reportage of the fabricated war-zones, ‘our’ elite will let it happen, until major wars eventually distract media, thus the People, and silence all attempts to bring the PoS pedophiles to Justice.

                Yep! “What an evil web we weave!!”

                Evolutionary, I suggest, Watson?

              Helen these are Tim Carmody’s comments before going silent on the issue.The DPP recently decided not to progress with any charges and Timothy Carmody is gifted the plum role of Chief Justice of the Queensland Supreme Court.The current Yewtree Investigation is an exact replica of what occured in Australia’s “Heiner Affair” and sadly i believe that it too will go into “Damage Control”.

          • This filth is right through our, Australia’s political class, Jane.

            We’ll likely never hear a quarter, nay, a tenth, of the extent of it.

            I’d estimate, this very ‘thing’, is what drives so much of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ blackmailing across our federal and state politics.

            The ‘royal commission’, while I don’t say it’s a total waste of taxpayers’ money, etc., but, it is as-much, the same as the filthiest mining and energy corporations being given control of monitoring, reporting on, and ‘censoring’ or correcting their own environmentally-destructive practices.

            You wont get the likes of the NSW Champion Policeman, DCI Peter Fox, sitting on that kind of royal commission.

            But His Kind are exactly who we need.

            The ‘politico-religious class’, is the ‘politico-religious class’. They will protect their own, like the ALP protects the LNP, when serious threats to the two-party hegemony arise.

            I see that in Britain, Cliff Richards apartment was ‘raided’ by the British cops the other day, on ‘suspicions’ [Ha!] of his being involved in this naughty business.

            Is Richards’ being put on the list, and is that it’s making it into the MSM, a sign, that the cops are starting to break the hexes of the establishment?

            Or, like I suspect Rolf Harris is, is Richards merely another ‘fall-guy’ put-in by the higher-ups in the UK establishment, to reduce the fervor and take some of the heat off the Lords and such?

            Wait and see, aye?

            But I go with the belief that this very site here, of Scriptonite, is reaching where it is aiming.

            Good Job, Warriors!

            • Archbishop George Pell, would know the inside story, on pedophilia, operating in the church, he had evidence many years ago who had been involved with those who had made testimonies of individuals who had been damaged by pedophiles operating in the church as clergy, he would move these priests to other districts, it is difficult to understand as to why this would be so, my belief is the same as many in public office, and even necessary for the purpose of controlling those who know too much about the organization,. This is why their is a cover up extensively in Australia, and the way it works in most countries, more so in the first world countries as the establishment requires a front, if you pull one stone out of the building, in particular from the foundations the building will be in danger of total collapse.

          • Hi Jane, thought i would send you the recommendation’s handed down by Rofe QC Audit of the “Heiner Affair” and “Forde” Inquiry.2,700 pages of prima facea evidence that is compelling.
            Security Code: Tsisrep2012Exhibit_5_Attachment_2 (1).pdf – Google Drive

      • “Endemic”, “plague proportions” etc. Only in Britain, I don’t expect so.

        If the world’s most powerful elite practice, thus condone both the filthy acts against kids, thus the cover-ups, we can be sure that most of their closer security forces and agencies’ senior officers are ‘in there’ too.

        So, how can you/we trust such as your National Crime Agency?

        This and all the most heinous crimes active these days, are as much, ‘run’ by the elite. So we are fighting a losing battle and asking any security force to intervene is pointless.

        As written here, both sides of the political debate are involved, so every faction and section is as likely, complicit, at least in the cover-ups. These demons work in such ways that function fully upon principles of blackmail. So any who are on the inside, and not [yet] involved, and who’re seen as “necessarily-to-inform” to add to the information/exposure buffer-zone, are also made the offer, to partake, to become pedophiles. Which means to not accept, is as good as death. To say “not interested”, is to throw oneself and family, and friendships on the slippery slide to Hell.

        Believe or not, some coppers are better-minded. But they too are up against it, and always are thrown to the wolves, if they try expose or bring to court such offenders. ‘To the wolves’ either of the complicit and partaking media, or their bent workforce, etc. Paid by…, the elite.

        I don’t see this and the allied crimes, rampant and increasing exponentially as they are, as resolvable or curable. “Law and Order” has been dead, effectively for many centuries. What we of the ‘modern’ world have seen, has merely been how the elite have snowed us with propaganda to cover their arses. A policy which cannot not eventually wind back on itself and consume the perpetrators and everyone beneath them – the whole of us, effectively.

        This pedophilia pandemic, with military-global and [upclub, ‘church’] NGOs involved ‘globally’ [as means of transporting orphaned and stolen kids to whomever wants an exotic ‘rent boy’, etc.,] is part-and-parcel of the larger world crimes syndicates and out of control and out of reach madness ruining the species and our chances of stabilizing the path to the future.

        If there is any hope, which I am realistic/pessimistic about, it lies in your local ‘mums and dads’, and whole locales of neighborhoods rising-up – worldwide – to counter the police-protected corrupted elites, who include every local councilor, and well-to-do business operator [‘realty’, etc., muchly] merely for the local councilors and leading business persons taking the ‘bribes’ aka ‘wages and salaries’, to ignore the larger and multiple pandemics, so they can ‘walk proud’ around their own patches.

        A very BIG call, yeah.

        But, please, tell us a better, more feasible way, out of this downslide to Hell?

        “Democracy” is of the People, for the People, and BY the People.

        What fallen fools the People are, to trust the lowest, most specious, in ‘politicians’, ‘clergy’ and ‘police’ to ensure the safety of the children?

        People who rail against and make a noise about particular crimes, like this pedophilia, etc, are not to be condemned.

        But when they cannot UNITE across the arenas of differing crimes, to get to the core causes, causes which steal hope and Unity from individuals and communities, they can be condemned as myopic fools, near enough, and even like religious nutters, as fanatics.

        All crimes have a root cause, and that is the deprivation by the elite, mad-as-bags-of-rabies all of them, of our rights and needs to the essentials, primarily distribution of land.

        While any of us fail to address that disparity of distribution, all of us are victim to such crimes as evolve out, such as this pedophilia, etc.

        Hardly a grandparent on earth is not aware of this major underlying cause of the pandemics of madness, of crime, of perversion and loss of balance, locally and globally. But how many of them can still muster the courage to Unite their neighborhoods, far and wide, to make a decisive effort before they pass over? And, who, of their children, of the spoiled 1st world, so often lost to ‘ambition’ for the unattainable ‘happiness in wealth’ delusions, would be able to 1st, see the Folks Wisdom, and then leave their desks to join in the fight, down town, to the capital?

        “Mum, I love to help…! But I’m sooo self-interested today…?”

        You lose, bitch! And, so do the kids. Thus, the future be damned……

        So, perhaps the world has to – on-mass – get into OUR OWN dysfunctional psyches, and bring the discussion to the “narcissism” flaw, the latest pandemic of self-righteousness? Mum, dad, brother, sister and the kids, so much a part of being so clever, nowadays.

        Truly, the western religions have so much to answer for, that they can NEVER be forgiven.

        • If the victim of pedophilia, is not able to use language are a perfected use of language or near use of, are often considered as a lower order of human beings, never mind the use of language, it is a attempt that may have shortcomings in its use, and it all becomes a contest and challenge as to meaning?
          I suggest their is a dichotomy between the inability to use language as the perfect medium and description of the crime, increasing the frustration of the victim.

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  27. This is only an atom on the tip of the iceberg, but thank you for at least exposing some of it, please see:;; — extensive background info here: and

    • nice. That last link you posted on your comment is from a blog run by this guy: Alfred’s new book, The Dimensional Ecology of the Omniverse, integrates empirical data from intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations and from the intelligent civilizations of souls in the Interlife and demonstrates a new hypothesis of a functioning ecology of intelligence in the dimensions in the Omniverse.
      One might want to take anything this guy writes with more than a little scepticism.

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