PM’s Barber Knighted for ‘Services to Concealing Bald Spots’ – Cameron’s Finest Comb Overs

Cam001Just in case anyone thought the long established system of patronage was gone from the British political system, Prime Minister David Cameron stepped in this week to remind us all that rumours if its demise were greatly exaggerated.  David Cameron’s hairdresser has been awarded an MBE for ‘services to hairdressing’.

Lino Carbosiero has been cutting the PM’s hair since before he entered Downing Street in 2010, and is credited with the lofty achievement of changing the direction of Mr Cameron’s parting, prompting 2010 headlines about Cameron swinging from ‘right to left’.


In a quite hilarious interview with the BBC News team, Carbosiero scratched about for other things for which to credit the nomination for an MBE.  Though we doubt very much that the ‘fight’ to make all hairdressers licensed and regulated is top of the country’s list of campaigns right now.

Here are some of Dave’s finest comb overs…


8 thoughts on “PM’s Barber Knighted for ‘Services to Concealing Bald Spots’ – Cameron’s Finest Comb Overs

  1. It is time to abolish this outdated system of honours, which has not the slightest interest to the majority of taxpayers, who are footing the bill, which should be a voluntary contribution from Royalist toadies!

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  3. Many of your blogs are really excellent’ But why do you call him Dave? I hated good people saying Maggie Maggie out out out. At the best call him Cameron and her Thatcher!

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