Jobcentre Official tells Benefits Claimant “Get a Job or F***ing Hang Yourself”


A jobcentre worker has been suspended following a Facebook rant with a benefits claimant during which she told a father of three to “get a job or f***ing hang yourself”.

Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) official Dawn-Marie Sanders (pictured above) is reported to have made several abusive comments aimed at 44 year old Scott Bignell during a mutual friend began a Facebook discussion on Channel 4’s latest attempt at poverty porn – Benefits Street.

One post read: “You are a drain on society… start paying taxes or hang ­yourself. I have rope…”

The DWP says it has suspended Sanders while it investigates the matter further.


This interaction is no worse than the hateful and bigoted comments made on the #BenefitsStreet hashtag by twitter users watching, and believing, the distorted view of people claiming benefits created by the show.  But Benefits Street is just the latest in a long and sad list of poverty porn programming aired in recent time.  Channel 4 have also brought us Skint, Benefit Busters, How to Get a Council House and Benefits Britain.  The BBC even chipped in with We All Pay Your Benefits.  This list is not even exhaustive, just some of the lowlights.

All of these shows, intentionally or otherwise, feed into a myth that the UK is some sort of paradise for benefit cheats.

In reality, benefit fraud amounts to just 0.7% of all claims.  The total cost of benefit fraud is £1.2bn a year – this is less than half what administrative errors cost the DWP each year.

In these shows, most if not all of a handful of claimants are portrayed as milking it.

Meanwhile, the HMRC puts the gap between taxes due and taxes received at £30bn a year. A recent Oxfam report put the figure at £100bn.

Sadly, although tax evasion of up to 100 times more significant an economic issue than benefit fraud, it receives a tiny proportion of the air time.  This allows the government to avoid tough questions about why, exactly, they are reducing the burden of taxation on the wealthiest who are already paying least.  It also creates a public mood that welcomes, and even demands the government crackdown on those claiming social security.  There is a word for media programming used to distort public mood in favour of a political goal by using misrepresented data: propaganda.

This Poverty Porn, point and judge programming, with its misleading statistics and sarcastic voice overs is just that. We must demand better from our broadcasters.  And thankfully, many people now are. There has been sustained and high profile protest at the mischaracterisation of benefit claimants in Benefits Street – as at least a significant minority of the UK public call time on the scapegoating of immigrants, sick, disabled and unemployed people for woes brought upon them by their corporatized government and the private interests they serve.

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84 thoughts on “Jobcentre Official tells Benefits Claimant “Get a Job or F***ing Hang Yourself”

  1. I left school at the age of 15 and except for 3 months unemploment around age 18 I have worked and paid my taxes, I am now 60 and have no less than 5 chronic illnesses 2 of them life threatening, I can’t claim JSA as an appeal tribunal declared me unfit for work yet I can’t claim ESA because the same Tribunal only awarded me 15points, I have been left without ANY personal income and rely on the support of my wife who works just 26 hours a week,
    Despite constantly pestering the Jobcentre I can’t get any help from them (so much for the tribunals recommendation I be placed in the WRAG) their excuse and I quote “We are sorry but as you are not receiving benefits you are not a high priority”
    I can’t get a job because of my health problems, Jobs that I would be able to do I don’t have the skills or qualifications for, can I get training? can I hell! Why? because I don’t have an income to pay for it, can I get it for free? No because I don’t get any benefits. The whole benefits system is a joke just like this government.

  2. this woman at the job centre should be arrested for attempted murder if this poor man did as she said she should of been charged with murder and his young children left with no father .

    a very nasty woman.

    I am a genuine mental health patient on ESA work related activity.

  3. I was in the top tax bracket for the best part of 20 years. Following a relative becoming ill abroad, I had to give most of my savings to pay for medical care as the NHS would not treat him here because he had lived abroad for a couple of years. It would not have been a problem but for the fact that I was then made redundant.

    I have now been unemployed for over a year and I am treated as if I never made a contribution to society, despite paying hefty amounts into the public coffer for 20 years.
    To try and describe how low I feel at how I have been treated by job centre staff and how I appear to be viewed by the public would be impossible. The thought that people might look at my little girl and see some sort of media warped monster as portrayed on tv tears me up inside.

    It’s 2014. I thought by now people would be intelligent enough to realise that things are not always what they seem.

  4. What about a programme named ‘bankers rip off alley’ or ‘no 10 – the real benefit cheat’ – lay off these people. This is just down right discrimination!!!

  5. I am on benefits, and have been for the last year, I am 35 years old and have worked from the age of sixteen, I have paid my taxes and now I am out of work,I am made to feel like some kind of scrounger, I feel this is wrong. Thanx a lot chanel 4.

  6. Disgusting how society at the top has manipulated the way people think about the poor and vulnerable today. Remember it was the bankers who destroyed our country by gambling away our countries wealth and as a result the unemployed its the disabled or sick suffer from it. We no longer live in a country that sets examples for other nations as we are devolving as a country.with attitudes like this woman and companies like atos. Who is to blame? The ignorant who voted for the current government and the people who didn’t vote. Scotland will say goodbye to the UK why? because they don’t want to governed by fools who have no respect for humanity or human rights.. just lies and greed.

  7. She needs to feel the despair of signing on and to be bullied by her own kind,unfortunately people like her have no trouble finding work she will happily do the governments bidding at the expense of her fellow man , will probably become a bailiff .

  8. On this occasion I will post anonymously as I want to be open about some life experience I am not terribly proud of.

    I have for many years been a (so called) “high functioning” heroin addict, although I have never stolen and never once claimed any benefit I have spent LOTS of time with people who do. I have also spent time in towns around London, several towns on the south coast and several towns in the north of England.

    I have no doubt that the tone of some of these programs has been sensationalist and I don’t care to guess at the the level of purity of journalistic intent behind them. I would point out though that it wasn’t too long ago that there were a number of similar programs and debates about tax evasion.

    What I do want to say is this, there ARE streets FULL of addicts, alcoholics (same difference), and professional shop lifters all over the country where children’s lives are blighted by their parents feral nature and utter lack of morality. I will never forget seeing people open up large coats and drop out all the meat they have nicked so they can show it to their customers, simultaneously asking people in the room if there is anything in particular they would like them to try and steal.

    Neither will I forget many years ago now, buying vouchers for a woman so she could afford to get her children Christmas presents and then subsequently finding out from my dealer that she had gone straight to him and exchanged the vouchers for half of their value in crack cocaine.

    Some of the debate going on at the moment (as with immigration), is driven purely by the politics of greed and selfishness. However, I do think that people should know that there are a lot of people in out country and in other western democracies (well OK, mostly here and in the US), who are completely disenfranchised, who’s frame of reference in terms of morality is so so far removed from normal social attitudes as to appear nothing short of alien.

    I believe the story should be told but that it needs to be done respectfully. I believe that the scourge of tax credits which have depressed wages to the extent that there is (in personal terms) no rational ecconomic reason for people with low incomes to better themselves needs to be addressed.

    We aren’t talking about the Dickensian poor here, no one thinks they are going to burn in hell if they steal or give up on themselves and their children any more. We need to address our economy, help addicts and somehow erase the culture or rights and replace it with a culture of responsibility.

    • We aren`t talking about the Dickensian rich or “middling kind” here either, no one thinks they`re going to burn in hell for betraying their fellow countrymen and women for 30 pieces of silver.

      Maybe we should bring back the hanging of traitors like the “good ole days” to reinvigorate a national sense of morality from top to bottom, eh?

    • My father was exceptionally feral and abusive, my mum has learning difficulties, and I was dragged up at the bottom of the poverty ladder. I was beaten, starved and neglected as a child. Today the only benefit I claim is carer’s allowance (for looking after my mother). I don’t even claim a disability benefit despite being permanently disabled. Despite being a carer, I still work part time. There is always a choice….

    • I hear you how there a a number of areas in your point that either need expanding on to give a fuller of those who me might see at vermin … the thieves the ‘scroungers’ I am an ex addict.I will expand to admit that I stole from shops run credit cards through tills for nappies and cash backs which I would then use to feed my nasty habit. I will expand further again to declare that I was bought Up in a family of when described in the extended definition was predominantly middle class My father being an evangelist lay preacher my mother being not very well at the hands of my father who represented raped me for seven on the surface no problems presented because for the most part, my family fitted in with the social norms which his something very sick and sinister. I was abused further by others who could clearly home in on on my vulnerability which was bought about by the state of mind I had because of what happening And at this point (and I will draw on this fact later ) that NSPCC FIGURES confirm that 1 in 20 children in the UK have been sexually abused.

      I went in to care as my middle class extended family of which were held in high regard both professionally and in the community were clearly ashamed of the revelation becoming known in and was whisked off to children’s homes and at one point I was put in a remand and assessment centre with girls up for man slaughter , robbing posts bags I had never been in trouble with the police at all then i spent the rest of my days in an approved school where I was denied the opportunity to sit GCSE’s and then at 16 and a half I was left to the streets. talking into account my trust of anyone at this point I was not going to ask for help while my father got nine and a half years I was put in that remand an assessment centre ( the same one Mary bell the child killer was in in the 70’s

      so effectively I was punished for asking during being in care I was sexually approached by staff given weed assaulted by another member and regularly jumped upon by Neanderthal male staff and pinned to the floor . I was also locked up with no secure order and mentally abused by staff they would bring in from a read agency . I grew many bonds with some equally damaged children while I was there who never let me down and for many years after my social circle was mainly damaged children . all of us locked in a subculture where we excluded ourselves because we did not trust those out of that subculture who though generalizing on what and we were and considering as all as vile and rat like as each other excluded us.

      When I was basically left to the street. I turned to heroin and tamazepam it kept me warm it kept me in company of those who it seemed did care and it stopped my from feeling thinking and constantly reliving what had happened it in some ways saved me from my self there is not way I would have survived at that point i suffered with anxiety kept thinking people we following me on the street that i had no shelter from that but heroin so by the time I did manage to get a council flat that was it i was very much hooked on drugs I could not work who would have me I was a proper mess to look at and an emotional wreck. fact is \i was suffering complex PTSD but to society I was an addict n that was it Us addicts have less rights when it comes to accessing mental heath services as they refuse to deal with the root causes which are keeping you there because of the outcome of the root causes. in not other circumstances does that happen unless you are an addict. I went onto incapacity benefit while I was an addict and for a while yes this helped pay for my addiction. only on a Monday morning the rest would go on electric partial rent water rates some food trips to get my script of tamazepam that the doctor as happy to give me 120 mg of at 18 years old with offer of mental health provisions despite having an outline of my background .he just wanted to get me out the surgery

      But what did happen is that money allowed me to maintain a choice I did have some agency if i wanted to while i carried on for a couple of years putting needles in my neck thieving enough to cover my habit I began to realize this small bit of agency I had. one day after hitting a rock on the way down I woke up to my choices and I left the area .. quite off it i was tbh some might have seen it as an irrational move i didn’t know where i was going i went in what i stood up in and landed in another country in the united kingdom
      I took a couple of years to get off every thing and I did . I remained on incapacity benefits three years further because my anxiety came back with vengeance and i had to force myself to socialise I wanted nothing more to be able to but i would have to fight to get out of my quilt n even go to my kitchen in the shared house i was in that I was kindly told by the women in the letting agency i could move from if i put a little pencil skirt on and make up i could get a job..

      so here’s the bit I look like one of them real scroungers . I began to go to a local pub and drink .. not much ( i don’t like drink because it brings out emotions rather than hides them ) and I proceeded to go to this pub and spend my incapacity benefit on a couple of pints which would relax me a little and i began to make some friends in the area which is a small town … and i bought a guitar and started playing something I had not done since church as a kid and with that \i began to build an identity and with that i met more people had more to talk about and then I turned down my incapacity because i thought it might stop me from getting a job ifI declared i was in a recovery process and I never looked back I now have a degree two children and work with homeless addicts
      I am no scrounger I am paying plenty in to society now in more ways than just tax I am helping those, many of whom society has failed because all it did when they were desperate is chuck a few quid n say ‘be greatfull for that scum cause you do not deserve your lazy your nasty you a low life ‘.. I hear people everyday trying to move themselves in a higher position by demonstrating that someone else is lower than them in morals people and I reflect on my past and where i come from and how I was left to become what I did for so long he attitudes of the fortunate now and I cant help but see those same people running away from their own responsibilities as family & as a part of society. just so they can maintain their step on this moral step that want to ensure society perceive them on these people socially reproduce the status quo that they blame ‘the other for being in. these people are part of the problem.

      • so when taking into account the 1 in 4 homeless people had spent time in care and 1 in 20 children are sexually abused in this country it would be move in the right direction if the ‘morally better’ would consider that know one knows the path of many of these people. that is only one example of a bad situation I have been diagnosed with complex ptsd and I have it managed now I am considered middle class by way of cultural social and human capital. this helps me to maintain my status quo today. but what does this tell you about how ignorant us people in this bracket can be who often are trying to keep up this mirage of moral highness when we exclude the most damaged people from help but only provide it to those who are Privileged with the means the tools which socially demonstrate a vision of our worth?

    • Sorry, please explain?

      I for one have never claimed any benifit, it’s true that while I was a child I reaped some small advantage from Child Benifit but I didn’t claim it. I am thirty seven years old and as I don’t have children and have allways worked or been out of work for less than six months or so and not felt needy enough to claim.

      I would add that it has been many, many years since I heard a couple say “we would like children but we can’t afford it yet”

      • What the above comment means, I believe, is nobody is immune from the possibility of >needing< to claim benefits in the future.

        For example: say you were driving to work tomorrow and you were involved in a traffic accident which left you paralysed from the waist/neck down. You'd probably be let go from your job and you'd have to claim some sort of social security to keep yourself going.

        There is always that possibility for everyone; their circumstances could change in the blink of an eye and the welfare system is designed to help people in such instances.

      • Well, many people find themselves in a position of needing to claim benefits because of ill health or the onset of disability. This is obviously something I hope you never experience but I think it needs to be borne in mind that because of this, the comment above is entirely valid. The onset of a longterm illness or disability would be something that would require all but the very rich to claim support. And given that this could affect anyone it is indeed true that ‘nobody’s immune from (potentially) claiming some form of benefit’. People would perhaps do well to remember this before they set their stalls up to stigmatise and judge those who do claim.

      • You’re still not immune, Anon, even if you’ve been healthy, intelligent, capable and lucky enough to avoid claiming any form of benefit, thus far. You might develop a chronic illness or be severely injured in an accident. You might even develop mental-health issues or lose your job and discover that your services are no-longer required by employers (too old, perhaps, or too highly qualified). It happens and it can happen to the best of us. I’m not saying you’d be content to sit back and claim benefit. I’m quite sure you wouldn’t, and it says a lot for you. What I am saying is that many, many of us will hit a point in our lives where we could do with a little help. It’s arrogant and blinkered to argue otherwise.

        Obviously there are people who take advantage of the system. There have always been work-shy, feckless individuals and there always will be. If they aren’t claiming benefits a fair number of them would be robbing your house or conning your Granny instead! Unfortunately, we are too quick to accept, without question, the scape-goating, in the media, of ordinary people who just happen to be struggling, for whatever reason. I’ve never actively claimed benefits either. I did receive child benefit for a number of years, like every other mother in Britain, but chose to give it up when the new rules came into play. My Great Grandmother, however, found herself widowed just prior to the First World War. Without any money of her own or the safety-net of a benefit system, she ended up in a work-house separated from her children. Don’t think I’d like to return to that – and neither would my 94 year old Mum!

      • Not the original anon, but the point is that losing a job or becoming seriously ill can happen to anyone at any time. That’s why it’s social security – you have been fortunate enough to not face disability or long term unemployment (or even short term unemployment if you’ve been working a job that pays you barely enough to scrape by and therefore have no savings to cushion the blow), but one day you might. And if that happened – if you were in a car accident tomorrow and left unable to work – the system is here to protect you.

      • Erm – I’m 30 and would love kids but waited as we ‘couldn’t afford it yet’.

        I welcome a benefit system that helps those in need get back on there feet or supports people who genuinely can’t work. I don’t begrudge paying my taxes -or the proportion off them that contributes towards this.

        What I totally disagree with is the mentality of people who believe they have ‘a right to have children’ – and the state bears the duty to pay for it.

  9. Well, I think she’s going to find out what unemployment is like.

    Some people cannot empathise with anyone unless their situation is or has been exactly the same. You want to think ‘maybe they’ll learn’ but I’m not sure whether that always works.

    Nobody, for any reason, should be told ‘kill yourself’ or ‘you should be euthanised’.

    Seriously. Nobody.

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  13. This is completely disgusting. I lost my brother to what she’s suggesting this poor man do to himself. She needs to be euthanized. people like this make me sick.

    • Um… You’ve just suggested an action that has the same net result as the vile thing she wrote. Somewhat inappropriate…

    • Reading the comments on these kind of blogs makes me despair!! Like you ‘Mrs L’ for instance; “This is completely disgusting. I lost my brother to what she’s suggesting this poor man do to himself. She needs to be euthanized. people like this make me sick” – So Dawn has done something so bad is suggesting that this guy hang himself that you are now suggesting that she be murdered!!!! (Euthanasia kind of needs the consent of the person who’s life is being ended, assuming she wouldn’t consent then this is murder!) Think about what you are saying!!!

    • Although I don’t agree with how this woman acted, I do have to say that you just got angry at someone for saying a man should kill himself at which point you said this woman needs to be killed.
      I don’t see a massive difference here.

    • Mrs.L – I totally agree that this is disgusting behaviour! But I don’t believe that wishing death back onto the person that made those comments is productive, in fact I think it’s harmful because it breeds the exact same erosion of group consciousness and a loss of basic compassion that is at the heart of the comments in the first place.

  14. How can everyone get a job when there are more job seekers than vacancies? How? I feel like I’m going crazy!!Why do none of these (Daily mail/the Sun/ Express/Times/Star/telegraph readers/ BBC News Viewers)EVER think about this?…….Oh right I answered my own question

    • I also feel like it’s incomprehensible. Crazy! They take people’s jobs from them then blame people for being unemployed! So are the recently sacked firemen the new lot of scrounging benefit takers because gov shut the firestations down? They will now force an unemployed person to stop fires for their benefits. The tories are laughing while the stupid masses blame the poor. It’s crazy!

  15. it is really sad that someone who should know better, somebody who sees how hard it is for people receiving ‘benefits’, had bought the ruling elite’s propaganda and now acts as a spiteful mouth for them.

    i think it is hard for people who live in the UK to see how truly distorted the world view given to them by TV and papers and community is. Otherwise intelligent people actually believe that working hard is the route to success, and believe that people have equal chances. they buy the story that if we try hard enough, we can become the rich people portrayed by media. perhaps that hope for advancement silences their critisism?

    the word ‘benefit’ is a misnomer, too. ‘subsidence payments’ might be more accurate, if they indeed we high enough to meet that label.

  16. The unemployed keep ignorant people like that in their jobs in the first place ….Not everyone that is unemployed actually want to be jobless and go to these place !!!! They dont have a choice in some cases …….Don’t tar everyone with the same brush…ignorant people …..

  17. One solution to eliminate both so-called “scroungers” and benefit cheats: the Basic Income!

    From the website

    “An Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) or Citizen’s Income is a guaranteed income, given to all in addition to any other income they might receive. By advancing equality and economic participation while enabling simpler welfare systems, UBI leads to a fairer and more efficient society.”

    You can’t cheat as everyone gets the same thing, and you can’t be perceived as undeserving as … everyone gets the same thing!

    Problem solved 😉

  18. I think that all the people employed at these “jobCenters” should be sacked and a rotary scheme should be put in place for the unemployed to work there for two months minimum to gain experience and a bit of cash, making it less expensive to run and self gaining.

  19. like how the BBC has to jump on the bandwagon by doing a programme called “We All Pay Your Benefits” when even those on benefits pay for a tv licence paying there wages etc

  20. From Same Difference – Katie Hopkins is like Kelvin Mackenzie …a lightning conductor for the sort of people with eye water-ingly right wing views

    As he said she’s probably been watching #BenefitsStreet that pretends to be a documentary but puts hashtags up on screen to get more exposure and * possibly been on the wine / lager

    That is quite a common shill troll view these days – anyone who gets uptight ( their words ) about these programmes and the inflammatory articles in the media is by default – a professional ” scrounger ” / claimer and is more than likely a fraudster

    ” Scott Bignell PERMALINK

    January 14, 2014 5:46 pm
    Listen,i stumbled upon this woman,whether she said it,or her son,he learnt that from someone,but we all know that she said it,IMO,so,i wouldnt take this to heart too much

    ok,shes going to be in the paper tommorow,shes been suspended and rightly so,i never asked for her to comment on an open post i was actually reading at first,my mates post as it goes,there was vile comment by someone else aswell,but,im not going there,she just came in and spouted off,i believe she probably had a glass of wine,watching benefits street on tv and went on a hate campaign

    ,all i did was jioked at first,i did think,cow…as she was all i had no payrise in4.5 years and peasants get one every year,refering too benefit claimees,so i was aware halfway through,i gave her plenty of chances to bail out,apologise,whatever,she just went full assault,even to the point of threatening me with fraud??????

    So,i just,like anyone,thought sod that,im not having that,the rest ,well,shes been suspended under investigation,rightly so,then they can see if it was her or her 13 year old son i suppose,its in the Mirror Tommorow too,to me,thats enough now,i dont want any hate campaign please,nor would i like to presume that ALL DWP staff are like this,shes got what she deserves and hopefully the whole service will realise how passionate ,we, the people feel about whats going on today,

    2014…no way should anyone take what was said as gospel,just need for them to start realising you cant treat or pput everyone in a box and think thats how it is ok…lets move on and keep fighting for some humanity to raise its head and out anyone in the public sector who feels differently,like Katy Hopkins…grrrrrrrrr. “

      • In her line of work, working for the unemployed public, she needs to maintain a good public image and be sympathetic to the needs of the unemployed. She failed on two counts and with such a bias is unsuitable for her job.

      • Well it was easy for her to judge others. In some jobs you can’t take it out on other people if you have a ‘shit day’. You deserve to be sacked and give the job to somone who can do it well. Plenty in the queue.

      • “had a Shit day”

        Oh well – that’s alright then. Poor dear. Are you for real?? Since WHEN does someone “having a Shit day” give them the right to treat someone else like a piece of shit? She is (presumably) trained and GETTING PAID to deal with unemployed people such as this father of three she told to “fucking hang yourself”. How do you think that made him feel? LIKE a piece of shit, I would imagine. Did she consider his three children, had he taken her advice? Is this how she speaks to those unfortunate enough to have her to deal with every week, on top of being labelled lazy, work shy, etc ad nauseum, by the likes of IDS, Osborne & Co? A bit of compassion and respect for those worse off than herself wouldn’t come amiss. When it comes to “judging others” DAWN MARIE SANDERS is in a class all of her own. The pits.

  21. GOV propaganda. Make people who are working pick on the unemployed,deflecting what the GOV are doing,killing the working class,making middle class work harder and pay more taxes. Meanwhile the GOV make billions of the back of everybody else. The dominant 1% of this country/world want total control of everything we do.

    • Indeed. But too many believe the hype. They think their taxes are this much because of unemployed. It’s very hard to get through to these people. They a blinkered and can’t even see the numbers,the billions the rich cost us.

  22. It’s not benefit fraud that’s the problem it’s what the state sanctioned benefits scum bags and low life’s are entitled to and the big fat “nothing” the rest of us that pay for the benefits system are entitled to that’s the problem.

    • No we pay far more to bankers bonuses,Mp’s wage increases and second homes and wealthy corporates that don’t have to pay tax. One tax bill is Vodaphone that is 8 bn. Don’t worry about poor people. Worry about the millionaires that scrounge of the taxpayer. If you’re really unlucky the unemployed may take your job!

    • I am sorry… what? 90% or more of the people I know on benefits struggle to pay for basic amenities. They live by utilising schemes like club card points, nectar rewards and the like to make every penny stretch to it’s fullest.

      If you don’t know how to claim the tax rewards your entitled to that’s your look out. If your not able to claim any the chances are you are earning more than enough to make ends meet.

      Get off your soap box and get a dose of reality.

    • Brainwashed dickhead. Get a fucking clue. Your real enemies are the sociopaths running this country into the ground and pointing the fingers at the most impoverished people in the western world. You’re looking down your nose at people who’re but a tiny percentile of where your taxes go in comparison to the billions of pounds the b(w)ankers and the MPs are sucking out of the collective wallet every day.

    • One day you may fall off your worse and find yourself to be a “benefit scum bag”. I bet you’ll change your opinion then.

    • And what of the people who have worked and have paid into the system who find themselves out of work? Do you not understand why the national insurance scheme was introduced? If you have a car and somebody stole it, would you claim on the insurance? I’m guessing you would. The vast majority paid in “benefits” go to pensioners, people who fought in wars and worked hard to build this country after the war. Are they “state sanctioned benefits scum bags and low life’s?” May I suggest you give up reading the Sun/Mirror/Daily Mail and does some research of your own, rather than believing what “the man on the square box” tells you to believe

  23. I suppose I should be shocked, but I am not. I find the name “JobCentre” to be one of many oxymorons or “Doublespeak” for a gang of de-motivated people who would otherwise be unemployable ?. Logically thinking, if the “JobCentre” people were to succesfully place people in jobs, they would not have one themselves ?.

    This is not a new phenomenon. I am 54 years old and can remember the advent of these places back in the 70’s/80’s. They were crap then….and, judging by this moronic woman’s attitude, have note improved in over 30 years ?

    I have managed moderate success in my life, but, I feel empathy for anyone who is forced to subject this kind of treatment from a creature like this !. Shame on her

  24. I think jobcentre staff cant possibly enjoy their work.and invariably seems to be putting people down or have a bad approach and attitude to claimants Im sure if they could speak freely they would tell you what it is really like working for DWP.
    Of course hating your job is no excuse for abusive and aggressive behaviour
    There even some employees that don’t even look up from their paper work or PC when you sitting in front of them
    DWP workers have said to me that they constantly monitored and when they go to the loo for comfort break.
    They speak to you like roughly like and abruptly even when u very polite.They obviously get aggressive behaviour from some claimants but this is no excuse to behave in this way to everyone.

  25. 0.7% works out as close to 1 in 143 claimants (well over the 100 stated above) committing benefit fraud. Compare this to the House of Commons, where it was found that during a four-year period 389 of 752 MPs – nearly 52% – fraudulently claimed expenses (Chapman et al., 2010).

    So who are the real ‘scroungers’?

    Chapman, J. and Wright, S., 2010. Shaming of the 389 greedy MPs who went too far. Mail Online, [online] (Updated: 11:25 on 5 February 2010). Available at: [Accessed 15 January 2014].

  26. I’m glad Scott Bignell, had the sense to screenshot her comments and post them around Facebook for people to see. I suggested they be posted on the DWP Facebook page and the staff there passed it on, proving their not all bad people, just because they work for the DWP.

    I Tweeted the screen shot pics and they were seen by the Daily Mirror who posted the story.

    It’s disgusting, she has no idea of the mental state of the person on the other end of those nasty Facebook comments.

    Scott could have quite easily have been someone suffering from depression and carried out what she was telling him to do. And if he hadn’t have copied her comments she could well be doing it to someone else.

    In my opinion sacking is too good for this woman she should be jailed for her actions.

  27. She needs to be sacked for her comment, then she would be on benefits. Being sacked for that would make it difficult for her to get another job so she would become a ‘benefit scrounger’ then people could have a go at her!

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