The Bad News Cameron is Hastily Burying Under the Ukraine Stand Off


New Labour communications manager Jo Moore left Downing Street in disgrace after emailing a colleague that the September 11th attacks were a ‘good day to bury bad news’. There may or may not be emails circulating to that explicit effect at Downing Street today, but by examining the news behind the headlines, a whole series of bad news is being buried.

Child Abuse Links Back to Number 10

In one of the more overtly cynical media sideshows in modern times, the Daily Mail launched an attack on Harriet Harman, Patrica Hewitt and the Labour left in recent weeks for their alleged connections to the Paedophile Information Exchange (P.I.E) during the 1970’s.  During that decaded PIE members infiltrated politics, the media, the police and the heart of the UK establishment, as I have covered previously – so why would the Mail exclusively target Harman, when she was perhaps one of the mildest offenders?

Answer came this morning – as it was revealed that Patrick Rock, one of Cameron’s top advisors in No. 10, and a close colleague for the past 20 years has been arrested on child pornography charges.  The government are also protecting the identity of a former Tory home secretary that papers are unwilling to name, who has serious allegations of child abuse to answer.

Your NHS Records Just got Uploaded to Google

The Health Select Committee has announced that a private company called PA Consulting have been given the “entire start-to-finish HES (Hospital Episode Statistics) dataset across all three areas of collection – inpatient, outpatient and A&E”. The firm, headed by a disgraced former chairman of Barclays Bank, Marcus Agius, then uploaded that sensitive personal data to google servers based outside of the UK.  This allows the NSA and GCHQ ‘backdoor’ access to our medical data, using the Project Tempora/PRISM programmes revealed by Edward Snowden – it also means the data is outside any domestic privacy and data laws, or government firewall.

This news comes just days after it was revealed that all NHS hospital data had been sold to private insurance companies without patient consent or democratic mandate.

Foodbank Use Explodes but Many Users Can’t Even Afford to Cook the Food

In the past year, 900,000 people lost access to social security – as government cut benefits with a range of ‘austerity’ measures.  During that same period, people reliant on food banks to eat surged 300%.  The fact that over million people would have gone hungry without emergency food aid, in one of the wealthiest countries on earth, speaks volumes for the economic inequality in the UK.  But matters are even worse than that, it has just been announced that Food Banks are now having to issue “kettle boxes” filled with instant mash, soup and noodles, because users cannot afford the gas/electricity required to cook.

Lending to Small Business Continues to Fall

The Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney, announced that lending to business fell by £600m, and lending to small and medium businesses fell by £300m last month.  This is part of a continuing negative trend, as the Independent reports:

Detailed FLS figures also revealed Royal Bank of Scotland and Nationwide shrank net lending to SMEs by £2.2 billion and £1.1 billion between April and December last year, partly because of the lenders reducing exposure to property. Lloyds increased net lending £1.1 billion over the same period.

Meanwhile these same banks are being pumped full of virtually free money through the Quantitative Easing scheme.  In 2009, the Bank of England announced the UK would embark on a £50bn programme of  Quantitative Easing – this is where Central Banks pump money into the economy by buying government bonds with money they just make up out of thin air. At the same time, the central bank dropped interest rates almost nil. The promise of these policies, and the reason such funds were given to banks rather than say, the Treasury to spend on social programmes, was that the Banks would increase lending to businesses and help people buy homes and essentially kick start the economy.  Neoliberals call this ‘the money multiplier effect’ – they argue that it is better to give money to private banks, rather the governments or people, because the banks will make more of it by lending.

In the end, the Bank of England actually created £375bn of this fake money, increased its own capital account four times over, while lending to businesses has actually fallen through the floor – and the wider economy stagnates. The whole thing is basically, theft. It was a means for Banks to generate more profit and cash holdings for themselves, while the taxpayer not only gets zero payback for the bailout, but actually loses.

This Government is Failing on All Fronts

This government is failing the people it purports to represent, on all fronts.   This government has asset stripped our public services for the sake of its profiteering peers.  This government has created a level of destitution which should be unimaginable in a developed economy.  This government has followed the US into a proxy war in the Ukraine the ramifications of which remain to be seen, and buried its failings in the wake of genuine fear and uncertainty. This government has to go.

Don’t get angry, get involved!

Join the fightback to save our NHS with the National Health Action Party.

You can join the People’s Assembly Against Austerity to help join direct actions, discussions and campaigns to end austerity.

You can engage with Occupy London to keep up to speed on actions, community initiatives and ideas to make a better world.

29 thoughts on “The Bad News Cameron is Hastily Burying Under the Ukraine Stand Off

  1. I don’t know really, but surely it is not what Saville or Smith got up to that is most important, it is who covered up for these people.

  2. Ireland is going the same way we need to join up with people from Ireland and Scotland and England and Wales to fight this mess.

    And we have seen nothing of what Washington and Brussels would be capable of in this area. The Ukrainian crisis was probably triggered for no other reason than, ultimately, to force us to buy US shale gas (13), to sign the TTIP (without which the former can’t be sold in Europe (14)) and to justify a renewed increase of American-NATO military budgets (15) thanks to the restarting of a Cold War between the West and emerging nations (except for this detail that it’s the West which will be on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain this time).”

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  5. Does this really come as a shock to anyone that the government is failing everyone. No matter whether its Conservative, Labour or Lib Dem they end up being the same snake that’s shed its skin.

  6. “This government has to go”. To be replaced with who, though? Another bunch of self-serving crooks with their snouts in the trough? Think the problem goes deeper than just election.

  7. re funding for lending,its a scam.numerous wonga type loan companies have suddenly appeared bombarding small businesses with loan offers,at high interest,but banks dont want to lend

  8. The object of Power that Rules is not good governance, it is to retain that Power and the wealth necessary to exercise that Power.

    Concessions are made to the people only in as much as it serves that purpose.

    The very existence of Nuclear weapons is absolute evidence that this is the case.

    Power and the urge to Power are pathological.. and pathology is always preventable when you go to the roots of the pathology rather than the symptom.

    So whilst it is true that my knowing this and being able to articulate it will have no effect on the actions of David Cameron, Vladimir Putin etc etc it is also true that until the vast majority of people understand this there is no possibility of concerted action at the grass roots to stop the madness of Power.

    I would rather live with the honesty of recognising this, and accepting the futility and powerlessness of my position within all this than continuing with the naivety of pretending that one side or the other has a valid point that over rules this understanding of power or that power as we know it will some how magically ‘do the right thing’.

    They – the Power People – would not need to protect themselves if they were not such bullies. And the worst of it all is that ordinary folk are the ones who get caught in the crossfire and suffer the most in all of this….

    • Thanks for at least mentioning the TTIP because nobody else is.

      The BBC? SI this the same BBC that lionised the primarily Al-Qaeda associated Syrian ‘rebels’ for over a year until it was almost impossible for even the most uninformed person to ignore the evidence?

      I mean surely these ‘rebels’, who have been beheading toddlers and the like are better seen as freedom fighters?

      After all, our masters in the Whitehouse have been training these lovely blokes to take down the bad man Assad.

      Isn’t it good to support Al-Qaeda? Aren’t they the good guys?

      With the BBC the social engineering, bias and nudging will never end. When they finally do touch on the TTIP it will be wrapped up in a proverbial bow and will in fact be better than sliced bread.

      To paraphrase 1984: “…We are at war with Eastasia. We have never been at war with Eastasia…”

      • “Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidarity to pure wind.” – George Orwell.

      • The main opposition in Syria is the Free Syrian Army and they are largely moderate and are also at war with Al Qaeda and have lost hundreds of fighters in battles with them. Yes, Assad is bad, very bad. At the beginning of this conflict he bombarded and massacred unarmed civilians, he has to go.

  9. Typical Left-Wing distortion. While being no admirer of Cameron, I am, however a Tory, and take exception to your suggestion that it is a good day for burying bad news, The ‘Bad news’ was thoroughly reported in none other than the Daily Mail, and on their front page.

  10. Excellent article, well done. Things are moving fast, but we are not given true information. The bigger picture really is quite scary….The lies are increasingly absurd and perhaps the Sheeple are beginning to notice
    the elephant in the room : The Central Banking cartel to which all are enslaved, including the politicians and Media. But opposition is fragmented and unfocused. Things will get worse (much worse) before they get better, I fear.

    • Agreed on all points apart from the word ‘sheeple’.

      Whilst it is an apt term for the deliberately uninformed it is also true that these people will never be won over if they are constantly being insulted by the very people that want them enlightened.

      Just saying mate…

  11. Nothing against the NHA Party but The Green Party is fighting to save the NHS too, along with a lot of other things, such as education and social housing, neither of which the NHA has a position on.

    Anyway, to the point: it is quite scary how much is being hidden behind the Ukraine, but how much of it would be reported anyway? The Health & Social Care Bill, Welfare Reform Bill and many others have slipped through with nary a mention from the BBC et al.

    • I would never vote for the Green Party, because Greens are in favour of “Sustainable Development/Agenda 21”. Look it up on the internet.
      How do you suppose the 9/10 people who make up the “surplus population” are to be culled? Who are classed as “useless eaters”?
      (Here’s a clue, look at the people left destitute, starving and dead by our government). In other words: The ConDems are working towards it already.
      Selling everything not nailed down is just a side project.
      If there IS an answer, it’s not going to come from the Green Party…

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