The Finest Twitter Responses to David Cameron’s ‘I’m on the Phone to Obama’ Selfie

The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter ~ Mark Twain

In the spirit of the Mark Twain quote, and because it’s Friday, and because he deserves it…we’re going to indulge in a little mockery today. On March 5th, our Prime Minister David Cameron used his twitter account to share a photo of himself on the phone to President Obama discussing the unfolding situation in Ukraine – he was wearing his “Very-Important-Frowny” face.

This is how twitter responded…

Was he on the phone to Banana Man?


Or Batman?


What about Bart Simpson?

A005Mrs Brown?

A006Or was he just talking to himself?

A001Oh…turns out he was on a conference call with these guys! (click to enlarge)

A004I hope you enjoyed those as much as I did. We cover a lot of dark and grim stories here but it is important to keep our sense of humour thoroughly intact, and remember how truly ridiculous our ‘leaders’ are.  It makes it all the more possible to believe that we will replace them one day soon, and organise ourselves without these lunatics.

3 thoughts on “The Finest Twitter Responses to David Cameron’s ‘I’m on the Phone to Obama’ Selfie

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  2. He’s on the phone to Mrs. Cameron, and she’s saying, “Don’t forget to stack the wet dishes so that they dry properly – and DON’T forget to pick up the kids from school..! Remember what happened the last time you got involved in your political sideline: you left one in the pub – YES, I know you were drinking heavily then, dear…”

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