We No Longer Have a Government, We Have a Mafia

A001While scrolling through twitter this morning, I was met with the words “We no longer have a Government, we have a Mafia”, tweeted by Kanjin Tor. The words didn’t  leave my mind all day. This government, with unprecedented audacity and speed,  are transforming our nation run on laws and institutions, into one run on patronage and privilege – more like a mafia of the 1%, than a government of the people.



The Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, was mortified to find out that local communities could stand up to government and save local health services last year.

Hunt sought to close the Accident and Emergency Unit and downgrade maternity services at the well known and respected Lewisham Hospital in 2013.  But rather than allow this to happen, the community rallied and organised an effective campaign. A legal challenge was brought by Save Lewisham Hospital and Lewisham Council in South East London. It got financial backing from thousands of locals and activists from campaign group 38 Degrees.

In August last year, the High Court ruled that Hunt was indeed acting outside his powers by taking the decision to close the A&E against the wishes of local GP commissioners and community.

Hunt said he would appeal the decision.  But instead, he brought forward Clause 119 of the coalition government’s Care Bill. This gives the Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt and civil servants the direct power to close hospitals. The new laws mean that a hospital can be closed or downgraded even if it is performing well.

Coalition MPs voted by 297 to 239 to back the change this week.

Heidi Alexander, Labour MP for Lewisham East , said clause 119 would allow other administrators to streamroll through closures at other NHS hospitals.She said:

“The Government want to change the law to allow them to do elsewhere what the courts told them they couldn’t do in Lewisham.

“I don’t want to inflict that chaos on anyone else and I think it does damage not only trust in leaders within the NHS who are meant to be leading change but I think it damages trust in our democracy.”



The UK Government’s controversial Back to Work programme, deemed workfare by critics, received a bloody nose in February 2012, when all but one of the WorkFare schemes were found to compel a person’s labour and deemed illegal by the Court of Appeal at the Royal Courts of Justice.

Cait Reilly and Jamieson Wilson took the Department of Work and Pensions to court after finding themselves victims of workfare.

University graduate Reilly was told by her Job Centre in November 2011 that she had to spend two weeks stacking shelves and cleaning floors at Poundland for free or she would lose her Job Seekers Allowance.  At the time, Reilly was volunteering at her local museum gaining important work experience within her chosen vocation and had to leave her placement to conduct this free labour for Poundland.   Ironically, this workfare scheme was called the ‘sector based work academy’. Speaking on the experience Reilly said:

“The experience did not help me get a job. I wasn’t given any training and I was left with no time to do my voluntary work or search for other jobs…The only beneficiary was Poundland, a multimillion-pound company. Later I found out that I should never have been told the placement was compulsory…I don’t think I am above working in shops like Poundland. I now work part time in a supermarket. It is just that I expect to get paid for working.”

Jamieson Wilson is an unemployed HGV driver who was required to clean furniture for 30 hours a week for six months under the governments Community Action Programme.  On refusing to provide his labour for no wage, Wilson was sanctioned by having his Job Seekers Allowance revoked for six months.

Public Interest Lawyers took up the cases of the two and succeeded at the Court of Appeal of the Royal Court of Justice in February 2012.  The UK Government launched an appeal against the decision to the Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court upheld the verdict, deemed workfare illegal, and the 150,000 people who’d had their welfare payments withheld under workfare sanctions could look forward to receiving the money due them.

But throughout the appeals process, the Government was busy changing the law to enact retroactive legislation that would render these rulings irrelevant.  In short, they didn’t like the law, so they changed it.  The government pushed through the Jobseekers Bill, with Labour’s support, to make sure they wouldn’t have to pay out a penny.

As Eric Metcalfe explains in The Guardian:

Normally, when the government loses a case, the proper course is to appeal rather than rewrite the laws in its own favour. This time, the government decided that it would rather push legislation through parliament than risk paying out to the very same jobseekers that it had forced to work for free. As a spokesman for the DWP explained yesterday: “This legislation will protect taxpayers and make sure we won’t be paying back money to people who didn’t do enough to find work.”

The Law only Applies if it Favours the Government


The list of these changes is endless.

Michael Gove’s policies looked to create a 120,000 shortfall in primary school places, opening him up to legal action from parents whose children are guaranteed a place by law – so he changed the rules to remove the guarantee.

The system of Legal Aid was supporting the voiceless and vulnerable of Britain to hold the government and it’s private partners to account over abuses from welfare cuts to unfair treatment of immigrants – so Justice Secretary Chris Grayling slashed the budget and changed the rules.  Grayling also gave the government new powers to prevent Judicial review proceedings, like those which kept open Lewisham A&E, and ruled Workfare illegal. These moves are designed to make legal opposition to government policy impossible for those who cannot afford it – which is pretty much everyone negatively impacted by ideological austerity.

I could go on.  But it would take some considerable time and space to catalogue every one of such acts this government has perpetrated.

We have a government where the Environment Minister is a climate change denier, the Justice Minister only wants justice for those who can afford it, the Education Secretary considers teachers ‘the enemy within’, the Work and Pensions minister is destroying our opportunities to find paid work or receive a pension, and the Home Secretary is privatising much of the policing and justice system to G4S, a company for which her husband is a director/shareholder.

You couldn’t make this stuff up.

The Mafia operate outside of the law and use their influence, and power to evade the repercussions  When this behaviour is adopted by a government, they are able to make their actions lawful. They hijack the legal system to execute beneficial decisions on demand, and exclude the rest of us from accessing the legal system we fund with our taxes. Kanjin Tor is correct.  We no longer have a government, we have a mafia.

Don’t get angry, get involved!

If you want to join the fight back to save our NHS, check out the National Health Action Party.  They’re not messing about.

Get in touch with Boycott Workfare if you want to know how to help kick back against regressive changes to labour and welfare conditions.

Check out Save Legal Aid to get involved in actions to stop the cuts to Legal Aid.

38 Degrees have a campaign to stop Michael Gove meddling with our education system.

But all of this will count for nothing, if you do not stand against the ideology that seeks such conflicts between public and private interests.  That ideology is neoliberalism – and it is the ideology of all our three main parties.  Vote for any of them at the next election, and however noble your intentions, you are voting for more of the same.

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  4. UK has had a mafia govt for decades: the UK is a white anglo-saxon supremacist masonic dominated fascist state. This is why the Yewtree Operation will eventually be closed down with a few scapegoats but the big bastards who should be flogged in public won’t be. I left the duplicitous and humbug nation many years ago after as number of issues with the authorities. If you are paedophile, rich or well-connected faggots you can what the hell you like. Otherwise you are scum and count for nothing. The police are just glorified truckle boys. Most of the politicians support each other in their own brand of self-obsessed delinquency and nest-feathering.
    You think Cameron is the only one. Blair was a skunk of the worst kind alongside his paranoiac mate Brown, while major, Thatcher, Heath and those before were all up to their necks in various illegal, abusive behaviours. The next lot will be as bad or worse because they are protected by their international association of Lodges and big financiers. The Royal family heads the lot and has you all conned. the late Willie Hamilton was right all along when he called for their abolition when i was young – I supported him..

  5. Only Caroline Lucas & Dennis Skinner in the Commons seem to be voices for humanitarian concern. We used to think the wishy washy Lib-Dems would at least stand up for decency. The Warning from History TV episode I saw last week showed exactly how Hitler had luck & arrogance & ambitious cronies to help him into the Chancellorship, then Hindenberg dying conveniently left opportunity yawning open. So like what we see here today. No chance of revolution; who’d give us weapons against the united powers ? Ironically, Angela Merkel might be the last states person standing as the west concedes to Putin & Beijing engulfs world economy making international criticism powerless. viz our pathetic defense of human rights before 2008 & at Sochi.
    2015 will of course wipe out all effective elections for the future when Tories & UKIP coalesce & the right-wing will be as ruthless as the Nazis or Victorian Liberals who argued for keeping 10 year old children down the pits for 12 hours a day. Pretense of defending the vulnerable will prove farcical as all the other things reduce everyone to vulnerability. Going to bed now, it’s 05.40 what’s the point of sitting up all night commenting on this calamity.

  6. the promises governments make before election should be (and quite possibly are) contractually binding. When the public vote for them and they go against the policies that the voter endorses, the contract is infringed and so the party’s right to power should be revoked.

    This is what we need, a government and a set of poitical rules that protect the interests of the voter, where lies and deceit that are made in order to gain power don’t go unpunished, and we’re left with a government that we can believe in and be proud of.

    Also, too much legislation is passed regardless of what the majority thinks, this is not democracy, it is dictatorship.

  7. Our email to George Osbourne Chancellor of the Exchequer
    9.58pm Tues 12th March 2014

    CC: Lin Homer, Zac Goldsmith, Lord Ivan Lawrence

    Dear sir
    As you will no doubt be aware, On June 10th this year, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will be notified of our “lawful” rebellion under Article 61 Magna Carta 1215 which gives the people recourse against what has become an increasingly corrupt, unjust and oppressive government, a government which no longer works on behalf of the people but instead works for the corporations, institutions and other entities which control it through “donations” and sponsorship” A government of ministers motivated only by greed.

    we are currently having difficulty communicating with Lin Homer, chief executive HMRC regarding actions we are to take in June this year, actions which will involve:

    Full refusal to pay any forms of Tax, Fines and any other forms of monies to support and/or benefit said unlawful governance of this country.

    Full refusal to abide by any Law, Legislation or Statutory Instrument invalidly put in place by said unlawful governance that is in breech of the Constitutional safeguard.

    To hinder in any way possible all actions of the treasonous government of this land, who have breeched the Constitutional safeguard; defined with no form of violence in anyway, just lawful hindrance under freedom asserted by Constitutional Law and Article 61 Magna Carta 1215

    Of course this will mean the immediate cessation of collection of taxes by HMRC during our period of lawful rebellion and any attempts to collect taxes during this period will be in direct breech of constitutional law.

    As you will be aware, once notice is served, the Queen will have just forty days in which to respond to our notice and comply with our demands to restore sovereignty, liberty, justice and freedoms as are our constitutional rights under the Great Charter.

    I have provided below the text of our emails to Lin Homer,HMRC, which have thus far been ignored. We did however receive a rather clumsy response from one of her “team” which attempted to invalidate Magna Carta:

    The following is provided for your information and / or education:

    The Magna Carta 1215
    “government” has never had the authority to repeal, amend, alter or otherwise over rule the document given to the people under Royal seal and further: Parliament was not party to the original document and therefore they, under “common law” have no rights over it.
    It is however, interesting that all governments since 1297 have by “Acts” and “Statute” attempted to dilute, repeal, alter or amend the document to suit there own agendas.

    The right of lawful rebellion was granted in 1215 prior to the existence of parliament – subsequent versions do not contain the clause, therefore the monarch failed on these occasions to grant that right, however once a right is granted by a Monarch it cannot be un-granted without the express permission of all parties to the document, so, if it can not be shown that for subsequent versions the right has been agreed to not be warranted by the barons then it is still in effect.

    The role of parliament is, not to create nor, to repeal the rights of the people, the role is to define only within the framework of the original grant of rights

    This right of lawful rebellion was asserted in 1688 successfully so was NOT repealed by the subsequent versions of the Magna Carta

    To deny the common law rights of the people is itself an act of treason.

    Lawful rebellion allows quite simply for the following recourse;

    Full refusal to pay any forms of Tax, Fines and any other forms of monies to support and/or benefit said unlawful governance of this country.
    Full refusal to abide by any Law, Legislation or statutory instrument invalidly put in place by said unlawful governance that is in breech of the Constitutional safeguard.
    To hinder in any way possible all actions of the treasonous government of this land, who have breeched the Constitutional safeguard; defined with no form of violence in anyway, just lawful hindrance under freedom asserted by Constitutional Law and Article 61.

    “Magna Carta is variously described as a covenant, contract or treaty. It is not an Act of Parliament. As we understand it, Magna Carta cannot be repealed by parliament. As a contract between sovereign and subjects, it can be breached only by one party or the other, but even in the breach it still stands. It is a mutual, binding agreement of indefinite duration. Any breach merely has the effect of giving the offended party rights of redress.”

    “The underlying idea of the sovereignty of the law, long existent in feudal custom, was raised by it into a doctrine for the national state. And when in subsequent ages the State, swollen with its own authority, has attempted to ride roughshod over the rights and liberties of the subject, it is to this doctrine (Magna Carta) that appeal has again and again been made, and never as yet, without success.”
    Winston Churchill 1956:

    Clause 61 of Magna Carta, signed by King John at Runnymede in June 1215, permits the “Sovereign’s subjects to present a quorum of 25 barons with a petition which four of their number are then obliged to take to the Monarch who is obliged to accept it. She then has 40 days to respond.” The “enforcement powers” granted by King John when he signed the Magna Carta were last used in 1688 at the start of the Glorious Revolution.

    The last time Article 61 was invoked: Lord Ashbourne, in 2001 lead the rebellion against the treaty of Nice, Lord Ashbourne, a Conservative hereditary peer ousted from the Lords under Tony Blair’s reforms, said: “These rights may not have been exercised for 300 years but only because they were not needed. Well, we need them now. They may be a little dusty but they are in good order.”

    Previous to this was in 1688 The Glorious Revolution,also called the Revolution of 1688 which gave rise to the Bill of rights

    The above information was also provided for Lin Homer and it was at this point her office refused further communication, a very worrying development.

    I’m sure you will now have a whole team of lawyers check the validity and implications of the information provided but they will i’m certain inform you that our actions are “lawful”

    The following two links will aid you in understanding how and why we are to take such action.

    Our petition to HM Queen Elizabeth II

    The Peoples Charter (2nd revision)

    Our only goal remains the restoration of sovereignty, liberty, justice and freedom for the British people.

    I look forward to your early response

    Kind regards

    Nathan Rivers
    We, the people

  8. everybody seems to blame labour.. dont get me wrong tho they have their failings and could have done allot of things better however… if you look at finances you cannot say labours spending was out of control.

    for example, the first six months of the coalition government the economy was growing, this was before the bite of austerity when labour policies were still in effect, then factor in the tories “labours spending was out of control”, well l suggest you do some research and you’ll find that the coalition government has borrowed “MORE” in three years than labour did in 13 and to add to that when labour came into power before their stint in office they were also given a deficit which they did a whole lot better with than this government did.

    dont get me wrong tho, l am not singing labours praises.. l despise the Digital economy act and their surveillance plans but lm getting really tired of blame games politicians play to absolve themselves of guilt regardless of who was at fault. suffice to say blame has gone out of the window, what l want to see is arrests of those who have exasperated all these issues and laws changed to stop sell offs and voting on vested interests.

  9. Is this worse than Labour just going on a spending spree with our money? The country is in debt because of 13 years of Labour. How do we rebuild the country?

    • Yes, it’s worse. Worse because it is a systemic intervention (altering structures) rather than a superficial one (redistributing resources, or ‘spending’). And worse because these changes are far harder to reverse, should they eventually prove to have ruined the country.

    • The coalition has generated more debt in 4 years than Labour managed in 13. Stop blaming the Labour Party, ask why this government has done the exact opposite of all their promises.

    • Behave yourself Tony, this has naff all to do with labour spends, that excuse went out with the dinosaurs but the gullible who take everything the tories feed you as gospel believe otherwise…this government is appalling.

    • You wrong the conservatives have borrowed more money in their term than Labour did in their whole stint. Im not even a labour supporter. There was a financial crash caused by fraud that the government decided to bail out. University access, water supply, NHS, full employment ect. That was at a time they took on debt of 257 pecent of GDP to rebuild after the war. I cant believe people are beckoning the demise of public assets. Its driving wages down and the workers rights that have been fought for for hundreds of years. Child poverty is shooting through the roof, homelessness is up, the disabled community are getting chucked over board. Giant facepalm. It has taken hundreds of years to get to this point. Tony you need to do more research.

    • If you found out the facts before you put such comments on here you find this was not the case and we as a country are in a bigger debt now than when the Tories come into government and the borrowing is much higher. These are government figures not mine.

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  11. If as Turri says, the government has been the drive of social well being, this statement may miss out on the point that millions of working class, fought in two World Wars, sustaining death and injuries, that on their return to so called civilian life, would be a embarrassment to the government and the people they fought for, if they were left in the gutters to rot, without some financial assistance, would be conspicuous I may mention these wars were in principle fought for the elite to maintain their privilege’s, as many would know this group would have little or no compassion for those who maintain their comfortable lifestyle, on the contrary they would I think, despise them as fodder for the next round of conflict, as a necessary contribution being a dispensable throwaway item.

  12. I think there’s a missing angle here – it’s not “government”, as much as it is the corporate interests who have bought the three main parties (to a greater or lesser extent), and who have bankrolled UKIP from the get-go. It is the interests of the multinationals which are being served by these policies – not the government.

    Government is not intrinsically evil – in fact for half of the last century it was the primary engine behind people’s well-being. The big companies didn’t like that (after all, you can’t exploit employees anything like as much when they have a good chance of just taking their labour and expertise elsewhere), and set out to dismantle it, with the first salvos eventually landing in the early ’80s.

    • You identify bought up parties, but hold to the notion of a sound government. Are you simply argumentative, splitting hairs (ones that can’t be split) or delusionary? Don’t answer unless you want to apologize or I’m missing something, otherwise you’re, sorry, not qualified.

    • You are right all 4 parties are owned, lock stock….. The problem is not with government per se, it is with democracy. Which is meaningless in reality now. There is no party to vote for that wants to change the corporate hegemony.

      Under our parliamentary system politicians are supposed to represent our views to government. They do the exact opposite, they represent governments views to us. We have the worst of all worlds, we are now governed by an entirely unelected, almost invisible elite, that is entirely unaccountable…..

      We should start by banning all political donations, from any source

  13. Great article. I fear for our future, I really do. This is nothing more than class war, keep the poor poor and make the rich richer. So many people are oblivious to it though, by the time the majority realise it will be too late I fear

  14. Because these traitorous, dishonorable,lying thieving scum may only be in government for five years, by law they should not be allowed to change anything that is connected to the running of the nation. They have no tried and tested policies only ideology’s that could and have done irreparable damage to the nation itself. This should be made into some kind of criminal charge say TREASON for instance, They made promises before the election they had no intention of keeping. They have got where they are through Lies, Fraud, Dishonesty, this is something no one in government should be allowed to get away with. Britain is now a country with no Justice, just bought and paid for Judges, Police commissioners a bought and paid for establishment. Where are all the law abiding Judges, Police authorities, the law abiding establishment? The first five years should be about putting together a package that benefits the nation and its people that is tried and tested before being unrolled onto the great British public. Not a package that benefits a very small few in government and their commercial lackeys, a package that is forced onto everyone regardless of the deaths and misery it causes. They are criminals very dangerous criminals they all have blood soaked hands, they should be treated for what they are, then the key thrown away.. .

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