This Guy Found out His Council Were Paying People to Bully the Homeless – His Response Will Inspire You

A001Joseph Murphy (pictured above) is not an undercover journalist. He’s an oil rig worker based in Dundee. But when he found out his Council was paying workers called City Centre Ambassadors to bully and intimidate homeless people out of the town centre, he decided to go undercover to expose the truth.

More Than Just an Average Joe

Joe, with his partner Zanna and son Joe Jnr

Joe, with his partner Zanna, and son Joe Jnr

Joseph Murphy is a man who cares about people.

Last October, he raised £3,000 running a marathon on his oil rig. What makes it all the more remarkable is that he completed the race between two 12 hour shifts…and didn’t even consider himself a runner.

Then he saw Shelter’s 2013 Christmas campaign last year, with this image:

A001While some ignored it, and others shook their heads…Joe felt a compulsion to act. He decided to raise money for Shelter by spending last Christmas Day running a marathon on the Tay Bridge. His newborn son was just two days old, and he remained committed to the run – he even coordinated a Christmas meal for homeless people of the town and distributed leftover food to feed as many people as he could.

As I say, this is a guy who cares about people.

I was lucky enough to speak to Joe after hearing him interviewed on the UK Collapse radio show “Ginger Snaps”, hosted by Chris Morgan. I was deeply inspired by his story.

A002(One of Joe’s food drops, image taken from his Facebook page)

After becoming increasingly concerned about the rising number of homeless people due to ideological austerity, and the amount of food people waste – Joe began making regular food drops to local homeless people. He says:

“It really doesn’t take much effort to turn your leftovers into a decent meal for somebody who has nothing”.

During one of these food drops, he was interrupted by a one of Dundee’s red-coated City Centre Ambassadors who came and ordered the homeless people to move along. Joe asked him under what authority he was making such an order, but the Ambassador reportedly dismissed his concerns and continued to order the homeless people along.

A homeless man named John told Joe that this was business as usual for the City Centre Ambassadors. According to John they were very intimidating, and would order the homeless people away from the Town Centre. If they refused, the Ambassadors would call police and make false allegations of ‘aggressive begging’ against them. The police would then come and arrest the homeless people or move them out of the centre by force.

In Scotland, the Vagrancy Act of 1824 was repealed in 1982, which means police and councils can only act against homeless people if they commit a crime. Since then, the Civic Government Act’s provision of ‘aggressive begging’ has been utilised to criminalise homeless people simply for being homeless.

Joe was outraged. He did a little digging and found out that Dundee Council employs three full time City Centre Ambassadors at a wage of £16,000 a year. The job description reads:

Reporting to the City Centre Assistant you will assist with the development of a comprehensive and efficient City Centre Management service to Dundee’s City Centre. The primary role of the Ambassador will be to meet and greet visitors, augment the activities of the security and police services, interface with businesses and undertake minor environmental duties. You will spend most of your time outdoors patrolling the City Centre.

Nowhere here does it mention the task of moving homeless people away from public view. Yet this has been a key activity of the City Centre Ambassadors.

But no one would believe the word of homeless people over the City Centre Ambassadors in their red coats. So Joe decided he would grow out his beard and pretend to be a homeless person in order to catch the City Centre Ambassadors in the act.

Undercover Joe

A004(A homeless veteran in a UK town centre)

On 8th March 2014, Joe hit the streets and took a camera with to live stream life as a homeless person in Dundee. The film makes interesting viewing. Homeless people give him tips – such as keeping his coin jar further away from him as passersby won’t want to come too close. There is also the sense of separation – of no longer being part of ordinary life.

Just 27 minutes into filming, as Joe is shown sitting quietly, interacting with the public only when spoken to – a City Centre Ambassador arrives on the scene and immediately orders him to move on. The manner in which the Ambassador speaks to him is curt and intimidating. His greeting is “You’re new”, followed by “Stand up”. When Joe refuses to stand, move or give his name – the Ambassador moves a little away and calls the police – just as Joe had been told would happen, by homeless people in the town.

The behaviour of the Ambassador is in stark contrast with the Job Advert, which asks for candidates who “have a willingness to help and a pleasant friendly manner. Good communication and interpersonal skills are also essential”.

Video streaming by Ustream.

Joe decided to contact Dundee Council to see if these City Centre Ambassadors were acting outside their remit, or on the instructions of the council.

Video streaming by UstreamHe is told by the Council worker that the Ambassadors are required to move homeless people on – referring to them as an “eyesore”and a “hindrance to business”.

Joe continues to find ways to support and help the homeless people of Dundee.

It’s Time to Start Caring About People

A005I spent around an hour speaking with Joe, and his compassion blew me away. He embodies “Don’t get angry, get involved”…or as we often admit here “Get angry, then do something useful with it”. We all have excuses for being angry and not getting involved – we have a demanding job, we have children, we just want to enjoy our time off and not have to think about things like homelessness and politics. So I asked Joe, what would you say to people to have them give up the excuses and get involved?

“People think they’re involved because they feel things and talk about it. But we need to put those words into action. It’s time to start giving a damn about other people, your community.

The best form of education is demonstration. I’m only doing what I can.”

His personal inspiration comes from his Gran, who died last Christmas. She was clearly a huge character in Joe’s life. Although she had 15 children, she still invited homeless people in off the street to provide them with food and clothing. Joe believes it is her example of kindness and compassion that resonates through the generations of his family. As we wrapped up the call, we got into a brief conversation about giving as the ultimate act of revolution in a society that knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. Giving is also one of the most personally rewarding things you can ever do. It is not a sacrifice. There is real joy in being part of your community and a feeling of elation and peace comes with the knowledge that your actions make a profound difference in the lives of others. We expressed confusion that more people hadn’t figured this out. I say to Joe: “It’s like everyone wants a revolution, but no one wants to change”. He laughed and said:

“That’s it. The revolution isn’t out there. The revolution is here with us. All we need to do to make it happen, is change the way we behave.”

And with that, our call was over and I smiled for the rest of the day. Joe has a series of fundraising events happening this year, including running two marathons this Christmas Day. I’ll be covering these as they happen so you can support Joe in his efforts. Now, what does your personal revolution look like?

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65 thoughts on “This Guy Found out His Council Were Paying People to Bully the Homeless – His Response Will Inspire You

  1. I guess that if you dont want to give Money to Homeless People because you dont want them to get Drink/Drugs (God knows so many people who aint homeless have problems with Drink/Drugs to Escape from there Real Lifes) then why not take them to a Food Place and buy them Lunch…

    Was well impressed with a guy in Nottingham went in to a locale shop and brought some kind of snake foods and just handed the bag to the homeless guy.. Nottingham is a place i avoid as people there would step over your body and the most heartless place ive ever been to.. but this one guy gives home and good way to deal things

  2. Isn’t it illegal to make up lies about people to get them arrested? Who has ordered these workers to do this? Has a complaint been filed to the police about this? Has this avenue been followed up?

  3. Joe is a great guy (though I were his wife with the two-day-old son I might not be quite so cheered by his efforts, or with his timing). Our local schools compete with each other on food drives, though, and supporting local shelters. Our local library also has an informal ‘don’t smell don’t tell’ policy of allowing people to nap (as long as they don’t do so in the children’s section). Besides, the Wall Street Journal will induce slumber in almost anybody…

    We don’t have nearly enough buskers, though another town about 100 miles away does (our town is in Easter Oregon in the States, where distances are sometimes quite large between the larger towns).

    But we see homeless veterans in our town, especially those with dogs (normally no stays in shelters with pets), who need help. I hope our local police have better things to do than to move them along.

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  5. Sounds like the local council have their people out in force commenting here. There is probably a “social media” department at the council for just this job. See how they demonise the homeless, claim they are all violent, live rough by choice, earn hundreds of pounds begging and similar nonsense. All designed to sway public opinion away from a man who is doing nothing but good

    • they no doubt got the idea from those trolls at Langley….they have a whole floor dedicated to such things!

  6. The ‘homeless’ people in Dundee City Centre need taken away from the city centre, the ambassadors are helping the shoppers and passers feel comfortable in town! Not what you claim! There is a homeless unit in Dundee and majority of them do have somewhere to staystay, it’s just the fact that they do nothing all day but beg.

    Majority of them are of their face on drugs or are sitting there with their bottles of frosty jacks or even standing outside shop doors asking people for money as they go in and out. They cause havoc in the town, scream along the streets and can be quite threatening.

    They make people uncomfortable with their forceful begging. You can’t even switch sides of the street your walking on because there’s at least one on each side ‘working’ together. People have to hold their change when walking past them as they don’t want to hear it jingle. I use to feel sorry for them but after seeing what the ones are like in town I don’t. Call me ignorant all you like but the beggars in Dundee city centre are a nuisance and need to be stopped. They make the town look dirty and always leave a mess. They’re aggressive and always hang about in gangs.

    I enjoy buskers, street performers etc and would happily give them my change, Big Issue sellers are also great because at least they’re doing something but I hate beggars. The ones outside the tesco/Casino cash machine, the ones literally sitting underneath the cash machine at the tesco on the nethergate, the ones outside the wellgate, the ones outside the natwest cash machine – I mean really its dark outside and theres only you and a beggar at the cash machine,tell me thats not ‘scary’? – the ones up the Seagate alleys, the ones in the marketgait tunnel and especially the ones at the bottom of Perth road/nethergate on each side of the road. Oh and the one who pretends he has no arm, I mean seriously we can see it bended in your sleeve. How about the ones with the ‘oh I need bus money yi see hospital and mate eh’ or even the honest ones ‘got any money for a tin, or give is a fag’.

    I’m not sorry and for once I agree with the council. More needs to be done for these people but they need to stop them from begging and filling up the town.

    • How tragic?! How appalling for you that you are forced to share a public space with poor people who have lost everything. It must be a constant, never ending torture for you to waste literally minutes every year on the pitiful pleas of these hopeless wretches…and all you’re trying to do is blow your cash on the latest piece of plastic covered crap to disguise the gaping hole in your chest, where a heart should be.

      I pity you. I really do.

      • Perfect comeback. People talk about the homeless as if they’re discarded objects, just pieces of trash the council forgot to pick up. Saddens me deeply.

        People just seem to think that they must be lazy or useless, and only have themselves to blame for their situation. And whilst that is true to an extent – we are all responsible for our actions in life – people just don’t seem to consider that maybe that person is ill, suffered a messy divorce, has addiction problems or simply lost their jobs and couldn’t afford their rent anymore and that they need HELP.

        Not outrage or hatred, or disgust or ‘fear’ (“Oh no that homeless person who can’t even stand up is near a cash point I want to use, what ever will I do?”) but love and support. Help and understanding.

        The guy this article is about is a true compassionate soul and should be applauded for his efforts.

        • and sometimes it is simply inflicted on them by nasty vindictive people….i’m aware of numerous cases where people in charge of repossessing homes and proprty forge the paperwork so they can buy it at knock down prices and sell for a profit… wdn’t think it wd be legal wd you? and that’s just the simplified version….they go to great lengths to ‘legalise’ their crimes…

      • I’m with you on this one Kerry. It’s so disheartening to read a response like Liam’s, but yet to those of us who are fully awake, it’s clear his rhetoric is the by product of an intensive campaign to demonise the poor and the homeless. The demonisation of a working class. A class that was once described as the ‘salt of the earth’ but is now portrayed as the scum of the earth.

        Liam, you clearly have never had to endure life without the comfort of a roof over your head. I suggest you try it before you criticise those who do/

    • Edinburgh seems to do fine by leaving their homeless alone IF they are quietly sitting & not chasing people for cash, what Dundee Council REALLY need to take a look at is the amount of junkies in the town centre, causing far more concern to shoppers than harmless beggars and more than likely robbing the businesses blind, both the council and the police seem to turn a blind eye to them arguing, fighting and generally being a nuisance, but then Dundee council treat junkies far better than anyone else, plenty benefits, free methadone (even if they’ve no intention of coming off drugs) taxis to get from A to B (B usually being their dealer) and a nice council house to destroy. Pretty sure the REAL homeless people would look after the flats better AND be more grateful. So instead of harassing the homeless, harass the junkies instead.

  7. Hmm. Dundee council houses hundreds of homeless people every year. Shelter has never put a single roof over anyone’s head in fifty years of existence

    • i betya sheffield city council say same thing (not that things that don’t actually exist can speak), that’s definately bullshit, it’s just propaganda….they do the OPPOSITE of what they say you do, like declaring wars and dropping bombs on children whilst claiming they want peace….
      i see no reason it would be any different in Dundee.

      heavily armed psychopaths breaking into people’s homes screaming it’s da council, Peace, piss, reece, police (actually, i dnt think any of the psychopaths can actually pronounce the word)…anlthough about 95 % of the time they dnt even bother shouting that….just do it when they’re also filming the happy slappy footage to sell to the drooling masses as entertainment…..

    • Shelter isn’t a group that provides housing for people. It’s a pressure group which campaigns against homelessness and seeks to highlight the causes of homelessness. They also provide support and guidance to people looking for tenancies, or who are at immediate risk of being made homeless. I know you won’t like reading this information as it doesn’t fit in with your own assumptions.

    • What Shelter does

      Shelter offers free, expert housing advice to anyone – no matter what their situation. Our free helpline is open 365 days a year and we have face-to-face advice centres up and down the country, as well as specialist legal and support services for those who need more in-depth housing help. Our expert advisers will listen to and support clients, and can help them take action or negotiate on their behalf.

      Our team of solicitors offer expert legal advice, help fight repossession and eviction, and can attend court to defend people who are at risk of losing their home. They can challenge local authority homelessness decisions, and step in when councils aren’t doing enough to support those in housing need. They also defend tenants by helping to pursue claims against landlords where disrepair is causing a serious risk of harm or in cases of unlawful eviction.

      Our specialist support services are there for families who need more in-depth help to keep their home, or to settle into a new one after being homeless. Our teams work with families like these over time, giving them the full, practical support they need to get back on their feet.

      We help millions with housing problems every year, so we know better than anyone where a change in the law could make all the difference. We campaign to get these changes made, tackling the root causes of the housing crisis so that, one day, no one will have to turn to us for help.

  8. I have lots of praise for what you are doing and for bringing this injustice to light. However in the future in may be wise to reduce the video lengths to specific portions of your documentary. By all means place the full unedited video online but people will not watch 2 hours of video unless they are passionate about the subject. Youtube facebook etc show that videos of 2-3 minutes are generally the longest that people will watch.

  9. If Scotland were to become independent, there would be elections. Independence does not equal an SNP government.

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  11. All i need to get out of position I’ve been put in is papers, access to a bank account. Once you have no address and now numerous forms of state sanctioned ID you’re pretty screwed for life, though this is not living.

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  13. the redcoats discourage homeless people from begging in the city centre for a good reason, especially if they see someone new, they dont want another homeless person in town. If every poor person decided they’d rather be spoonfed by the public than have to put any effort whatsoever into life then the streets would be overrun, even more so than they are now. The ambassadors discourage new homeless people from begging for a reason. People get stuck begging for tens of years, its a terrible road to go down. They don’t fear the ambassadors either, the minute they’re out of sight a homeless person who has been asked to move will sit back where they were before. Being one of the ambassadors isnt a nice job but I think its a necessary one. About half of the homeless folk in dundee have no intention whatsoever to get out of the position they are in, theyre the ones in the city centre during the day. Much respect for the big issue sellers though who really do want to progress in their lives

    • Sure, because everyone wants to lower themselves by begging, having to sleep rough, not knowing when or where your next meal is coming from. This government is forcing people into poverty, and brainwash those like you into blaming the poor for being poor. Dont be fooled by the propaganda bull, i’m sure most homeless do not want to be in the situation they are in

      • I know almost every one of the homeless in Dundee and have a decent understanding of the homeless community of Dundee, I’m not speaking from the position of a brainwashed government sympathiser, I’ve been busking in the town centre for about a year now, as well as web design in the evening. A daytime homeless person earns on average £20 to £40 in a days begging, from 9-11 in the morning till 8-10 at night with breaks in between. The idea is that they get enough to spend £20-£25 on a b&b, food is a given, often two people working together will stay in a shared b&b. Anyone on the brink of becoming a beggar should do everything in their power to avoid begging as it is a trap that people can be caught in for many years. The big issue does a great job of getting people out of extreme poverty and into rented accommodation, and the city ambassadors don’t bother them as they are legally allowed to sell it in the city centre and are given salespoints. But there are many homeless who have been begging for years and don’t have any intention to become big issue sellers. Of course nobody wants to be homeless but a homeless person needs to put effort into getting out of the situation they’re in and begging involves no effort whatsoever

        • Hahaha!

          Sounds like being homeless is much more lucrative way to live. I’m going to quit my job, grab a sleeping bag and head for the streets: grab myself a piece of this pie!

          Wait, are you actually a busker passing judgement on others for being superfluous to society? What do you say to the Ambassadors (Could they have invented a funnier name?) when they try to move you on?
          “It’s alright mate, I’m actually a web designer!”

        • The beggars and big issue sellers in Dundee are as follows – there is a man who sells the BI by the RBS in the City Centre, He is friends with the non-junkie evening beggars who take shifts from 8-3:30pm, He is a decent man with a wife and rented accommodation who looked after a suicidal girl called Kasha for a while, buying her cups of tea etc. He encourages my busking and I respected him for a while before I was informed by a really nice female RBS big issue seller he had turned Kasha(previously homeless) towards prostitution. There is the woman who sells the big issue with her husband outside RBS. She is kind, helpful and I am happy to give her the odd quid if she needs it. There is a big issue seller at the seagate entrance of marks and spencer. He is a good man with intentions to get out of selling the big issue by learning an instrument for busking, he has rented accommodation. His friend sells the BI outside tesco, they are two nice optimistic people, struggling by and often rightfully complain about the taxes they are charged for selling the BI. There is a couple of homeless people, the woman has recently been given the big issue to sell, in the close next to the arctic bar. She recently got out of hospital, her boyfriend feels oppressed by the ambassadors and uses me as a cash machine, which I do not object to, I duly pay my daily allowance to him in exchange for a chat. There is a girl who sits next to the arctic bar close who often shouts at me from across the street after she gets sick of my music. There is a guy who sits by the dragon statue who will sit in front of you when he wants your busking spot, he’s in and out of jail and stands up to the ambassadors, threatens people with violence, takes drugs and drinks in the street, I think he’s the guy in the video. Theres john, a nice man who never bothers anyone and will gladly sit near me to have a listen to my busking, never asks for anything which is a plus. There is another big issue seller who occasionally sells outside RBS, He has a friend who wait for people to go into the co-op on the way to lochee and get them to buy his shopping. There are two nice woman who beg in the city centre who keep themsef to themselves. There is an older man who begs outside gift city near the welgate who has a house and a pension but will never let you busk there as it is his spot (an opinion two or three homeless people have, which I respect(at least pretend to respect)). There is an arctic bar close BI seller who only sells it at certain times of the year, he’s nice, chatty and likes my music. The evening beggars beg by the DCA and Istanbul, they are all decent people, who are polite and friendly, they have a b&b arrangement with a nearby hotel and walk up and down the city centre with their dog during the day. These are most of the people I have met in the city centre,

          My life ambition is to earn enough money to buy cheap flats for all the homeless people in Dundee hence ending homelessness there and relieving much of the burden from the organisation Shelter. I believe that instead of thinking of buying bigger houses, home owners thinking of scaling the property ladder should think about ending homelessness in their local community instead. I hope to one day be the catalyst for this.

          I don’t believe that sacking the city ambassadors will tackle the root of the problem in Dundee or indeed any city which employs people with similar employment, they are a symptom of the local homeless problem. A problem which gives Dundee a bad reputation across Scotland.

          • So you’re mad because the homeless ppl are getting more money than you by the sounds of it and by branding 1 a junkie makes you sound really bad asif because 1 is a junkie he deserves this, what a lovely human being you are, thank god not all are like you and we have people like Joe and others willing to help these people, maybe you should spend a few weeks living rough in the weather we get and see if you’re still so biased with your views, unreal.

          • Wow, yes, you ‘know’ them really well don’t you. ‘A girl’… ‘A friend’ … ‘a man’ …. ‘junkie’ …. Try asking their names? You’re so quick to pass judgement on their lives, yet all you know about them is what you’ve observed. Carry on busking mate, I’m sure you’ll earn the hundreds of thousands of pounds required to house all these people in no time!

        • You will get a better understanding when it is your turn finddogblog. You get paid for what you do and that is all that matters to you, that is all that matters to anyone with no conscience. How about enforcing the Law on your Government thieves of keeping their oath to serve the people? How about educating yourselves about crime syndicate running your country you call and vote for to do this to anyone? Na that would take a backbone wouldn’t it? Number one principle of life…what you give to life will return to you.

          • Money is a means to an end so you are right, it does matter to me. But I don’t plan on spending all the money I save on myself. I plan on helping the people I have got to know and will get to know better over the next few years. You cannot change someones life with one bag of food, it takes thousands of pounds and a well thought out plan. Something which will benefit someone long-term rather than short-term. It seems like you take great joy in talking down to me, telling me what a terrible person I am and telling me how to live my life. I would like to know what you are doing with yours that is so fantastic.

        • So what do YOU earn daily for your busking? Or are you annoyed that sometimes the beggars get more than you?
          Have a heart, this government has pulled the rugs out from under the feet of millions with the severe cuts to all services, housing, benefits etc. If we don’t become independent and the tories get back in, then get used to the sight of even more homeless, with children, around the city!

    • You sound like a lovely caring person. I hope you never find yourself down on your luck and end up meeting someone like yourself now.

      • I dint live in Dundee, but on face value “findogblog” seems to have an in depth knowledge of the homeless in the that city. Even the owner/publisher of the BI would agree with some of his statements that some beggars have no intention of getting out of their current situation because they are habituated to it and it becomes the norm for them. That does not mean they have no aspirations, they just don’t know how to and should be given every means and help to do so. I think those that have castigated “findogblog” should re-read hi s post carefully and not resort to knee-jerk reactions

    • “About half of the homeless folk in dundee (sic) have no intention whatsoever to get out of the position they are in”,

      Really? I’m wondering what kind of position you would need to be in to know that. Where is your evidence to support the above statement? How many people (homeless or otherwise) do you get to speak to- in the life of a busker? The population of Dundee (in 2012) stood at around 147.000. That’s a lot of busking you do. Or is it merely your opinion, based on prejudice & hearsay? Not worth Jack Shit then – is it?

    • I’ve never read so much nonsense. Being homeless is the result of many social and mental problems. Nobody just decides to become homeless – or views it as an easy option. Why don’t we just ship them to ‘camps’ along with the poor, old and disabled? Let’s not understand and be sympathetic – let’s just get rid of everybody who is a nuisance to society.

      • I agree whole heartedly – some of the comments on here have been quite ridiculous in the extreme. There are too many people being brainwashed these days without actually thinking for themselves on the issues that matter.

    • HOLY GENERALISATION BATMAN. Have you ever actually stopped and spoke to a homeless person to find out the details of their story? I think you will be surprised enough to put down your tar and brush.

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  15. Well done, Joe, what an amazing person you are, your grandmother would be very proud of you. And what an eye-opener… Dundee City Council, you ought be ashamed of yourself. Your so-called “City Ambassadors” are nothing more than bullies in the worst possible way – to the less fortunate only. That one caught red-handed in the film should be fired. Questions need asked too of the Dundee City Police for backing them up because the bottom line is there were no laws broken there so why were they even involved? The people of Dundee should be very angry to see what £48,000 of their taxes is spent on – council-sanctioned thuggery in their town center. And they will see it – this will be all over twitter tonight thanks to @Scriptonite and her 5,454 followers. Off to tweet!

    • little doubt that laws were actually broken….just the one’s breaking them have immunity from prosecution and a monopoly on it—-that’s fundamentally the problem!

      and i dnt want to disparage Joe….but what has changed? absolutely nothing as usual presumably….accept for the possibility of homeless people being randomly stripped searched for cameras now…

      the only ‘legal’ option left to ‘change’ things is to invent timetravel b4 nuking the ba**ards, it is the law if you believe the rumours

      • what is changed?it’s the act of kindness being shown. something that Joe’s grandmother taught him. something that everyone in this world needs to be reminded of

        • changed? as in prosecuting the psychos that commit crimes….personally i still believe hair colour, eye colour, gender, nationality, who your employer is (govt or private sub contractor)…..are all IRRELEVANT factors, when you put on disguises, creep up behind people and shoot them repeatedly in the head….break into peoples homes/ soemtimes wearing masks, attack them, sell their personal data to their mates so they come around and turn few hundred damage into several thousand- and then sell the happy slap footage to TV companies as entertainment (i include 60minute makeover in that….)…never mind what this thread is about.
          violence and threat of violence is the only power/ force of change. simple fact.

  16. is he expecting to be shipped off to guantanamo next? he’ll be in good company with the likes of Chelsea Manning and the rest….

  17. wow, just wow.

    but on the job description…surely everybody knows that the words actually mean the opposite of words mean now? all just euphamisms in any good job….’cept for the terrorist police, they’re the only one’s who are actually honest about being terrorists….but presumably too stupid to understand that! no matter how many times you explain it to them, no matter how many times they kick you repeatedly in the head and never mind the other stuff that is too gruesome to mention on a public board….

  18. Dear Joe, I’m 100% with you, i just wanted to say what about HR departments in local “governments” (councils), because they are those who give the thugs their jobs. I’ll be up to taking that on…xxxlong live and prosper!

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