UKIP Brings in Police and Lawyers to Censor Bloggers – It’s on Farage, It’s on

The UK Independence Party (UKIP) dropped all pretense as a Libertarian party this week when they brought in police and lawyers to threaten bloggers who shared a ‘fact check’ leaflet of UKIP’s policies.  Our response needs to be defiant, let’s get this leaflet around the country and the world.

Censorship, Brought to You by UKIP

A005 - CopyThe UKIPpers are forever bleating on about political correctness gone mad acting a tool of censorship.  So, you’d think they might encourage dissent and debate of ideas – being such champions of free speech.  Um, no.

When blogger Michael Abberton tweeted the above image, he received a visit from police, who asked him to delete the tweet.  He described the incident to the Independent, claiming the officers told him that he should not publicise the visit.

“They said [the visit] was in relation to a complaint that had been made by a certain political party in relation to tweets I had published about them and one tweet in particular which talked about 10 reasons to vote for them,” he said.

“The PC wanted to know if I had made that poster. They asked me to ‘take it down’ but I said I couldn’t do that as it had already been retweeted and copied many times and I no longer had any control of it. They said that they couldn’t force me to take it down anyway.”

He took to his Axe of Reason blog to detail the bizarre experience further:

A complaint had been made but with no legal basis. Not a police matter. So why did they come to my home in the middle of a Saturday afternoon? Also, seeing as my profile doesn’t have my location – how did they know my address, or even the town I live in?

About fifteen minutes after they left I received a threatening tweet from a party member I had had an exchange with earlier in the day. Though appearing to be no more than a party supporter, he seemed to know that the police had been involved. I copied the tweet and sent it to the police.

So the police, however polite and professional the individual officers were, have taken the decision to politically police Mr Abberton – in spite of the fact he had, by their own admission, broken no law.

The Chief of Cambridgeshire Police later apologised for despatching officers for this fool’s errand and has announced a review of procedure.  But it didn’t stop there.

The Ripple Effects

A005This incident is worrying enough on its own, but having shared the image yesterday, the Another Angry Voice blog claim they received ‘legalistic threats’ from someone identifying themselves as a UKIP associate and had therefore deleted the image from their page.

Privacy rights blogger Paul Bernal and Mike Sivier over at Vox Political were soon rallying in support, and so should we all.

Political policing – that is using police and the law to shield politicians from legitimate scrutiny – is on the rise in the UK.  Here are just a few of the most absurd examples:

How Did It Come to This?

A006We have been sleepwalking into an authoritarian state.  The Anti Terrorism and Security Act 2001, the Terrorism Act 2006, and the Serious and Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 wiped out most of the civil liberties gains made in the previous four centuries.  Much of this took place unopposed, as dissenting voices were made out as terror-apologists and conspiracy theorists.

The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 laid the legal groundwork for us to become the most surveilled citizenry on the earth – with more security cameras per citizen than China.

For the full and harrowing list of just how many rights we’ve lost, please see a previous post on the matter here.

So, when a political party and its members seek to use the police or lawyers to silence legitimate criticism of their policies in the run up to an election, we cannot merely cuss about it.  We need to make our response so overwhelming that they dare not even think of trying it on again.

If you vote UKIP, you are voting to:

  • Sell the NHS,
  • Remove a wide range of worker’s rights – that’s sick pay, holiday pay, restrictions on working hours, notice periods for termination and other important securities.
  • A flat tax system that would charge the Starbucks CEO and the barrista the same percentage of their income in taxes.  Tax expert Richard Murphy has roundly denounced this policy as social engineering that could leave people without the vital services upon which they rely.

The party leader Farage is a millionaire banker, from millionaire banking lineage – his father Guy Oscar Justus Farage was a stockbroker.

Farage didn’t work his way up from the bottom.  He was educated at £10,000 a term private school Dulwich College.  On leaving college he used daddy’s contacts to become a commodities trader in the City.  He is one of those suited, champagne quaffing, morally bankrupt traders that helped bring our economy to its knees.  A vote for UKIP, is a vote to install another wealthy heir into Number 10.

Never mind the membership who think floods are caused by gay marriage, who refer to the vast continent of African nations as ‘bongo-bongo land’, and call women who wear trousers ‘hostile’.

This is not spin, or opinion, these are the brutal facts.

Unless you believe that the nation is truly full of bigots and homophobes who want to get rid of their NHS and light a bonfire of their rights – clearly the message about what UKIP really stands for is not sinking in.  This rancid excuse for a party still doing well in the polls and is gifted more time on flagship BBC shows like Question Time than other alternative parties like the Green Party, despite the Greens having a sitting MP.  This is why bloggers must remain free to do the job that the mainstream media is clearly failing in: To expose Farage and the UKIPpers for what they really are – the same old establishment party of which the majority are sick to death.

Don’t get angry, get involved!

One request, share this article of the image on every social media outlet available to you.  Print it out and stick it on your workplace/school/university/residential or nursing home communal areas. Spread it far and wide.

If you want an alternative, there are many. Look around.

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11 thoughts on “UKIP Brings in Police and Lawyers to Censor Bloggers – It’s on Farage, It’s on

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  5. I was interested in your point of view until I got to the bit where you said UKIP were going to sell the NHS. That’s just blatant nonsense.

    I’m guessing you’re not a UKIP voter? Have you not yet worked out that the quickest way to persuade voters to support UKIP is to wage a campaign of American gutter style politics against them. For an example, just look how censoring the BNP’s election broadcast played right into their hands.

    More coverage than the Green Party? Well, yes because they have a higher ranking in the polls. Also this is and EU election, so why is the fact that the Greens have a sitting Westminster MP relevant? And if we’re talking about Caroline Lucas here, then look what a joke she’s turned out to be.

    I can’t wait for the 2015 General Election. Just wait for the smear campaigns and mud slinging on that one. I despair at the depths to which politics in this country is sinking. It gets more like America every day…

  6. Pigyobs know where you live it’s not safe for you and your family to live there anymore. They do far worse than just murder people with immunity….

    In order to make it safe for the next people to live there you have to rip down all the ceilings, rip up floor boards, burn carpets, all your clothes…only safe way is to burn the house down. Destroy your phone, change bank account and ID if you can- which you can’t- once they take that away from you you have no hope of anywhere to live, work or anything ever again….
    Those cameras, RFID chips and ‘other devices’ don’t get by themelves. Same with penises inisde my anus and bullets into people’s heads. Nor did my dog commit suicide, str8 out of mkultra manual that one….I still say Jean Charles got off easy

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  8. Interesting to see that a number of the supporting links from the poster are to Keith Rowe’s website. Also interesting to see that none of them work anymore. It appears those particular pages have been wiped from existence, almost as if UKIP doesn’t want anyone to know what their policies are…

    Fortunately, the Internet archive ‘Wayback Machine’ has a cached copy that can be accessed via this link:

    Hooray for openness and honesty!

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