No One Wants Their Free World Cup Copy of The Sun! Look What People Are Doing With Them…

SUN002Like most other people in England this morning, I awoke to find a copy of The Sun sitting on my door mat.  It said ‘This is Our England’ on the front and for a moment, I genuinely thought I’d been the victim of a hate crime.  Then I realized it was just The Sun trying to own the World Cup.

So I took this free copy of The Sun out into the garden, placed it on the BBQ….and I burned it.

A quick glance at the twitter hashtag #PostBankTheSun revealed you guys had been even cannier and started sending them back FREEPOST, with some personal messages.

Here are some of the best I’ve seen…

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People across the country were so incensed at the idea, that some even went to great lengths to ensure one never even arrived in the first place.

Bravo England, Bravo.

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Here’s Max Keiser announcing out water fight with Boris!


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6 thoughts on “No One Wants Their Free World Cup Copy of The Sun! Look What People Are Doing With Them…

  1. My stepfather; many moons ago had the right use for newspapers, off to the woodshed for
    a tom tit ( toilet then was just a bucket surrounded with wood and a wooden seat) i celebrated
    today with downloading the brownload and putting this disgusting rag to a similar use.
    I hasten to add that i do not spend one pence on any rag; ever!

  2. After what the Sun news shit newspaper said after Hillsborough I wouldn’t wipe my ass with it. Good riddance to really bad rubbish

  3. With all due respect – as I have admired many of your other articles – on this occasion you give the impression of being a middle class, middle aged grumbler looking around for something to complain about. The Sun is the widest circulating newspaper in the country, so it must be doing something right. Or are you aligning yourself with those who look for every opportunity to shudder in public at popular culture. Just bung the thing in the recycling bin and leave it at that. No need for a song and dance.

    • “With all due respect”….

      What would you know about that? Try showing a morsel to the ninety six deceased human beings of Hillsborough and their families, before you dare utter the word.

      “it must be doing something right”-

      The day ‘The Sun’ does ANYTHING right, is when the Sun don’t shine.

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