Israel vs Palestine is not a Conflict, it’s a Slowly Unfolding Genocide

A000The ‘fight’ between Israel and Palestine is not a conflict, it is a slowly unfolding genocide. While the western mainstream media continues to perpetrate the myth of Palestinian aggression met with Israeli defense, Palestinians are being massacred.

The Night the Sky Burned

Footage taken in Ramallah, 2002 (c) YouTube User: RamallahFirst

On the final night of my first visit to Ramallah in 2002, we held a concert with our friends.  We each performed a song or some little act.  We smoked, we drank a little, and we rolled up into our sleeping bags and thought about going home.

All of a sudden, we were woken up and told that the IDF were coming into Ramallah.  We could stay in the youth centre or we could distribute ourselves among key buildings in the area to help prevent them being blown to bits.  It was a no-brainer for me.  I ended up rotating between the Health Ministry and a media centre called the PARC building in Ramallah.

I don’t think it’s possible to recreate in words the absolute horror that ensued that night.  The sky looked as if it was on fire, and it sort of was.  Although it was the middle of the night, the sky was lit up in reds and oranges by the sheer amount of munitions soaring through it.  IDF tanks went past, shaking the building to its foundations; my teeth rattled in my cheeks, the windows rattled in their frames.  The sound landscape was full of whooshes, bangs, sirens, deep rumbling, thudding, and popping.

One of our delegation disappeared into the bathroom to throw up.  I stood looking out of the windows of the high PARC building at a skyline I had never seen, a skyline of an invasion.  We had the idea to turn on the news so we could see it being reported.  We went from channel to channel among the English speaking news outlets, but there was nothing on this invasion.

Then we got to the BBC, and a reporter based in Jerusalem said words I will never forget:

‘And it is a quiet night in Ramallah, with Israeli forces returned to the city gates’.

These words have never left me.  I was in the middle of a complete military onslaught, with tanks and helicopters firing into a residential area full of civilians.  People were dying.  But I realised that if I had not been there, I would not have known it was happening.

It was not that the situation in Ramallah was not being reported, it was the fact that it was being misreported that angered me most.

The following morning, we were given the choice to go home via the British Consul, or stay.  It was our due day to leave.  About half the delegation left, but I felt it would be, for me, the highest order of hypocrisy and cowardice to leave then.  We had come on a delegation to show solidarity with the Palestinians, to better understand the situation on the ground and report back to the UK.  So, what on earth were people doing leaving the moment the Israeli’s invaded?  Given it was now clear the BBC were not going to inform people at home know what our taxes were being spent on, it was on us to tell that story.

We stayed for a further ten days before we needed to return to Britain.  I genuinely thought I would die at several points, in explosions, and being shot at near a checkpoint. I had my heart broken several times over by stories of suffering I could hardly bear.

You can read more about my experience here.

And so it Continues

I have been back to Palestine several times since.  But each time I return, the Occupation is darker, more violent, and the people less hopeful, more angry and broken.

This is life in Palestine.

  • An illegal military occupier has imprisoned you, your family and your entire people behind giant walls, turning your country into a network of open prisons which it controls.  The UN has ruled this illegal, but it expands regardless.
  • Soldiers routinely enter homes in your area, kidnap your children from their beds and torture them.
  • Thousands of your fellow citizens are languishing in military prisons with no charges against them and no hope of release.
  • The occupying army maintains a land, air and sea blockade, stopping you accessing the most basic supplies – food, energy, water – such that the UN describes your circumstances as ‘uninhabitable’.
  • For the last three years running, this occupier has surrounded your open prison with warships, tanks, fighter jets and drones – and launched all out assaults – you have nowhere to run. In the last week, more than 200 of your citizens have been killed – 80% of them civilians, almost a third of them children
  • This afternoon, you were watching local children swimming in the sea – and suddenly they were attacked and killed by occupying forces.  This happened in front of international journalists. 

Yet in all this time, the media narrative stays the same.  It’s portrayed as a religious struggle, a conflict, a hopeless situation where ‘both sides’ need to sort themselves out and work toward peace.


Some Palestinians choose to fight back – with ineffective rockets, or by blowing themselves up, or by firing an old AK47 rifle at armoured tanks and fighter jets.  Desperate actions, by a desperate people that the world is willing to watch massacred without lifting a finger to help.  What hope would you have under such circumstances?

Remember 9/11, remember 7/7, remember Lee Rigby.  Remember how it feels to see blameless people die. Then imagine that happened every day, and no one did a damn thing about it.

We only create hope by recognizing the horrifying, inescapable nightmare that is the life of Palestinians under Occupation.  The brave minority of  Israelis working for peace understand that you cannot have peace without justice.  The Palestinians must have justice, and the burden for peace must be on the aggressor, the illegal military occupier, the jailer – Israel.  The Palestinians cannot free themselves from occupation, they must be freed.  Only Israel can do that.  Until it does, in the words of Noam Chomsky:

“When Israelis in the occupied territories now claim that they have to defend themselves, they are defending themselves in the sense that any military occupier has to defend itself against the population they are crushing… You can’t defend yourself when you’re militarily occupying someone else’s land. That’s not defense. Call it what you like, it’s not defense. “

Get involved!

I want to get back to Palestine to report on this story properly, so that we can sidestep the bias of western media and tell this story to our friends, neighbours, and families. Please help by donating, or sharing here.

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  1. one time i notice a foot pint in rain.. auld foot print , moss on east side, maybe i am dreaming. would not a world turning churn-up jetsum … like east side of panama canal.. okey it a north southe channel.. but east side and west side have like metre difference hhight . can’t ye see it… world turns.. that way… moon and sun sway… at the end of the day, sea she vej twords land… when is autunm equinox lavient … ahh tis now tis now

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more, Scriptonite. I am ***disgusted*** by what’s happening in Gaza and I have to say, I actually think more and more Americans are starting to cotton on to what Israel is actually doing in Gaza. I’ve noticed that many of my Jewish-American friends are speaking out now and the Israeli-American propaganda machine is starting to crack. I think. I know I will not stop talking about this.

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  4. Ever wonder why Palestine launched rockets? When Israel killed 2 Palestinians children in May it wasn’t even in USA news! And then, when the Palestine people killed three Israeli kids, Israel launches airstrikes, and Palestine launches back rockets. Everything is on the news. And they set a 16-year old boy Palestine boy on fire, and it’s barely mentioned.

    The rockets that the Palestinians launched barely pose a threat. They are scrap metal rockets.

    But Israel now invades Palestine using soldiers in a ground assault. I’m disgusted!

    Today, 260 Palestinians are dead. Just 2 Israels are dead. 1,600 are wounded and injured in Gaza. They are scared t lose their lives. They need help, instead of listening to the news we should all be out there and HELP!

  5. After the destruction of the Palestinians, who are next? maybe all Arab nations could go the same way, why stop at what borders? even so if all Arabs were extinguished, what and who’s nex?

  6. I wrote about the Gaza crisis yesterday, after watching a video news report about it being about huge reserves of natural gas lying beneath Gaza, which Israel, Britain and the over-consuming world wants.

    This link goes to it on my new WordPress pages, [and I get a little emphatic about how we Righteous Dudes need to face it down. Sorry about that, chief?]

  7. So, sending rocket attacks against schools is a *good* thing when the Palestinians do it.

    Right. Just like it’s a good thing whenever a Gryffindor almost kills a Slytherin…

  8. Yeah, Paul. Israel pulled out of Gaza, giving them the opportunity to invest in their people and in their economy. Instead, they used the billions of foreign aid to make their leaders rich and to unleash rockets on the civilians in Israel. Hamas’ is more dedicated to the destruction of Israel than to the well being of its own people. Until that changes, Israel will go on providing for the security of her own people. If it comes down to us or them, I pick us. Wish I could pick both, but I don’t have that luxury.

    • Bombing the Gaza Strip to smithereens is Israel “providing for the security of her own people.”

      Exactly the sort of euphemism the BBC would use. Congratulations to them on the excellent mental programming job they’ve done on you.

    • Ever wonder why Palestine launched rockets? My stupid Israeli government killed two Palestine children in May, but I only found out about it from a friend who was nearby when it happened. It didn’t even make on US news. And then, when the Palestine people killed three Israeli kids, Israel launches airstrikes, and Palestine launches back rockets. Everything is on the news. And they set a 16-year old boy Palestine boy on fire, and it’s barely mentioned.

      I’m ashamed to be part of such a stupid government. My stupid Israeli government keeps taking over the West Bank and Gaza, when in reality most of this land belonged to the Palestine people. I wish I could move to somewhere in Europe, but I don’t have the money or knowledge of the language. It’s genocide, Israel is the one using human shields, except they use it literally.

      And the rockets are scrap metal rockets. They barely pose a threat, but Israel now invades Palestine using soldiers in a ground assault. I’m disgusted.

  9. Excellently articulate and erudite piece about the conflict in Gaza. The obfuscation of the Western media with regards to the true state of the situation in the part of the world saddens me deeply.

  10. ISTR there was a Terrorist Group who bombed and Murdered their way to Statehood. It was called the Stern Gang.
    They were given land that belonged to someone else because of the guilt felt by the West over the Holocaust and they still play on that guilt to stop the West stopping them. the fear of being labelled Anti-Semitic is enough to send any politician running for cover

  11. No. 184:1 is a proportional response to indiscriminate rocket fire aiming to kill my child and I. If we wanted to we’d start using artillery and then you’d see war my friend. Wholesale slaughter. Maybe the UK engages in such tactics. We don’t. And it’s our land too. We have every right to settle Judea and Samaria. Your poor Palestinians need to take responsibility and elect leaders who will agree to divide the land just as we wouldn’t dream of disenfranchising our Israeli Arab citizens. If they don’t we will take more and more of it and turn it green (see the Judean Desert). Unfortunately compromise does not appear to be an option for your valiant Palestinians. They don’t want a state of their own as much as they wish to destroy my state.

    • Israel’s actions are not defence they are reprisals used to further Israel’s ethnic cleansing and theft of Palestinian land.

      Israel is a fascist state and you are a fascist no better than those that sent 6million Jews and others to the death camps.

      Israel’s atrocities are an affront to decent Jews everywhere and to the memory of the holocaust victims.

    • A proportionate response are you serious? Your government murdered four children on a beach, were they attempting to destroy your state?
      Listen to yourself, compromise doesn’t seem to be in your make up, certainly not with views like
      yours. Your state is the aggressor and oppressor

    • Zachary Levin;

      HOW DARE YOU! You arrogant piece of Zionist scum. NO ISRAELI CHILD (one adult so far) is lying dead in a morgue, dressed in a shroud (what’s left of them) as over 200 Palestinians are right now. I won’t waste time or truth on the likes of you, who understands only lies, treachery and deceit. Unless you are a complete imbecile, you know EXACTLY what took place 1917- 1948 to the present day. For those who don’t and wish to know more, Google away and be prepared for the long haul.

      The facts are there in black & white, to the everlasting shame of the British government of the day, (Balfour Declaration) who signed away another peoples land, instigated by ‘Lord’ Rothschild and ‘Lord’ Arthur Balfour, resulting in over 500 Arab villages razed to the ground in weeks – (Massacre of ‘Deir Yassin’ the first to fall, intended to act as a warning to those prepared to stay put in their homes and tough it out). 750.000 human beings made homeless within days, those who didn’t flee, still in possession of their keys, STILL refugees to THIS day.

      Check out the old newsreels on You Tube. Men women & children taken out and shot by Jewish terror groups (Google ‘Irgun / Stern Gang, King David Hotel)- where the same scumbags murdered numerous British personal, just because they could. And so it began. And so it goes on.

      Nowhere on this planet in the present day, will you find over 1.7 million people (GAZA /West Bank) locked in /imprisoned in their own land; every conceivable freedom you or I take for granted, denied; every conceivable form of abuse, humiliation, inflicted upon them on a daily basis; THIS IS LIFE IN THE OCCUPIED APARTHEID TERRITORIES TODAY. THAT is what Hamas rockets are about -and fucking good luck to them!

      Hamas don’t get over 3.1 billion DIRTY US DOLLARS every single year, to buy the most lethal war toys known to man; I.E. F16’S, Apache helicopters, Delilah /Jericho missiles, Heron drones, tanks, bulldozers, nuclear bombs and g-d knows what else their sick minds conjure up. Compare that little lot with stone age, home made rockets, kids lobbing stones at the Third Reich IDF.

      WTF are the Palestinians supposed to do, living under a brutal, immoral, illegal regime for over six decades? Sit there and take it? Would you?? Under International Law, an occupied people have the RIGHT to defend themselves against a brutal Occupier; (they don’t come any more brutal than isra-hell). Article 51 of the UN Charter, 4th Geneva Convention; Law of Belligerent Occupation.

      What would YOU do if someone took YOUR home? YOUR livelihood? YOUR land? Destroyed ancient olive groves to plant feckin’ useless pine trees in their place, to grab even MORE land. Built over and renamed every once beautiful, demolished Arab village, with hideous ugly settlements, for even uglier, crazed lunatic settlers to move in and make your life hell, every time you dared to venture out.

      Do YOU need netting over YOUR street to stop human crap & garbage being thrown down at you? Palestinians do. Is YOUR wife, sister, daughter, forced to give birth /miscarry on the ground, as Palestinian women are, at IDF checkpoints? The facts, the evidence is all out there. You only have to look. In the meantime…… thank your g-d this isn’t you. I certainly do. All the time.



      They stole my land,
      burnt my olive trees,
      destroyed my house,
      took my water,
      bombed my country,
      imprisoned my father,
      killed my mother,
      took my job,
      starved us all,
      humiliated us all,
      But I am to blame: I shot a rocket back.
      So they stole more of my land,
      burnt my olive trees,
      destroyed my house,
      took my water,
      bombed my country’…..
      (Source unknown)

  12. Easy way to see is the body count as brutal as it sounds ….How many have Palestine lost … 184… how many for Israel ….1 …. So it IS a massacre … And who are the Western Gov’ts supporting , need I go on …..

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