Israel Was Tried For War Crimes Today, The Testimony Will Break Your Heart

I’ve been in Brussels today witnessing the Russell Tribunal on Palestine which is assessing Israel’s war crimes in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge.  The full testimony is available on the Tribunal’s website, but I have captured some key excerpts from my live reporting today.

The likes of film maker Ken Loach, music legend Roger Waters and internationally renowned lawyers such as Michael Mansfield QC formed a jury – while expert witnesses from Gaza and beyond testified to the atrocities of the 50 day offensive.

Having borne personal witness to the unimaginable brutality and carnage of Israel’s onslaught while in Gaza in August, much of today was like a live action replay – evoking the same fear, anger and tear-inducing gutteral sadness that reduces you to shoulder-shaking sobs.

Here are some of the key points:

Roger Waters, Pink Floyd Music Legend

A005 - Copy


To witnesses: “You have led us very eloquently into hell today. This is heartbreaking”

Ivan Karakashian, Advocacy Unit Coordinator at Defense for Children International

A005 - Copy

“16 yr old boy stripped naked and used as human shield by Israel for 5 days. He was denied food, water and sleep – and mentally and physically abused, including lashed with a wire across his back. Israeli army stopped a family car near a West Bank protest over Gaza. Positioned their weapons in the windows of back doors, where toddlers were sitting and began to fire on protest. This is not an isolated incident. There is a clear, recorded pattern of Israel using Palestinian children as human shields during attacks on Gaza.”

Max Blumenthal, American author, journalist, and blogger

A005 - Copy

“We found one of 89 families completely liquidated during Operation Protective Edge so badly burned/destroyed they had to be buried in a mass grave by a bulldozer – evoking memories of the darkest times in European history. On outskirts of Rafah, I heard testimony from 19 yr old Mohammed Abu Said of how Israeli soldiers stripped him naked and sniped at neighbours, then set the dogs on him in between shooting rounds. In Khuza’a – a man left a group of <resistance> fighters in his home. He returned to find their throats had been cut, their bodies piled in a corner and burnt with grenades. A clear pattern of executions has been established. Israeli soldiers gather civilians in an open area, asks if anyone speaks Hebrew. When people step forward, they shoot them dead. Four brothers of one man were taken into garden and shot dead, one of them was mentally disabled and had little idea he was being killed.”


Martin Lejeune, German journalist

A005 - Copy

“More than 90% of Gaza’s agricultural output destroyed by Israel over summer, almost all farms destroyed. Israel destroyed 220 factories in Gaza, this constitutes around 70% of Gaza’s industrial output gone.There was no military justification for the destruction of these factories whatsoever. I stayed in Gaza for one month in a house with 72 Palestinian civilians, 60 of whom had been displaced. It was overcrowded, tap water wasn’t working anymore, we had to buy fuel, we had to bake our own bread as none available in shops. 220 factories were completely destroyed during the 7 weeks of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge. Israel has succeeded in turning a functional economy in Gaza into a third world territory in just 8 years, through the blockade and four large scale military assaults. Israel is not only attacking systematically civilians in their homes, but systematically destroying the economy of Gaza to make people dependent on aid.”

Dr Mohammad Abou-Arab, Gaza Doctor at Al Shifa Hospital

A005 - Copy

“One ambulance worker shot in the head and bled to death while fellow workers were told if they tried to assist him, they would be killed too. Another worker burned to death in his ambulance after a missile attack against it – his colleague was severely injured in the attack, left with life-altering burn injuries. We are talking about Gaza firefighters, police officers, ambulance workers and other emergency services workers being routinely shot at by snipers and missiles by Israeli military. Anyone who knows anything about Palestinian society knows that no Palestinian would use a child or family as a human shield. Israel however routinely used Palestinians as human shields throughout this operation and those prior.”

Dr Mads Glibert:Norwegian Doctor who served in Al Shifa Hospital, Gaza Throughout Offensive

A005 - Copy

“This is a systematic attack to rid Palestinians from the land. If you are an 8 yr old child in Gaza today, you have survived 4 of these onslaughts – 2006, 2008/9, 2012 and 2014. What does this do to a child? To their feeling of safety? To their outlook on the world? The medical system of Gaza was already on its knees before the summer attacks due to Israeli blockade” “This is a medical disaster – the capacity for treatment is massively exceeded by medical needs. Such disaster often happen in natural disasters like earthquakes or tsunamis…but Gaza was deliberate, controlled and executed by the Israelis.”

Mohammed Omer, Award-winning Palestinian Journalist based in Gaza

A005 - Copy

“Israeli army routinely defecate in Palestinian homes and buildings they occupy, leaving behind racist and violent graffiti together with piles of shit.

The Imam in Gaza was held for days by Israeli troops who ordered him at gunpoint to use mosque tannoy to call on community to come to the mosque. As young people gathered they were surrounded by Israeli troops, stripped naked at gunpoint and tortured/killed for sport.

The Imam was used as human shield by Israeli troops. He was stripped naked at gunpoint in front of men, women and children of the neighborhood.”

These are just a handful of moments from the full day of testimony.  I encourage you to follow tomorrow’s press conference where the jury will share their conclusions.  I’ll be there, reporting for you.

The trailer for my film “Palestine: What Hope Peace?”


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151 thoughts on “Israel Was Tried For War Crimes Today, The Testimony Will Break Your Heart

  1. Wow I agree this is BS. I had no idea there was ‘People’s Tribunal’ of ‘experts’ (by experts they basically mean some Palestinians who were there plus anti-Israel activists like Roger Waters) which claims to have some legitimacy to ‘try’ Israel for war crimes. This is basically just another pro-Palestinian organization except it is organized as a ‘tribunal’ of the people with witnesses, ‘experts’, etc. I’m sure they do a very thorough job. Did they happen to interview any Hamas operatives as well?

  2. Complete and utter bullshit: if these things were true why aren’t you trying to prosecute these soldiers.
    Israeli soldiers do not cut throats and they don’t lash… this is just spreading hate and bullshit among people

  3. Israël is a rogue state occupying a land with terror and fire. Hamas as a movement are freedom fighter they want their land , their freedom and their dignity back. There shall be no peace, until Israel is defeated . America on the other hand is the godfather of Israel any resolution in the UN against Israel will be a veto. So there should be justice be4 peace. Ariel Sharon got away with the massacres of sabra and shatill and Nablus . They are above the law , they think they are untouchables just like a mafia . May the souls of the Palestinians who were killed by these barbarians rest in peace. As for Roger Williams keep up your good work with sincerity and good consciousness

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  5. It is a lot worse than I imagined. I been keeping up with it but this is stuff that the West refuses to tell. When is this Israeli impunity going to stop?!?!

  6. Hey Rogers, you have made some amazing music in the past and maybe you should have sticked to it…Please do not publish such report about a situatuon( latest Israel-Gaza conflict), because while reading the above, its obvious to any intelligent human being who realy is interested in the real facts of this crisis, that you got it all wrong. And this is not the first false publication you made…I appreciate people who seek peace and wanna contribute in some way to help to create awarness using their status, like you, a music legend. But please, please, please, do you homework right before. You have lost my respect entirely…just look at the comments and replies of your post?! Is that the kind of followers you seek? That desperate for attention? I invite you for a stroll any day at kerem shalom, maybe you wiil get an Idea of how far Israel goes to keep the peace, or how much Israel is supporting and helping the palastinian suffering the consequences of their hamas regime…have you got the balls?

    • It’s just astounding to see how you suddenly reject a person or an entity just because he/she is against your view. He is entitled to every single view of his own, he’s a human being as well and the conflict has always had two sides from the beginning, FYI, with more people in the Palestinian sides (people who aren’t exposed too much to Western media or don’t believe everything that the media said). It seems to me that you’re the ones who can’t really accept the facts. This presented not only facts but live testimonies from these people, what you only do is claim that Israel wants peace and has tried doing that, care to elaborate? Why did Israel broke out of the UN Partition Plan if Israel really wanted peace? Why did Israel kept expanding into West Bank although they have reached an agreement to not expand their borders?

    • HAMAS, YOU MAKE ME LAUGH. ISRAEL is nothing but a bunch of baby killers. I’d love to see the IDF face a real threat, alls they know how to do is kill women and children. You nazi scum, fuck you and Israel. Todays new threat to the world is Israel, not ISIS or Iran. Israel is no better then WW2 NAZI Germany. Israel is murder…

    • Dear Mark,
      Please do not talk about how far israel goes to keep the peace, I do admit generalization is a big mistake. Not all Israelies promote war and the death of the thousands, however I can say that the majority of the Israeli population are brainwashed in order to hate arabs and infact they are not “going far to keep the peace”. The fact that some Israelies are willing to live in a house that belonged to a Palestinian family who owned the same particular house for generations before, being an Israeli and accepting to live in such a terrorist country (and I do say terrorist country) and paying taxes to such a government is a crime by itself. Please do not talk about balls because you clearly do not have any. Unless you do the right thing, the right thing is, incase your primitive mind does not comprehend, packing all your stuff leaving your house and land take your family with you take your friends with you and encourage other people living their with no right to pack their stuff as well and leave the palestinians home. I would like to end this by saying fuck you and have a great day.

    • Blind and deaf can only explain apathy. Peace by killing over 2000 people, injuring over 10000, destroying homes and factories, blocking; food, water, medicine, list goes on of these essential supplies for living. Genocide of children and women, is by design. Is there a new Jewish definition of peace, that is not yet public. Thanks to social media for highlighting Jewish crimes against whole of humanity. Palestinian are not only victims of Jewish/ Israeli crimes. It expands around the globe.

    • Marc, Your Israel was built on top of another people’s land, what can you do to make thing “fair”?

      I’ll tell you what your Israel is doing for peace, they have terrorized half the Palestinians out of their back in 1947, and in 1967 have captured further Palestinian land with people that it continuously tries to expell out.

      That’s your Israel view of peace and working around it, eliminate Palestinians and you eliminate the problem…….. Even if you manage to eliminate Palestinian people Israel would remain a criminal country, and will have justice come its way sooner or later.

    • No no, he got it all right and you are still pushing with this same brainwashing lie… sadly it worked before but people are finally opening their eyes to the truth and finding out the real facts… the internet is much more powerful than it used to be so cut the crap already will you!! he doesn’t need your respect, he’s got ours.

    • Are you serious? Did you read what he wrote? Stop with the bs, what’s happening in Gaza is sick, it’s Aparthied it’s torture. Israel is guilty of war crimes, period!

      • Israel is in breach of 77 UNSCR. More than any state on the planet it refuse to abide by the UN charter and the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilians in Time of War. So the answer is a total and complete yes to the last question.

    • Have Muslims persecuted Jews, or have they been their shelter while Christians did so?

      Muslims don’t hate Jews.

      Why did Jews leave Palestine if it was “their” Holy Land?

      With which “right” want they to “take it back” from the Muslim or Christian Palestinians?

      Zionists: it’s over with your lies and cheating.

    • Ahahaha….. do you think Roger Waters wrote this? If so, it’s just one example of how this post makes you seem utterly ignorant.

    • Oh yes
      They help by forcebaly displacing Palestinians, killing….No. ….murdering innocent Palestinians.

      At the end of the day they’re trying to delete Palestinians snd Palestine.

      God willing that will never ever happen.

      It’s you who needs to stop believing all the isreali propaganda, trying to justify what you’ve been doing for decades.

      So stop accusing otgers who are supporting a true cause, taje a good look at yourselves, wake up to the truth and be prepared to listen to it.

    • March do us a favour, just spend few days in Gaza with open eyes and open heart, u might know the truth how much Israel want peace. what have they done in Gaza ,it was always been planned to bomb Gaza, execute them and try to finish their economically and teach them a lesson !!!
      Israel is a racist, Zionist, children killer murderous country, stealing Palestinian s lands and sources.
      Israel is a real ugly threat for this world, and we all will know soon enough.

    • LMAO do you have the balls Marc Capdevila to be honest and truthful? I am confused as to what fallacies you found in this article since you don’t bother to point any out specifically. You are telling him he is misinformed because he is quoting witnesses? Its their testimony not his and just because you don’t like whats being said doesn’t mean anyone is misinformed. I think it more likely you just don’t like the ugly truth that looks out at you through your eyes everyday when you look in the mirror. Further more I don’t want to hear about the nobility and compassion of the Jews when it all comes after the fact. You slash their throats and then offer a band aid all the while patting yourselves on the back and telling the world “see how compassionate we are?” What a joke.You act like Hitler and the Nazis. How sad you have become what you claim to hate.

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  11. Well the neighborhood bully, he’s just one man
    His enemies say he’s on their land
    They got him outnumbered about a million to one
    He got no place to escape to, no place to run
    He’s the neighborhood bully

    he just lives to survive
    He’s criticized and condemned for being alive
    Not supposed to fight back and have thick skin
    Supposed to lay down and die when his door is kicked in

    been driven out of every land
    He’s wandered the earth, an exiled man
    Seen his family scattered, people hounded and torn
    He’s always on trial for just being born

    Well he knocked out a lynch mob, he was criticized
    Old women condemned him, said, “He should apologize”
    Then he destroyed a bomb factory, ain’t nobody was glad
    The bombs were meant for him, he was supposed to feel bad

    Well the chances are against it and the odds are slim
    That he’ll live by the rules that the world makes for him
    There’s a noose at his neck and a gun at his back
    And a license to kill him given out to every maniac

    Well he’s surrounded by pacifists who all want peace
    They pray for it nightly that the bloodshed must cease
    Now they wouldn’t hurt a fly, to hurt one they would weep
    They lay and they wait for this bully to fall asleep

    Every empire that’s enslaved him is gone
    Egypt and Rome, even the great Babylon
    He’s made a garden of paradise in the desert sand
    In bed with nobody, under no ones command

    Now his holiest books have been trampled upon
    No contract he signed was worth what it was written on
    He took the crumbs of the world and he turned it into wealth
    Took sickness and disease and he turned it into health

    What’s anybody indebted to him for?
    Nothin’, they say, he just likes to cause war
    Pride and prejudice and superstition indeed
    They wait for this bully like a dog waits to feed

    What has he done to wear so many scars?
    Does he change the course of rivers?
    Does he pollute the moon and stars?
    Neighborhood bully, standing on the hill
    Running out the clock, time standing still, neighborhood bully

    ~ Bob Dylan

  12. Where there is truth there are puppets on facebook trying to sway you. Don’t shake from the truth once you have heard it. Don’t give these commentators and hope of interest in their pety excuse of a life. Who love to praise evil actions. Report them, report them, report them.

    Krep the faith. Stay with the truth and keep away from replying to these corrupt commentators.

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  15. The lesson some find so hard to learn: Don’t f**k with Israel. The Arabs of Gaza could have the same high standard of living as the Arabs of Israel if they wanted to. It is up to them to ditch the rockets and tunnels and choose coexistence and cooperation.

    • Sir, your comment disgust me in so many ways. Telling the oppressed to stop fighting back and everything will be okay, that’s some real nazi shit to say. Have a pleasant fucking day to you.

    • Thats true but isreal doesnt not want to share the land n how can the arabs live the good life wen they are smacked with restriction all the time they cant even leave gaza to look for work or trade please get ur facts right before supporting ppl that love oppressing others n rockets are nothing in comparison to the nerv gas weapons isreal have n use on kids

    • You’re one of the arrogant ignorant morally bereft fascist emotion raping arseholes that unfortunately need to be heard because democracy affords Nazis like you the opportunity to spout rascism and bigotry

    • Yes yes. We all know that the palestinians have forced the Israelis to demolish tens of thousands of homes to establish their lawful settlements in the West Bank. We see how Fatah’s willingness to cooperate has really helped them over there……(not)… We know about how Hamas forced Israel to drop white phosphorous bombs in heavily populated neighborhoods (you know the same stuff that was called chemical weapons when Saddam used it). Israel only wants peace.

    • You should have told the same thing to the fucking jews when they were roudned up by germans..ccoperate with the SS and Nazi’s and you will get a beautiful life else you deserveed what you got…

      • they will remain ignorant until the they are faced with what they are meting to innocents right now! All their cronies, the ones supplying weapons, the ones making the resolutions, the ones looking the other way and keeping silent because the death of innocent muslims is not ‘human rights’ the western way….the Muslim book- the Quran says they have distorted God’s book many times to justify their evil deeds, the ensure the elites retained their positions and power and were able to control the masses… …It is the elites who distort texts which is sued by misguided- completely misguided younger generations to met out their animalistic instincts …

      • You’ve made an assumption that nazis and israelis are the same, and there lies the problem. If that was true then your argument is viable, if it’s untrue then it isn’t. My friend israel and nazis do not have common interests. Israel isn’t trying to annihilate palestinians. The fact that palestinians are more numerous than ever should be proof enough. The fact that israel fire power is large enough to have flattened gaza many times over should be proof enough. Israel pulled out of gaza . They are not wishing to annihilate palestinians as you suggest.

        • your pathetic propoganda is futile ‘anonymous’

          the world knows the truth israel has always been the nasty cowardly aggressor killing torturing oppressing detaining & stealing from the palestinan people anyone who defends israel is a lowest of the low!
          even you know that!
          guess thats why you are ‘ anonymous’ eh coward?!

        • I quote “Israel is not trying to annihilate palestinians”, and for that we should be grateful!

          Thank you for clearing that one up!!!!!!!!

          – to push a people out of their land and give citizenship rights to other people based on religion is acceptable;
          – dissecting them into smaller islands and isolate each of them from outer world is acceptable;
          – denying basic right of access to medicine, food and fresh water is acceptable;
          – preventing them from freedom of travel and building a normal life is acceptable;

          The only freedoms that Israel allows palestinians is to die slowly or leave to God knows where, for that we should be grateful!!!!

    • With all due respect, I find your comment ignorant. You don’t seem to realize that those resisting are doing so inside Palestinian lands- their lands. Less than 22% is in fact in control of the Palestinians, the rest is occupied by Israel. They are being tortured, humiliated, and massacred in their homes. Even the Arabs of Israel that, as you said, “cooperate” are also violently discriminated against.
      You see Israel as the benevolent state that is fighting several “enemies” out to destroy it, but the truth is that your mind is full of Israeli propaganda. What Israel and the United States are quick to label as terrorism is nothing more than self-defense, ironically created by Israeli policy to wipe out previous resistance movements. The Arabs are not out to kill Jews, they are struggling to survive among a people that considers them sub-human.

    • Be a man and call it as it is.

      A message for Zionist apologists…

      Drop the wordplay and call it as it is. Whether “rockets” are fired or not, Israel’s never once changed in 66 years policy towards Palestinians is this —

      Let us decimate you, divide you and steal more and more of your land.
      Accept it.

      Settlers backed by the IDF will burn your olive trees, build outposts, put trailers down, build more illegal settlements.
      Accept it.

      You have no rights.
      Accept it.

      You are second class citizens.
      Accept it.

      We will shoot and kill you with no repercussions.
      Accept it.

      We will insult and abuse your women, children and elderly at checkpoints.
      Accept it.

      We will restrict your movement.
      Accept it.

      We will kidnap, mentally and physically abuse your children.
      Accept it.

      We will destroy your homes for whatever reason we choose.
      Accept it.

      The law will be more favorable to settlers.
      Accept it.

      We will control your imports and exports.
      Accept it.

      We will force you to drink polluted water.
      Accept it.

      ACCEPT IT.

      ACCEPT IT.

      ACCEPT IT.

      ACCEPT IT.

    • Go Screw yourself, your nothing but a hypocrite and a liar. im an american born palestinian and israelis have proved to me around the 2001 intifada in the west bank, that you guys are racist and straight up cold blooded murders!

    • That s funny , it’s like saying the Warsaw resistance should have ditched their weapons and the nazis would have treated them like the other Jews in Germany. History is repeating itself what the nazis did to the Jewish ppl is being done to the Palestinians . Just FYI the Palestinians had nothing to do with the holocaust , it was Europe and it was the aggressor that decided to give a land that didn’t belong to them. Why didn’t they give land in Europe . This is history check it out before u sound like Zionist.
      Peace , love and happiness to all mankind

    • Oh quit banging your imaginary balls together and stop lying. How in God’s name can you pretend the Palestinians are the problem? Israel has outed itself and shown the world that its savage nature and few people are going to believe the lies any longer.

    • So then, according to your disgusting logic, the lesson to the jews of WWII was don’t f**k with germany and don’t be jewish because they could have been spared the holocaust had they renounced judaism and fought for hitler?

      You are a sick person whose logic is so flawed and whose conscience is so devoid of any humanity or morality that you will never learn, or be able to understand, just how stupid you sound and how horrible your views are.

    • I ask you when was the last time Israel built a settlement and allowed its own “arab” citizens to live in it or take advantage of it? NEVER

      When was the last time Israel allow its “arab” citizens to rebuild their old homes in Jerusalem? NEVER

      When was the last time Israel gave the right to return to someone who owned land or a house inside its territory? NEVER, while any jew has the right to come to this land even if he was an Ethiopian Jew!!!! What reason would accept that the people of a land are expelled in exchange for Russian, European or American just because they are Jews?! NONE bu Israel’s

      Israel has instituted discrimination against its own “arab” citizens by favouring the its jew citizens by law.

      So stop pretending that Israel is the nice place that all “arabs” are against, those “arabs” are Palestinians who own this land and Israel was built on, i think Israel needs to pay its due rent before asking for peace.

      Everyone has the right to “protect” themselves including a thief or a rapist defending themselves from their victims, its amazing how blind or missguided Israelis are when it comes to such fact.

      You need to separate religion from citizenship (as do all other countries in the world) and then you will see the evil instated in Israel as an institution.

    • This is so laughable!! The arab citizens of Israel do not have equal rights in Israel as Jew citizens, Israel laws and benefits are all directed towards Jew Israelis alone.

      Any Jew in the world (including Ethiopian Jews) have a right by law to immigrate and reside in Israel but Arabs who left their homes and land in the 1947 will never be allowed back nor be compensated for their lives, properties and assets that are now be used by your Jew citizens.

      People living in Gaza have always lived in hardships created by Israel since 1947, they can’t take it anymore and they shouldn’t!!!!

      So please go ask your Israel to pay up for its dues before asking Palestinians to not f**k with it.

  16. Israel is worse than Hitler. They have to pay for this, someone is responsible. This is worse than Rwanda. Where is that Obama he must see this and condemn it. All countries supplying weapons to Israel are responsible.

  17. i personaly urge the wolrd to join-in in an efford to kill the israeli economy with our primal strenght of boycotts. its the only way for each of up to play the least role to support palestine.. lets..

  18. This is ALL A bunch of crap and lies. Nothing but typical muslim nazi propaganda. ALL of this is hearsay, and without ANY shred of evidence. HOWEVER, there is so much evidence against the so-called palestinians committing war crimes against their own people. The muslims are the ones that use their own children and women as human shields. hey attack from their schools, hospitals, mosques, and houses. They refuse to let people OUT of buildings that are warned to evacuate because of targeting. SO STOP WITH THE B.S OF ISRAEL BEING THE AGGRESSOR, IT IS NOT, THE muslims ARE THE ONES THAT ATTACK WITHOUT ANY REGARD FOR CIVILIANS (UNLIKE ISRAEL WHO GOES OUT OF THEIR WAY TO AVOID CIVILIANS)

    • U realy are brain washed n cant see the truth if it hit u in the face why dnt u do some reseach so u can expand ur mind n think out of the box living in denial is realy not a good option

    • Do you have an explanation for the Christians, Jews, and atheists sharing their testimony against Israel’s actions? How do you reconcile Palestinian Christians standing alongside Palestinian Muslims to oppose Israel?

      • The Black pope is the president of the world. Like Palestine The United States are currently being Forcibly-“Occupied” (i.e. against their will and /or permission) by the devotees of the wickedness already described. Instead of openly declaring all of the nefarious Papal Proclamations, they work covertly to seize power over the whole world.

        Most American presidents have been involved in Freemasonry, which is an outwardly Protestant secret society that is actually controlled by Catholic Jesuits.

        Presidents and other American leaders also have strong blood connections to British royalty, and many have been initiatedinto Knighthood in the Order of the Bath under the Queen. American leaders give their allegiance to the Queen, and theQueen is subservient to the Pope, which is just another way that the Papacy controls America.

        The Order of the Bath, the Knights of Malta, and the Knights Templar are all the same. Behind the elaborate pomp of these orders sits the same power—the same people calling the shots.

    • Whos leg are you trying to pull, did you not read thestemony of the witnesses such as Dr Mads Glibert:Norwegian Doctor who served in Al Shifa Hospital, Gaza Throughout the Offensive & others???????????

  19. The plight of the Palestinians is truly painful, I can’t understand how any human being can do such things to another human being. How do the Israelis justify their violence, and sleep at night, do they have no souls?
    The most insane thing to me is that they have the nerve to expect the rest of the world to still feel sorry for them!

  20. These events sound terrible to us. (if they even ever really happened as described).

    However if Israel enforced Islamic Sharia law, these victims would have been beheaded, stoned to death or had their limbs amputated.

    • First of all, I’m sure that globally respected and credible journalists and doctors make terrible witnesses, and hence may have been exaggerating their testimonies (death is sooo overrated!!)
      Second, you’re right! It’s much better to kill one’s enemies with a push of a button, especially since each push slaughters thousands and wipes out entire neighborhoods.

  21. Everything posted here is different to what is on the Tribunal website. Why? For example, here is the Mohammed Omer testimony on the website. It mentions nothing about defecation, or torture or killing young people for sport…The testimony is gruesome as it is. Why fabricate it? I don’t get it.

    Mohammed Omer contribution

    My focus is generally on one of the most hard hit areas, Khuza’a, east of Khan Younies, south Gaza Strip. I was the first to get into Khuza’a during ceasefire to find massive damage. My contribution will focus on three main cases:

    Mohammed Tawfiq Qudeh, 64 year-old who used to live in Khuza’a before Israeli troops invaded his area.

    Qudeh family is among those survivors I met in the first ceasefire. I have focused my investigations of the execution of Mr. Qudeh. His home has come under constant bombardment, while bulldozers tried to break into one of the side of his home. Mr. Qudeh told his family he would open the door and talk peacefully with the Israeli soldiers, explaining to them that there were only civilians in the house. The man spoke to them in English, Hebrew, Arabic and Spanish. He told his family that using the languages would help to avoid any misunderstandings.

    He moved closer, speaking softly and politely in all four languages.
    ”Please don’t shoot me,” he said to the Israeli troops.
    Suddenly, a muffled shot came from a short, blonde-haired, blue-eyed soldier holding an M-16 in his shaking hands. He was only about 20-years-old. Raghad, 20-years-old and Buthina Qudeh, 35 years-old told me of all details of what happened to her family.

    Raghad Qudeh stands outside her uncle’s home in Khuza’a where she says an Israeli soldier executed him on 25 July

    -Khalil Al-Najjar the Imam of the mosque of Khuza’a who was at his brother’s home with his mother, siblings, in-laws, and children – 15 family members in all. They were under constant Israeli-artillery fire all night, not knowing what would happen with each passing second, apart from bombs raining around them.

    “A tank shell hit, and there was heavy black smoke in the building, so we ran under the staircase to hide and rest for a few minutes,” Najjar told me.
    As the bombing continued, automatic gunfire was heard outside. “We shouted out that we were civilians. But more bullets were fired after we declared ourselves as civilians,” said Najjar who, at 55-years-old, is a well-known and highly respected imam in his community.
    A few minutes later, a military dog rushed into the home, terrifying the children – the imam shouted out in Hebrew to the soldiers behind a wall riddled with bullet-holes: “We are civilians, we have children and babies with no medicine or milk.”
    The soldiers shouted back, in Hebrew, ordering him and the family to: “Get out, one by one”.
    “In front of all these women, I was forced to undress until I was naked, at gunpoint,” recalls the imam, while walking through the destruction in his neighbourhood.

    The imam was soon ordered to dress and was ushered outside at gunpoint along with his brother. Najjar was then told to walk ahead of the soldiers down the center of the street, while calling on all young residents to come outside and surrender.

    Dr. Kamal Qudeh, a doctor serving this small village near Gaza’s border with Israel.
    His story starts when the initial Israeli attack started, when it came, was unexpected. On July 17, Israeli F16s dropped leaflets ordering people to leave their homes before a ground offensive started on 20 July.

    “The day [20 July] came, but all seemed normal in Khuza’a. So people returned, thinking the leaflets had been a false alarm. Then, on 21 July, in the afternoon, an Israeli F16 missile hit the main road connecting Khuza’a with neighbouring villages,” Dr Qudeh told me.
    This left him as the only in his area that could offer health care.
    He told me “We had to make a decision to go by ourselves, without protection, and get to the village entrance. There were around 2,000 of us, walking toward Israeli tanks … I told the Israelis, ‘We are civilians, unarmed, and we needed safe shelter, that we have women, children and elderly and we want to evacuate peacefully”

    The Israeli troops replied through loudspeakers that there was no coordination and everyone should return home. “We stayed there, standing, hoping they would have compassion and let us through,” said Dr Qudeh.

    While he was treating victims inside, the outside area of my clinic was hit by two Israeli drone missiles – window glass shattered on those receiving treatment, and scores more people were injured outside.
    At this time, his own brother – Ahmed Qudeh – and many family members, including his sister, sustained injuries. Dr Qudeh himself suffered shrapnel injuries to his leg and arm.
    At 6 am, Israel troops fired tear gas, leaving people stunned and in respiratory distress – they had to help each other breathe using mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
    At 7 am, an Israeli missile hit the basement. “The door was blown off and we had to escape. I shouted out: “All of you, come this way to get out of here, come on!”
    About 2,000 people were outside on the street and were met by Israeli tanks. This time, they were allowed to pass, though only for about 500 meters before being led onto a sandy road full of holes and tracks left by Israeli bulldozers.

    “The road was covered with cactus thorns and stones crushed by heavy machines, and we were mostly barefoot and naked from top to bottom showing Israeli troops that we were unarmed and just civilians,” he told me. “We are peaceful, men, women and children, young and elderly who want safety” – this was what we told the Israeli troops.”

    Dr Qudeh and others carried some 130 injured people on their shoulders. On the way, an elderly man – Ismail Abu Rejela- was killed by random fire. Other patients were pulled on donkey carts as they made their way to Nasser Hospital, in Khan Younies, about two hours walk to the west.

    • Because you have copied and pasted Omer’s written summary evidence and not his verbal testimony, which is clearly verifiable by watching the video of the full tribunal on the website.

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    • Let me help you , if you’re genuine ! The day mainstream tv and paper reports the truth –
      1) The world will be at peace
      2) Netanyahu and his band of thugs will be hanged on Olive trees !
      Hope you know now.

  23. So glad the entire world is seeing the true evil of Israel for what it is. Continue to boycott everything from Israel. Thank G-d the world has opened its eyes. No more genocide for Palestine!

  24. Israel MUST be told, very sternly, that they can NEVER AGAIN whine about the 6,000,000 alleged holocaust victims after their LITERAL genocidal rampage on Gaza and their STEALING of land from Palestinians since 1948! There is nothing in the Jewish ‘religion’ that even remotely justifies such horrific acts on any people/s on Earth. Their crimes are extensive and demand justice for the victims of their inhuman atrocities on a basically defenseless people. May Palestinians live forever in FREEDOM!

    • 6,000,000 “alleged” holocaust victims? Sir, there is nothing pro-Palestinian about your language. To cast doubt on the holocaust does not benefit Palestinians. And, it is rather disrespectful of you to accuse Jews of “complaining” about the holocaust. Your sentiment is not helpful to the people of Gaza, in my opinion. What would be mee helpful is to understand how the experience of Jewish persecution is connected to Israel’s current persecution of Palestinians. There is no need to reject or deny the history of Jewish suffering.

      • What about Holodmir ? Why are Jews quick to deny it even it occurred. Is it because ‘Holocaust’ is more important than Holodmir ? Or is it the Politburo member in – charge of it was a Jew , LAZAR KAGANOVICH.

    • May God have mercy on their children of Israel…… They are creating a Karma which will follow them generation after generation. In my humble opinion this is truly a Genocide of a group of people who are closer to them than any others, they are their brothers.

      May God have mercy on their children of Palestine and end their persecution. Their land was given not shared, their lives have been taken, their children killed, their women abused, their hospital, schools and UN Shelters bombed. God have mercy their have suffered enough.

      Peace is said as a salute but never given.

  25. Why is the World closing their eyes when these hideous crimes and cruelty which is a crime beyond description. The deaths and carnage and destruction is beyond belief!

    Who has stolen the land from Palestine should be guilty of war crimes!

  26. Israel can not justify this,and it is time the rest of the world condemned them to history. They (Israel) have lost any credibility they ever had!!

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  28. fifty day of offensives tried today with the testimony of a half dozen witness reporters, indeed.
    Results tomorrow on those that claim that which Isreal.

    • ceasefire….bullshit , Israel is the instigator of terror…they have to be a littletender
      but the holocaust did not teach them anything. No they are applying the same terror
      to the Palestinians , who had nothing to do with the Nazi situation.. Cop on, Do you think the whole fucking world is stupid. The longer the situation goes on the more land the Zionists will steal from the rightful owners. Israel does not want a ceasefire . The adore a king that never existed namely king david. Dont forget what goes round comes round.

    • the cease fire agreement was drawn behind HAMAS, it includes that Israel should continue searching for Al-Qasam brigades and that HAMAS should not resist by firing anything into the occupied territory. How come two are fighting then you holdthe hand of one

    • Really ??? This is all you have to say in response to those unjustified atrocities??? Really??? That is the logic the palestinians in gaza should accept??? Siege or brutal death??? Really now??? Have you ever stopped to put yourself in their stead??? Do you have the capability of empathizing with the oppressed??? I know that any real human being would

    • Yes, it is Hamas fault , we know that from your friend Bibi. He sang ‘Blame it on Hamas’ throughout the 51 days massacre and became no. 1 hit in the World Propaganda Chart.

  29. Oh they haven’t updated their website. Seems really odd this would be taking place on Rosh Hashonah. I imagine that supportive religious Jews would want to be involved.

    • They have updated it. It’s the special session on the “sessions” tab and they’ve been livestreaming all day.
      Jewish orgs have been involved e.g Jewish Voice for Peace we’re sharing about it yesterday :)

      • Yeah but religious Jewish people. Really religious people wouldn’t be involved with the sessions because it’s a very holy time of year. It just seems a bit odd that this is taking place now.

        Thank you for the information, I haven’t seen anything about this anywhere else.

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