Why are Men Paying this Guy to Teach them How to Abuse Women?

If you’ve not yet come across the insidious ‘Pick-Up Artist’ community, lucky you. Basically, men pay other men like Julien Blanc (pictured above) up to $3,000 a course to learn how to emotionally, and in many cases, physically manipulate women into having sex with them.

Blanc and Real Social Dynamics

003 Scott BrownBlanc, a consultant for Real Social Dynamics (RSD), travels around the world dispensing disturbing advice.

One of Blanc’s tactics for ‘breaking the ice’ is to grab the heads of female strangers and thrust them toward his crotch. Another of his ‘approaches’ is to grab women in a choke-hold, while he puts his finger on his lips and whispers ‘Shh’.

“If you’re a white male, you can do what you want. I’m just romping through the streets, just grabbing girls’ heads, just like, head, pfft on the dick.”

At his seminar ‘How to Control Women’, Blanc shared this slide during a section entitled ‘How to Make her Stay’;he also posted it online on his social media account which you can see HERE.

002 keithThis is a manifesto for the physical and emotional abuse of women.

But Blanc is not the RSD’s only sexual predator.

Below is a video of RSD founder Owen Tyler gleefully recounting the time he raped a woman. He tells his audience of giggling, inadequate men:

“She was Thai, she was a stripper. I just fucking hated that bitch.

She was just a full slut whore slut.

I fucked the shit out of her dude.

The last time I fucked her…it was in the morning…she was in the shower…I think she didn’t wanna have sex again. But I just like fucking threw her on the bed.

I remember, I put it in her…I could barely even get it in because she was totally not in the mood…

And I was like ‘Fuck it! I’m never seeing this bitch again, I don’t care!’

So I just like jam it in…it’s all like tight and dry (laughs) and I’m all like, make it quick cos she doesn’t even want it”

He was clear she didn’t want sex, he physically dominated her to create the opportunity for sex, he knew she was not in a state of arousal as he penetrated her – and he chose to continue anyway. Why? Did it sound to you like he enjoyed this as a physically pleasurable sexual experience? Or was in an act of proprietous hatred?

The Fightback

003 PalinOnline activist Jenn Li was so appalled by what she saw in these videos that she made a decision – she was going to take on Julien Blanc and RSD. It was not enough to be mad; someone needed to take responsibility for ending this outrage. So she did.

She launched an online petition, writing:

“Julien Blanc is a sexist and racist “pick up artist,” who has made a living by teaching men how to violate women through physical and emotional abuse.

“Do not associate your hotel’s good name with a man who chokes women around the world as part of his pick up game. Please stand with the women of Australia and women everywhere, and do not host an event where men are being taught how to violate and harass women.”

More than 30,000 people have signed the petition so far, and thousands more from across the world joined her at #TakeDownJulienBlanc.

Through a determined and grassroots campaign of ‘no platforming’, the activists have successfully ended his Australian tour.  By launching viral campaigns lobbying venues and ticketing websites to drop Blanc’s events, they won.  Firstly, EventBrite will no longer sell tickets for Blanc’s seminars, then Marriot Hotel and other venues began cancelling events, and finally (and only after coming into criticism for offering police officers to protect the seminars from protesters) the Australian Immigration actually removed Blanc’s Visa, kicking him out of the country entirely.

The immigration minister, Scott Morrison, said Blanc’s visa was cancelled Thursday night.

“The matter was raised with us and we had it investigated and this fellow looked at,” Morrison told Sky News on Friday.

“This guy wasn’t putting forward political ideas, he was putting forward abuse that was derogatory to women and that’s just something, those are values abhorred in this country.”

003 Scott Brown

The pair had planned to stay until December.

With the Australia tour over, the fight against Blanc will chase him around the globe.

Coming to a Town Near You

B001A petition has been set up to prevent Blanc or the Real Social Dynamics team from gaining UK visas, and has already topped 5,000 signatures. The team currently have string of UK tour dates planned from November 22nd though to May 2015.

I happily shared the petition and encourage others to sign it.  I’ve received protest from two male readers of my blog for doing so, which I include verbatim below:

1. Freedom of Speech!

“Censorship of is abhorrent. If his message is abhorrent, as it appears to be, let him speak it and let people who disagree speak out against it. Do not prevent him speaking. What are you scared of? Idiots must be free to make fools of themselves as well as wise people. We, the people, shall judge. Who appointed you to deny us a hearing of opinions you deem offensive?

The answer to this ridiculous argument is simple. Free speech does not cover incitement to hatred or the teaching of rape and sexual assault.

What am I scared of? Men who are vulnerable and feeling inadequate are being taught to despise women for ‘making’ them feel this way.  They are being taught to deal with those feelings by physically and emotionally abusing women. I am scared women will be raped, emotionally manipulated and abused in the course, and as a result, of these seminars.

I am not willing to accept this man making money from bragging about raping and sexually assaulting women. If I’m alone in that, then there will be little impact – but if many others do, creating a consensus, he’ll be stopped.  That’s ‘we, the people’ judging in action.

2. Why Block His Visa?

“we defend everyone’s freedom by not empowering the capitalist, sexist, structural misogyny of the state itself, as well as think about the matter in an actually constructive way.

What’s your slogan going to be? “Sexism 4 the USA”? “Rape culture anywhere but the UK”? Got a good ring to it…”

I have far more respect for this argument.  It is based in logic – why create any role for the state in this? Let’s just do it ourselves.

The problem is; if I see a woman being attacked in the street – I don’t hold a Feminist workshop about it, I call the cops. Would creating equality and respect for women through better education and social constructs be a more permanent solution? Of course, and readers will know I am committed to that.  AND, this will take time, time the prospective victims of this course don’t have.  It’s not either/or – it’s both.

As for the last sentence, permitting no-entry to the UK is just large-scale no-platforming.  While he argues our slogan might be ‘Rape culture anywhere but the UK’, no platforming on a smaller scale has the same issue.  You’re always saying ‘Not here’, while also arguing ‘Not anywhere’.

Canada has also picked up the baton, with activists fighting to keep Blanc and RSD out of the country.

The campaign is committed to make it impossible for this hate-filled wretch, RSD and their fellow sexual predators to profit from the abuse of women.

Why are Men Paying for This?

004 rushWe must ask ourselves too: what kind of society is it that produces such men, and why are men paying them to be role models?

Well, we still live in a profoundly gendered society.  By that, I mean there is still significant pressure to confine to invented gender roles in our society.  It also seems that much of the progress on women’s rights through the 20th century is being countered in the 21st century:

  • Take a look at the US for the Republican Party’s war on women where mainstream pundits and politicians routinely ‘slut-shame’ women for defending their right to birth control, access to abortion, and legal support and protection when they suffer rape or sexually assault.
  • Or how about Australia, where Sydney shock jock Alan Jones suggested uses his platform to claim that women in Australia are “destroying the joint” – with reference to Australia’s former PM, Julia Gilliard.
  • Or here in the UK, where our current Prime Minister felt it acceptable to put down a female opposition MP with the phrase ‘Calm down, dear’.  Meanwhile former PM Tony Blair posed for photos with female MPs under the banner ‘Blair’s Babes’ as if it was an episode of Charlie’s Angels, and not the seat of our nation’s political power.

Everyday, across the world, female bodies, sexuality, and capability are being judged, sold or mocked – it is the water we swim in, as women.

The idea of groups like Real Social Dynamics is to prey on men who have also been shunned from the patriarchy – for not being man enough, handsome enough, sexually prolific enough – and point their rage at the women.  Once inculcated, they teach them to engage in a frankly psychopathic level of manipulation in order to lower a woman’s self esteem, get her to open up emotionally and physically, and to stay in complete control of the relationship – whether it be for a night, or life.  It is sad, sickening, and terrifying. These men should be being listened to, and led to the reality that there is nothing wrong with them; the isolation, the judgement and the lack of power they experience is not a male thing, it is a human thing.

We have far more in common than we have in conflict. There is no need to manipulate anybody into anything, because you are actually worth more than that – and so is she. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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20 thoughts on “Why are Men Paying this Guy to Teach them How to Abuse Women?

  1. Absurd…if you would investigate his programs and would actually go to one of his seminars, everyone who read your incoherent post would discern the truth from your biased view. RSD not only helps you to be able to approach women (which I’m sure it’s something you don’t bother doing), but it inspires you to be a a better man. But as a journalist it is your job to emphasize on the negative aspect, without doing complete research and just dramatizing on the two points that YOU want to stay on the reader..that this man is teaching bs and encouraging rape in women. Sure you quote some of the things they said, which makes part of their personal stories, but no one ever criticizes/bans the black humor on TV and online, people who are actually making fun of rape, among other types of abuse. Again, learn to differ from what they are teaching and the personal stories they tell just for our entertainment.

  2. Sex abuse is a crime. However, in most cultures sexual crime against women gets a nod from the lads. He should be doing time. Tokyo owes him a goal sentence.

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  4. The whole PUA money making enterprise is based on misogyny. Julien Blanc is a particularly good example of how horrible these men are, but they are all pretty bad. They have found a market for telling other men how to ‘bang’ women/ girls. The language is horrendous, the tactics coercive at best. Women and girls are not seen as people, we are just potential ‘bangs’. There is A LOT of racism in the rhetoric- Roosh is another PUA who devotes considerable space to degrading language against women of particular cultural groups.

    Those who blather on about free speech really do piss me off! Blanc tells men to use the Duluth Wheel (pictured above). The Duluth Wheel was created to understand the spectrum of domestic abuse! Blanc (NOT his real name, by the way) is TELLING men to use the Duluth Wheel as a ‘how to’ guide. This is NOT the kind of ‘free speech’ that we need to protect! Would we protect a ‘how to abuse children’ guide for paedophiles?

      • @bigsammyb – wow, if only there’d been a time in history where pampered (mostly white) men could say whatever they liked about women without repercussions…oh there has been, it’s called FOREVER.

        Freedom of speech is not about saying what people don;t want to hear. Privileged groups have ALWAYS had freedom of speech when it comes to inciting hatred and prejudice against disadvantaged groups. Freedom of speech is about protecting the rights of those groups to respond, organise and tell truth to power. Not allowing men like Blanc (and I suspect, you) to incite sexual assault against women is not a restriction of your rights, it’s a revocation of your privilege – a privilege such men use to abuse the rights of others. Get over yourself. You’re not Gandhi, you’re Hitler.

      • What pisses off any reasonable person, is when someone like you gets on their hind legs to bleat “free speech!” as they act as apologist for a disgusting bigot.

        Free speech is great, free speech is fine, but don’t come expecting a medal when your preferred form of speech champions crass behaviour.

  5. Unbelievable. If there was some freak going around presenting seminars on how to abuse and take advantage of some ethnic minority, it would surely be shut down in short order. Why are women considered fair game? Doesn’t anyone have daughters, wives, girlfriends (or even mothers), to whom they would not appreciate some creep attempting this sort of manipulation?

    Radio-4 had a programme on about this a month or so back. It did not question the morality, but rather treated it as a jokey “does this work?” matter – trying these techniques out on women in the street, and concluding well – shucks – it doesn’t seem that successful.

    There are surely enough violent, inadequate and unscrupulously exploitative men as it is. WTH this scumbag feels it is right to train up more to be successful is beyond me. What a wretched, cowardly way to make a living. This is swirling around the gutter with the “Men’s Rights Movement”.

  6. Considering my few relationships with women with whom I am supportive and a “nice guy”, I can see the appeal of his advice, but any kind of vengeance is a terrible thing. I can imagine this man terrifies women, not just him personally but also because of his influence and the abuse he advocates and encourages other men to perpetuate. I feel genuinely sorry for rape victims because I know through an online friend just how painful and completely soul destroying it is.

    • Why are you questioning it? The evidence is ample – he is in business as a PUA, so it is very easy to find his words and videos all over the internet. He has taken down his photo’s of choking women, but you can find then on other sites.

  7. I find this so sickening, I have not been able to share it…just opening that picture and seeing the guy doing what he’s doing somehow makes me want to vomit. I was thirteen when a man did something to me, that I later found out was called “rape”
    To be honest, I have no idea how much that affected my future (a decade of opiate addiction++) , but it certainly has coloured profoundly the way I view men. I have certainly met good ones since but the nasty-image is always there lurking in the back of my mind.
    I think Scriptonite are right to support stopping him from further travelling and spreading this hatred of women across the planet

    Better he get his friggin head sorted out then his contribution will change for the better..

    Enuff said


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