Spot the Difference: Modern Israel is looking alot like Nazi Germany

1234The genocidal public discourse against Palestinians and non-Jews in Israel is reaching fever pitch, and if we’ve learned anything from the horrors of the 20th century it is that fascism doesn’t stop, it must be stopped. We need to call time on Israeli fascism.

Independent Israeli journalist David Sheen brought this image to my attention, with this tweet:

004 rushYou may find this image shocking, eerily reminiscent of the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany, African Americans through the era of the Jim Crow segregation laws, or the UK B&B signs of the 1950’s reading ‘No Blacks, no dogs, no Irish’. I do not make these comparisons for kicks, hype or wanton disregard for these past horrors. It is because of those disgraceful periods in our history that we must not stand by while it happens again.

Here are just some samples of the sort of sentiments now acceptable to air in public in Israel today.

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These are public figures, many on the public payroll, calling for the expulsion, harassment, torture and murder of civilians purely because of the ethnic group to which they belong.

And if you feel uncomfortable by the similarity between these pronouncement and those of Hitler, Goebbels and co, then just look what happened when 327 Jewish holocaust survivors and their descendents published an open letter calling on Israel to end it’s genocide against the Palestinians this Summer.

A012These people, who survived the worst of the Nazi regime, say clearly:

“Genocide begins with the silence of the world.

‘Never again’ must mean NEVER AGAIN FOR ANYONE!”

So how did Israelis react to this letter? Here are just a sample of the responses from Jewish Israelis on Facebook:


Katy Morali: Holocaust survivors who think like this are invited to go die in the gas chambers.

Shmulik Halphon: He’s invited to go back to Auschwitz.

Meir Dahan: No wonder Hitler murdered 6 million Jews because of people like you you’re not even Jews you’re disgusting people a disgrace to humanity and so are your offspring you are trash.

Asher Solomon: It’s a shame Hitler didn’t finish the job.

This level of dehumanization and demonization of ‘Arabs’ does not remain confined to incitement and hate-speech, but spills over into street-level violence.

In recent days, Israelis publicly lynched a Palestinian-Israeli bus driver, just hours after Jewish-Israeli hate mob JSIL changed their profile picture to this:

002 keithThe body of Yusuf Hasan al-Ramouni, 32, from al-Tur in East Jerusalem was found hanging from a steel bar in the middle of his bus. Palestinians claim six Israelis attacked al-Ramouni while he worked on his vehicle, while Israeli authorities argue suicide.

These same authorities claimed the murder of Palestinian-Israeli teenager Mohammed Abu Khdeir was an ‘honor killing’ committed by family member over his sexuality. Mohammed was kidnapped from outside his parents home, beaten, had gasoline poured down his throat and was burnt alive from the inside out in July. It was later found that Jewish-Israeli settlers had committed the act.

But western media outlets continue to air Israeli propaganda as if the state were a credible source. One example would be when CNN’s Wolf Blitzer aired Israel’s Liar-in-Chief Michael Oren claiming the 2 teens killed on Nakba day, Nadim Nuwara and Mahmoud Salameh, was a staged event and they might not even be dead. Never mind that local CCTV clearly shows the murders were real.

Whenever a Palestinian is murdered by Israelis, the Hasbara machine of Israeli PR kicks in to confuse and mislead. Conversely, any act of violence against Israelis by Palestinians is amplified, and escalated to Al-Qaeda, War on Terror levels of significance.

Just this week, myself and other journalists close to the Israel-Palestine issue called to task CNN’s Washington Chief Jake Tapper for retweeting this image:

123The whole situation brings to mind that famous quote from Malcolm X:

If you aren’t careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.

While Palestinians, either side of Israel’s Apartheid Wall continue to face daily threats to their homes, livelihoods, and lives – they are treated by Israeli and Western media as the aggressors. It is almost beyond belief that such a clearly asymmetrical scenario can be recast into a ‘conflict’ – it is not a conflict. It is an illegal military occupation of one people over another, it is a racial Apartheid, it is a slowly unfolding genocide. It must end.

The harsh truth is this: those people turning their heads and disowning the rights of Palestinians today, would have done exactly the same to Europe’s Jews during the holocaust. They would have believed the propaganda, they would have absorbed and espoused the same bigotry, they would have tacitly or overtly gifted their complicity. “Never again” means never again for anyone, or it means nothing.

Don’t get angry, get involved!

The good news is there are many ways that you can get involved:

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement – this is about the most powerful place to stand for justice in Israel-Palestine right now. An inspirational campaign that is making tangible progress – check them out and get involved.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign – keep up to speed on the real news, the real issues and how to oppose them here.

ISM Palestine – why not go and get involved on the ground?

You can see the trailer for my film “Palestine What Hope Peace?” below, the Scottish Premiere is Glasgow Sat 22nd November, and Manchester on Sat 28th November.  Further dates will be announced in the New Year.


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13 thoughts on “Spot the Difference: Modern Israel is looking alot like Nazi Germany

  1. A lot of cherry picking of racist comments here to justify a provocative sound bite. Sure there is injustice and inequality there, but your methods just turn people off your argument. You could also say England is as bad as the Nazis if you just quote UKIP and BNP politicians and only took comments from what their supporters say on social media and pictures of banners at their rallies. A more balanced and less provocative conclusion would do better to persuade others.

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  3. Israel no longer looks like Nazi Germany – it has gone beyond it in barbarity and cruelty…
    Jews in Germany could move around freely and they could have escaped. That is a big difference…
    This is not a fair fight when Israel is a military state – Palestinians are caged in and cannot leave any zone except through Israeli checkpoints. Israel receives Billions of US$ every year in social and military aid. Israel possesses Apache helicopters, F16 Bombers, has medium and long range missiles, a nuclear arsenal nobody knows about because it refuses to be monitored by the international regulatory agency, the IAEA. It has not been inspected for 24 years and an ex employee who blew the whistle on that inspection, revealing that they cemented over the ground floor to hide the lift shafts leading to other levels beneath spent more than 20 years in solitary confinement. He was kidnapped in Paris and secretly transported back to prison in Israel.
    Israel is able to muzzle the world media as most of it receives its news bulletins (already edited to pro Israel from Reuters, which is Zionist property)
    The media refer to rebel splinter groups as Hamas but Hamas is the democratically elected representative (2006) of the Palestinian people but western media continue to name any rebel group as Hamas. Palestinian’s possess some firecrackers and stones. They do not have an army, navy, airforce as Israel does. It seems incomprehensible they can obtain their fireworks through the obligatory military surveillance of Israel or through the brutal military checkpoints.
    Israel detains Palestinian minors and before they leave prison they are infected with contagious virulents. They are held underground for months on spurious claims where they are interrogated military style with no contact with lawyers or with family. Israel steals organs and sells them of deceased Palestinian children. How does that compare with Nazi Germany. BTW Germany is still demonised by Hollywood. Brad Pitt get yourself a proper job !

  4. Honestly, the same way Israel has taken the land, is the way how they will leave. Fire and iron. There is no peace , no talks and no negotiations with a Zionist state. It’s matter of time.

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  6. That comment is rubbish..
    You say Europeans were massacring Jews and segregating non-whites . So what were these Europeans then ? Roman Catholics and Anglicans or what ?
    So you don’t think that Jews should have any land to call their own just like Hitler.
    You are as bad as the Palestinians as Jewish kingdoms had ruled various parts of Palestine for over a thousand years and that the land and especially Jerusalem the ancient Jewish capital were central to the Jewish religion. The Jewish people had been praying to return to their land for nearly 2,000 years and throughout that time there were always some Jews living in the land and returning to the land while the Arabs had a number of countries, with millions of square miles, the Jews suffered from having no homeland at all.
    You should do some homework.

    • Today’s “jews” in Israel are Europeans!!! The real descendants of Jewish Kings are still alive in present day Ethiopia/Eritrea. You my friend are a FOREIGNER in Israel, just like the Arabs!!

      • Another clueless moron. Where do you think those European Jews came from genius? They came from the Jews expelled from the Kingdom of Israel and Judea.

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  8. The big problem is that they are all in a catch 22 situation. PLO kill Jews. Jews kill Arabs for it. Arabs hate Jews because they attacked them. And so on. Endless violence. But there is hope as there are people on both sides who are wanting to stop the violence and live together.

    • That’s not the case. Jews, Christians and Muslims were living in peace in Palestine while Europeans were massacring Jews and segregating non-whites. This is not about some ages old conflict between religions, in fact, religion has almost nothing to do with it. Israel wants rid of Palestinians because they are the wrong race from their point of view. Zionism is a secular, racially supremacist ideology that has been supported by the West to occupy, illegally, a whole country. The problem in Israel is not ‘extremists’, it’s fascism is now mainstream. Want an end to the violence? Support Palestinian self determination and an end to the Israeli occupation. Any position other than that is simply legitimising the illegitimate.

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