On This Dark Day, Sophia Blackwell’s Beautiful Words Will Light You Up

Image: 'Eyes of Fire' by  Ciorania

Image: ‘Eyes of Fire’ by Ciorania

This has not been humanity’s finest week.  A massacre in Paris, a racially motivated bombing in Colorado, IS on the rampage, Israel slaughtering Palestinians, and at home – bankers scoring bonuses while 1 million people are reliant on food banks to eat.

I’ve long been a fan of poet and author Sophia Blackwell, but mostly I am lucky enough to count her one of my very best friends.  Today, she shared this moving short poem that she wrote last year, and it moved me to tears.  So with her permission, I share it with you.  I hope you find solace in these words, and remember the power of your own stubborn light.

“Lucent” – by Sophia Blackwell

Sleepwalking through relentless gaslamp grey,
breathless voices clamouring of rage
and nothing letting up, the papers braying
five more years of this, headlines savage,
you realise anger is not hot but cold, and lasts.

People are waiting, hands clasped to their chests
in dark streets. Sing for the ones they mourn,
welcome them home, watch blue flames lick upwards
like unheard prayers as you prepare supper,
hearing your lover pottering in the bathroom.

Your grief is smart, it will not burn the house down,
not yet. A candle, a sneaked cigarette
can be a blazing church for you tonight.
Nobody’s going to tell you it’s all right.
Into this dark, send out your stubborn light


You can find more of Sophia’s incredible work here.

Feature Image: ‘Eyes of Fire’ by Ciorania


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