Is Jeremy Corbyn Planning To Gender-Segregate Trains In Britain?

B007As someone driven to write, in part, by the bias of much of our mainstream media, it’s not often I’m left dumbstruck by misrepresentation of left-leaning politicians. But the widespread reporting that Labour MP and leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn plans to segregate British trains by gender was a new low, even for UK media.

It’s a gorgeous headline, and I understand the temptation to score hits as well as the next journo – but really, values have to come first.

After he joined the race to become next Labour Party leader, and potentially our next Prime Minister, the Party and the entire mainstream media (right and liberal) went into a spasm of hysteria. He has been called everything from Stalin to Chairman Mao. Then, to their horror, the public actually were inspired by his platform! Hundreds of thousands of new members joined the Labour Party so they could vote for him as leader. For £3, members of the public could register as a supporter and vote in the UK version of a Primary.

How did the Labour Party respond to this incredible turnout? They chose to literally disenfranchising potential Corbyn voters. I am among those the party banned from voting.

In a purge being referred to internally as ‘Operation: Ice Pick’, Labour HQ is purging the party of social democrats. The name is a particularly sick joke, referencing the weapon-of-choice in the 1940 assassination of Leon Trotsky by Stalinists. Supporters of Corbyn have been consistently derided as “Trots” throughout the campaign.

Almost our entire left-wing commentariat has been banned. Comedians Mark Steel and Jeremy Hardy, along with renowned author Marcus Chown and ‘Spirit of ’45’ director Ken Loach,  prominent disability rights campaigner Francesca Martinez, and Union Leader Mark Serwotka– all have been banned from voting in the Great Labour Purge. In logic worthy of Orwell, or the novel Catch 22 – defenders of the purge argue that you can’t become a supporter of the Labour Party unless you are already a supporter.

So, this is the atmosphere in which the story broke.

That said, if Jeremy Corbyn suddenly abandoned his litany of Feminist credentials – the entire Left would kick him hardest for it. So what did he say?

“Some women have raised with me that a solution to the rise in assault and harassment on public transport could be to introduce women only carriages,”

Is it true that women have suggested this? Actually, yes. In fact, Conservative Transport Minister Claire Perry raised it last October. After a pretty subdued response, it was dropped. For good reason, it should not become the responsibility of women that they are unsafe on trains because of violent, or sexually aggressive men.

Because Corbyn speaks like a human being, and not a political pod-person, he continued:

“My intention would be to make public transport safer for everyone from the train platform, to the bus stop to on the mode of transport itself. However, I would consult with women and open it up to hear their views on whether women-only carriages would be welcome – and also if piloting this at times and modes of transport where harassment is reported most frequently would be of interest.”

He doesn’t even hint that he is personally in favor of gender-segregating trains. He’s a plain speaker. If he wanted it, he would say so. He merely states that the issue has come up, he takes doesn’t dismiss women’s views on their own safety out of hand,so he will listen to the views of women on the matter, and pilot it if support for the idea were present.

That’s about as far from what is being reported as it is possible to get, without simply making it up from scratch.

So no, Jeremy Corbyn is not promoting or planning to segregate UK trains by gender. If you’re interested in the segregation of public transport though, you can always holiday in Israel, or Saudi Arabia – both prominent UK allies.

This has not however, stopped a rabid media from foaming at the mouth about it. Another reminder that we not only need to help build a new politics, but a new media too.


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11 thoughts on “Is Jeremy Corbyn Planning To Gender-Segregate Trains In Britain?

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  2. Jeremy Corbyn represents himself as a man of principle. Perhaps this is why the political class are placing forward arguments that they hope will destabilise his credibility. The effect is resulting in his increasing popularity . These supposedly well educated people appear to distance themselves from policies that make sense to the mainstream public. Does their attempt to discredit his character and credentials mean we should all be worried? No. Of course not. How come? As you will see – these attempts will eventually become self inflicted wounds as information portrayed by the current media outlets have a diminishing effect on those it is designed to influence. Let the battle continue. Glass of champagne anyone?

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  4. I’m not a big one for believing in an illuminati-like shady elite who pull the strings of society from behind the curtain, but the united front against Corbyn in politics and media, even in supposedly left-leaning media, has made me question that. It seems like he is very popular with people but nationally derided by everyone with a stake in power. Riduculous headlines like the one reported on here show how little they have to smear him with – he seems a genuinely nice guy who has managed to live a lifetime in politics without any skeletons in his closet. It would be so good if Labour listened to us and elected him leader but cynicism says they will not allow it.

    • The contest for the Labour leadership is an utter farce and the entire country knows it.
      I’m not a Labour supporter by any means, but five minutes of googling make it clear that he threatens everything the elites hold dear. Of course they’re banding together. If the masses are swayed by project fear, then to be quite honest they deserve what they’re left with. It was the same with Project Fear SNP, and now here we go again. If the Labour membership have any sense and moral conscience they’ll use their own brains and vote for Corbyn.

      We’re all in this together after all.

  5. fed up with the deliberate misreporting and often comedic misogynistic angst accompanying tabloid and mouth frothing comments. Well done to Maya Goodfellow of labour list for cogently pointing out the deliberate inaccuracies of Corbyn’s choice option for women to decide for themselves – following a 20 yr earlier similar actual london transport policy and a huge 21% increase in reported sexual harassment and recorded assaults on women.

  6. “it should not become the responsibility of women that they are unsafe on trains because of violent, or sexually aggressive men.”

    No it shouldn’t. However you can’t legislate against idiots. However hard you wish there will be violent and sexually aggressive men, just as there are serial killers and kiddy fiddling priests.

    So it is very important to remember that this is about the best way of *policing* the law. We segregate away fans at football matches because it is the most efficient way of policing the issue. Yes that means I can’t sit next to a friend who happens to support the opposite team – which is irritating. But largely it works, and people get to and from football matches safely.

    There comes a point when the pragmatic has to trump the idealist.

  7. It would be hilarious if it were not so serious at just how running scared Politicians of all persuasions and the Press are of an honest politician who speaks in a language all can understand.
    There again not surprising as it is probably something they’ve not come across before.

  8. I’m disgusted by the behaviour of a party elite that has cosied up to the Tory party and can barely be distinguished from the stuffed shirts. The fear seems to be that Corbyn might reform Labour to become an effective Opposition rather than a bunch who may as well sit with the Tories in the House for all the good they are atm.

  9. Corbyn said he would listen to women in a consultation about this idea. He wants to know what women want – not impose anything on anyone!
    Really tired of the smearing, but if this is the best they have got to smear him with I think Corbyn is still a very real threat to them!

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