The Best and Worst Reactions to the Refugee Crisis

As the Refugee Crisis continues to become more serious by the day, we stop to take a look at the best and worse reactions by governments, individuals and organisations across the world.

A UNHCR map of the Syrian Refugee population from Aug 2014

There are currently 4.1 million registered Syrian refugees. Lebanon is now housing well over one million of them, an enormous burden for a state with just 4.4 million citizens of its own. Jordan is also supporting over 1 million Syrian refugees, and Jordan is already struggling to cope with its 2 million Palestinian refugees.

Nearby countries have absorbed more than they can reasonably be expected to accommodate and it is now time for Europe, the U.S. and her allies among the Gulf States to help resolve a crisis they helped create. So far, results have been patchy.

The Worst


The Gulf States

The U.S. Government

  • The U.S., whose relentless meddling, occupation, drone strikes have helped destabilize the region have taken in just 1,500.

The UK Government

  • Only after extraordinary public outcry at the UK government’s failure to respond to the crisis, did PM David Cameron announce that his government will accept just 20,000 Syrian refugees over the next five years. They will only be able to stay for five years, and child refugees will be deported when they hit the age of 18.

Eastern Europe

The Best





  • The Swedish government was first to announce that they will be granting permanent residence to all Syrian refugees who register in their country.
  • Sweden has already welcomed over 40,000 Syrian refugees.
  • Sweden has been providing free bus passes to Syrian refugees to help them travel and prevent them feeling isolated in their new communities.


  • The Finnish Prime Minister will be opening his own home to Syrian refugees
  • Two weeks ago Finland confirmed it will accept 15,000 refugees.
  • A total of 100 municipalities have since signed up to accept further refugees.

British Public

  • British group of 7 concerned citizens have raised £50,000 ($76,500) in just a few weeks to help put together aid packages for refugees in Kent.
  • Another British group set up a Kickstarter for the same purpose which has raised £41,000 ($63,000).

While some people are choosing to avoid the moral quandary and responsibility of the refugee crisis by judging those they would otherwise be compelled to help – many are rising to this unique contemporary challenge with a spirit of compassion and cooperation. Those people are on the right side of history. This writer thanks you all for your courage and care.


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3 thoughts on “The Best and Worst Reactions to the Refugee Crisis

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  2. Many thanks and much respect for sharing facts that give is the ammunition to fight the bile and venom otherwise aimed at people forced to flee for their lives. Our humanity should be at the fore and recognising that of the hundreds of thousands of refugees who have left their livelihood, their homes, their relatives and their futures thousands of miles away, instead we are intent upon protecting our miserly way of livesfrom the potential gifts that these people are bringing………..the skills and the future additions to our lives that are currently offering themselves up on our borders and our shores.
    Thankyou for fighting the right battles with the right weapons. We’ve fought the wrong battles withdestruction in our hearts and hands for far too long. Time to change now before we create our own destruction.

  3. This is an absolute nightmare, but by absorbing these people of a different, militant, religion, we will be creating horrendous conflict down the years. It would be a different matter if they were ANY other religion, but unfortunately, there is no possible compromise between Islam and freedom; not because we refuse to accept their beliefs. but because they want to impose their beliefs on us.
    The correct response would be to begin an urgent diplomatic initiative with both the Russians and the dictator, Assad, with the aim of persuading Assad and his followers to accept a partitioning of Syria into three countries: Alawite, Sunni, and Kurd. Having done this I would expect more countries to join in the extermination of ISIL; it will need a force comparable to that used in the Iraq wars to destroy them.
    The same logic applies to Iraq except that it needs to be divided into Shia, Sunni, and Kurd.

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