The Very Best Responses To David Cameron’s Ridiculous Anti-Corbyn Tweet

After Jeremy Corbyn’s landslide victory in the Labour Leadership election on Saturday, Prime Minister David Cameron used his official twitter account to issue what might go down in history as the most embarrassing political tweet of our time.

B007I’ve written a full and thoughtful piece on why there is this level of freak out happening in another piece entitled: ‘The real reason the permanent political establishment is freaking out over Jeremy Corbyn.’

This piece however, is for us to just have a moment’s fun at the expense of Mr Cameron. So for your enjoyment, I’ve collated some of the most hilarious reactions to his tweet.

Former Queen guitarist and Badger Cull activist Brian May could barely believe this was an official tweet by the PM.

B009Comic writer and actor David Schneider was quick with a comeback.

B016Comedian and ‘Mock the Week’ host Dara O’Brien was filled with the PM’s fear.

B017Hop hip duo Rizzle Kicks has something to say.

B013My Cat Is Sad even got in on the action.

B011This was John Prescott’s personal favourite.

B006Some took a bit of an ‘Only Fools and Horses’ angle.

B008And some just let loose completely.

B014My personal favourite….

B008Basically, if you’re having a bad day, get over and take a look at these responses and they will cheer you up no end.


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18 thoughts on “The Very Best Responses To David Cameron’s Ridiculous Anti-Corbyn Tweet

  1. Another thought that strikes me is that it’s highly irresponsible of our PM to apply the term “national security threat” to the Labour party at a time when – we’re told by MI5 – real terrorist threats against the UK are at their most intense in three decades. Cameron is lumping together extremist (so-called) Islamic militants with people who think we should tax the rich a bit more. He should be shamed for this, and forced to apologise.

  2. Hmmm David Cameron your bitterness over Corbyn’s victory astonishes me, but then again the conservatives have shocked alot of people. This karma is deserved PM

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  4. There is such a thing as a vote of no confidence , so one has to hope Cameron’s party members wake up soon , cos Cameron is sounding more like Nuttyyahoo from Israel every day , now I am asking myself if the purpose of the war criminal was to give Cameron more prompt cards to read from or to sell him Drones !

  5. Wish someone had the balls to extract the pudding faced twat now from number 10 I hope him and his hint end up with nothing coz that’s what they are. Oh no wait! They will have screwed us all out of so much money they will never have to work anyway. Not that they do now. My fuse is gonna blow, I have steam coming out of my ears and I wish I could really let rip. If our country is in danger it’s because this government put us there. Fkin thick numpty has just shown how thick he really is. Like father like son. Ugly slinging alcoholic rest!!

  6. This one was my favourite on the Independent by LUNA LUBINS 2 days ago

    “The Labour Party is now a threat to our national security, our economic security and your family’s security.” Dave ‘I lie therefore I am’ Cameron

    Best send in some brave RAF Drone Operators and eliminate the security threat then Dave.

    The Address is 39 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0RH. Coordinates are 51 deg 29′ 52.66″ North, 0 deg 7′ 59.6″ West.

    It’s quite a built up area so there will probably be a few innocent civilians who will be hit but I understand that is acceptable collateral damage.

  7. the smarmy comment should be dealt with the contempt it deserves., Cameron will not be around much longer and will also be charged with war crimes along with his idol Tony Blair & Jack Straw …they are all running scared … afraid of this new politics who are finally taking on the ‘Murdoch ‘ empire…lets start a campaign to abolish the ” SUN” newspaper in Britain … and create our own Peoples Paper along with Exaro

  8. Voters may actually get a say in how the country is run,of course that frightens the government and its made clearer by the Labour parties big guns despair that a politician who appears to be honest,yes I repeat that, a politician who appears to be honest, could actually be the peoples choice

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