Even The Russian Embassy Is Trolling Cameron Over His ‘End Of Days’ Anti-Corbyn Tweet

C005Those of you familiar with the Scriptonite Daily blog will know that coverage here is done, mostly, with a wry smile at best. But events of the last few days have reached such hysterical heights, that even we need to pause to enjoy a hearty laugh.

We wrote yesterday about the ‘Real Reason the Permanent Political Class is Freaking out over Jeremy Corbyn’, together with some of ‘The Very Best Responses to David Cameron’s Anti-Corbyn Tweet.’ It seems that we weren’t the only ones to notice.


And just incase you missed the shitstorm this unleashed on the rest of Twitter. Here are the other hilarious responses we collated from Twitter yesterday.

Former Queen guitarist and Badger Cull activist Brian May could barely believe this was an official tweet by the PM.

B009Comic writer and actor David Schneider was quick with a comeback.

B016Comedian and ‘Mock the Week’ host Dara O’Brien was filled with the PM’s fear.

B017Hop hip duo Rizzle Kicks has something to say.

B013My Cat Is Sad even got in on the action.

B011This was John Prescott’s personal favourite.

B006Some took a bit of an ‘Only Fools and Horses’ angle.

B008And some just let loose completely.

B014My personal favourite….

B008Basically, if you’re having a bad day, get over and take a look at these responses and they will cheer you up no end.


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7 thoughts on “Even The Russian Embassy Is Trolling Cameron Over His ‘End Of Days’ Anti-Corbyn Tweet

  1. It looks like Dave tweeted that at five to two in the morning. Presumably his judgement was impaired by tiredness. The thought of a Labour victory is keeping him awake at nights, I guess… 😉

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  3. cameron is scared by corbyn, obv…,
    “best defense, is attack” when your hiding something about your side.
    now which online site brought out the pedo’ uk politicians facts?
    has that british elite pedo pandemic fallen off the front pages?
    cameron’s doomed, methinks.

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