Those ‘Pig’ Allegations About David Cameron, And The Fabulously British Twitter Reactions

C004A new biography of UK Prime Minister David Cameron contains the astonishing allegation that during a college ritual, Mr. Cameron inserted his private parts into the severed head of a pig.

The unofficial biography is called Call Me Dave: The Unauthorised Biography. It is written by the former Deputy Chairman of Mr. Cameron’s Conservative party, and one of the party’s most prolific donors, Lord Ashcroft. It is estimated that Lord Ashcroft donated more than £8 million ($12.4m) into the Conservative Party and was largely responsible for Cameron being elected in 2010.

The allegations have been pitched as Lord Ashcroft’s attempt to avenge Mr. Cameron for his perceived betrayal over non-dom tax status. For his part, Lord Ashcroft denies these claims, as the BBC reports:

Ex-Conservative Party treasurer Lord Ashcroft says his new book about David Cameron is “not about settling scores”

The unauthorised biography, serialised in the Daily Mail, includes allegations about the PM’s student days.

The former Tory donor admitted to having personal “beef” with the prime minister after not being offered a major job in the coalition government.

The allegation was serialized in the Daily Mail, and the rest of the UK press have followed suit. The Independent reports:

The book accuses David Cameron of being part of a debauched group called the Piers Gaveston Society, as well as the infamous Bullingdon Club, during his time at Oxford.

Lord Ashcroft and the book’s co-author, Isabel Oakeshott, the former Sunday Times political editor, wrote that an unnamed “distinguished Oxford contemporary”, who is now an MP, recalled how Mr Cameron took part in an “outrageous” initiation ceremony at a Piers Gaveston event.

“His extraordinary suggestion is that the future PM inserted a private part of his anatomy into the animal’s mouth,” an excerpt published by the Daily Mail claimed.

Lord Ashcroft wrote that the man made the same allegation three times, with increasing detail, and claimed a photograph existed of the act.

One cannot overlook the wonderfully comic coincidence that many critics of Cameron have been calling him ‘Ham face’ for several years.

The reaction on Twitter has been simply hilarious. Brits have been posting jokes to the hashtags #Hameron, #BaeOfPigs, and #PigGate – with all three trending over the last 24 hours.

BBC’s leading economic journalist Robert Peston chimed in with…


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The Prime Minister’s ‘Big Society’ program looked a little different in light of the allegations.


One Twitter user reflected on Sam Cam’s role in the whole sorry mess.


Some captured international reaction to the news.


Others chose to think back to the Bill Clinton era.


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And of course, there was no shortage of pork-based puns.

But no one is having a better day than Charlie Brooker, who’s globally successful dystopian drama series Black Mirror contained an episode on it’s first season in which the UK Prime Minister had sex with a pig in order to appease terrorists who kidnapped a British Princess.


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Brooker took to Twitter himself to clarify that he had no idea of the pig revelations at the time of writing.


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But as much fun as we are having with the whole thing, more astute readers will of course remember an echo from U.S politics, notably recalled by Hunter S. Thompson.


It is perhaps for this reason that Downing Street is remaining tight-lipped about the whole sorry affair.


True or not, the damage may already have been done to Cameron’s flagging premiership. With the party’s most prolific donor accusing its leader and Prime Minister, before the whole world, of putting his penis in the severed head of a pig – one can smell the whiff of decay over the Conservative Party. This is the sort of story that simply shouldn’t happen. The fact that it has, signals Cameron’s slipping grip on the party and its allies.

In the meantime, the Corbyn leadership is busy rejuvenating the labour movement across the country.


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  1. Cameron’s got three choices, sue if it’s not true, resign if it is, or hang on to power and make Britain a laughing stock on the worlds stage. I know where my money is.

    • sue? like Nasa did to all those people that proved the moon landings were faked? not to even mention things that happened on September 11 2001…..

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