Woman Dies In Agony After Virgin Care Stall Treatment Claiming She ‘Wasn’t That Sick’

FROM CASCADE NEWS - PIC shows Madhumita Mandal, a 30-year-old woman who died of mulitple organ failure. An inquest has heard a receptionist at the Virgin Care centre at Croydon University Hospital thought she 'wasn't that sick'. Mrs Mandal was in fact suffering from a ruptured ovarian cyst and died four days later

FROM CASCADE NEWS – PIC shows Madhumita Mandal, a 30-year-old woman who died of mulitple organ failure. An inquest has heard a receptionist at the Virgin Care centre at Croydon University Hospital thought she ‘wasn’t that sick’. Mrs Mandal was in fact suffering from a ruptured ovarian cyst and died four days later

A personal and medical tragedy in Croydon has exposed the issue of private healthcare providers in the NHS using non-clinical staff to triage patients – and their refusal to learn from such tragedy when it risks eating into profit margins.

30-year-old Madhumita Mandal was rushed to the urgent care centre at Croydon University Hospital on September 7, 2013. The centre is run by private contractor Virgin Care, a subsidiary of Richard Branson’s company.

The IT professional was suffering severe abdominal pain and vomiting – but the health centre receptionist, an administrator with no medical training, judged that Mrs Mandal “wasn’t that sick.” The receptionist triaged Mrs Mandal as non-urgent, and placed her in the queue to see an in-house nurse, rather than a doctor.

For the following four hours, Mrs Mandal’s husband pleaded with staff to escalate the matter as his wife thrashed about on the floor in agony, vomiting.

It was not until eight hours after they first arrived at the centre that Mrs Mandal was taken into surgery to deal with the ruptured ovarian cyst which was causing her such pain and sickness. Four days later, she died of multiple organ failure and sepsis.

According to the Croydon Guardian:

Mrs Mandal’s grieving husband, Prabhanjan Behera, said he believed his wife’s illness “was not taken seriously enough”.

He added: “To have non-medical staff making these potentially life-or-death decisions seems to be unacceptable to me and I would hope that medically qualified people will be making decisions in future.”

It isn’t just Mrs Mandal’s husband who believes this system is dangerous, but the medical staff at Croydon University Hospital.

Dr Kathryn Channing, lead consultant at the hospital’s A&E, told the Guardian:

“We as a department have never been happy with that.

“I think I can speak for both my colleagues and myself when I say that clinical staff conducting the streaming would be more appropriate.”

The death also came just two months after the Care Quality Commission (CQC – the NHS watchdog) had raised concerns over the process in its assessment of the hospital.The CQC said:

“We were concerned that there was a risk of a patient with a serious illness or injury being wrongly streamed and their condition deteriorating.”

So medical staff aren’t happy, the health regulator isn’t happy – so why was Virgin Care allowed to continue with the process?

When Virgin Care were asked about their streaming process in general, and its failure in the specific case of Mrs Mandal, their response was astonishing. A Virgin Care spokesperson stated:

“Mrs Mandal was correctly streamed to the urgent care centre based upon the symptoms she presented with when she initially walked in.

“The reception-based streaming model specified for the UCC by NHS Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group, as the coroner noted, has been recognised by the Department of Health and we work closely with our colleagues in the emergency department to ensure patients are seen in the most appropriate service as promptly as possible.”

In short, no changes will be made to a process that medically-trained staff and their regulator see as fundamentally flawed because administrative staff in government and Virgin Care are over-riding their concerns. This is the price of putting profit before patients in the NHS.

To add insult to injury, Mrs Mandal died just days before the couple were able to apply for leave to remain in the UK indefinitely. Despite the fact that he is grieving his wife, and fighting for justice in her case, her husband has since been forced to leave to the country. He told the Standard:

“Having to fight this case while grieving for Madhumita has been a nightmare. I was no longer able to live here after my wife’s death simply because I was classified as her dependent.

“My whole life crashed overnight and it is difficult to reconcile oneself to the Home Office’s   treatment of me during this devastating time, particularly when I have done everything required of me to remain legal and comply with my immigration conditions.”

It is stories like this which prompt us to ask: what kind of country do we want to build together? I cannot imagine many of us would want to build one which behaves like this.


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21 thoughts on “Woman Dies In Agony After Virgin Care Stall Treatment Claiming She ‘Wasn’t That Sick’

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  2. Ah yes Mr Branson, he really isn’t that cuddly despite all his PR, hard nosed single minded businessman from a posh background that has built up this story of coming from the bottom up.
    He may be dyslexic, but he’s a posh dyslexic, makes a massive difference.

  3. This is utterly disgraceful. These damn tories have the blood of thousands on their hands. The tories are imho the children/successors of the nazis. The very thing my grandparents fought against.

    • What genuinely mystifies me, is WHO VOTES FOR THEM? If I were a millionaire banker, it’d make sense for me to vote Tory. But there’s just not that many of them. So who else? Do people who vote Tory approve of all this murder and horror? Or do they just ignore it? Is it old people, thinking they’re voting for the Tories of their younger days (who at least had some principles beyond raw profit, even if they were bad principles)?

      This is a serious problem that could do a lot of good for society to solve. Why do people vote for such horrible people?

      • there’s certainly more than a little evidence that they stole the last election….results didn’t make any kind of sense whatsoever….

        but beyond that it’s a false choice….they just swap around the colours every few years, that’s it….still essentially the same policies…and it doesn’t take much thinking about to figure out why….lot of these things are laid out decades in advance….like the last iraq war…..we would have run out of oil as Britain refused to sign Saddam’s contracts…it’s a National security issue….and these contracts run for decades in advance….so it’s pretty obvious that one was planned from early 90s onwards, just one glaring example….

        and it’s the so called ‘civil servants’ and security people that actually dictate policy….without bringing any particular group into it…..if you have control of the information flows then it stands to reason u have control of whatver decision making process.

        Billy Clinton in ’98- was ‘given’ 3 options, whack off 70 od cruise missiles into the centre of Kabal (retaliation for African embassy bombing, less than dozen americans killed), do nothing (which wasn’t politically or any other way an actual option) or full on invasion of afghanistan….which wasn’t an option really either at the time…you have to manipulate public opnion before u can do that….

        10 000 innocnet men women and children massacred….(you won’t find photos or video of that online) and few years later few of the survivors managed to overrule the laws of physics and knocked down a few buildings with aeroplanes….leading to the millions dead and thieving of natural resources and everything else that has gone on since. that is the official version when u take away the pomp and ceremony of it all….

        and it’s like they are actually so stupid that they believe their own propaganda- if they can over rule the laws of physics we’d better make it a requirment that you have to use time travel before nuking us back, or otherwise it’s illegal now….

        but here’s the loophole though….still legal to nuke the eskimoes without timetravle requirement! and the resulting Electro motive pulse carried across the magnetic field of the planet will knock out every aeroplane, electronic circuit and wipe every hard drive…..not only would it actually help even the score it would totally level the playing field…..!

  4. Sad to say, it’s all part of the ongoing genocide by the Tory government to eliminate as many defective and non-productive people as possible. At the top of the list of things they care about is their own profit. At the bottom is the profit of their family and friends. I don’t think there is anything in between. There is nothing else on the list. Unless we think we should include enjoyment gained by hurting people.

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  6. Reblogged on: https://sassonhann.wordpress.com/

    Comment: It doesn’t take too much of an education to appreciate that administrators are hardly the people to run a triage system in hospital.

    This is also happening within social services via their care reassessment programme; I’ve personally experienced it. Under educated people conducting medical ‘assessments’ to decide what level of care you need, who are so inept, they can’t even speak a sentence properly. Losing phone numbers constantly, barging into homes when they were an hour late for the ‘assessment’, accusing people of faking their illness, and accusing people of financial fraud because they don’t have the first idea how ‘Direct Payments’ operates.

    It caused me so much stress that I had 11 angina attacks that day; I could have died.

    These assessments at one time were conducted by university educated people, but like the educational sector, the government now think they can by pass this and place administrators in these jobs.

    It was only a matter of time before someone lost their life.

    I’m very sorry for this family; they must be devastated.

  7. How sad for this family.things are going to get worse I for one do not believe in privatization it just means more money for fat cats.Shame on Virgan Care Stall hold your head in shame.

  8. This is a dreadful case but I do wonder why if she was writhing on the floor in agony someone did not just call an ambulance and take her to the nearest A&E.

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  10. I suspect it was in anticipation of events like this Branson moved his operations out of the UK, for fear, I imagine, of physical reprisal. It would be nice to see some anyway – I mean, who voted to have Richard Branson make profits from supposedly looking after their health? Who in their right mind would trust him to do it? You can just imagine it… “Here, Richard, you can make a ton of money by just letting people die. How many? Well, as many as you can get away with before they rebel and start burning your shops”. This doesn’t seem to me like any kind of fair contest. Our health should be looked after by dedicated vocational professionals, not amateurs with one eye on the till receipts.

  11. Why should approval by DOH be an ultimate approval? They might get it wrong now and then, or systematically. And cannot their criteria and procedures be questioned? Finally, shouldn’t that Streaming be examined anew, now?

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