This one image explains why the party is over for Britain’s right-wingers

B017Every generation, there’s an image which comes to define which political movement has captured the public imagination, and which has lost its way. This image may well sum up the tide turning away from Britain’s right-wing parties, toward a more compassionate, cooperative future.

It’s conference season. While the Liberal Democrats promised “Stronger Economy, Fairer Society”, and Labour offered “Straight Talk, Honest Politics”, UKIP is promising voters the only platform they know how: Be proud of your racism!”

As members pitched up to Doncaster Racecourse for the partys Autumn conference, they were greeted with this monstrosity.

Look at all those scary dark-skinned folk pouring into Europe!

This is a poster campaign, the deployment of which tends to sum up the modus operandi of the user.

The campaign was originally dreamed up by Saatchi & Saatchi, and helped Margaret Thatcher win her landslide in the 1979 general election.

C008For the Tories, the party of the UK establishment, the most terrifying image was the country’s labour force downing tools. I mean seriously, who was going to mow their lawns?

For UKIP, the party of Alf Garnett Britain, the most terrifying image is ‘the immigrant’.

But in the background, a rag-tag coalition of alternative political parties, campaign groups and activists were picking up on the fears of ordinary people.

Church Action on Poverty ran this.


UK Uncut joined in with this.

C006They were picking up a theme that Westminster politics seemed to have abandoned; the biggest fears of many up and down the country. The fear that their kids are going to have it harder than they did, that their hard work is not going to be rewarded, that their jobs are becoming ever-more precarious, that the rent on their homes keeps rising every year while their wages aren’t, that they can’t afford to live in an area with a decent school, that a million people are reliant on food banks to eat, watching their parents shrivel in a substandard nursing home while the costs eat up their entire inheritance, watching their kids struggle with the decision to go to University knowing they are going to face the financial burden alone, on and on. The stress of a life lived payslip to payslip, with no room for surprises.

With so much worry, it’s difficult to dream, to build. If we’re going to create a country that leads the world in science and technology, in making and building things – then people need to be secure enough to dream. That starts with building the best schools, the best hospitals, the best homes, and the best public transport networks to move people between them. The return on that investment is not the short term reward of some private contractor’s annual profit margin, it is in the greatness of our nation, the aliveness of our people, the contribution we are able to make to each other and the world.

That’s what makes parties like the Greens, the SNP, Plaid Cymru and Corbyn’s Labour the real parties of aspiration. It’s what makes Natalie Bennett, Leanne Wood, Nicola Sturgeon and Jeremy Corbyn the political leaders of our time. It’s why the party might very well be over for David Cameron, Nigel Farage, and the rest of Britain’s right wing.

It comes down to this: working only for the financial success of one’s self or one’s class, is a dismally small dream. Working to build a country that can drive humanity forward in every way that matters, that’s a dream worthy of our collective imagination. The disenchantment of the UK public is beginning to give way to the flutter of hopeful hearts. With that kind of energy and enthusiasm, another world really is possible.


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7 thoughts on “This one image explains why the party is over for Britain’s right-wingers

    • Unemployment isn’t reducing, or certainly not by the amounts reported.
      The figures are falsified, by the inclusion of people on zero-hours contracts, in the numbers of working people.
      If you’re sat by the phone, hoping for the chance to come in and do an hour here and there to cover for someone on sick or term-time leave, you aren’t ’employed’ by any meaningful definition of the word, as it would have been understood by my generation.

      • If employment figures are falling at all, it is because of zero hours contracts, and also the fact that one full-time job is divided into two part-time jobs, thus employing two people, these days. Fewer people may be unemployed, yet nobody is any richer. That’s just cooking the books, in my opinion.

  1. Yet, and proud of being a Corbynite , it is clear that the elitist neoliberal EU and market/corporate influenced institutions and pro-TTIP US private health care corporate ‘sponsored’ all party MP’s (See Private EYE over last 2 years) is not working for the common good – rather than the interests of the unelected market and vested revolving private/public technocratic elite.

    Within the EU – the liberalist ‘solow’ model is transparently a policy failure of the classic Solow sunset/surise industry forecast model as is the unequal accumulation of wealth via the period of various fed reserve and ECB QE – notably the most recent being Monti’s 100bn Euro EU QE introduced when the same ECB was leveraging to raise market bond interest rates to forestall the Syriza govt. selling Greek bonds, and therefore increasing the already loan shark real affordable repayment of the IMF/ECB then 2nd loans (notably with the Deutsche Bank making £600 million equivalent in interest from the greek govt. since 2012).

    Higher transmigration with a dip in skilled as well as unskilled labour was according to theory- supposed to be temporary whilst transeuropean market investment into supposed new ‘sunrise’ industries was predicted to occur- with skilled migrant labour returning home to improved domestic economy with higher wages… Both transmigration along with investment flows have statistically NOT occurred – even in the then EEC all member funded west-east reunification process projected to least 6-7 years. The 12% of German citizens living below their official poverty line, are located largely in E.Germany despite the neoliberal promised land theory.

    Indeed, the oft repeated liberal economic overall GDP growth benefits of migration are shown to be rather shallow – given the greater rise in income inequality over the same period. Cutting public investment in services and training that produces genuine innovation (as statistically discovered by Professor Maranzano of sussex University 2 years ago), leaves a historically paucity of investment despite public funded incentives to fulfil their own solow theory practice and far short of the ‘steady state’ growth that solow theory dictates.Understandably, those poorer and least skilled/educated eu citizens are not mollified by the elites claims as well as the same elites unrelenting right-wing neo-racist press in order to ironically maintain political control. With the curious irony of openly racist, socially ‘illiberal’ yet pro-unregulated freemarket govts. in Hungary, Slovakia and Poland despite their own skilled citizens record emmigration…

    Yet, what is the alternative? The reality is pretty similar to why so many developing and indeed least developed states queue to join the WTO, despite the neoliberal imposed dogma, loss of policy autonomy and ‘green room’ committee capacity disadvantages. Since existing bilateral trading with developed states, private capital markets and interest as well as market derived local export exchange commodity price will be far worse.

    So a question really of the lesser two evils – but nevertheless structural, institutional and political representational reform is urgent before a mere acquiescence to the elitist vested interest Yes vote.

  2. “That’s what makes parties like the Greens, the SNP, Plaid Cymru and Corbyn’s Labour the real parties of aspiration. It’s what makes Natalie Bennett, Leanne Wood, Nicola Sturgeon and Jeremy Corbyn the political leaders of our time.”….
    I couldn’t agree more with the above statement, all four parties want to take this country in a direction away from austerity and do more for the majority rather than the minority. However, until Labour, both north and south of the border, move away from their SNP BAD obsession they will not regain support in Scotland.
    In the past 2 days both the new leader and the new shadow chancellor have made untrue statements about the SNP. (Rather than repeat these here I will instead direct you to 2 article on Wings Over Scotland which make my points for me AND
    With the change of direction that Corbyn’s Labour seems to be heading in they will need to embrace the fact that they are NOT the only anti austerity or progressive party in the UK. And they will need to start working with the other 3 if they hope to have any chance of defeating the Tories in 2020.

  3. Whether it’s anti-Semitism or xenophobia, they unfortunately persist in each and every generation, often manifesting hatred of “the other” in different forms. It would be premature to dismiss outright the dangers posed by UKIP and the far right. Their ascendancy seems to be waning, as you suggest, but they can still make hay from Europe’s migrant crisis, and one must be vigilant.

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