Twitter users are having a field day over this quite brilliant Daily Mail fail


Image via @slatukip

Image via @slatukip

As it’s Friday, we decided to roll with something a little lighter. It’s been one hell of a week in politics and economics and frankly, I think we could all do with a laugh. And who better to gain a laugh at the expense of, than the Daily Mail?

It would appear that a copy editor at the Mail made a little mistake over the word xenophobe, turning it into xenophone. You would think if the Mail was going to spell any word correctly, it would be the one which defines much of its reporting. It didn’t take long for the brilliant brain behind @SLATUKIP to spot the mistake and then all holy hell broke loose as people attempted to answer the question:

What is a xenophone?

One guy asked Siri…

Renowned author A L Kennedy came up with this fine explanation.

This is my personal favourite. I just love the imagery.

And this.

And what about this for inventive?


And just incase you were wondering if this cock up at the Mail actually happened – here’s the original article (via a ‘do not link’, we don’t want to give the DM any traffic). We’ve had a jolly good laugh, and we hope you have too. Happy Friday everyone.


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4 thoughts on “Twitter users are having a field day over this quite brilliant Daily Mail fail

  1. You people obviously don’t know any Greek. If xenophobe means someone who fears a foreigner, xenophone means someone who sounds like a foreigner.

  2. This IS actually what a xenophone is: an advanced analog mono-synth with 100% analog signal path. It has three oscillators, two subs, four ring modulators, one multimode VCF and analog distortion, all based on discrete analog circuits followed by a high quality stereo digital delay and reverb.

    The other answers are funnier, but in the context this is still pretty funny.

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