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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nia1myib8CQ My name is Rosa Alba Macdonald, I am Scottish. This Youtube of the MP for Paisley (a SLP MP) subverts democracy entirely. Asking via Scottish Questions that Cameron endorse employers telling their employees how to vote (NO) in the referendum.
    This is not democracy.
    I am sure I can remember laws proposed against such things in the 19th C by the ?charterists.
    This defies belief.

    • I just hope the YES voters win in full and open democracy. Everything will be rosy, and nothing will go wrong, and nobody else will be blamed for any calamity in an independent Scotland…..right! Stop bleating about any opposition to your aspirations. That is how democracy works. It is a messy business.

    • I think you’ll find this is called freedom of speech. All sides are entitled to their opinion and the voters are free to cast their vote as they please. That’s democracy. And anyway, why shouldn’t employees understand the implications of Independence on the business that supports their jobs?

  2. I read your article about the public sector and I agree. Its nice,my vision for the future is everyone in the public sector contributing to the good of humanity increasing us ever further.

  3. Dear Script’,

    saw a recent i/v of yours with Ms Poulton on TPV and enjoyed it. You obviously like her personally and I guess this prompted your piece on her exit.

    Without getting too personal in any way, shouldn’t we all be standing back to observe the bigger picture here? We ALL want greater access to the truth – and want others who are not yet awake to at least have access to the injustice – political,financial, racial, – that is forced upon the majority of this planet.

    In essence aren’t we all in dire need of the TPV ? SP was on board with it – raved about it – you were on board with it – we are. So there has been a personality clash and one party has left and subsequently made certain allegations (based at this point in time it would appear on back room gossip and amounting to a few pints at the pub and a missing camera).
    Shouldn’t we just stand back and let them get on with it?

    What’s more important, the future, quite literally, of humanity, or the words of a couple of individuals?

    If there is large scale abuse of public funds at TPV then it will out. At a time when they are desperate for funding to continue is this all really helpful to the overall cause of ‘truth’?

    Is it helpful to promulgate an allegation of one unsubstantiated racial incident and use it in a headline? From what I have seen of promo material regarding the people involved at TPV it is one of the most racially and ethnically mixed I have ever seen – as one volunteer put it ‘it’s beautiful’. I concur.

    I could go on ad hominem about the timing of this event given TPV’s resources and the wisdom of individuals’ behaviour but really do want to stay away from sectarianism because that is where we are quite obviously heading isn’t it? Divide and conquer? Sound familiar?

    So why don’t we all stand back and work towards the bigger picture. Truth. Freedom. Liberty. Justice and abundance for all.



    PJC NS Canada.

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  5. You need to look at the law.
    Social Security Administration Act 1992/section 187

    187Certain benefit to be inalienable.(1)Subject to the provisions of this Act, every assignment of or charge on— .
    (a)benefit as defined in section 122 of the Contributions and Benefits Act; .
    (b)any income-related benefit; or .
    (c)child benefit, .
    and every agreement to assign or charge such benefit shall be void; and, on the bankruptcy of a beneficiary, such benefit shall not pass to any trustee or other person acting on behalf of his creditors.
    (2)In the application of subsection (1) above to Scotland— .
    (a)the reference to assignment of benefit shall be read as a reference to assignation, “assign” being construed accordingly; .
    (b)the reference to a beneficiary’s bankruptcy shall be read as a reference to the sequestration of his estate or the appointment on his estate of a judicial factor under section 41 of the [1980 c. 46.] Solicitors (Scotland) Act 1980. .
    (3)In calculating for the purposes of section 5 of the [1869 c. 62.] Debtors Act 1869 or section 4 of the [1882 c. 42.] Civil Imprisonment (Scotland) Act 1882 the means of any beneficiary, no account shall be taken of any increase of disablement benefit in respect of a child or of industrial death benefit.

    Good luck.

  6. Dear Scriptonite,
    I in no way want to diminish your work because I agree with it wholeheartedly and respect your incredible courage. Also I want to apologize in advance for this very lengthy comment and I won’t expect an immediate reply.

    I just wanted to ask you for your opinion on certain lofty questions and issues that I hope won’t be too much of a pain or burden for you to consider, as they are complex and touch on psychological, sociological, philosophical and political issues..

    Basically put, I think that, to a large extent, one’s politics is based on one’s identity and, in turn, one’s identity is informed by one’s background but also by one’s place in society (status) and also one’s overall personality type (sensitive, emotional, introspective/introverted or otherwise) and basic life experience (the good and the bad).

    For much of my life I have been on the conservative side but that was mainly because I was afraid of not “fitting in” and being an “outcast”, stigmatized and even ostracized by many people, including people in positions of power such as employers etc but also because, for a time, I suffered from a deplorable superiority complex. Even at school I remember subscribing to a mobbish group mentality only so that I should not be the one who is bullied for being different.

    In addition, in part but not only because of this inner conflict, I developed serious mental health problems which led to my current situation (claiming disability benefits) but I am the first to admit that the humbling experience of ending up in the “looney bin” and being in a relatively excluded group taught me a lot, not only about how society works, but also that “fitting in”, at least for some of us, is well-nigh impossible and that employers, who in my experience often take a dislike to independent-minded-looking people, never let you forget your place and your “scrounger” status.

    Anyway, I’m writing this small biography only to point out that, in life, it is crucial to find one’s tribe, even from a pure survival standpoint; indeed my main reason for reading your blog is that I’m seeking like-minded people and am a little weary of putting on masks for fear of being stigmatized, which, for me at least, is almost a daily necessity and basically as part of an ethic of conforming for the purpose of avoiding unnecessary stress.

    And the question is, I’m just curious about what kind of tribe, us Scriptonite Daily readers and left-thinking folk, “misfit” or not, we are and how this informs our views and how we can gain credibility with people outside the tribe? I mean, looking at it this way, Cameron, Osborn and co form a sociological tribe that is defined by the schools they attended, their financial resources and their general outlook on the world.

    My concern is that, unlike them, we should, as a tribe, be transparent about our place in society and be honest with ourselves and why we hold our particular views and preferences. Like everyone, we are in part motivated by our own survival and that compels us to work together and share feedback for each other. This leads to the question, were we to have power, say if the Green Party ever got elected, would we lose our integrity, forced to play the dirty tricks of politics and influencing the public mind and seek to extent our power? Or are we more of an anarchist temperament and think that power corrupts and the only solution is to express power on a cooperative or even individual basis?

    My point, in other words, is what kind of people are we? What makes us think like we do, what drives us and what our our motivations, and are these motivations in any way impure (as conformists would have us believe)? I personally don’t think that they are impure but how can we convince others outside of us that we don’t have an agenda apart from the good of most people? How can we shun the accusation of demagogy? Does society really work in terms of tribes and factions fighting each other? Is that an unchangeable fact of life (and nature)?

    These are lofty questions I don’t expect any easy answers but I think that my questions are not irrelevant to your and our beliefs and values and, if anything, attempting to answer them and being honest with ourselves may actually help strengthen our case and our own beliefs. What to you think?

    PS. Also, as a very quick aside, are you of the opinion, like me, that the new fashionable term “hipster” is actually a concealed hate-term for left-field people who aren’t subscribing to mainstream consumerist concerns?

      • I would be very interested in reading your response to the questions raised in this very interesting comment. I dare I’m not the only one. Would you consider posting your response as an article instead of in the comments?

      • I would really like to see your reply to this post as it sums up how I’ve been feeling.
        Many thanks
        Tina Hart

      • Just adding my vote to the interest in a public response to this post. By the way, we’re not all ultra-leftie Greens on here and ethical government and ethical business practices should not be limited to the Far Left of Politics. Privatisation came about because of enormous inefficiencies and waste in the Public Sector, and the big sell-off of Public Services continues to gather pace. If these services were run professionally and efficiently in the first place, with proper cost controls and meaningful performance measures for management and staff, then there would be no “fat” left for foreign investors or private companies to exploit. Even the (now privatised) energy companies are still run like government agencies exploiting their captive audience of customers, with not a shred of competition in the market, and absolutely no added value in terms of customer service.

    • Decades ago, when living in London for the second time, I went to a lot of political meetings and gatherings, of tribes of varying political colours. After a while I decided that political orientation is based, for many people, on their personality. There is research on this, confirming it, out there somewhere. But the issue of power corrupting, and of the realities of governing within the current power system forcing nasty compromises, is a serious one. Interestingly, by the way, there is research showing that being in power changes testosterone levels. Upwards of course. So what other physical changes might occur that could affect aspects of personality and attitudes, one wonders.

    • Hi Bubromer

      Interesting comment. It bought to mind “The Stanford Experiment” and how it highlighted peoples tendency to follow suit and comply rather than stand alone and express their own individuality, even in a staged set of circumstances.

    • One point in this write up stands out to me as it fits in well with a comment I’ve just left. “were we to have power” says it all. No matter whom it is protesting against what, the underlying theme is ‘they shouldn’t have the power, we should’. and the writer is honest enough to realise that ‘if the Green party ever got elected’…. ‘seek to extend our power’ and playing the ‘dirty tricks of politics’. I don’t think the writer is in any way knocking The Green Party, just using them as an example, but whom ever removes the ruling class / political party, has to replace it with some thing. And in honesty as the Bible states, ‘mans inhumanity to man’, men or women are not capable of ruling over other people. because that is not what God created us to do. Only God is capable of solving all the problems of the Earth, so therefor only God is capable of ruling the Earth properly. God has allowed humans 6000 years to try to rule themselves, but oh dear what a mess humans have made of this Earth and themselves. Is there really one of you out there that truly believes that humans can solve all the problems of mankind. The writer as you may note seems to like the word ‘power’, I much prefer the word ‘serve’. To serve God and to serve others is the answer, not to try and rule over others, but in serving God it must be done properly, God’s way. .

    • The questions posed by bubromer are ones that have been on my mind for many years. The questions are NOT lofty although the answers are indeed complex! I am just finishing a book called incognito which is a popular science book i guess – all about psychology and biology and trying to answer the simple questions like, who am i, do i have free will etc etc. I haven’t done the book service but trying to place an individual in the context of social/bilogical/neurological evoultion is the first step towards determining why some of us have empathy, compassion and a strong passion for ‘justice and fairness’ and others simply don’t. However you slice it, the human race were a bunch of monkeys relatively recently and most of out behaviours are actually hard-wired , below the conscious surface. Think about all the things you do WITHOUT even thinking about them at all…emotions derive from within that 3lb mass within your head and it there could be social/neurological/chemical/biological/gentic/epigenetic reasons for it’s shape and purpose…..

      I’m rambling but psychology and neurological concerns would be of interest to you mate! Good luck.

    • Bravo, Bubromer! You may not read this reply so long after your comment, but here, for the record, is my response. Very honest, objective, brave, important and, whilst recognising who we actually are – human animals – with all our inbuilt frailties and limitations, I would hail your points as very relevant. We all need tribal allegiances, because we are all, in some form or other, born into a family, which is where the last bastion of our hope for protection lies, when all else fails!

  7. Hi I also came across your site via the Woolwich article, and just added you to my blogroll. Although my site appears apolitical, I like to think its existence is a rupture to discourses about femininity, blackness and identity. I’m all about getting involved not angry! As such, I hope you appreciate the descriptor.

  8. I have impolitely added you to my blogroll without asking first. I am pretty sure you’ll say yes. Have really enjoyed ready and sharing your stuff, found first by my husband i think.
    Loved and reblogged the Woolwich article and have just reblogged the DWP article of a few days ago.
    Bon courage!

  9. Hi Scriptonite,

    I came across your blog via facebook – I’ve read your article titled, ‘Woolwich and Terror: We Must Resist Having Our Enemies Constructed For Us’ (23/05/2013)

    I found it very interesting, honest, in line with my own thinking and inspirational. Thank you for writing it and thank you to facebook for existing and thank you to the person who shared your link.I have also shared it on my own facebook profile page.

    I also write a blog regarding my daughter’s alternative life to ‘school’ – she is home educated and this has been from birth. My blog simply covers everything about our two little lives joined together to create one huge one!

    I would very much like to add your blog to our blog link section. But, first I would like your permission to do so as most of the blogs I have listed are related to home education. However, from what I’ve read here today in my opinion fits very well in to ‘home education’. I hope that makes sense!

    Wishing you well with your writings. I shall indeed be a regular visitor to your page. I will start with reading your existing posts.

    Thank you once again.

    Kind Regards.

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  11. Is there a way to search through the archives? I am wondering if you have written about Assisted Voluntary Return schemes for refugees and asylum seekers who either have to leave or want to leave the UK. Or anything more general on UK immigration policies recently?

    I think your work is brilliant by the way, especially your recent post on Nakba day.

  12. Your blog has been invaluable to me, over the last few months. The way you summarise the issues whilst including sources for wider reading is brilliant. You have worked so hard and save many of us a lot of searching for information and feelings of powerlessness. I have been focussing on changing myself and my own actions recently, trying to get rid of the hypocrisies of living within the system etc. Your blog has truly been one of the biggest motivators for me to continue. Thank you :)

  13. Thanks for the piece on why public services cannot be run like businesses. There is something I’m missing tho and I wonder if you can explain it to me? If you, as a blogger and activist, can work out such a conclusion, then how come the government, with all of their education, knowledge, experience and information, come to a different conclusion? Is everybody in government, in every party, and all the junior ministers and employees of Whitehall, colluding in some plan to, a) make a handful of citizens rich; and b) degrade the standard of living of every voting citizen in Britain? I mean, if its so simple to explain, why are they getting it wrong? This is the question that bothers me most.
    Many thanks

    • Thanks Tony. Excellent question. I think there are two most likely options…1) they believe their own fairytale as it justifies their own selfishness and excess while removing any obligation to support those less fortunate as it makes it ‘their fault’, or 2) They are deliberately transforming the economy and social structure to create a sort of neo-feudal scenario. I think both are actually as dangerous as the other as the ultimate end game, if unopposed, will be the latter anyway.

      • Thanks for your quick reply :) When you say ‘they’ who do you mean? The government? And when you say ‘deliberately transforming the economy’ into a ‘neo-feudal scenario,’ do you mean there is a plan for a few people to disenfranchise everyone who doesn’t belong to a select group? How many people are in this select group of ‘they’? It sounds really worrying!

        • They = government, many in parliament, and a general international corporate class. And yes that’s the correct definition of what I was referring too. It is deeply worrying and why we need to get clued up and support mass protests

          • Maybe we should alert the media, the TV stations and newspapers, and get them to tell the masses what the government has in store for us. Then everyone would protest! Wouldn’t that be the best course of action?

            • Fair point Anonymous. My partner and I tried to get the BBC, the Independent and the Guardian to acknowledge the destruction of the NHS through the passing of ‘section 75’ through the house of lords. We’ve heard nothing back and given that facebook essentially censored this blog, we have to assume that they are being controlled or at least strongly influenced by the orchestrators of this travesty and many others.

            • The general apathy amongst the population is such that I don’t think many people would lift a finger. Do they put something in the water, do you think?

          • … and also work together to reduce our dependency on “them”. While we cannot live without them, they have total control.

            • “They” cannot live without us either Goldfish. They depend on our absorbing what they inform us on and believe it!

    • Personally I wouldn’t overestimate their knowledge – they filter out much that does not fit their world view. It is not that they are getting it wrong – it is right in their view. There is always a tendency I think for groups or classes in power to, even unconsciously, make sure that potential competition is kept down. Hence the lack of movement upwards between classes. They entrench themselves, look after their own, become more isolated within their own milieu and its accompanying ideology. But I do believe there are those among them who know full well what they are doing, and are carrying out their agenda callously and cynically, with every intention of taking society back to the pre-WW2 situation, or worse. And of course with modern surveillance techniques and today’s knowledge and skill in manipulating masses of people, it is not easy to counteract this. I live in an area of ordinary housing adjacent to a very wealthy area, so in one way or another come across the attitudes our rich neighbours have towards us middle and lower class folk. It comes as quite a shock, I can tell you. The nearest parallel I can think of is the worst view the white British had to the peoples whose countries they took over in the days of Empire. It is as though we are very inferior aliens of some kind, not who they want to have living not far away, or even to see. And these inferior people are just ordinary people with ordinary jobs. Lawyers, nurses, playrights, actors, van drivers, skilled tradespeople, teachers, web designers, and so-on. If those with money and power feel such a huge degree of separation from the rest of the population, they will find it easy to justify what they are doing.

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  15. More people should know what is going on There appears to be no Protests in the Hampshire/Dorset area’s unless you know different.?Enjoyed the read

  16. Hey there, just found this blog-looks v good indeed! Have just read your article “Capitalism’s top 1%” and thouguht you might like to take a look at this fella as he appears to be on similar lines to you in a philosophical sense. Some people don’t like his delivery which is fair enough, but I don’t think you can argue with the links that he makes (that are similar to your own).http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P772Eb63qIY&list=PL70BDDF8810782C37

    Either way, please keep up the good work, is great to see that people are finally seeing the truth behind our reality! I still find is strange that people think we no longer live under feudalism without an aristocracy. Well what’s a mortgage-do you actually own your house? As for the latter point, last time I checked our aristocracy still had all of their historical land and keep the profits. So much for getting rid of them…

    • The answer in truth is no you cannot have a world that works for ‘everyone’. What you are going to get very soon is a world that is run by a Theocratic kingdom/government from heaven. God is sending His servants all around the Earth teaching people about the coming ‘cleansing’ of this Earth and God’s organisation is earth wide. . The misused word Armageddon is very close now. It does not mean the destruction of this planet Earth, it means the cleaning of it. The ‘world’ belongs to the Devil, the Earth belongs to God. The difference is that the world is only a ‘system of things’, a way of life. So what we have is a system of things run by the devil. Hence 99% false religion, immorality, crime, vandalism, dishonest governments, dishonest protesters, false teachings of all sorts, selfishness, bitterness, perversion, laziness, and the list goes on, including illness, disease, death. Now what God has planned is a perfect Earth for perfect people that will serve Him. That is coming quite soon. Starting with the fall of all false religions. Now that is going to be something that everyone will see happening, it’s not just in anyone’s imagination, the big false churches will go down. So you see when God starts his actions using Jesus Christ as His King against all wickedness here on this Earth, then no you will not have a world that works for everyone, but you will end up with a planet Earth full of people serving God properly and living in harmony, because those that turn their backs on God will be destroyed. You could be a survivor of Armageddon and live on the paradise Earth, all you need to do is serve God properly. That involves a lot of studying God’s word and learning the truth from the lies, but it will all be worth it. (This isn’t the way I should tell it. I should be a lot kinder and gentle, and talk more about the good points of God’s ‘new world’. But I think it’s important to get God’s message across in a direct manner.)

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