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There are guidelines I follow to ensure that the comments in the blog create the kind of open, intelligent, respectful, critical thinking community that the blog exists to serve.  If you do not keep with these, then your comment will not make the cut.  I want as many of your comments to get shared as possible, your contribution is important and valued, so please do your bit to make that possible.

1. Play the Ball, Not the Wo/Man

Be as vigorous and sweary as you like in tackling my posts or the comments of other readers, but never make it personal.

2. Back up your opinions

Often people comment simply to say ‘this is bollocks’ or present stats without sources.  These comments will not be accepted.  If you have an opposing idea, then it is welcome, but it must be backed up.  If you can’t prove it, don’t say it.

3. Don’t be a bigot

Comments which are racist, homophobic, ableist, transphobic, sexist or otherwise bigoted are not welcome here. I have a personal distaste for the word c*nt, and am likely to trash comments with that word in it.

That’s it. Not too taxing and intended to support a great place for proper debate of ideas.

18 thoughts on “Comment Moderation Policy

  1. gr8 to see an actual ‘policy’ for once…first time i ever seen one…..mods with a God complex always been the norm….(but still left a bit bewildered as to why i get a bit censored here) 😉

  2. In the spirit of your slogan ‘don’t get angry get involved,’ I’ve just started a campaign via ’38Degrees’ to try and get the Chilcot Inquiry to publish its results. Would it therefore be possible for you to publicise the following link so that we can hopefully start a snowball effect? :

    I’m a bit of a Luddite when it comes to social media, therefore unfortunately I’ve no ‘friends’ so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,

  3. it isn’t a democracy,never has been,its a plutocracy.
    the rich running the country for themselves and their rich friends,constantly dipping their thieiving fingers
    in the public purse for their own benefit,,M.P’s being the glaring example,who then turn round and say they’ve done nothing wrong,which going by the rules,they haven’t but its ok when you can make your own rules we’d all like that,would’nt we.
    then of course there are government contracts awarded to their friends and relatives,the most notable being
    GM4 or whatever its called,owned by Theresa Mays husband who made such a balls up of handling the
    Olympics security.
    I’d love to know how many ministers and their friends and relatives,have got their fingers in the HS2 pie.
    its time people woke up to whats going on.

  4. for a website with such a ‘liberal’ attitude its nice that you only let the supposedly ‘liberal’ arguments to be displayed. I was insulted by misinformed web users and was not able to retort with non-hateful opinions. The Dundee ambassadors are a symptom of a bigger problem of the lack of care of well-to-do, financially overcompensated middle-class people, who could end homelessness over night, not the government as everyone on your forum seems to think. If there were no homeless people there would be no ambassadors

  5. Tony Hardman former publicity manager at the Poole Arts Centre and the Bournemouth International Centre died in the Spring of 2013. He was involved in a satanic paedophile ring which involved Ken Bailey, Jimmy Savile, Chris Denning, John-Paul Handsford and others.
    Richard Gwynn was a radio presenter who was researching information to expose Jimmy Savile in the mid 1990s but he ‘fell’ off the top of the multi-story car park at Gatwick airport.
    Richard Gwynn had a number of informants who were able to give him details of Savile’s activities an some were working at the BBC.
    Richard Gwynn was disillusioned with a lot of what went on in broadcasting and intended to publish his revelations, but never got the chance His death was brought in as suicide, but he had everything to live for.

  6. Fully agree about QT. I once spent 25 minutes with my hand in the air waiting to be asked to speak but it was obvious they had decided I was not to be given airtime.
    We should have more of Mark Serwotka & Bob Crowe or trade union activists – that would get a debate oing

  7. It is the shame of the mainstream media for not publishing the truth. we have to live everyday with the coalition government deciding that the vulnerable people of this country live in poverty while them and the likes live off of the profits of their lies and more lies!!!!

  8. just to thank you for your standard-setting. the ad hominem stuff i see on so many other sites turns my stomach……and i really don’t see much use to simple venting of the spleen with over the top profanity…….distracts from what we need to be attending to.

  9. Hi, Your comment moderation policy says you won’t tolerate comments that are racist, homophobic, ableist, transphobic, sexist etc. I notice you don’t mention speciesist. Is that because you tolerate speciesism? Your posts seem to focus on human suffering but surely the greatest injustice and suffering is done to non-human sentient creatures?

    • thank you, thank you, thank you, pw! i have been all over sites and blogs for several weeks now….w/ an eye toward trying to avert u.s. military action in syria. you are the very first person to consider the other innocents on the planet–i.e., to state it explicitly. i confess i THINK about them and include them in my heart, but i don’t think i’ve said it in a post. i agree with you more than 100%. in my worse moments, i’m rather misanthropic and believe mother nature should have stopped her evolution at the bonobos….

      i can’t tilt at all the windmills, but i will be on this one soon: i just found out about canned lion hunts.

    • Peter, that is the focus of my blog. So if you want to read about human and environmental suffering – you’ll find articles here of interest to you. If not, you’ll probably find other blogs devoted to your area of concern.

      • Dear Scriptonite, I appreciate and respect that your blog focuses on human and environmental suffering, just as mine focuses on animals. My question though, was about the limits of our intersectionality. If we leave out one oppressed group then surely we can’t condemn those who oppress another group?

        • I think its safe to assume (given her thoughts and compassion on other matters) that Kerry doesn’t condone torturing of puppies or the disgusting suffering of factory farms, but like the best of writers, is writing what she knows 😉

          • Is it really safe to assume? For example, I assume you are not a vegan (which is the moral baseline), firstly because a very low percent of the world is, and secondly because you mention headline animal suffering when most cruelty to animals is via our consumption of dairy products. The point I was making is that we can be compassionate on other matters and not include animals in our otherwise intersectional approach. In fact most anti-racist, anti-sexist people are not anti-speciesist. To mention ‘racist, homophobic, ableist, transphobic, sexist or otherwise bigoted’ in the comment moderation policy without mentioning speciesist makes me assume animals aren’t part of Kerry’s intersectional approach.

  10. I will not share my thoughts. I do not know who the hell you are? Do I agree with the reports you have so eliquently portrade. (excuse the spelling I was educated in the Fifties). I agree that a police state is all around us. And that a coooh has taken place. The tory Bastards only wait, Sorry plan for the riot that will happen after October this year 2013. I implore you do not allow this to happen. If we do not get organised, Form a political party by chrisrtmas this year. Organise the unemployed, sick and disabled and the pensioners, to Vote for the only party that will act on their behalf. We have a working name ‘the lifestile manifesto party’. We would need to stand for all seats in the parliment around 600. This will take around £25m plus £20m suport costs. If you cannot support this effort then you are wasting your time and giving away our 1100 year old so called democriocy. We have plans and the information you have provided is very helpfull. (I just hope you have downloaded it all before the links are lost) dont think that this site has gone unnoticed. Just hope it has. we have only a few weeks to setup alturnative. contact sources! If you like what you see contact me directly. m

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