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  1. I am appreciative of your public posts. Unfortunately, i am unabletonafgord a subscription. Hopefully will continue to find your blog on Facebook. Thank you for your fine reporting on transpires in Palestine. The global people’s should be told about the criminality of these human rights violations of these Zionist Nazi Israeli Children’s Perverts of the Israeli courts and armed law divisions! In any case of the Criminality involved, these Criminals should all be arrested and taken before the global courts and sentenced to the full extent of the law for torture to these innocent children as well rape yo the children in their jails and prisons. These Zionist Criminals need to be sentenced to prison permenantly or shot ! tatiana
    Human Rights Advocate – Californa

  2. Dear Kerry Anne, thank you for your excellent commentary and informed insights on both the uk politics and the fate of the Palestinians. I have pretty much given up on the UK democracy, it is obvious that the rich are now looking after themselves and their families and have taken power across all political parties and the media so it is very difficult to know what we (normal people) can do about it. Your article about the Tory parties private incomes and abuse of expenses makes my blood boil, It struck me that MP’s should declare if they are part of any Trust Fund and be excluded from voting on tax reforms, (I bet this would be most MP’s across both houses as they are used by rich families to avoid inheritance tax). Thank you for raising your voice and offering me hope, that things could be changed.

  3. Kerry-anne – you would be very interested to read about Sharyl Attkisson’s experience – it confirms everything you talk about as having been happening in the US for quite some time. Her book came out in August last year – Stonewalled – you should definitely read it.

    Oh what a wonderful world it would be if there were lots more people like you!

    • I am not an economist, but I think ‘wealth’ is created by people doing things for each other and measuring the value of it in terms of money. It is just that simple. So, if for austerity’s sake your start making all kinds of people unemployed, you are killing the economy and will end up with nobody doing anything. Ideally, everybody should be doing ‘something’ and getting paid a meaningful wage for doing it.

  4. Just to say – I have some very interesting stories you might be interested in researching so feel free to email me if you ever have time!

  5. You really are fab! I shall def. buy your book. Do you read exaro? And look up Bill Maloney and Leah McGrath Goodman. I would be very interested to hear your views on Rob Green and the case of Hollie Greig.

  6. No need to post this, it’s Paula, I just posted and would love to have a chat, we have so much in common and I feel so isolated. My partner wan’t me to stop my investigating and studying the UK Government, but they are distroying our country and their austerity measures according to my research are killing 8000 people a year.

    I do get angry with all the harm the government is doing, it makes me cry. I am worried about my daughters future, she’s just started her masters degree in chemistry and will end up 60,000 in debt by the end of her 4 year course, the people are be impoverished to such an extent that people and dying of starvation in the UK, others are commiting suicide. We have to do something, but I don’t know what, I just sit and cry with frustration.

    Please contact me and help me to find a way to change the world and make it a better place. It’s a sad day when the people of the UK need protection from their own government.

  7. Hi Kerry Anne

    Thank you so much for all your hard work and helping to make the people of the UK become aware of the true state of affairs in the UK. I have been studying the events in the UK both past and present, we are living is very dangerous times as you are so very clearly aware. The problem is that we (the few people who really know whats happening in the UK and more importantly know why it’s happening) are all isolated. We sit at home thinking about the mess the UK is in and feel entirely helpless. Our rights as a nation have been legistated out of existance.

    The UK is the 5th richest country of the world and some investment bankers are speaking out and saying that we the people are being lied to by the Government. There is no need for austerity, there never was, the people are being deliberatly impoverished, the plan is to get rid of the middle classes and create a society equall to a third world country and I believe that the government are half way there in achieving this goal. It won’t matter which political party wins the next general election, their policies are designed to create the same results, democracy died in the UK over 40 years ago.

    I would love to get touch with you but I don’t have a yahoo or gmail account and your email address is not displayed. Please can you display your email address so that I can contact you, there is much that cannot be said on public forums.

  8. Hi Kerry-anne, I really enjoy your work, thanks for putting it out there.

    Having just seen the vote for ending the blockade of Cuba and only the US and Israel voting against it, made me think that perhaps it is time for a call to end the veto privilege of the 5 members of the UN security council. The veto privilege has been used time and again to stifle the democratic working of the UN, as I am sure you are aware.

    I´m not sure how this could be accomplished, but thought you might have some ideas?

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

    All the best

    Darren Wright

  9. Dear Kerry-Anne, Please share this video with your network. It is narrated by Martin Sheen and directed by Tom Hayes. It is from 1985 but it gives an excellent insight into the continuing destitution of the Palestinian people. This is not spam nor a virus, I hope you enjoy the movie. Please share.

  10. Dear Kerry-Anne. Just listened to you being interviewed by Mark Mcgowan(the Artist Taxi driver). You were just wonderful, thank you so much. None but the stone hearts will have been unmoved by whats taken place in Gaza, unimaginable suffering and loss. You are a rare jewel, abundant in compassion which is in short supply in this world. I wish you the health and strength to continue to use your gifts in such a beautiful way.

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