Public/Media Appearances

If you would like to invite Kerry-anne Mendoza, author of the Scriptonite Daily blog, for a talk, conference or debate, or invite her for a media or blog interview, please send an email.

This page contains her past media and public appearances.

Keiser Report – February 2015

Part I


The Young Turks – 8th September 2014

Interviewed by The Artist Taxi Driver on Reporting from Gaza During Operation Protective Edge – 3rd September 2014

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

Keiser Report – Episode 617 – 21st June 2014

Occupy the BBC – March Against the Mainstream Media – 16th November 2013

Interview with Rainbow Rebel – 16th November 2013

RT News 12th November 2013

Press TV’s ‘Double Standards’ – 5th August 2012

Agenda Talk Show – Berlin – 24th July 2012

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Appearance at Swindon Literature Festival – 15th May 2012

5 thoughts on “Public/Media Appearances

  1. Hi, noticed you’d done some appearances for Sonia Poulton’s show on the People’s Voice.

    In my opinion it would be a mistake to lend credibility to the media platform of someone like David Icke. His views are both ridiculous and dangerous (he opposed all forms of vaccination) as well as borderline anti semitic.

    While I understand theimportance of getting the message across and that the MSM is a biased joke, people like Icke should not be supported. It’s sad enough that Sonia Poulton is involved with him.

    • I like to support new ventures and I loved Sonia’s show. After the way she’s left and how TPV treated her, I’d say it’s highly unlikely I’ll be appearing on the channel again.

      • I heard about that after I posted. I will wait for her comment to make my mind up about it all, but I won’t watch that station. It’s too close to Icke and his ideas are toxic. In theory a platform such as that would be ideal, but it would need to maintain the kind of objectivity we lament the BBC for abdandoning.

        I hope Sonia can see that Icke’s politics and ideas are something one should distance themselves from because we need all the help we can get fighting austerity and this wicked government. My concern is that supporting TPV is giving support to the wrong people, in my opinion. We certainly don’t need the fight for social justice marred with racism and crazy conspiracy theories (just look at how Alex Jones comes across!)

  2. Hi! really like your work

    Did you know ‘Press TV’s ‘Double Standards’ plays the RT News video that’s above it

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