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Every Sunday at 9pm, I host the Scriptonite Talks show which aims to tackle the issues covered in the blog in further detail, with amazing music to boot!  You’ll find the show on UK Collapse Radio, and can listen online or at the TuneIn App for mobile devices. You can listen to past shows here:

Episode 1 – The Bonfire of our Civil Liberties

Episode 2 – Europe Sliding into Fascism Under the Guise of Austerity

Episode 3 – What the Frack is Going on in Balcombe?

Episode 4 – Britain’s Jobs Disaster

Episode 8 – No Such Things as Poverty in the UK?

Episode 9 – The Have Lots vs The Have Nots

Episode 10 – The Demolition of the NHS

Episode 11 – Protesters: Less Popular than a Fart in a Lift

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  2. HI Kerrie-Ann,

    Can we get an article on the prison work you were just talking about on the radio show please. Hadn’t heard it was as bad in the UK as it was in the USA, I need to do some research.


  3. Imagine you decided to buy a new Ford car, so you phone up the local Ford dealer in your town and ask to book a test drive. The dealer says, sure you can have a test drive, but not until next year, and not at your local garage, but at the one twenty five miles away. Still, you’re desperate for a new Ford, so you turn up at the appointed date, and appointed location, only to be told sorry, but we’ve rescheduled your test drive for next month, and we may decide not to give you one then unless we are satisfied you’re the type of customer we want (i.e. not too old etc., etc.).

    Would you continue to try for a new Ford, or would you decide to buy a car from another manufacturer. Unfortunately, the NHS happens to be a monopoly, so whilst Ford can’t treat us with utter contempt, the NHS can and does.

    • On re-reading my post it comes across as a passionate plea for privatisation, but this wasn’t my main point. The following (true) story clarifies my position.

      For ten years I attended the same private dentist, and for the same ten years I regularly suffered tooth ache and received filings, I’d guess at least two or three per year. Then twelve years ago, I signed up with an NHS dentist, and the first thing he did after my initial check up, much to my mortification, was to extract three teeth. In the twelve years since, I’ve only had tooth ache on a couple of occasions. With hindsight, I suspect my private dentist saw £ signs on every tooth, and was happy for me to experience regular bouts of toothache as long as my money kept flowing in his direction.

      On the other side of the coin, my current NHS dentist, when asked last year if she could do anything for a particular infection in my mouth, said that she could prescribe an effective treatment, but refused to do so unless I agreed to give up smoking. This arrogant, bossy attitude is what one must expect from a monopoly provider who knows full well that I am not a “customer” but a receiver of favours, and that there are plenty of other desperate potential patients waiting in line for the “privilege” of being bossed around by her.

      So my position is not overly pro- or anti-privatisation but for a system that works. My gut feeling is that nanny state monopolies run by jobsworths and petty empire builders for the benefit of themselves are always and everywhere doomed to failure, whilst a free market system model only ever offers competitive low cost and customer choice in theory. Corruption, misplaced incentives, and crony capitalist practices always prevail.

      So what is the answer, God knows.

      • Hullo, I well remember the dentists of the 70’s. The treatment that I recieved left me traumatised. A good mate told me about the Dental College in London’s west end. They did a great job on my teeth. I live in the N.E and have been fortunate to be taken on the books of a great dentist. She is a Polish lady and her work has been pain free and comfortable. Needless to say I am one of the lucky few Scarboroughians and I will cling onto her practise for dear life. Oh yes the teachnig college is defunct and sufferers try to get help from Leeds Royal. George Orwell wrote about bossiness of French medicalstaff and this makes me wonder what a brilliant mind of his would make of the whole medical system. I am a very new reader of your website, More power to you and yours, regards

      • The answer is quite simple. A state-run system that has a very clear charter of operation that ensures equal treatment for all. This should be overseen by an independent authority made up of people from all walks of life. Any campaigns to reduce smoking, etc should (and they should indeed be run as part of the health service’s duty to tackle prevention as well as cure) be independent of access to treatment. This would of course be part of the charter.

  4. Giant windturbines,Chemtrails Weather manipulation, Fracking GMO Education aka mind control, Vaccines Energy Carbon tax, Smart meters …ALL part of the depopulation programme None of it is for the good of mankind or the planet, but its very good to get rid of 90% of us All, that is happening in the UK is the same plan all over the world. Its all one big game plan. Unless the “meme” of man causing climate change is re considered these hideously stupid energy solutions and fascist agenda will roll on
    You have to see the bigger picture to beat it so please, folks stop thinking that the 90% of us are causing any kind of change to the planet. Stay on that track and the few that are destroying it will continue
    Just look around you! All life is dying the birds the bees the wildlife we have sick livestock
    live transportation, sick food, sick skies, Its a mess! and yet we have millions more government and environmental jobsmiths creating nothing but havoc and lies, lies and more lies
    Solar energy% yeah right …20% less sun due to geo-engineering.Are we so dumbed down that we can’t see how absurd this all is?
    The group that gets the turbines must unite with the group that gets the fracking and group that gets the chemtrails and the group on food stamps and the group that’s lost their home. All bring your bricks so you can see the wall
    We have to stop squabbling over who gets the rum do… We are all getting the rum do!

  5. Listened to your first episode. most informative, I took notes. I totally agree with you regarding peoples ignorance about diminishing civil liberties due to our controlled media
    but also the low level of literacy.

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