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Andria Efthimiou-Mordaunt: “I sponsored Scriptonite because I was impressed by the level of detail, with which your article’s were written. It looks like you really do your homework! Researching stuff before putting stuff “out there” , of course, is so important”

Derek Gardiner – “I sponsor Scriptonite Daily because as an OAP I prefer facts to lies, spin and rhetoric.”

Mark and Kathy Gower: “We sponsor Scriptonite Daily because amongst the myriad internet sources of news and opinions, and the rather anodyne reporting from the cowed BBC, it stands out as angry but reasoned, a voice for the people when the Labour party has become more separated from we the people.”

Tracy Hickman: “I sponsor Scriptonite Daily because she’s just too good not too!!”

Stephen Humphreys

A L Kennedy

Kristina Kunsteinaite

Stephen Lane

Jade Leveridge – “I sponsored scriptonite because I prefer “real” news and this Lady is Good! All articles are informative and give another angle and view to the current news… The Truth in other words”

Colin and Elaine Mendoza

Ceri Lowe Petraske

Neil Phillips – “I sponsor Scriptonite Daily because it covers subjects in a manner that puts other coverage to shame.”


Louise Whiteley – “I sponsor Scriptonite Daily because I learn things – and hear voices – that I don’t encounter elsewhere, and via an investigative rigor too often lacking in mainstream journalism. Also, I love to read the blog, and think we should support artists and thinkers whose work we enjoy – open access doesn’t necessarily mean free access if you can afford to pay.”

Richard Wood – “I sponsor Scriptonite daily because the readers of news should hear what will affect them, without fluff or distraction.  Injustice should be scrutinised, and Scriptonite does just that. Independant reported facts, full background, balanced argument, paid for by the readership and not subsidized by the 1%”

X-Economics – “Scriptonite’s  take on the news is unbiased by the personal goals of politicians and corporations who have the power to affect the way the news is reported to us.  The gaping holes in main stream media  are only too clear after reading just a few posts from Scriptonite.”


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  1. Hello,
    We like you. Check us out, we are trying to offer an alternative by galvanising the disaffected into voting for the DVP at coming local and general elections, our aim is to upgrade democracy so that it works for the people once more, rather than the political and corporate elites.

  2. Can I send you a tenner? Just a one-off, sorry, I don’t really have a whole lot of money at the minute, but you’re a wonderful tweeter-blogger!

    • You certainly can, using the one off donation button above. Thanks so much for contributing to the site. Thoroughly appreciated.

      • Oh I’m so sorry and terribly embarrassed! I thought that was only for credit cards (which I don’t have <-I didn't want to tweet that LOL!)

        I'll Paypal it to you right now. Thank you so much for all your great articles, I really reading you. All the best.

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